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December 22, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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December 22, 1960

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Dec. 22, 1960 Monroe Monitor, Monroe, Wash. PAGE FIVE: Miss Universe Calls Savings Bonds Symbols of Peace JAYCEE SHELTER project, part of the organ- cooperation with civil defense in communities ization's nationwide "Operation Survival," takes across the nation. Each of the 3,900 Jaycee chap- concrete form as Blue Earth. Minn., Jaycees con- ters in the United States is being encouraged to struct a 4-person fallout shelter in the city hall participate in the program to stir public interest basement. This is one of a variety of permanent in fallout shelter construction in every community or temporary display shelters built by Jaycees in across the Nation. (Fairmont. Minn.. Sentinel Photo) Rough Estimate In On Hunt Kill A meeting of ,all district super- visitors ad game biolog}sts of the State Game Departmant  last week provided the first rough es- tbrmtes of the 1960 kill in Wasb2ng- ton. At the meeting field personnel gave their estimates of kill based upon cheeks of hunters in the field nd comparison with previ- ous seasom. This approximate meth- od indicates tat around 72,00O deer were taken, and 7,4000 elk. Field persenraff ,also felt that the upland bird kil4 was above that of 1959, wleh, m tram, was bettor than the 10-year overage. East side districts indioated a 1960 .larvest of pheasants up 20-5O per cent over taSt year and the total sate kill should exceed 400,000 birds. Final 16A1 figures will be avail- abld after hunting .season question- naires have been tabulated, lan- }. }." }." New Line Men's Cosmetics ." YORKTOWN By Shulton } . WALLETS& JEWEL BOXES ** DRESSING CASES '2"t0'4" * 98' to *10 CAHERA SUPPLIES LADLES OSHETICS00, .{ CAMERAS ANGELIOUE } : ACCESSORIES COTY i." :! FILM & FLASH BULBS EVENING-IN-PARIS } * ight Christmas Tree L s-Stands-Decorations Camp Riley Drug Co. 108 E. Main St. PYramid 4-2231 (Natural Bristles) ! Imported Swedish HAIR BRUSHES ,SOD All Styles Linda Bement, Salt Lake City, Utah, beauty shows a gift packet for Savings Bonds available free at banks. She urges: "Give Savings Bonds for Christmas. You don't have to worry about fit, shape or color. They come 4n sizes that suit everyone, are easy to purchase, and make a gift that lasts and grows. They are symbols of Peace, as every bond purchased helps maintain the security of our country. This is one way we can give expression to our patriotic feelings in these critical times. Buy your bonds at your bank, and receive a colorful gift jacket free." Sports Afield Five years .ago Sports Afield Ma- gazine asked John Jobson' to make a complete survey of the Alaska Highvay. Outdoor writer Jobson obliged and returned six months later with a series of articles tiffed, "Assignment -- Alaska Hghway." The essence of his 1955 survey could be summed up in one of his comments: "We just about ruined a brand-new pickup truck and house trailer." Realizing at tim Alaska High- way was a "hot'-' subjec among the outdoor fraternity, Sports Afield asked John Jobson to make oJmther up-to-date coverage of the famed highway. Titled "Return to the Ahska Highway," it appeared as a series of articles in the recent issues of Sports Afield. Jobson, driving a pickup truck with coach from California, began the ctual trip at Milepost Zero, B. C., the offieial starting point d southerly erminus of the Aaska Highway. The Highway ends at Fairbanks, Alaska,  total of 1,523 miles. Jobsou's report answered Sports Afield's big question: The Alaska Highway is much smoother and easier to negotiate than any time in 1955. He also reported that dam selection of hunters ,to be questioned wll begin January 9. At that time Gam Biologists will send letters to 5% of the hunting license holders: The result of these questioomaires will give accurate kill igures to be used in evaluating the 1960 ,season. , v.arious stretches of the road are under construction, which would seem to predict that the new state has progressive plans for the High- way. In spite of the better roads, the trip still takes careful preparation and eqaipment. Not much of the Highway is hardtopped, most of its road .are dirt, reck ,,and gravel. Don't be a gravel-road jockey and try to master the Highway in the shortest time possible. Vehicles rake a terrible beating when speed- ing. There are many thousands of bumls along the way, any of which can be hit just right and seriously damage your car or truck. It is necessary to ,be completely self-contained--carrying living quar- ters with you. Facilities are few and far ben on the Alaska Highway House trailers are not the best means of housing for the rip. Kills, mud and rocks make them almost impossible to man- euver. Jobson suggests a pickup truck with coach. This provides living quarters without hauling any- thing behind your vehicle. Extra equipment for your vehicle should include a set of tires, fan beat, fuel aCd water pumps, coil and ignition points. If the gasoline tank is exposed, have it padded and covered with some rubber-like ma- terial. Ftying rocks rtmy puncture it if it is not protected. If you wish to charge your gasoline---credit cards which will ake you through are Standard, (Ynevron, Imperial- Esso and Texaco. Dtm't expect to find superb fish- lag easily. Mostly, you'll have to Don't Forgetl CUMMINGS GIVE AWAY... Set No. 5743--5 Car Northern Pacific GP-9 Diesel Freight includes: No.0597 New ,Northern Paci'c GP-9 with headlight __$10.95 No. 0301 New Operating Dump Car .............. 4.95 No. 0865-250 New GondoLu with Crates ............. 2.50 No. 0300 New Operating Lumber Car ............ 4.95 No. 0860 Derrick Car ..... 3.95 No. 0819-250 New Northern pcifie Work Cboose match loco .......... 2.95 11 Sections .No. 0989 18" Radius Curved Track Full Sections .......... $2.75 1 Section No. 0975 18" Radius Curved Terminal Track ..................... 75 1 Section No. 0919 Uncoupler Re-Rafter ............... 1.35 No. 0900 New I:L. C. Opevath Platform ................ 3.00 'No. 0214 Girder Bridge __ 1.50 No. 0101 1% Amp. D.C., A.C. Power Pack ........... 10.35 Wires and Instruction Sheet $39.9S Set No. 5770----4 Car Texas Special "AJA" Diesel passenger with Two Powered Units hdudes: No. 0566 Texs Sec Powered "A" unit with hea,:g.iJ .95 o. 7 'rex Dtmmy"B" mlt ...... 3.95 No. 0566 Te,ns Special Powered "A" unit wl headlght ............. 7.95 No. 0705 Texas Special Pulh'm ............... 3.95 No. 0706 Texas Special Vist-Dome ............ 3.95 No. 0706 Texas Special Vista-Dome ............ 3.95 No. 0707 Texas Special Observation .......... $3.95 1/; tions No. 0982 22" 7:30 p.m Friday, Dec., 23rd. You Must Be Present To Win Set No. 5745--,5 Car Pacific Steam Freight indude: No. 0625LT Pacific Steam Loeo and Tender with headlight ............ $15.95 No. 0850 New Missel Launching Car .......... 5.95 N0.0319 New 01erating Helicopter I.tmahing, Car ...................... ,95 No. 0847 New Explodi Target Car ............. 4.95 No. 0865-250 New Gondola with Crates ............. 2.50 No. 0817-150 New Sm Fe Caboose ................. 2.95 ii Sections No. 0989 18' iRaditLS Curved Track FI Section .......... $2.75 1 Section No. 0975 18" Radius Curved Terminal Tvaek ..................... 75 1 Section No. 0909 Str Track 9" Long ........... 25 1 Section 'No. 0919 U Re-Rafter ............... 1.35 No. 0103 800 nd]liam +Power Pagk ............ 2.95 Lubricant and Insh'cUon Sheet $39,9S __ ,.. and 1 Section No. 0925 Stralg Terminal Track ......... 75 1 Sectkm No. 0919 Uncoupler ' Re-Rafter ............. 1.35 ..._ No. 0101 1% Arnp.-D.C., A.C. l,W! Power Pack .......... 10.95 Wires and Instruction Sheet Oven Ready $49.95 Turkeys seek it out +as on any other well- traveled road. There are still many fine hunting areas, but they are spotty. It is ,best to check with the authorities in the area you select. Maps and information concerning facilities can be obtained from the Canadian Government Travel Bur- eau at Ottawa. Their free booklet "Alaska Highway, Road to ,Adven- ture" is excellent. Of the commer- cial gides for sale, Jobson recom- mends "The Milepost.." It may be ordered from The Milepost, Box 97, Itancho Mirage, California, for $1.50. Jehovah's Witnesses Plan Feb. Convention Jehovah's Witnesses from al pars o,f Northwest Washington in- edudiz Monroe will gather in Ev- erett next February 3-5 or a cir- cuit convention to .learn more la cuit convention to aearn more about the Bible. Plans for the Everett convention eve mmounced this week by Lin- coln R. Temple, presiding minis- ter of the iVlknm congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watch- tower Society of Brooklyn, New York, is in charge  mgements. The convetioa high poirt will. be a puic Bible lecture, "Is God Interested in the Affairs of Men?" by A. K. Wagner, district minister from Brooklym The lactate is sla- ted for 3 p.m. Stmday, FebrtT 5. +TELEVISION RADIO Repairs and Service 4B i I II, 8 Comments From 'Safety First' COUNTY AGENT Urged By PUD What needs to +be considered ida Over ,,...,, ,,ol401;,ia,,- crop rotation plan for dairy farm- ers? This was the question before representatives of SCS, SCD, ASC, "SafeLy First" should he the FHA, Processors, Feed and Fert.i- motto of Snohomish County res/- lizer dealers and Extension when dents during the Christmas season they met last week. They met with according ,to A. S. J. Steele, rnana- representatives of the Extension ger, Snohomish ounty P.U.D. in Dairy advisory commit, tee reminding all eustomers of the which has suggested a crop roba- many hazards that exist at this Lion plan be worked out or dairy- time of the year that eouid turn men. These representatives came Christmas joy into tragedy. up with a list of things that they Here .are some oLthe safety pro- felt. were important to consider in a cautions tha't should :be followed in crop rotation plan. Let's take a look keeping the yuletide season safe at some of the things they eonsid- from fire: Use oy lighting bear- ered important and why. ing the Underwriters' Laboratory label; ehck for fayed wire, bro- Forage ken sockets, loose connect, ions. ovea!oaded electrical outlets; do First of all they felt that the not run electrical cords under rugs, main part of any rotation for a and don't leaCe tree lights on when dairy farmer should h, ave grass you go to bed or leave tahe house. and clover for from three to four Don't buy a dried-out tree. Bring years. They felt that this was the 't.ree in the house just b.fore necessary or the pasture or the Christmas and remove soon after cows in the summer and some of the holiday is over. Keep the tree the winter feed. The 'three to four in water; support t properly. Have years was suggested because a a pan for removing t in case of shorter period did rmt allow for the fire. value for conserxation and economi- Don't smoke near the tree, dec- cal production. Any longer did not ovations, or wrappings; use RaCe- add to conservation' and the milk proof materials for d.coraUons. yields per acre would be less the Metallic Chrishnas trees re fine longer the stand remains after four --if_you use .the floor floodlights years, most manufacturers record. Don't risk a death-dealing short by Vegetables pu,t.ting a string of :lights on a me- talie tree. The raising 'of peas and corn are impor(ant to many dairymen as a cash crop and these should be fit into rotations where desired by farmers. Peas not only add .to the cash income of many dairymen but. are an important part of winter feeding programs. The group felt that the stands of grass and clover couM be established with peas in many areas of the county. This is an economical way for the farmer to get his stand established. Corn either for silage or processing can be used as a clean up crop in the rotation with good chemical weed control measure ,applied. The group spent more time on this ,topic than any other because of the importance in any rotation or farming pactise. The feeling was that any roation ,adopted by farmers should ,take into account the weed control all along the line. A clean-up crop was recommended for every rotation suggested during the day. They felt that more stands of grass and legumes were ruined by poor weed centre1 than any other factor, maybe with the excep- tion of keeping clover in the stand. The sugge .sths were many includ- ing chemical cleanup, using corn, working after peas, summer plow- ing, dean cultivation, winter work- ing of land and various adaptations of these practices. Length of Btation The length of the rotation would depend to a large extent on the crops to be grown. The suggestion was from five to seven years in Q the roation with the 9anger time being where cash crops are grown such as peas and cannery corn. kl/Ikl Ulf4fll The adoption of any rotation of course is up to the individual arm- Model H. B. 4308 ers and the group, kept economics - + in mind all along the way. They felt that any rot.aLlan had to be Equipped with Famous geared to the equipment now found Quaker "Smokeless" on most farms. As an example, Burner. they did feel that corn fr silage [had a real pace as forage and Built-in "Heat Saver" dean-up atop but recognized at Baffle reduces chim- most airy men do not have equip- ney heat loss. ment to handle this .crop. They * !00% Air-Tight All came up with four recommended Welded Construction. rotations for consideration by farm- evs and another week I will be writing about them in more detail Complete Sock You don't have to go 11 the way to the North Pole to find Santa Of other sizes Claus--he has a home in Indiana. World Book Encyclopedia points out that theHoosiers named a small town after the plump gift-giver and 0EVERS put up a statue of him dedicated to "1he Children of the World." In a typical year, sme four million IN MONROE pieces of mail pour into .the post PYramid 4-2266 office of the town, ,to be remailed wih the postmark "Santa Claus." POTATO CHOICE OF SEVERAE GRADES IN 50 & I00 LB. CONTAINERS +/, 'COOKING QUALITY GU !A R+A N TEED FAULSTICH FARM ' Mile:Wesf. o Snoh0mish' On River Road " l l