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December 20, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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December 20, 1907

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......... ,- " ...... , ,' THE MILLS + Are closed down now, giving you more time to select your Xmas gifts If you WILLSTART early for cur store to make your selection you will SOON find that it is needless to go farther to find appropriate presents at a price that is right. V. E. MANSFIELD THE DRUGGIST HARDY ENGLISH WALNUT TREES Three Years Old, Imported from France, Suitable ibr this section. i . R. IiOPKINS Cherry Valley Nursery @@@@@@@@@@@@@ ii i ii I ii i i i [ Mr. Wesley Knowles and Mrs. Kath- [ erine Sturm, who live on the Cherry] Valley Stock Ranch, were granted a license to marry by the county auditor Wednesday. Mrs. S. B. Moore, accompanied by Iaster Lawrence, spent the latter part f the week in Seattle, the guest of her sister, Miss Alice M. Burke Ex-Marshal John Daly was in toy, n Thursday visiting his friends. Mrs. A. J. Austin was a Seattle vi=- itor over Sunday. John Huey is in town from the camp at Roby. Miss Resells Leduc is visiting Mrs. 4 Bonnell of Tacoma, and will remain i i over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Elwell are spend- ing the day in Everett. Ray. W. J. Rule is over [from Che- mlis to spend Christma% with his family. Winter Supply Now in of BLANK!TS AND ROBES II I I II Monrre Harness 86 Shoe Works E. H. N1MS, Proprietor SOCIETY AND PERSONAL- _U I THE MONITOR will be glad to publish free all notes of receptions, parties, weddings, out-of-town guests, social events in lodge circles, personals, etc., in these columns. Either send in by mail, telephone, or hand in to the o,qice as early in the week as possible. Attorney Joseph Coleman of Ever-SAHTA CLAUS ettusiness.Was in town yesterday on legal "X"X"X" [ A ,d[lghty Builder As an invigorator and builder up of broken down tissues, Wilbur's Puget ound Blood Purifier cannot be excel- led. If you have pimples or sores uf my kind on your body, by takings few bottles of this medicine they will soon disappear. For rheumatism the medi- - cine never fails $1.00 per bottle. For sale by E. A. Roberts and V. E. Has cut the prices on Dolls, Doll Buggies, Go-carts, Doll Trunks, Bedsteads, Doll Houses, Doll Furniture; Drums, Express Wagons, Tool Chests, Saw Bucks, Rocking Horses and a!l Games RED TAGS on goods mean they are cut very low. Look for the RED rAGS; they save you money. New lines are being tagged every day. All-wool Men's Underclothes, $125, cut to 89c each. A fine line of Ladies' Wrappers with IED TAGS. Look at them for bar- gains. Ladies' Dress Skirts arc all RED TAGGED. Ladies' Underskirts, all kinds, RED TAGGED. Dress Goods are RED TAGGED. A good assortment of Silk Waist- ings in plain colors, plaid s and figure. . A good line of Men's and Boys' Suits. Some of them are RED TAGGED. I Monroe Livery, Feed . Mansfield. mad Sale Stable ************************ J, E, DOLLOFF &, CO, A flamed: Plot: George wanted to make It disagree- able for the unpopular aunt who was coming to visit them and hired a hand organ man to play in front of the house all the afternoon on the day she arrived. When he came home at night his wife met him at the door. "George, there was a hand organ I I I I II i I III I II ,,b .-::! .... JN"A LiFETIME:-'i)- When Ethel's little teeth burst forth In cunning, baby rows, ..hey looked, so ma and pa declared. ; Like Unes of pearly O000OO0 .',:! ' Bhe grew to be a beauteous maid, :" : And young men would enthuse About her wend'Peas matchless teeth-- An even line of UUUUU. At sixty things were somewhat changed| She ofttimes tried to please By smiling cheerily, but then Her mouth seemed full of W VV V At length there came a moment when She sallied forth and bought Some artifice to take the place Of what was plainly O. ., i:, --43harles R. Barnes In Puck. "(i :':' How She Stood. "Well, Carrie, how do you stazd at school ?" "Teacher says I stand awful pigeon toed, but she hopes to break me of the habit."--New York World. Just a Reminder. For nine long years he had been wooing the fair daughter of the farm. "Jennie," he mused asthey sat on the old rail fence, catching lightning bugs, "I read the other day that in: 50,000 years Niagara falls will dry up." 3annie clutched his arm exaltedly. "Oh, Tom!" she exclaimed. "What, gal ?" "Why, as you promised to take me there on the honeymoon, don't you think we better be a little keerful that it don't dry up before we get there?" N. B.--The next day the wedding bells rang in the vlllage.--St. Louis Post-Dispatch. From the Alimonial Point of View. He--So your marriage was a failure? She--Oh, I don't know. He--Why, I thought you had secured a divorce? She--I dld. He--Well, don't you call that a com- plete failure? She--Hardly. You see, my partner made an assignment and I received a Xmas Presents For All and especially a line of ! XMAS CARDS FOR SCHOOLS $, Finest ever brought to the city A ]arge line of Elegant Presents the kind you like to give to those you think the most of. Come in and look = them over.  man playing in front of the house all very neat sum as a preferred creditor. He--Oh--um--er--I beg your pardon, o J P JOOS, Propr ' " " ......... -rwtr, @ the afternoon. I tried to drive him--ffude ...... The /qontor Has the News Per I,..,UIXKE, I,.,I IILI:D  away and he wouldn't go. It was real- of all kinds at reasonable rates. . .. ' ,  G --  __-- . " l=tiffSspecial attention to commercial men. ,, GOOD QUALITIES ..... and .i 'Yjo22f?:. -,-.-,,.,+ ......... BOTH PHONES [ FAIR PRICES in "And how did auntie like it?" it " : "Auntie! 'hy, she couldn't hear a /'gx t  ' 1 .  sound. She's grown so awfully deaf, l y  you know --Cleveland Plain Dealer +,4100l00 MILL NER . "' " ,,! MOODY 80000MOODY +. irxa/ a*l  [, . @ Not Qualified. i I..A,>i-'m' ,,i I: Call at : "Don't you really think you could I+ + 1 I]flF//'fdlfll Ii, makes football player?" I\\;,/\,/k I[I//[((l[{{[! It  "Never. You see, I have had noex- igl Jl:,&! It Ill)g: i:)1 Jl IL")(;; : perlence In such strenuous work, ex-   .  I,o,,/N I __ ,i;. IllOe IULL O04 cept lnmore kmerlcanreal warat San JualL"--Balti- 6_ K) "--[' " " " +2 HEADQUARTERS FOR XMASGOODS Everythi,g.=, on" Ea,t.h !l+ Ne t ' GOING l GOING I LAsT CALL of Wall Paper [ - . :  Xmas trade way beyond our expectations--no such ,hing as hard times. HAVE BEEN RECEIVED 1 I i 6 peple have plenty f mney" while we are getting ut f sme ]'nes f xmas 6 fl lh0 Shap0 0I Cafld[88 - goods, we have plenty for all yet. Just aword to the fathers and mothers. Give .. . th:mn:;aOy rn;o kgdp:fopl:U; ' -  Paints, Oils' Varnishes,[ I[ Ihaven't got then,,  Ytr:rildry;: ::l:/s emd::hat/:ntiaeStar lure Brushes and Glass derstand music is always sought after. Why not start them in on some of the ' II/ Picture Frames, Room Mouldings CHARLES KOENAN tinue handling them, but they take up too much loom. Nothing nicer ash Xmas "9 N. I. B-RADLEY .SAM.5 BLOCK  giftfryurbysandgirlsthanastringed instrument" Hereareurclsingut g'ggprices" ,/ 1 Violln , ' Mandolin at Contrlcting Painter and I +ii-p 1 $10.00, clos!ng out price, $7.00 $7.00, closing out price, $3.50 1 " " $15.00, $9.00 $ I0.50, " ..... $6.95 PaperHanger 1Guitar " $10.00, " " " $5.00 ] " "" $12.50, " " " $7.50 4 ---- , 1 " " $15.00. " " " $7.50 1 Aceordian at $3.95, " " " $2.85  ;::*:,$::::$**:$$* _ [ 1 " '" $25.00, " " " *15.00 1 " " $(i.00, " " " $4.00  I I I A    B B  A  I 1 Banjo', $6.00, $3.75 1 $12.50, $6 25 , OI/ATl|lfl 01|ll/ t[ Ii li t'lll||! V H1[[ l 1 " " $6.50, " " ,' $3.95 lZither " $2.25, " " " $1.50 , - ] 1 " " $1100 " " " $6 75 1 " "  $5.00, " " " $3.25 li ll I ,, ,, , ,, ,, . t , I H R II At /11 , , ++++:oo, +,+:oo AUSTIN'S HALL We have done our share b reduein the rice to cot now ou do the rest Get one of [1 a U! ]||'U  Ul- h elnsrumensbeforcthe areal one "g P" +' Y  [ [ tes " t t Y g " Z') 0pen afternoons and evenings  J  ---= "---=--- = ='.= I  ..... 11  [Xmas Candnes, Nuts and Fruits I ------------ ----  8aturda forenoons for be in i Y g'' : , =  I Two White Rotary Sewing Machines, the la,cst improved, sold n " ners and chlldre . t .... $  [ I II I I _at _t '1" ...... J n ...... Z, [ everywhere; at $75.00 on t, me or $45.00 cash,==our price on these two 69_ t  Under ..... Hew.Management,, ..... : A HOH$6 PUll 0I/oys allll r[88.111 I[ isonly $35.00. This would make the finest kind of a Xmas present. 9 :*, ..... :-: .... :--:, ..... : I Albums, hOOKS, t_,ames, etc. 1 . 1 h,v 69 I Collar and Cuff Boxes I For the benefit of those interested in ;he doll contest, will lnention the ten little ,.i" s , - II)' l[ ing the most votes up to date: O Fancy Xmas Candy Boxes, the kind the boys buy for Mary Gautllier 10''. Mildre" 1Dax id;on ... 71~ Clara .... Main' ..... 560  ned a Store at ' " ..... + ' " Mildred Braaten .... 9{36 I)orothy Br.wn ..... 643 Marie Steffcn .... o31 g I have ope . ._ their best gxrls monroe opine :311/ . ,. r .... ,=,_:. o: ..... "  ........ ms t Marie Gardell 939 M'u'gurite Stepla'm 617 Vchna Murdock 491 '11t s . . Bertha Miney ...... 873 Ask for the votes. Singer Sewing Hams and Mechamcal Toys for the Lttle Ones ,  Machine Co. . j D 11 a" n'sandSu hes All Knds of Xmas Tree Orna +69 MOODY & MOODYhc. 0 A Aft crime t PP 1 FurnshedandRerairinl till ments and Candles z. Ilil i[,,F " " ' N Done. ' ' : , R. B. GOFF,Agent I:uarufhin fnr fhp. Yn,00e nnd Aid or A00ythl][ You Want in the Way of Xmas I00ffts " " "l ;"o" il-lglJlllllll.,  IUi iliJ n]Ju[i:) u. VlU II1  c,ook++ .,,, a . t111 - - '"'" --- II L _____ -- [4,',',,.","' ,%-'',,.,..