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December 20, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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December 20, 1907

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11 i111 ii III [ , Ill i I l l I I I I I I I I II I I I I I II I ......... II ........ , ................ I 11 1 Wll I I il I II ii .,.,, ,u i { i . I ' i fill I  ' "I lI I ..... =- THE MONRO E MONITOR and a 22 rifle' and an OvercOat' andl ;Va['on and apairOf bOOts' andif Iak "''''''''''''''''''''O''''''''''Or tOO much I will take everythin speaker, and a buggy, and a box oI $ -I-  ---r a T a rT   some boots, and some gloves, and a i he's got, but it will not hurt him this AN INDEPENDENT %VEEKLY PAPER " ime. And Iwant a magic horseshoe : de A e VA IN   | }i . i', [ ; PUBLISHED EVEItY FRIDAY AT MONROE, WASHINGTON candy, and an automobile, and a pair md v ,," 4, .L_ r,.. J.- .a.JL_. ._  y E. C. BISSELL, EDITOR - a donke, enme and a horn and a A v of skates, and a horse, and a harness, mask and a jocky horse and a saw and  "lkTa'%rlfl&'l'TJ" "W2rT'tT "r#, and some new shoes, and a steamboat, ,L hammer and a chisel and an ax = . .I.L.J.L .kJg'Ji.i i Eatered at the Postoflice at Monroe, Washington, ms second class nmttx and a new suit of clothes, and a bicy- :md a pair of ice skates andadog har-[ aat ma,aah aL =.  ...... , .... SUBSCRIPTION, IN ADVANCE .................. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR cle, andan air-gun, and a new hat, uessandadrumandal'tss rpeandal i'{];| ".{{|[{{J{ I|{{ [{{'{t f,,r[{.{ . , . collar for a doff and a steamboat anda[+ BRaZil i]-.|} LHH{{ HBieP. S'HI| ll/ll{i|{ll, + an(1 some boxing gloves, and a box of ' bicycle and a comb and brush to keep $  n .i V K i{  [] I WI$1M V t ADVERTISING RATES dominoes, and some pop-corn, and a my hair in place. Your friend, [ Nov. 3, 1907 Locals,Display peradvertising'line per issue,per inch,be; minimumSingle column,chargePer ........................... month .................. 25c50C pair of roller skates, and a new pencil FLORI:N JOHNSTON. {$ I have some good bargains, in House's and Lots, Cards of thanks, each .................................................... 50c and a tablet. , Monroe, Wash., nee. 13, 190V. / hnproved and Unimproved Falnls, close in . Obituaries and resolutiohs of condolence, per line ....................... 5e Yours lovingly friend,  Dear Old Santa Claus: I will write {O 15 acres good bottom land 1 ' 1 lot in Fat me I ........... r. % ' " , {  ' 2  lSbatl(llL1On. lzO HOWARD SEAGER you a few lines. [ mile from town, improved, [ 1 act'e, good house, orchard, $ ..... , ............ " I want you to brin my mamma a I with stock and implements.S2,000 well ilnm'oved it] Monroe l 50 n 9 TTERS TO SAN A CLAUS yI?b:n01dm::nt:aCnl ? jb::ln: " [, personal properr, y, 3miles , Monroe. cle.,t.ed ........ 500 ...... T ..... + z .... ......... + k.- ............. ma,,ua a uw oval'^" I want to .... net my brothers an air-un ,i: ...... . lonroe not improved, 300 { ,! 1 -ere with 6 room house.*"'on i . o acres or improveu notton Madbon st oct if s The following letters to Santa Claus from the pupils of the third grade of h ^-a .... :-'- I want myself to have a pmr of skates [ ...... ]  r  ' , old in 10 auutercmezs ...... {? ianu, a snap, musu no so{d.. 4 O0Ol days ............ 800 school have been received by the Monitor, and Santa Claus will be sent a , ............ , ._. _ . .^.. x want myse|t to nave a train. / 2 lots in Farmer's Ist addition 8 acres of ood bottom land, $ wun you o rlng papa a new . And I want a horse and buggy. [  cleared, lots 61 feet wide... 300 improved, with house - 800 marked copy, and will surely comply with all the requests of his little friends, of handkerchmfs. I ,ant you to bring And I want a bicycle,  I have : few tracts of good timber cheap, must be sold soon as options t excepting perhaps the automobiles, which, besides being too large for him to papa a new umbrella.  And a punching bag. l! will expire. carry in his pack. will not be of use for several months, and Santa Claus likes "r I want you to, bring a train and  :::[ ::2a:it:obile t [}ffiaa in Monroe Furniture $t0ra 0n Main St,, East 0I P0st 0trice to see his presents enjoyed right awa2': e Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. and I would liken trunk, too. I would :g ; bLthr::: ball want you to I want a watch. ] t,*,..#,**#,,,****##,##,#,,,,,#,#,#**#,,,,,,####,, I want a train _ . ! I want a street car. ] ------__ Dear Old Santa Claus: I thought I like a set of dishes and some candy . 1 want a pmr of i I wan! a steamboat 1 #########################-##### would drop you a letter today for and peanuts, and some oranges and :Oog:k: :ng?:: ;:am::oulthant. I ::::t:sl:d::ladonkey engine. [ E. M. STEPHENS, mamma and papa. I want you to walnuts. Yours truly, Y .a PtE "VADDI'IL casAic J" AGNI,:W, Viee-Prest. bring some new shoes, and a new hat, 0RPHA HANSON. gan. I want a burning set.  ours lovingly, It ...... : and a new umbrella, and some new Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907.. J0E STAPLETON. Monroe, Wash.,PAUL IMUS.Dee. 13. I' Th6 MOH[06 Sial8 aHk  clothes, and a new talking machine; My Dear Santa Claus: I wish you Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. Dear Old Santa Claus: My mother  and papa new collar, and papa a new would like to have a new handkerchief Dear Santa Claus: I want you to wants some scissors, my father wants a[$ coat and new hat, and papa a new cup and a new umbrella, and I think that] brm" g mamma a new pair of hoes. necktle,' ' m.7 sister " ,.mt. some gloves, Transaots a 00xener..l00 ]a nka=" and saucer, and papa some new gloves, she would like a picture and a suit of I want you to bring papa a cup and my brother wants a ball. I will write } "  "'':' [ .... - - { Interest paid on t'me deposits I, uontlnue(I on Dfie 6.} , ; " ' " [ Savings bank books issud and interest oaidon savings hank bnl- [ anees at the rate of 4 per cent per annum. -  -" Women Who Wear Well i$ Any amount from $1 up will open a savings bank account.. It is astonishing how great  change a it DRAFTS ISSUED ON ANY POINT IN THE WORLD t few years of married life often make in l and papa some new shoes and papa some new rubbers. Your friend, FLOSSIE SMITH. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. My Dear Santa Claus: Please bring my mama a clock and a hat. Dear Santa, please bring papa a gun, a coat and some gloves. Oh, Santa, please bring my brother some boxing gloves. Santa, will you bring me a pair cf loggers and a watch. Yours lovingly, RODERIC FALCONER. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 1, 1907. Dear 01d Santa Claus: I would like you to bring my mama a nice Lrush and comb, if you please, and a nice big book to read. And bring my papa a pair of slipper and a rocking chair. And bring my little sister a little rock- ing chair and a big dolly, if you please; clothes; and I think she would like a saucer. ring for my grandma. My brothers I want you to bring my brother a would like an automobile, and a horn 44 rifle. and a big doll, and an engine and some I want you to bring my sister a set horses; and I wish that you would give of hair combs. me a bracelet, and a big doll, and a I want you to bring me a pair of tea set, and a big Teddy bear and an hip boots. Your friend, organ. Yours lovingly, LAWRENCE DONTT TEEPLE. ALICE FAUSSETT. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. yfD; :!::: h::d Clra:: Pined s: My Dear 01d Santa Claus: I would g ef, like to have you bring a handkerchief P " g , and a picture and an I for mama; and mama wants an urn- umbrella. brella. And for papa I want you to Please give my papa a new pair of bring a 22 rifle; and he wants a shoes and a pair of gloves. and that is all he wants. And my Please give my brothers an automo- brother wants a hobby horse; and he bile, and an engine, and a pair of said he wants a Teddy hear. And my gloves, and a wagon, and a pair of sister wants a house; and she wans a horses. stove, and a set of dishes, and a doll. Please give me a big doll, and a And for myself I want an air-gun, and buggy, and an organ. Please give me a story book, and a street car, and a a table, and a pair of shoes and a pair and a nice big cupboard and a Teddy sail boat; and I want a game of old of rubbers. Please give me a Teddy bear too. And she wants a doll bug- maid; and I want a pair of roller bear, and a picture, and a little trunk, gy. And, Santa Claus, she has been a skates; and I want a rocking horse, and a ring. I am a good girl. good girl. And bring her a set of Yours lovingly, Yours lovingly, dishes, and a doll table, and a box of WILLARD GILLIS. RUTH DAHLGREN. dominoes, and a box of bon-bons, if Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. Monroe, ,Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. My Dear Old Santa Claus: Please you please. I think that they would Dear 01d Santa Claus: I wish you bring mamma an automobile. Please like to have what I ask for, and I wish would bring my mother a piano and a bring papa a horse and buggy. I am a you a merry Christmas. And tell your new drcss. My father does want a new good boy. I am eight years old. Santa children I wish them a merry Christ- buggy whip and a pair of shoes. Claus, I want an at.tomobile, please. I mas. And, Santa Claus, as you go Dear Santa Claus, I wish you would want a doll. I want a 30-30 rifle. EARL BATCHELDOR. from place to place, will you give my bring me a 22 rifle, and bring me a Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. love to them and tell them I wish donkey engine, and bring me an auto- Dear Santa Claus: I wish you would them, too, a merry Christmas? mobile, and bring me a bicycle, and bring mama a bracele and papa a bear I woul] like to have a nice big dolly, bring me a steamboat, and bring me a skin overcoat, and my sister a big doll. Santa Claus. I have been a good girl train and a track. Good bye, dear old And I would like a Fair cf felt boots, a the appearance and disposition of many women. The freshness, the charm, the brilliance vanish like the bloom from a peach which is rudely handled. The matron is only a dim shadow, a faint echo of the charming maiden. There are two reasons for this change, ignorance and neglect. Few young women appreciate the shock to the system through the change which comes with marriage and motherhood. Many neglect to deal with the unpleasant pelvic drains and weak- nesses which too often come with mar- riage and motherhood, not understanding that this secret drain is robbing the cheek of its freshness and the form of its fairness. As surely as the general health suffers when there is deement of the health of the delicate womargans, so surely whe'tkese organs are"tablished in heal theee nte" witness Lmi|uon women nave found health and hjppiness in the use of-Dr. Plerce's Fa- vorite Prescrl tl It makes weak wom'- sn strong and sick women well Ingredi- ents on label--contalns no alcohol or harmful habit- forming drugs. Made wholly of those native, American, medic- inal roots most highly recommended by leading medical authorities of all the sev- eral schocls of practice for the cure of woman's peculiar ailments. For nursing mothers,or for those broken- down in health by too frequent bearingof children, also for the expectant mothers, to prepare the system for the coming of baby and making its advent easy and almost painless, there is no medicine quite so good as Favorite Prescription.,, It can do no harm in any condition of the system. It is a most potent invigorating tonic and strengthening nervine nicely adapted to woman's delicate system by a physician of large experience in the treat- ment of woman's peculiar ailments. ur. Pierce may be consulted by letter free of charge. Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y. " ! OLYMPIA BAR ! PETER SUHL, Propr. . The Choicest of XVines, Liquors Cigars JThe/'lonitor Has the News Oreat N0rrhem at school. And if you can, will you Santa Claus. HARRY WAGNER. bring me a Teddy bear and a set of Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. dishes? And if you cannot bring what My Dear 01d Santa Claus: Please base ball suit. Yours lovingly, I ask for, bring what you can. Santa send my mamma a pretty sofa cushion GEORGE LOGAN. Claus, will yea bring me a doll buggy, and a pretty new dress, and a new Monroe, Wash., Dee. 13, 1907. and a cupboard and a table, if you coat, and a new chair, and some new My Dear Od Santa Claus: I wish would bring my mamma a set of please. And my dear old Santa Claus, dishes, and a new cupboard, and a dishes, please. 1 ish yea ould bring will you please bring me a story book, pretty picture. And my papa wants my mamma an umbrella, too. I and a pair of scissors and an umbrella? some new clothes, and a new hat, an you would bring sister a tActure book. And I would like you to bring me an umbrella and some new shoes, and a I wish you weal3 bring my other sister a doll I tIsh you would bring m5 papa automobile, if you please, and I would necktie. And my sisters a new doll "" " " , , , , {a buggy whip. I wish you would bring like a gold watch and a bracelet, and and a dolt uggy, anua new dress ann  m ...... ; e a uongey engine, please. I wlsn a box of bon-bons, if you please. And some handkerchiefs. And my brother I you would bring me a dog harness. I bring a burning set, and, if you can, some new books and some new clothes, { wish you would bring me a steamboat will you bring me a set of dominoes? and a necktie, and a new comb, and a ] and a sled. I wish you would bring me But don% load yourself very much. o,:- ^.a o--, r,,_.. r t._^ ,-:a {a watch. I want a picture book I want Ozll&O. XX/lU, tO,Hb JIL/ I ll.V 1UU [ a pair of roller skates. This is all I will And Santa Claus, I have helped my to be good, but I have whispered some; say for this time, so aped by, mam every day. And Santa Claus, but I give you my order now: I would be sure to not forget my teacher, like a set of dishes, and a doll buggy, Bring her some nice things too, for I and a rag doll and a china doll, and a know she likes nice things as well as doll bed and a cupboard. we do. I think that she ought to have some nice things too, don't you? I do. And I would llke a pair of skates. And I would like to have a pair of gloves, and a nice silk handker, and a doll piano, too; and I would lik a beautifnl picture, too. Yours lovingly, TENA FROHNING. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. Yours lovingly and friend, MISS ELIZA STEPHEN& Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. My Dear 01d Santa Claus: For C ristmas I would like to have you bring mamma a set of dishes, a pair of scissors and an umbrella. For par.a, please bring a watch and a pair of hos. For my brothers, bring a foot-ball Dear Old Santa Claus: I would like and a pair of boxing gloves. to get mamma some silver knives and For my sisters, bring a doll and a orks. I would like to get papa a tea set. necktie and a handkerchief. And my For myself, I want a doll and a tea brother would like a saddle and boxing set. Yours lovingly, gloves; and my other brother would NELLY IMUS. like a train and a gun. And my sister Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. would like a comb case; and my other Dear Old Santa Claus: Please bring sister would like a doll, and a doll my mama a new pair of shoes and a buggy, and a set of dishes. And I new umbrella. My papa wants a new would like a doll, and a sewing box, vise and a new pair of gloves. My and a doll buggy, and a stove, and a brother wants a new suit of clothes. Teddy bear, and a nice story book, and Please send me a donkey engine, and a table, and a bracelet, and a ring; a railroad train, and a punching bag, foot ball and donkey engine, and a steamboat, and a street ear, and an Pensioners and old soldiers of the automobile, and a foot ball suit, and a civil war will hear of something to their advantage by calling upon S. E. Tallman, Monroe, Wash. I RANK BUCK. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. My Dear Old Santa Claus: I:ear old Santa, bring my mamma a good girl that is all my mamma wants. Dear old Santa, brin to my papa a good baby, and a good girl and a good boy. Dear old Santa, brin to my brother a little baby girl for Christmas present. Dear old Santa, brin to my sister a good girl and nice clothes. I want you to bring me a big doll. From your friend, NINA SANDERS, To Santa Claus. Monroe, Wash., Dec. 13, 1907. My Dear Old Santa Claus: Please brin mamma a pair of gloves. Please brin my sister a doll. And please bring me a train and a rack. Yours lovingly, RAY PATTERSON. Monroe, Wash., Dee. 13. Dear Old Santa Claus : I have been pretty good boy but I whisper quite a lot, but the teacher hasen't seen me ery much, but when she does see me she doesn't care very much if we don't whiper very loud. I would like to get a punching ba and a foot ball and a base ball and a bat and a baseball glove and a false wig and a toy cngine anda F. of A. Court Independence No.'G7 Regular meetings ever Thursday night in Forester Hall at 7:30. MARK H. FELLERS, O. R. J. E. COUNTRYMAN, F. S. DR. L. L. STEPHENS. Cour Physician. Meets every Wednesday eyeing at 8 o'clock at K. P. Hall. W. E. MANSFIELD, C. C. ROBT. H. STAPLETON. K. of R. & S. I. J. POND PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office and ResidEnce over Monroe State Bank. Both Phones. CHANGE IN TINIE G. F. COOK ATTORNEY AND NOTARY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 'erguson Blk. Monroe WINTER SCHEDULE Commencihg Nov. 17th, Train No. 4, "Th, Fast Mail," will leave Monroe at 10:42 a. m.. and Train No. 2, "Tbe Oriental Limited," will leave Monroe a 11:17 p.m. Under this schedule Train No. 4 will arrive at St. Paul at 7:15 a. m., and Train No. 2 will arrive at St. Paul at 2:15 p.m. By securing tickets for Train No. 4 passengers will enjoy the scenery of both the Cascades and Rocky Mountains, as both ranges are crossed in daylight. If you have relatives or friends in the East who are intending to settle in the West, let us furnish you with full particulars and tickets ; if you are going East let us furnish you tickets and reserve sleeper accommodations. Palace sleeper rates ,$12.00, Tourist $6.00, to or from St. Paul. For further particulars call on or write A. L LEE Agent ATTORNEY AT LAW e = . MONROE, WASHINGTON I RD Office, Ferguson Block Goin at 6 40 .... Index .... 10 00 7 00 ...Gold Bar .. 9 32 7 08 ..,.Startup... 9 22 7 18 .... Sultan .... 9 12 7 35 ..MONROE.. 8 55 7 55 ..Snohomish.. 8 37 8 23 .... Everett... 8 10 8 35 ... Mukilteo.. 7 55 9 03 ...Edmonds... 7 23 9 10 Richmond Bch 7 13 9 40 .... Ballard... 6 50 1000 Ar.Seattle. Lv 630 7 00 pm Oriental Lt'd 11:]7 p.m. . .Overland.. 10:42 a.m. Sleeping car rescrvations, tickets and information from A, L. LEE, Agent, Monroe, %Va sh. %V. A. Ross. A. G. P. A. Seattle. CITIZENS' DETECTIVE SERVIE (NORTHWSTrRN B.aNOH) Detective work of all kinds covering the entire Northwest. Consultation free. Write, wire or call 106 WASHINGTON BLDGo SEATTLE, WASH. C. B[. BA]K00]00AN UND:ERTAK]00R 00EI00[BAL]00NG SNOIIOM][SII J. A .Vanasdlen, M. J. McGUINNESS ATTORNEY AT LAW Offlco, One Door East Penobscot Hotel SNOIIOMISH, WASH. JOHN W. MILLER ATTORNEY AT LAW Room 7, Otten Building SNOHOMISH, WASHINGTON JOS. COLEMAN JOHN B. FOGART" COLEMAN & FOGARTY ATTOR*NEYS AT LAW Hewitt B uillng Phone 63'1. EVRITT, WASH