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December 18, 1975     Monroe Historical Society
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December 18, 1975

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Page Two, Monitor, Monroe, WA, Dec. 18, 1975 Legal notices vi:! i!iii~! . :. iLii:i: . ii!i .... >:: .:: PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Office at Monroe, Washington, ,ruder the Act of March 3, 1898. i MEMBER Association.- {:qunded 1885 SUBSCRIPTION RATES Monroe, Skykomish and Snoqualmie Valleys, per year $6.00. Outside Monroe. Skykomish and Snoqualm e Valleys $7.00. Official Newspaper of the City of Monroe and Town of Skykomish. Address all mail to Post Office Box No. 399, Monroe', Washington 98272. Editor & Publisher ..........Howard Voland Office Manager .......... Althea Hendrickson News Editor .............. Dick Baldwin Advertising ............... Pat LeGros Women's News Editor .... Nellie Robertson omment... Alone time Sometimes as we ponder the ways of mice and men, the asininity of politicians and the un- quenchable greed of bureaucrats, we find it most beautiful to take what all of us need, that being "alone time' '. We know not what your alone time is, but ours is probably very much like some of yours. You arise well before dawn, get the bacon on then dispatch with breakfast after toiletries and take off with a brace of gun dogs. If you are young as you take to the field and stream, you probably always load your shotgun. As you grow older and the desire for killing subsides [after all, ninety per cent of the wild game that you've ever taken had to be oven-pre- pared before you gave it away] you probably don't even load the piece. There's a deep pleasure in watching the dogs work, forever hunting, until their tongues drag and their tails are whipped to blood. When your hands are numbed and your feet are wet and cold you leave for a beanery for the heaviest gravy, spuds and beef or pork that you can find. Then, delightful of all delights, you take a ten minute snooze in your transportation with your gun dogs. The afternoon you drive back, you'll kum here or maybe fish there, always alone ex- ceptfor your dogs. And in a safe place, you target practice. Back home, while the dogs sleep, you prepare a great American dish, Italian spaghetti sauce, loaded with hot peppers, garlic, onions, mush- rooms, the works. That over, you build a roaring fire, hot shower, get acquainted with a belt of cutty sark, thence comes the most blessed of all "alone times" You put on the phonograph or whatever you use, play "Amazing Grace'; the pipes and drums and military band of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards; the farewell address of General MacArthur; Offenbach's "Gaite Pari- sienne"; and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing- ing, nay they render, "Bringing in the Sheaves" and the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". So much for "alone time", this was worked in during the course of a couple to three hours goof- ing off from Work last Friday. City Agrees To Land Deal Monroe City Councilmen reservoir and the cost is approved a resolution to pur- $7,200, including easements. chase five acres of land for a Funds for the transaction future water reservoir site will come from the city's accu- during last week's meeting, mulative land acquisition and The land, owned by Dan building fund. Connelly, is near the present but were afraid to ask. Receive This Book Free... When you open an In- dividual Retirement Ac- count. You have until December 31st to get this tax break. (And The Money Book). FIK 'I FEDERAI,,SA%IN(,S ANI) I.()AN AS~X:iATI()N Everett, Arl ngton Edmonds, Federal Way, Marysville, Redmond, Snohomish, South Everett AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 597. ESTAB- LISHING ANNUAL MAXIMUM FIXED SALARIES AND PAY SCHEDULES, AND PROVIDING FOR ANNUAL VACATIONS AND SICK LEAVE. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MONROE DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. The annual maximum fixed salaries.and rate of pay, payable in twelve equal monthly installments, except as otherwise indicated, of the various officers and employees of the City of Monroe, State of Washington, are hereby fixed at the amounts hereafter set forth, to-wit: (a) Mayor ($50.00 per meeting for no more than two meetings per month) $ 1,200.00 (b) Councilmen, term of office beginning prior to January 1, 1976, ($20. 00) per meeting for no more than two meet- ings per month) 4, 320. O0 Councilmen, term beginning January 1, 1976, ($30. O0 per month for no more than 2 meetings per month (c) City Clerk, Violatiom Bureau Clerk and Police Clerk, at $990.00 per month Ii, 880.00 Extra Clerical at $660.00 per month for 8 months and $715.00 for 4 monthL 8,140.00 (d) Treasurer and Collector of water, ~ewer and garbage charges, at $990.00 per month 11,880.00 Extra Clerical at 83. 50 per hour maximum 1,557.00 (e) Planning Commission Secretary ($20. 00 per meeting) 300.00 (f) Building Inspector ($880.00 per month for 7 months, $990.00 per month for 5 months and half time for 3 months 9,680. 00 (g) Police Department: (i) Police Chief at $1,401.00 per month 16,812.00 (2) Police Sergeant at $1,285.00 per month 15,420.00 (3) Patrolman at $1,170. 00 per month 14, 040. 00 (4) Patrolman at $i, 240. 00 per month 14,880.00 (5) Patrolman at $i, 135, 00 per month for 10 months and $1, 187. 00 per month for 2 months 13,724. 00 (6) Patrolmen at $270.00 per month for 6 months I, 620. 00 (7) Overtime 825. 00 (h) Fire Department: (I) Fire Marshall or full time em- ployee at $I, 051. 00 12,612.00 (2) Individual members (payable semi-annually) as determined by the Chief based on attendance at drills and fires, total 12,000. 00 (I) Street, Sewer. Water, Garbage Collections, Park and Library Employees: (I) Utilities Superintendent at $1,238.00 per month, 14, 856. 00 (2) City Maintenance at $I, 100.00 per month, 13,200.00 (3) City Maintenance labor at $1, 100.00 per month, 13,200, 00 (4) City Maintenance labor at $1, 100.00 per month, 13,200.00 (5) City Maintenance labor at $1,045.00 per month, 12,540.00 (6) City Maintenance labor at $990.00 per month, Ii, 880.00 (7) Extra labor, when required at $3. O0 per hour maximum, 2. 580. O0 (8) Extra office clerical, when re- quired, at $3.50 per hour maximum 3,165.00 (9) Overtime labor 3,200.00 # (10) Garbage Collector at $1,045. 00 per month, 19,540.00 (11) Garbage helper at $1,045. 00 per month 12,540.00 (12) Dump Attendant at $2.50 per hour maximum 740.00 0J) Attorney {at $600. 00 7,200. 00 (k) Attorney secretary at $75.00 per month, 900.00 (1) City Hall Janitor at $190.00 per month 2,280.00 (m) Library Janitor at $3.00 per hour maximum 936. 00 (n) Emergency Employment Act Employees: (1) Patrolman at $833.00 per month for 6 months, 4, 998.00 (0) Dog Control Officer at $4. 00 per hour maximum 3,840.00 Section 2. Fringe Benefits Any regular full time employee shall be entitled to the following benefits: After one full years' employment. 5 days Two through nine years' employment, 10 days Through fourteen years' employment, 15 days After fifteen full years' employment, one additional day per year. to a maximum of 20 days (b) Sick Leave: Sick leave shall accumulate at the rate of one (1) day per momth, with a total accumulated sick leave maximum of one hundred and eighty (180) days. After seven (7) months continuous employ- ment, sick leave of six (6) days shall be retroactive. Sick leave shall be reed only during periods of actual Illness or disability. EXCEPT as hereinafter provided In the event of termination of an employee. Any one continuous sick leave absence exceeding five (5) working days must be verified by a written statement of the employee's physician but such determination by said physician shall not be final, and any sick leave improperly taken shall be charged against salary, in addition to any other penalty action which may be token. Sick leave and vacation pay shall be at the same rate as the pay for the officer or employee replaced, PROVIDED that such rate of pay shall not be less than the regular rate of pay of any such replace- ment employee, and further l~ovided that If there ts no actual "replacement". but duties of the absent employee are assumed by another employee on regular payroll, the latter shall be paid his regular rate. Upon termination of employment, employees shall be paid for unused tick leave on the balls of one (1) day for every three (3) days of accumulated sick leave, with a maximum amount of sick leave on leaving the City of Monroe employment upon which compensation shall be paid, to be twenty (20) days. (c)Compensating Time Off: To be allowed for standby and overtime, EXCEPT when compensated by overtime pay for overtime worked. (d) Vacatiom must be taken in each year or lost, EXCEPT as may otherwise be approved by the City Council in a given case. Vacations shall not accumulate nor shall there be any vacation pay in lieu of actual vac ation not taken. Department heads shall decide the times during which said vacations shall be taken. (e) Other Fringe Benefits: Other fringe benefits of employees of tile City of Monroe shall be as set forth in existing written agreements between the City of Monroe and the Newspaper and Magazine Drivers and Chauffeur, Local Union No. 763, and entered into between said parties, are by this reference adopted herein as if fully set forth herein, three copies of which shall be on file at all times in the Office of the City Clerk for inspection by interested persons at all reasonable times at the convenience of the City Clerk during regular office hours. If other provisions of this ordinance and said "Agreement" conflict, then the "Agreement" shall prevail. Section 3. The amounts herein specified are not mandatory and the City of Monroe, through its proper officials, reserves the right to fix a lesser amount for periods of probation, lack of seniority or any special benefit granted. Section 4. This ordinance shall be effective from and after January 1, 1976. Section 5. Ordinance No. 597 and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealod. INTRODUCED AND PASSED this 10th day of December, 1975. CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON By/s/GRACE KIRWAN, Mayor Attest: /s/BETTY KING, City Clerk APPROVED AS TO FORM: /s/CARLETON F. KNAPPE, City Attorney Published December 18, 1975 A N ORDINA NC E ADOPTING THE BUDGET FOR THE CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON, FOR THE YEAR 1976 AND MAKING APPROPRIATIONS FOR ESTIMATED EXPENDI- TURES. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MONROE DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section I. The budget for the City of Monroe, Washington, for the year 1976, as approved on the 10th day of December, 19"/5, after due notice of hearing and filing of the preliminary budget with the City Clerk, as required by law, is hereby adopted in the aggregate total sum of $988,145. 50. Section 2. There is hereby appropriated from estimated revenues, including available surplus, revenues and taxation and reve- nues from all other sources the following amounts for the expenditures in each of the following funds, during the budget year of 1976, as follows: GENERAL FUNDS Revenues Expenditures CURRENT EXPENSE $308,415. 00$308,415.00 CITY STREET 50,125. 00 50, 125. 00 ARTERIAL STREET 20,099. 00 20,099. 00 GARBAGE COLLECTION 48,278.00 48,278.00 WATER 145,241.00 14,5,241. 00 SEWER 100,291. 00 100,201. 00 REVENUE SHARING - 37,144. 0037,144. 00 INVESTMENT AND ACCUMULATIVE EQUIPMENT FUNDS CURRENT EXPENSE FUND 6,232.85 6,232.85 WATER FUND 12,350.00 12,350.00 SEWER FUND 7,000.00 7,000.00 L.I.D. GUARANTY FUND 12,780.00 12,780.00 WATER BOND REDEMPTIONRES. 22,401. 79 22,401.79 SEWER BOND REDEMPTION RES. 12,471. 17 12,471. 17 ARTERIAL STREET FUND 5,000.00 5, 000.00 WA TER REVENUE BOND REDEMPTION 22,500. 60 22,500. 00 SEWER REVENUE BOND REDEMPTION 43,360. 00 43,360. 00 FEDERAL REVENUE SHARED FUND 20,000. 00 20, 000.00 ACC. LAND ACQ. & BLDG. FUND 60,850.00 60,850.00 ACC. FIRE DEPT. BLDG. FUND 7,710.00 7,710.00 ACC. FIRE DEPT. EQUIP. FUND8,500.00 8,500.00 ACC. CITY STREET EQUIP. FUND 74. 69 74. 69 ACC. SEWER EQUIP. FUND 2,922.00 2,922.00 ACC. WATER EQUIP. FUND 10,400. 00 10.400. 00 ACC. WATER CONSTRUCTION FUND 24t 000.00 24t 000. 00 GRAND TOTAL, ALL FUNDS $988,.145. 50 Section 3. Copies of the detailed and itemized budget adopted for the year 1976 shall be kept on file at the office of the City Clerk and shall be available for inspection, which budget by this reference is adopted and fucorporated as if fully set forth herein. PASSED by the City Council of the City of Monroe at a regular meeting thereof and APPROVED by the Mayor this 10th day of December, 1975. CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON /s/GRACE KIRWAN, Mayor ATTEST: /s/BETTY KING, City Clerk APPROVED AS TO FORM: /s/CARLETON KNAPPE, City Attorney PUBLISHED December 18, 1975 A n o r d t n a n c e amending Section 6. 12.070 (a) of the Monroe Mnn/clpal Code, estaMlshing a revised rate schedule for the collection of garbage. WHEREAS the City Council of the City of Monroe by Ordinance No. 557 established rates for garbage collection and said rates have been amended by resolution, and WHEREAS tL C.W. 35. 92.020 requires that rates charged for garbage collection must be uniform Ior the same class of customers or service provided, and WHEREAS the City Council finds that an Increase in rates charged for garbage collection is necessary to provide i adequately for the costs of operation, maintenance and replacement within the City's garbage collection and disposal system, therefore the City Council of the City of Monroe i does ordain as follows: Section I, Amend ment, Section 6. 12. 070 (a) of the Monroe Municipal Code, which reads as follows: "6. 12. 070 Rates. The following rates shall be charged, which may be changed from time to time by resolution of the city council, which resolution shall have the same force and effect as if provided for In an ordinance or amendment thereto: (a1 RESIDENTIAL: Single residence housekeeping unit $2.00 per month Senior citizens (sixty-two years of age or older, who must apply, 1. 00 per month Unit charge for each duplex, triplex or fourplex I. 50 per month Apartment house, per housekeeping unit 1.00 per month shall be amended to read as follows: (a) RESIDENTIAL: Single residence house- keeping unit, $2.75 per month Senior citizens (sixty-two years of age or older, who must apply, 1. 25 per month Unit charge for each du- plex, triplex or fonrplex, 2.25 per month Apartment house, per housekeeping unit, 2.25 per month Section 2, Effective Date. This ordinance shall take effect 5 days after the pub- lication thereof In a local newspaper of general circulation in the City of Monroe area. Passed this 10th day of December, 1975. CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON By/s/GRACE KIRWAN, Mayor Attest: /s/BETTY KING, City Clerk 1st Reading- 11-2 6- 75 2nd Reading- 12-10-75 APPROVED AS TO FORM: Is~ CARLETON F. KNAPPE, City Attorney Published December 18, 1975 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR EXPENDITURES IN EXCESS OF THE 1975 CITY BUDGET AND DECLARING AN EMER- GENCY. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MONROE DO ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. Statement of Purpose. The purpose of this ordinance is to provide additional funds for the departments hereafter set forth resulting from public emergencies requiring expenditures which could not reasonably have been foreseen at the time of the making of the estimate for the annual budget for 1975. Section 2. The facts constituting the emergency are that the Coun- cil recognizes that there are lnsufficfentsums budgeted for 1975 to complete the normal operational expenses for the departments hereinafter set forth due to unforeseen increased costs and maintenance problems; and the Council deems it necessary and appropriate that additional appropriations be made from the Current Expense Fund and Water Fund and Revenue Sharing Fund for the various departments thereunder the total amounts as Itemized below: CURRENT EXPENSE FUND General Government Department Emergency Employment Act Personal Services 11 Salaries and Wages $5,268.00 Personal Benefits 13 Social Security$307.76 Wn. Law Enforce. Retire. 331.73 Disability Insurance 52.68 Teamsters Insurance32 I. 80 I, 013.97 $9~ 350.9'/ $6,281. 97 Buildin8 Department Personal Services II Salaries and Wages Dog Control Personal Services 11 Salaries and Wages Pe~onal Benefits 13 Social Security 19. 00 Industrial Insurance 9.00 320.00 28.00 109. 00 Planning Commission 31 Professional Services 428.00 Police Department 23 Supplies 800.00 37 Public Utilities 584. 00 38 Repairs and Maintenance 800.00 REVENUE SHARING FUND 2t 184. 00 60 Capital Outlay $5, ooo. oo WATER FUND $4, 552.94 Personal Services 11 Salaries and Wages $3,970.94 Personal Benefits 13 Social Security $ 60.00 Industrial Insurance 184. 00 Wn. Public Era. Retire. 304. O0 Teamsters Insurance 34. 00 582.00 Section 3. It is hereby declared that emergencies exist as above stated, which require the expenditure of additional funds not budgeted for 1975, and that funds are or will be available in the Current Expense Fund, Revenue Sharing Fund and Water Fund, therefor. Section 4. There is ereby appropriated from the Current Expense Fund for the purposes and in the amounts set forth above the total sum of $9.350.97. There is hereby appropriated from the Revenue Sharing Fund for the purposes and in the amounts set forth above the total sum of $5,000.00. There is hereby appropriated from the Water Fund for the purposes and in the amounts set forth above the total sum of $4, 552.94. The expenditures to be made from each of the said Funds in the amounts above set forth. INTRODUCED at the regular mee ng of the City Coun- cil of the City of Monroe, Washington, on December 10, 197 . PASSED by the City Council of the city of Monroe, Washington, this 10th of December, 1975. APPROVED by the Mayor this 10th of December, 19'/5. CITY OF MONROE, WASHINGTON Is~ GRACE KIRWAN, Mayor First Reading: 12-i0-75 Second Reading: 12-10-75 (By title) ATTEST: /s/BETTY KING. City Clerk APPROVED AS TO FORM~ /,/CARLETON-KNAPPE, City Attorney Published Decemb~ 18, 19'/5