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December 15, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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December 15, 1960

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How Miss Amorka Rejoices VIJ "l l, ll1" N Al ! l .l" Dec. 15, 196(} Monroe .Monitor .................... Monroe Wash. PAGE SEVEN In Gift of vings Bonds ..e e..ra,.n ..nce ...o.s-e. ,_- ..... -- -- Ou'isfs eelebr, afions beeome "lO,O00menpassedaxeolutionde-i EFFICIENT & CAREFULi I so merry in Merv]e Old England caring th f ey ,couldn't cele- J  " J tlmt they were abolished brute (Ym'istnas' they'd just as [ 6'-: ! ,. NA TION-WIDE  _ World Book Encyclopedia notes soon have the king back. .  tha the Puritans prohibited  A few years latex,.the Puritans I MOVING seRwce LJm [ boi,sterous observances in the 1640 s. prudently beh..ded King (2tales I. I  l ,,':> They threw out. ministers who dared But the English peOlle invited his | SERVING TH  qvvAz w^E-v- | to hold services on Christmas Day son Cnm:.les IX to come back in 1660 J Fro T[J -'"A'''Lr " A'n'-OL'U'L'\\; ':'(. | and "ailed .anyone who didn't treat and @tuastmas, as wel as the man- [ .x ra reso "*u zo  [ Decemalx 25"s a common work archy, was restored  England. ._o   [ day. ? . . ..,, , ; j SNOHOMISH AUTO FREIGH1 / Bttt while the Puritans were tak- " p - " .. in over Ea,and under Oliver I OLSON NURSING [ I hones-- Monroe, PY 4-3311 Snohonush LO 8-2131 j OmmweH, Eaey'e. .'lsing the bat- I HOME I " ........ " tl'e of Christmas. Riots broke out I Wash State Heal "" Dent I ......  .......  in 1647 protesting heban on the I License No. 145,ClassV3 [ Hard to 5e[!7 ,et With a Monitor Want Ae POWER SOURCE for "Accu- iron" electronic timepiece is a l.3-voltmercury cell (shown  : .o, ow.,..,.o, o..,. we I SALAD OIL I, on finger) guaranteed by B- ova Watch Company to last iii:: "O ,pec|alize in WELL KNOWN BRANDS Gt,he I L..='. Ouo00 IIJP I _e at least one year. It can be ....... , ..... T .....  J replaced merely by unscrew- O . LOWEST PRICES. hag a cap on the back of the Nancy Anne Fleming of Montague, Michigah, Miss America o e PY 4-2461 (Parking In Rear) Monroe mmm maxima .. m a.Ammm, n mmm O case. Recessed handle for 1961, proudly displays the perfect gift for the special ones on your t ---- llt [i [flflH in El ilii'lll let setting the hands also is on Christmas list--a United States Savings Bond. On sale at your bank, A 10 Delicio..o :n ...... .rk^ ,:_..^-,^ nr=l/ rlnlmla m&lllJllUlar v the back of the case. Accu- this valuable "gift that keeps on giving" is guaranteed to fit and gnat-  m -o .a.[.e  ....  ...... ....... cnvi mwvcv mama invll Ilirlll ron model shown is one of ' anteed to please and makes for easy shopping, too. And $2.50 and $5.00 & INaaASIbAd lalla 1rail /IUU A /am,'_ ,,a Sayings Stamp giftbooks, especial1 designed for Cltma ate avail-  fi[UIIUU JtIIIO ILI . "" ..... z " v-.... twelvemay be seen at Sullivan Jewel-intrduced here, and . able @.t your post omce ................ , -- O Really Fine, Tender, Green, Spinach Lge. 303 n A t Glmmlll s Frosh I w.. Photography J .alia Walla Sninach 7/sl m (Continued  page 1, I TOMMY.SPEIGHTS le I""-""  IBm School Lunch Menus rage; closed the half with a 24-7 I Photographer n  The Name of Quality Lge. 303  mm 1 margin; hen went into the final I  a- I m A mmm A m ........... For Comma Week stanza with a 30-14 lead. IED 4-6357 ED 4-260S/ .-W Saprkrnsst K/S1 uu ll l/ Gemmi'll credited ,the shooting of -III  v m vuuvnu mtmum4L V/  'lr December 19th hr;ugh December . undln ad dlens[ve work of - -- Cream S le - , .... O Schuler and Oarls0n the effective "  MONDAY: Spaghetti and Italian re g I !" iy K He,p xour Food Buaget Lgeo303 ..... Danny Weaver and Burr Haskms, a 0  Sauce, Buttered green beans, Rai" and the al .around floor game of PLUMBING ,0 ..... sin bread and buttr, Applesauce, Roger Wilcoxen with tth:d Wiut. that HUBBD'S O K0un Ist C0rn 7/1 Drops .... 21//4 Ib,. half pin milk. The mentor ,also pointwavvruc, tg: ' .............. l  " : . .-,-.,,u -v,- --  Doles Pineappl - TUESDAY: Whipped potatoes, Meat, ng g.__..d in .recur and gravy, buttered carrots, bread ::ves/:dek  ! PYramid *,I}3, L 9 ncy BulkACandy Mix -- FreshToday ,,n,O e ............ 4 for and butter' Chclate cake' and aCaSiltrBe lO MU : .h, t milk. , rF?l , : ^mas uream ann Jellies 4/'i S,on.db, Pumpkin ........ 8 r WEDNESDAY: Ofili wth meat, " ;eir next lea-e ms Phen,x Margarine 4 Ibs. mm --n _ wrot sticks, Hot rolls and but- The frosn pray m ' s"  ' " ....... 1 1-1 1 milk.Let' Sugar cookies, .and half pint a[ vz ryv,m, g,ameah!s, ev.em in , Decembel 15, " ' ! / :::::::;e:.:- 1:6::: UU : THURSDAY: Hamburgers on bun, Buttered corn, Bread and butter, d, , hal pt mk. Dan'ell r, cc, Holste,n __ .. e " " ]Ir Or p ,,., _ _ __ " Earns'excellent' Rate YOU get Z / fRUITS'  .r.r_L-rnr.- / : : _  in ASSOCiaTion mu -- , *rle ] [ " -- ..... I .... CENII:fiNIAL " * lg:J_ _ IT: t:._ n,u.ap v,ct,,u  i,cville Netherland Sh' y A",,-- ...... H l tern cow DnmloH $gUASH ound 5c 369416, ,a registered as in ! .. - ....................... P ltNIIANWP O (Continued from Page 1) 'ltelioe i H LL ; and the family had a happy reunion. wentbyDarr CRANBERRIES ............................ pound I9c rNUhl attainable in the yp "" " lew hin!ev:i e h 'Scontinuedand in-program of the Holstein-Friesian EMPERER GRAPES .................... 2=lbs. 29 FLOUR Dee ember 19th through December TUESDAY: Whipped potatoes, Meat, THURSDAY: Hamburgers on bun, Then began the interviews and in- terrogations throughout most of the morning Assoclation of AmeriCa.pearedatandm highpartbefref theschool,.a afternoOn.specialtellingaSSemblyShe heraP" or'appliedThiSmorehighlYnlYof tOtheseleClanimalsl00 designatiOnpointsSCOringrepre.90is  : SWEET TANGERINESu_ I ' ................ __ _ I 2-1bs. 29._ a=At Larw's. 4-i5. Bag ._ schCOorichtes o herthat experience, body conformati0n, senting theoetical perfection, in 1 t [ i IZ  [ Jll-a IA A I [ s said they hadcalls .  BUTTER NUT . from the Daily London 'rimes eor- Of 57,00tl registered Holsteins oz- York City newspapermen. They only Sll were rated "Excellent."  COFFEE TARKIST had calls from a Memphis, Ten- The Rieci Holstein moved into the lip " nessee radio station ehain and all "Excellent" bracket for the first O i INSTANT ii i i TUNA - o0al radio, TV and news media .ime during a recent classification Latest rePorts from the Sheriff's of the herd by R. P. Denney of O I 6-oz. 99c . I I I I rn. office is thatr intensive search Frederick, Varland--an offi'cial  0 I At Larry's 2-lb. Tun n I J I non . has yielded no ki(lnapper, inspector on the staff of fine nation-' " ' .al HIstein organization. She scored O ' ' J At Larry's " Lye. Tin 91 points. Animals sCOred "Excel- - i ,' lent" in previous prggrams are "To " ntinp luded in this listing  o I i k |/ Too Late Classufv ... . I,l not be liable *or any bil]s ru contneuouC:SSpeZCao n sFira192 m-9 2 rvnn(00'.00 M:00r ,20u.r,|NSTANTSTARLAC 93 : my account. Milton Husted. prairies a universay-recgnized w " l/ll illliOHERE IS O S VlWI1111iUIVleFOR LITY J G -- O 46-2tp method of comparing the confor- II marion of living anima'ls with that O T N tS A IANT LIOUID TREND 49 n  of the True-Type Holstein cow or , tt QU I. ]6-oz. Pkg. I rt,. E C PlumJev n btfll. Participation is currently at I "OIOlffETRIST x ] an all-time high level. O Order Your Fresh Turkev Nnw  [ CALGON WATER CONDITIONER 3Sc ' 111 /s West Main " $ v ......... ----- Ge-- O n ........... n Two Monroe,tes Joun We have a good supply of fresh killed, fresh I KITTY CAT FOOD 3 for 35c I_, rzramm -oo _ Western Washington dressed OVEN-READY TURKEYS from CAR- [ , ,. ... -- t . .  lo-oz. Tin "' Want A 42-Piece I Service" Organnzat,on" " O PENTERS$. We have a Inmnted supply of fresh [ ALASKA GEM SALMON 59c / LIONEL TRAIN SET? I  Roasting Chickens. Order your FRESH TUR- -- .......................... l Bu,, a Transistor Raflio v i Two Monroeites have been se- : 16-oz. / "-'--' .... '-t " I leete,d for membership in the . ua-. Upy 4-4327 ' " i ganizatiOn, and,atLaverneWeSterncrowell'Washingt0n'Joyce,  " [|1 SILVER BOW HONEYAn.p_ ni/. 39i1 / COOK RADIO & TV I Helmsmen, an honorary servme or- " \\; O / i . KEY now and be sure of the proper snze bnrd. I , College of Education, Bellingham, 9 Bar.S "or Chuck Wagon l. , " ' ' "' 4 n , where both are sophomores. , " v ,AkR.I--ICIAL BG' The t.wo local girls honoed are : *SlncedBacon lb. 59'i10LDYANK00e J Evergreen i Ann Donovan, daughter of Mr. and J Northwest Breeders 1nc ] Mrs. tiarry Donovan, 505 W. Colum- I ' ,/s, , 00ias, . ,, mtt U PauVejnd2ua "' ] ............ I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. ._ -il Crowell, Rt. 2, Snchomish. 00i00g.SmokedPicnics Ib. 35'iiSYRHp-LJJIlj ." : , Hill Limited Supply ..|lJ Lge. 22-oz. Jug   I : * Beef Short ihbs lb. IO'l I - "- : 3 to S-lb. Average I rnnvr, rnnne eo *Fresh Sparernbs lb. 3 POLAR VEGETABLES 6 for $1,0-0 ." ..... . ' ....  " ................ " Henry o -- bin. C.o I SWANSON'S BEEF PiES ....... 4 for $1.00 . # .o .......  eao. Sknnlesswneners lb. 49 .o ; _ ' .' , I , , & " SH or Psece -- Henry House or -S | I. , .  i l I . 2 *B01000na lb. 39* In'ea.c,es, Pears I'1 ; , 1., Fancy " IApncots Black & Gold fnr ii C At Larry's Lge. Tins V lUl U . Bulk Kraunt qt. 19 I I. 3eteeeeeeeeeeeee,e.eo ***** o4.************** r