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December 15, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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December 15, 1960

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Dolls 98 to'10" Buggies '2" to q2" Wagons s2"to ql" Roller Skates PAGE FOUR Monroe Monitor, Monroe, Wash., Dec. '5, 1960 COW Testing Association Checks Star Electric ....... Truck "-r" =[ 103 H rds By Stand d Plan WinsMajor I romnlete Rena;rs e arr, vererr" "" JOO  " , II The.Outward. , , Sic ql rdFi m  ,   uru W Joyou There were 4994 cows in 103 had one that produced 618.2 potmds, Star Lighting & Electric, a firm/ ' herds tested :by the standard plan while Hagen had another that gave which has done .and is doing con-] .. Time of Year. D I E S E L & G A S M 0 T 0 R S I of ,.      010 pou    o o, or m o ve. , LIL'Jr  o sociation during the month of No- one in this age group that produced last week was awarded a $38,895 . Get your Christmas tr I vember, ,according to the monthly 611.5 pounds while Wol d & Son brad contract to do .all he lighting work '--- our la,,e l,a4, in the half-million dollar additions e- -5 ..... report Of the v.ssociation just pre- one that gave 605.1 pounds of fat to e Bethany Home, Everett s ,: ......... CARLS0N'S TRUCK SHOP ] partbyjohnvgreen, seeretary in the laeatiou. , .,* of the .group. These cows averaged In addition to the cows in the largest institution for e aged. " MLVEK PIK 8{)8 pounds of milk and 34.6 pounds standard plan of testing, there were Star Lihtg's bid, according to PYrmmid 4-4161 or PYramid 4.4162 E.  S t- | of butterfat for the month. 1683 cowsin 66 :herd tested under owner Milton q Ve  Was $2,000 PINE i In the small herd group, those the Owner-Sampler plan lower than the ext hid which was  ----- with 25 cows or less, W. D. (Doug) submitted by Rogers Electric, Ev-  Larson, East Stanwood, had high eret.t. " ..m}l am, tO herd with a butterfat. ,average of Chr,stmas" Devot,onal" Perman figured the work would {f ' UP 50.4 pounds for hzs 18 cows. Other ,.--,. ---  -- start this week and continue for , V & W Variety smlherds belonged to Sather r.gni,gmsuecemner about a year and one-lalf. Bros., Sflvanu, 25 cows and a Woman's SockPv Meet He said the total cost of con- monthly average of 45.4 pounds of ........ ...... struetion will be between $600,000 butterfat; John Engsti'om, Arling- . Christmas devotional program and $700,000. The work will pro- B U L B S P E C i A L ton, 14 cows which .averaged 43.3 including carols highlighted the teed in two ,phases. A four-s-tory Imported from Holland pounds; Carl Wikstrom, Arlington, Christmas meeting of the Metho- south wing will be built first. Then 15 cows which averaged 42.1 pounds; dist Woman's Society of Ohristian the present old wooden structure and John Kreeze, Arlington, 22 Service Wednesday evening, De- which joins the brick.north wing Tulips-Hyacinth- Daffodils-Cracm cows which averaged 39.2 iaounds camber 7. will be torn down and a new two of butterfat per cow for the month. Mrs. B. P." Countryman, Mrs. and hree story bui;lding will be Buy 2 Doz. -- Get 1 Doz. FREE! Jim Sadlier, Carnation, with a William Hegevald Mrs. SLan- nsructed to cbnnect the tvo herd of 29 cows averaged 54.9 lay E. Blinks were in charge of Wings, ha'added. : (beginnea & adults) Toys for all ages Lingerie --- Scarfs -- Jewelry -- Gloves Boxed Towel Sets --- Lace Table Cloths Boxed Handkerchiefs for Ladies & Men Men's Ties --,Tie Racks -- Socks Gift Wrap - Seals - Tags - Ribbon - Boxes Tree Lights -- Tinsel -- Ornaments Aluminum Trees S2.95, 6.95, $9.98 Open Evenings 'till 9 P.M. Main & Lewis Sts. PY 4-4536 pounds of fat to lead the 26 to 40 the Christmas program which in- cow herd group. Also in this group, duded games. Mrs. Robert Follis, were Was Larson, Carnation, 33 cows which averaged 54.4 pounds; president, was in charge of he R;p'n Snort CIuE ROSe UUSL ! $1 GIb7 ITEk Claude Gadbl[rY, Arlington, 28 business section of the meeting Sets Christmas Party,  Cups & Sauce cows which .aeraged 47.1 pounds; which included a report of the Cancels Dec. Dance 6 different colors Christmas bazaar made by Mrs. Albert Brekhus & Son, Silv.ana, 36 cows averaeg of 45.6 pounds; Norman arzell. Members of the Rp 'n Snort $6.9S pk. . 79 to $2,9! and Idale Jersey Farm, East Stun- The" church Fellowship Hal was Square Dance Club have cancelled wood, 36 cows which averaged 44.9 decorated in the (Yaristmas moUf their dance for Saturday, Decem,   pounds of butterfat for the month, for the party. Hostesses were Mrs. her 17, but have scheduIled a Chest- In the 41 to 60 cow group, Wfl- George Keck, Mrs. Cecil Weeks, mas party or members, friends POINSETTIAS bur Eppinga, Monroe, with 47 cows Mrs. Ray T. Smith and Mrs. Herb and heir families on Sunday, De- which averaged 48.8 pounds of fat Schwartz. comber 18. ' CANDLES to!cad the group. Will Vane, North Guests t the party were Mrs. A. The Christmas party is slated for Bend, with 45 cows had an .average F. Olson and Mrs. Z. Eagan. 3 p.m. in Sultan .and will include a turkey dinner -- pot luck and gift MISTLETOE of 45.1 pounds; Elingson Bros., Additioral members attending exdhange. East Stanwood, with 45 cows aver- were Mrs. E. J. Bluer, Mrs. Flor- ,aged I;2.5 pounds, as did Leslie De- Jan Haufle, Mrs. Roy Wiley, Mrs. The club's aext regular meeting HOI Boer, Carnation with a herd of 51 Harry Bluer, Mrs. Harold ank- will be Saturday, January 7, at the everything for making cows; Adolph Oien, East Stanwood, hauser, Miss Grace Otis, Mrs. B. IOOF Hall. The meeting, olen to BRANCHES .--- Holiday arrangements with 53 cows .averaged 40.9 pounds; H: Luntey, Mrs. Carenee Shatter, visitors .and with pot luck scheduled and Gary Davis, Fall City, with 45 Mrs. Fank Tringer, Mrs. Max for serving, is slated for 8 p.m. cows andHarryPeterson, Fall City, Hegewald, Mrs. Gordon Soma, Mrs. Harry Wo[fki[[ Feed  Fertilizer C01 with 45 cows each aaged 40.6 Mrs. Stuart. Barton, Mrs. E. G. Bayly, Mrs. Dale Barnett, Mrs. pounds of butterfat in November. Hunt, Mrs. H. C. Johnson, Mrs. Cea Waiters, In the large herd group, those of Wilam Boyes, Mrs. E: J, Sehrag, Mrs. Harold Y2aaffman, Mrs. Wal- Monroe Shopping Center PYramid 4-6 61 cows or over, Don Thorrms, Sno- Mrs. Henry Zandarski, Mrs. J. A. lace Shannahan, Mrs. O. L. Morse homish, wRh 167 cows averaged Countryman, Mrs. Tye Hagman, and Mrs. F. D. Tibbitts. 49.3 pounds of fat. S. Sinnema, East Stanwood; with 87 cows averaged  - 48.5 pounds, Chris tIansen & Sons, Everett, with 115 cows averaged 47.4 pounds; lay Hagen, Snoho- mish' with 81 cws averaged 43"2 1 The Perfect t F fOr the entire family pounds; and Harold Fjarlie, East   poundsStanwd' 85 cows averaged 40.9for the month. In the individual animal predue- .. tion for the 305 day lactation period, t John Lovgreen, ]ast Stanwood, had a two year old that produced  from 543.7 pounds in the actation period. W. R. Williams, East Stanwood, had a two year old that ,produced 492.4 WHEELER APPLIANCE lington, lind one ,that :produced .. 465.6 potmds. Harodl Fjarlie had  *. one that produced 430.2 pounds '- while Lervick & Sons, East Start- wood, had one tha produced 427.3 pounds ofbutterfatinthe lactation.  NEW FROM Z: 5 q [TH or h {he three year old group, Will ' COWBOY BOOTS Venn had one that preduced 743.6  pounds, tppinga ad one that pro- duced 606.0 pounds, and Cllff Hen- FOR CHRISTMAS... BEDROOM SLIPPERS ms ning, East Stanwood, had one that . .11 .. ^^ h^.v^ ^4^....M^v,4 .,,.,4,,.. for the Kids al$: produced 591.3 pounds. Don 'Iom,  dlJ.'JIJ.IL'UJLLE; JULUJI.IV III,I LI,IJULUIJau. ;lll, lJ. 95 _ ST-- as had a three year 01d that pro-  duced 570.2 pounds, and Fjarlie had  one that 9rodaoed 569.6 pounds of . ECIMRTNATTGT ' , fat.  ,.4 v.,..,. .,.. . . ..,. v. . . Shoe Shine Kits and Other Accessories olgrgSpred.d2  oxde ; ')' 17.'.'TT}'W rT .aum's Shoe .7['aus fat, while Fjarlie ,cl" oe in ths  /.J.,P. LI'J,LIJ. JLJLJL 11}' ) , pounds, ,and another that produced d H .'l J'g''9`'9[ l%'t.'Pl},,,, " .2 pounds.  ..,, ... ,,,, ,.,  ,, ,, ,y ,,.,,,,.,,,v 126 E. Main Monroe In ,the five year old group, Nels | "r:'vl. / 4 "mAr" "r "1. d Walen, Silvara, had high cow, with ,:  '/VI/A/. ,aaw * " (Formerly Campbell's Family Shoe Store) a production of 666.1 pounds of : | .... / ........ PY 4-5351 fat, ,and John LovgrOen had one: had one in this age group that pro- ' [ __ 1:,.,. that produced 642.3 pounds. Fjarlie d , duced 618.0 pounds, and John Wold I  ............ :. [,......__.._,. & Son, Arlington, had onethat: gave 605.8 pounds. Willis Gans-:[ berg, Ease Stanwood had one .that '  i, .... ::::i:,i;:,,'l produced 584.0 pounds of at.  | In tim ,aged cow group, or those ' . - , ..__ six years old or over, Iagen had [I ] high ow with a production of 624 8   "pounds of fat in the lactation. Veun  i;: it! iiil ,:: i " i I iiil I BOWLING BALLS [,.t's.,.ou..Be. hus,,! I  ' ....... Se)AeS I made it a policy to bring you , du She kere because ou 1 Beautifully styled Combination television, record playing, I "" ! ' deserve the very best al we i II/AM. radio instrument. 23 overall diag. meas. tha  282 sq. in. of rectangular picture area In grained Walnut color, BOWLING 00:SHOES " " ,:  , | * groined Mlhopn color or grained Blond Oak color. [ s6" ] I DATE NUT LOAF i'i || 48 loaf |i,l; : . . . $61s,00. . " i .... :.::,:i i.;i. i;i ,,  -- uP i::::, ! ] I I ! ; ZENITH UAT.,FJ..,e.p ..l...The: V.  teatu w ofld'.s fmestpefformhlg .; I 00eun.r00, , i ! TV th lmdcmff quality TV ls'm, Suashia. Picture Tul"aeles PicturcGgms, , i B 0 W L I N Q BA6 S ! | " 4.0(: loaf ii; I plus High ldety Stem that zs]l:es all yotl,r records sound better on Cobm-matic changer  I - q_"  :,,, , I I 2 for sgc t i e *with Cobra-ton arm, Fo, .Xdtiag. aew limning enjo]maent, Zenith's Hxtended High Fi..d..lity  . the Wilshim fea't, Zeai* qklitF FM/A radio with Ikutomatie FrexlU(mCy Control on ! M t 00.oo. , onroe. BOWpyramld 4.5031 | i 119 E. MAIN ST.,, ' qb_--Ila. PYramld 4.3525 t