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December 12, 1968     Monroe Historical Society
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December 12, 1968

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lage Two, Monitor, Monroe, Wash, Dec. 12, 1968 MONROE P U BLISHED EVERY THURSDAY Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post Offlce at Monroe, Washington, under the Act of March 3, 1898. i SUBSCRIPTION RATES Monroe, Skykomish and Snoqualmie Valleys, per year $4.50 Outside Monroe, Skykomtsh and Snoqualmie Valleys $5.00. Official Newspaper of the City of Monroe, and Town of Skykomtsho Address all mail to Post Office Box No. 398, Monroe, Washington 98272. Howard and Mary Alice Voland...Publishers Althea Hendrtckson . . Advertising Manager Barbara Rogers Minor ...... News Editor Let them win... The story, no the saga, of the American soldier of arms cries out for a greater relief than he now commands. Each minute, each hour, each day in the quagmire and endless fatigue of war in Southeast Asia he staggers, he stumbles, but he goes on and on--no end in sight. In World War I that soldier's goal was clear. Each attack, every charge, whether at Belleau Wood or Chateau-Thierry, meant a step closer to home, to peace, and normal worldly pursuits. In World War II, for every foot he drug forward that soldier moved closer to the sweetheart, to the wives, to the many loved ones behind. He sacrificed, he waited, he sweated, but with every downed Jap or Kraut he went ahead to those unconditional enemy surrenders. Not so is it in the Vietnam today. While retired General "Chesty" Fuller's son has both legs blown from his body, while Skykomish Valley men die, while they are missing, and while they fall wounded, the peace talks' main concern is what shape the tables will be. That which happens each day at Paris becomes more disgusting and nauseating. While the punk hoods at San Francisco College and at the Columbia universities, while the belly-aching, affluent dissenters abridge the rights and freedoms of others--by virtue of the American soldier who stands in Vietnam--their war goes on and on and on. In the name of all American wars. In the name of all-suffering soldiers of foot, Everett officialdom, year in and year out, are still trying their doggonedest to oust fishermen from Spada Lake--the same fishermen who years ago agreed to allow Everett to build Spada in return for con- tinued fishing and recreation rights. Everett officialdom, with absolutely no concrete evidence at hand, insist the waters of Spada Lake are constantly befouled by a handful of nimrods. You know what the truth is. The truth is there is absolutely nothing wrong with the waters of Spada Lake and that means Everett water, too. Monroe, for several years passed, has used water coming directly from the Spada Lake source as well. That water is tested and retested and it is A-OK. Here's what the records show inthe office of City Clerk Mrs. Ann Francis: The Snohomish Health District weekly tests Monroe's water supply at the intake of the Monroe reservoir (Spada Lake water). During the past year, from January through November 27 alltests registered "O". "0" meaning satisfactory. Not once has an "unsatisfactory" or a "questionable" test been forth coming. Also, the records in the office of City Clerk Mrs. Francis show the Washington State Department of Health has tested the water on a monthly basis, samples being taken from various points in and outside the city limits. This again is Spada Lake water. These tests have come as many as five samples a month and sometimes less. But in the aforementioned period 37 samples were taken and every one of them were ranked "0". Spada Lake water is unpure, according to Everett officialdom. Don't you ever believe it. This preponderance of evidence indicates we have some of the finest water, ff not the linear, from a water shed which is open for Cummings Resigns School Money Election Post On Police Vo,e Break-down Shown Commission A nine-year member of the Monroe police ctvil service commission, James F. Cunnings, has resigned his post effective November 30. Cummings remarked earlier this week that he had submitted his letter of resignation to Mayor Jack Law, saying he no longer has time for the duties that go with the post. Cummings who operates Cummings Brothers, a Monroe department store, was secretary of the commission. He was originally appointed to the seat by former Monroe Mayor Bob Follts. Meanwhile Mayor Law said he had several prospects for the commission seat in minut wasn't sure if they would accept it. "I don't see anything coming up in the near future where this new member would be needed," Law said Monday. The position is appointed by the mayor with council approval. Precinct Committeemen Certified For Valley Sixty-one precinct committeemen have been officially certified for the Skykomish-Snohomtsh Valley communities. According to information from ,*,he office of County Chief Election Officer Hank Whaler,, 33 are Republicans and 28 Demo- crats. Voters elected the following at the November General Election, precinct by precinct and party by party: Olney, Juantta Lobdell (D); Highland, Ann Bates (R), Howard W. Voland (D); Marion, Tedd Gaines (R), Margaret Link (D); Rather, Roy Desota (R), Marllee K. Ltllqutst (D); Milton, Robert Koop (R); Pearson, none; Tualco, none; Maltby, Dorothy Norton (R), Mary Alice Kincatd (D); Skykomtsh, B. Helen Peachey (R) ; Shorts, ElizabethChrtsten- sen (D); Wallace, Edward Rappuhn (R), Ernest Zabel (D); Machtas, Clifford RUT (it), Robert Burke (D); Riverview, Norma Swanson (it), John R. West (D); Sultan 1, Viola Broughton (it); Cathcart, Eric R. Anderson (R), Helen Hansen (D); Three Lakes, Daniel Lacomb (R); Monroe Precinct #1, Cal Davis (D); #2, Lawrence V. Whttfteld (D); #3,, none; #4, Lois Fankhauser (R), Ann Francis (D); #5, Hazel Minor (R); Newburg, Murtel Pipkin (R), Little Rider (D); Sultan 2, William Boyle (R), Adolph Rode (D); South Snohomish, Edwin Stocker (R); Trail, Diana J. Coombs (R); Winters Lake, none; Sex- ton, Ken Ruckle (D); Lake, Frank Stegmeter (R), Mabel Hedges (D); Ludwig, John Moymahn (R); Park Place, none; Snohomtsh #1, Ruth Ferguson (R), Polly King (D); Snohomish #2, Irene Swaboda (R), Bob Guild, (D); #3, Rachel Prigg (R); Snohomtsh #4, Barbaz;a Bates (R); #5, Edwin or armor and of air, let this one end. Let C. Stocker (R); #6, Charles Adams, (R), Wil- them win. ltam C. Boersema (D); #7, Don Kusler (R), Jesse H. Beasely (D); #8, Genevieve Hanson (D); #9, John Altman (D); "'rvo evidence.., none; Index, Adolph Burgstahler (R), Ardis M. Fildeline (D); Gold Bar, C. Glazier (R), Myrtle Brzezinskt (D); Fir, Ken- neth Schilaty (R), Jeannte Haas (D); Beecher, Jack L. Davis (R), Kathryn R. Allen (D); Martha Lake, Barry Elsltp (R), Roy LaRue (D); Roose- velt, Christina V. O'Neal (R). Letters to the Ediror Editor: I want to thank you so very much for printing that picture of my family in the Monitor, and I want you to know it's hanging in my locker right now and that I really look forwardto getting the Monitor each week. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas. SP/5 Alan L. Reiner 573 Engr. Co. (FB) APO San Francisco 96384 Editor: Hope, hope, hope you will consider including the enclosed photo in the next Monitor. Happy to report that a Monroette was the first woman in ten years to catch a large fish here in the Philippines. That Marlin is seven feet long and weighs approxi- mately 150 pounds! We used eight inch white fish for bait and hooked it about 22 miles out of Subtc Bay from a chartered Navy boat. A Marlin Jumps and fights beautifully (almost as well as a steelhead no doubt). My husband, Ted, is stationed at Clark Air Force Base with the 604th Military Air Sup- port Squadron until October 1969. If you need more information please contact Mrs. Donovan at the post office. Thank you. Sincerely, Pat Donovan recreation and fishing. Everett officialdom would do well to turn their attention to the befouled city they govern rather than to afew fishermen who do absolutely no harm. We would suggest to Everett officialdom--if they can't understand the reports--they should get out their "F.unk and Waggonal". The official returns of the special election of las November 5 when all three school money is- sues were rejected by Monroe School District 103 voters, have been released. Proposition 1, the 39.6 mill operation and main- tenance levy for $454,200 attracted a total of 2,450 voters. Yes votes totaled 1,164 and equalled 48 per cent, and the 1,286 no votes amounted to 52 per cent. Results by precinct on Proposition 1 were as follows: Bear Creek, yes 1, no 0; Cathcart, yes 17, no 16; Clearview, yes 11, no 3; Highland, yes 120, no 135; Maltby, yes 131, no 131; McDoug- all, yes 83, no 101; Milton, yes 137, no 147; Monroe precincts 1 through 5, yes 403, no 463; Park Place, yes 68, no 68; Pearson, yes 25, no 44; Rainier, yes 1, no 1; Roosevelt, yes 12, no 12; Shorts, yes 24, no 19; Sultan River yes 1, no 1; Tualco, yes 66, no 83. Proposition 2, school construction bonds in the approximate amount of $654,000, was considered by 2,463 voters. Of those 48 per cent of 1,177 voted yes and 1,286, comprising 52 per cent disapproved. Results by precinct on Proposition 2 were as follows: Bear Creek, yes 0, no 1; Cathcart, yes 17, , 00tate Engineer other areas within the limits of Monroe remain at 60 mph." Holloway noted that the law under which the Commission fixes train speeds is discretionary and may be different for different cities, com- mensurate with hazard and practical operation. In a list of 25 cities and towns with speed limits of 60 mph or more, Holloway nemed five including Monroe where speeds are set at 60 mph and 20 where speeds are 65 to 75 mph. On the subject of railroad crossing signals, Holloway recommended warning bells be installed at the East Main Street and Lewis Street cros- sings. "It is hard to Judge the value of bells con- sidertng the sound-proofing in modern cars which makes it virtually impossible to hear a standard crossing bell with the windows closed. On the other hand, bells would be of assistance to ped- estrians and I recommend them for that reason." He indicated sufficient protection is provided at the Kelsey crossing which is equipped with standard crossbuck signs, warning and stop signs, and adequate protection is now provided at the Valley View crossing where new automatic signals have been installed by the county and Great Northern. In his opinion the only way to improve on the existing flashing light signals at East Main Street would be to add automatic gates. He recognized, however, it would be impractical to install gates at that point because of the one-way entrance lane to the shopping center. An analysis of accidents at each crossing showed four of ten accidents at the East Main crossing since 1941 resulted in fatalities to six persons. "However," Holloway reported, "in nearly every case the driver or person involved was not using minimum caution or was, in fact, no 16; Clearview, yes 11, no 2; Highland, yes 112, no 141; Maltby, yes 145, no 119; McDoug- all, yes 96, no 87; Milton, yes 130, no 151; Monroe precincts 1 through 5, yes 401, no 456; Park Place, yes 67, no 90; Pearson, yes 31, no 39; Rainier, yes 1, no 1; Roosevelt, yes 12, no 12; Shorts, yes 23, no 21; Sultan River, yes 0, no 2; Tualco, yes 65, no 83. Proposition 3, the 10 mill building fund levy to provide $126,939 had a total of 2,445 votes. Yes votes numbered 1,147 or 47 per cent while the 1,298 no votes added up to 53 per cent. Re- sults by precinct were as follows: Bear Creek, yes 1, no 0; Cathcart, yes 16, no 17; Clearview, yes 11, no 3; Highland, yes 116, no 140; Maltby, yes 138, no 128; McDougall yes 80, no 96, Milton, yes 129, no 153; Monroe precincts 1 through 5, yes 388, no 463; Park Place, yes 79, no 71; Pearson, yes 28, no 42; Rainier, yes 1, no 1, Roosevelt, yes 11, no 13; Shorts, yes 21, no 23; Sultan River, yes 0, no 2; Tualco, yes 61, no 85. The total vote for the Monroe School District was placed at 2,612 by Superintendent Ernest Fox last week. Six per cent or 162 of those voting in the Novem- ber 5 general election declined to vote on Prop- osition 1. On Proposition 2, five per cent or some 149 voters did not cast a vote. SIX per cent or 167 of those voting in thegeneral election chose not to vote on school Proposition 3. 1) disobeying directional stuns and automatic sig- nals." At Lewis Street, statistics showed one of nine accidents between 1942 and 1966 resulted in two fatalities. "Under the probable cause of the accidents, we find a total of four where there is some indication that the accident may not have been the direct fault of the driver. In these cases, there was a reverse train movement or some other switch- tug movement that should have been flagged. The remainder were caused by driver failures," according to Holloway. Although the Kelsey Street crossing is con- sidered a county problem since it is outside the city limits, statistics indicate four accidents occured prior to 1945 and none since with no injuries. At the Valley View crossing no accidents oc- cured prior to 1959 and six since then resulting in the death of four persons in three accidents. "In two of the last three accidents the driver stopped at the stop sign but apparently did not look to see if trains were approaching which might have been caused by efforts to observe traffic on the main highway beyond the track," Holloway said in his report. He informed the city that in the event the city and railroad company cannot agree on a train speed reduction, the city has lawful authority to petition for a hearing. "If the hearing should determine that auto- matic signals should be provided or some other change made, it should be noted that the Com- mission is authorized to apportion the cost between city and railroad with no more than 50 per cent apportioned to the city," Holloway clarified. $55 oo LEFT OVER SPECIALS00 30% Dn, & 36 Mos. NEW 1968's MUSTANG ,ow $2.776 FALCON o.,, CONVERT. Save $831 GALAXIE 500 DR. On. $4800 FALCON 4 All-N ew 1969 M odels R educed WE NEED USED CARS NOW! NEW 1969 FORD TRUCKS AVAILABLE Source Plentiful eeeeeeeeoeoeeeeeeeeoeeeeeoeeoeeeeeeeeeeeee$ USED TRUCKS 1963 Ford 1 T0nPickup . . . 5 Spd. V-8 Loaded $1,395.00 1958 Dodge 3/4Ton4 Speed.. Lotsa Truck $695.00 -1952 Ford i/2-1"on, i. Xtra Nice $27,00 25 or $495.00 Mac ..... DONALD FORD SALES 2, s.tow,00 M 0 N R Phone 794:7816