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October 31, 1924     Monroe Historical Society
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October 31, 1924

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Page Two THE MONROE MONITOR -- Monroe, Washington Friday, October 31, 1924 THE MONROE MONITOR Consolidated with MONROE INDEPENDENT By J. J. REARDON & SON PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Entered as second-class matter at the postoffiee at Monroe, Washing ton, under the act of March 3, 1897. No. 648 POLITICIANS' DAY IN MONROE Monday seemed to be the big day in Monroe for the politicians from Everett and various other places The trail blazers of this political cavalcade were Judge Black, of Ev- erett, and the candidate for lieu- tenant governor on the democratic he may be an old timer at that, has] not often seen such a wonderful meteorologic as the month now wan- ing has produced in this region. The articles of weather it has furn- ished have been so finely diversified that it was all that could be desired. It proved to be a fine finisher of constructed and inefficient how can this be so? If Seattle and Tacoma are so modern and their plants so efficient why did the combined city and Ta- coma plants generate and sell only 213,000,000 kilowatt hours in the last year while one company on Puget Sound in the same !period the season's growth, rain in profu- generated and sold more than 600,-  sion, sunshine, a few littlh tinges of 000,000 kilowatt hours4. old jack frost but none stiff enough  to make the bites harmful even to POLITICS delicate vegetation, producing fine Under the above caption the Ma- pasturage even to so late a date, sonic Tribune, of Seattle, Washington and setting the land in exactly the n its October 1924 number has the right kind of condition after the!llowing wry enlightening editorial season's growth that it had nurtured on the doctrine of personal rights, i and which developed luxuriantly and religious freedom as vouched through sunshine, warmth and by tke constitution of the United moisture of the finest mixture. To- States; and coming as it has from !day, Wednesday, the 29th, as this is written, the sun is'shining beauti- fully, almost oppresively warm, balmy-a perfect afternoon even for Puget Sound, sixty-three at three oclock, one of the many perfect days of this wonderful October month. What a splendid instance of the many wonderful dispensations from such a source as MASONIC it may be well worth your while to peruse it- "In all its history the Masonic Tri- l,bune has refrained from filling its columns with anything that bordered upon politics. It has persistently and regurlarly urged all qualified persons to register and vote, but has The proponents of this measure]state, one of those present charged admit that it provides insufficient lthat "there was too much lobbying" revenue not only for the schools but la t Olympia during legislative sos- for all functions of government, sions. This man, by the way, is one Their only suggestion is that the other part of the burden be put upon intangible property. Now intangible means, according to Webster "not capable of being touched", and so it has proven from our statehood. It is within the knowledge of all of us that from time immemorial it has been the custom of legislators to attempt to tax intangible property, but every legislature has failed to accomplish the desired result. Why, then, create a crisis to be met by a body that has long proven itself in-d , competent. It is evident that these two mea- sures need careful study on the part of all Masons, from a Masonic stand- point, fl)r they vitally effect what i is probably the outstanding interest of Masonry today aside from its own direct affairs. .Although introduced for different reasons they almost necessarily run together, and should be treated together so far as they effect this matter. If sufficient re- who never misses a chance to visit Olympia during the legislative ses- sions in the "interests of legisla- tion." In other words, he is one ,of the many who would bar lobbying, 7et is a professional one himself. Tenino -- Green River Company buys 320 acres of state timber land for $45,744.40. HOW'S THIS? HALL' CATARRH MEDICINE will do what we claim for it--rid your system of Catarrh or Deafness caused by Catarrh. HALL'S CATARRH M_EDICINE con- sists of an Ointment which Quickly I Relieves the catarrhal inflammation, and i the Internal Medicine, a Tonic, which acts through the Blood on the -Mucous Surfaces, thus assisting to restore nor- I mal conditions. Sold by druggists for over 40 Years. F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo O. VOTE ticL.t,' W. R. Lee, of Tacoma, who orated on the street corner for half an hour or so. Following up came Hns. P. E. Padgett and Jesse Davis, of Everett, heralding the approach of Ben F. Hill, the democratic can- didate for governor, and Lloyd Black, of Everett, the democratic candidate for Congress in the second 16 Size Hamilton 17 Jewel 25-Year Case $40 the Almighty's hand to this favored never yet tried to tell them how to,venue be provided from intangibles for region, vote. I that fadt of itself will reduce rehl And we shall not now try to tell[ property assessments and at the same JOHN L. BLACKEN P A Y $1.00 A W E E K NOW 'WHO IS IT? them how to vote, but there are two ] time maintain the school and govern- for ,measures to come before theelector-/ment as necessary. Why not ap- 0 E WILLIAMS The author of Initiative No. 52, ate next month on which the Tribune lproach it from that angle? County Commissioner , , the so-called "free power" bill, makes the strange statement that the pri- iels comment should be made as This situation shows th fallacy JEWELER vate power" plants are "poorly con-lthey vitally effect things for which of legislating from one view point 2Ild District structed and inefficient," and not Masorwy and Masons stand, and to only. Class legislation, no matter Monroe, Wash. district and but small crowds wer attracted in these outdoor impromptu at all comparable with "the modern which they are irrevocably committed whether proposed by a certain class to-wit, schools and the education of for the promotion of its own interests systems now owned and under con- political arousals. The biggest ally ' " .... , four citizenship, or whether proposed by legislators struction by Seattle and Tacoma. . of th season so far was the Farm- - ........ I The first of these measures Imt]a- for the purpose of catering to a Labor-La Follette on held in the [ Long bake, noquaimle rails, . certain ocuri.00 CEMENT nlte trivet, ne a e" " P i " I Grange hall last Thursday evening: .......... B k i Rivei l antslive No. 49, is strictly a school bill. votes, nearly always defeats its own - " l'k the leak,- Cedar lit proposes to compel every child no moaern i -e .... y " ss i between seven and sixteen to attend at which about two hundred wel, e River dam, the unfmlsnea aamLe, i purposes. present with the state campaign  KaglL ............ aireacly cosung zau per cent! the public school. Attendance on We cannot any of us expect to Had-r-ware manager, Kennedy, of, Seattle, the sThen00n"a principal speaker and who was not mre than the original Ross' esti-Iprivate schools between these ages profit at the expense of others. Our Co is prohobited. There can be, so far interests are absolutely involved in able to apnear until a little before mate for a complete development, i - and the Tacoma hydro-electric i as we can see,only one justification the interests of our state and nation, ten o'clock. The entire campaign seems to be a rather listless affair which has to depend upon a private l fr this provision, and that is that for that matter, in the last analysis company for a 12,000 horsep.cer there is something essential to the of the world. What we do without so far as rally meetings are concern- I proper education of our children the interests of the whole in view is ' ed for the crowds appear to nave lost supply whenever it goes dry.  which they cannot get in a private almost certain to react upon us. That's funny, ridiculous. I school! We call attention to +.he word All this is said with profound re- C L BARLOW interest in the old accustomed metri- i ods of campaign. Maybe they are Tacoma serves its customers, and I cannot, we do.not say do not, for if alization of the greatness of the pub- doing their own thinking and have has from the begining, in part with they do not but can, then the state lie school. What education we-have MO E Cl Si Shoe Store decided to do their own voting. At power generated by a private com-imay step in and say they must, and was secured therein. Our own daugh- nroe's x u ve all events the crowds do not show lpany, and Seattle has operated car lthey may enforce that even to he ter is a graduate and a teacher in .,. up in the .old time form which makes i lines for five years with power from extent of making the children attend the public schools, and we would go Everwear Silk Hosiery the situation somewhat enigmatic the same source, i schools in which it may be found, far and do all within our power to and which only a big vote next Tues- i One private company on Puget i No one questions the duty of the foster and strengthen them. We, day will clear up. Sound generates and sells almost state to see that those who teach demand that every school which at- Star Brand Shoes !three tims as much current as the the youth of the land are quali:ed tempts to do their work be the equal OCTOBER !Seattle and Tacoma municipal plants This requirement applies to teachers of the public school in every parti- Monroe . . Washington The inhabitant of this region of combined, in both public and private schools, cular, and we favor such super- the United States of America, and If these private plants are poorly The state should not allow the pre- vision as shall make it certain that , , , )aration time of children to be they do so. The cool assumption and wastrd with incompetent instructors, assertion made by so many of the No change in the law is neecessary proponents of these measures that + effect that" It is the direct duty il any no differing frm them in Coolidge After Nov 4th of the state to see that ang instruc- opinion on the subjeet is an enemy tion which replace that offered by of the public schools i silly and itself is an equivalent thereof. But unbecoming those who make it. if it is so, then the object of the I Masonry prides itself on its chari- state has been accomplished. ]tableness in matters of opinion. It - R wHAT? It is also the ddty of the state has its own fundamentals n which C h to see that the teaching of our it expects all its votaries to agree, children gives them a fair and correct I but the method of promoting them is basis of uderstanding of the genus]a matter for the individual, in the of our system of government, and[exercise of his wn gd judgment' a O S inculcates in them a spirit of devotion to decide for himself. He is expect- to that government and to its per- ed, however, to be earnest and zealous petuity. But if the teaching which in his study ind to decide upon his a child receives does "that, then the course of action only after a sincere nd o ity object of the state has been accom- effort to learn the right. In this The Choice Is YOURS on November 4. Coolidge, Safety a Pr sper plished spirit we urge every Master Mason It is beyond dispute that there to look into the matter and know a are hudreds of children being taught reason for the faith that is in him. Election of Coolidge Means Prosperity. in private schools by teachers just OT a qualified, of just as high charac- +++++++++++++++++ Nobody Knows What Coolidge's Defeat May ter, just as much devoted to our in- POLITICAL GOSSIP ;[I stitutions as any engaged in teach-  Mean. U U ty Di II """"'"'""'"'""""''"" rest, ncertain , ssension ing in our public schools, and many + + + + + + + + + + + + + + of them men and whom we had much The Washington State Federation , rather have our boys and girls emu- of Labor through its executive com, I1 011 November 5 you will know how the people have late than some of the teachers under mittee has refused to endorse any I1 and probable Panic? whom they sit in public school's. If candidate for governor. [I voted. If Coolidge has been elected your business, your there are schools which do not meai ure up o W u t i oo ae o. lllC111111nlllll[111lltlllllllrllllllll SO or shut them up, but do not put have his name scratched from the them out of commission unless they ball'ors, Oscar McBride, of Vancouver do fail.' If a school is failing in Washington, State party n)minee IF THE PEOPE HAVE FAILED TO ELECT A Coolidge is the only candidate for President who these essentials put it out of commis- for state auditor announces that he PRESIDENT--and Coolidgv is the only candidate who sion, but do not do so because it is not a candidate. He is supporting has a chance of election--the choice will be thrown into Congress. The electors will meet in JanuarY and record happens to be a Catholic school, or La Follette. the vote by states. If a failure to elect a President is can win a majority vote in the Electoral College. a Presbyterian sschool, or a Christ- ian Science school, or a Lutheran Already tlere are rumblings of reported to Congress, the Huse will ballot, by states, If the returns after November 4 favor Coolidge the school, or any other. Do not put it "Who will be the next speaker." The on President. No paxty has a majority of the state out of commission because it is my best answer to this is "Mark E. delegations in the House and the HouSe wold keep on school and not your school. Put it Reed, if he can be prevailed upon voting until March 4. Your guess is as good as any-, country will know instantly what the future has in out of commission because it is not to take it up again." Mr. Reed is body's on what that balloting would produce. In the our school, the choice of a majority of the re- meantime the Senators would vote as individuals for store; there will be no delay to prosperity. It is a matter of common know- publican nominees for the House. a vice-president- ledge, of course, that the brunt of Two other names are also mentioned the burden is borne by the Catbo- Mark Moulton, of Kennewick, and until March 4---four months after election. lic parochial schools. If it could be Pliny L. Allen/of Seattle. The feel- The only thing LaFollette possibly could ac:om- proven that they are culpable along ing is that a small county on the lots, Congress may not solve the presidential problem the lines we have indicated then that east side should get the speakership plish November 4 is to capture enough electoral would be sufficient cause to put them if Reed will not take it. Thus, if Coolidge is not elected by the people's bal- vat of business. But there are too One of the first measures which \\; votes to throw the election into Congress where it many good citizens come out of will be considered by the next session What will happen during this period? those, schools to warrant a charge of the legislature, irrespective of that they are all blamable, so why  a c i whether it is republ'c n, democrat" , would linger for months, do so ? Why, also,, should the schools I farmer-labor or out and out social- Wnat could happen while fear, distrust, chaos, of another denommatmn, or a non " / istic, and irrespective of who is going denominational' though private school / t h ,avrnnr will h, th dra t'e prevail? be compelled to suffer for their sins? l x-"ith teeth in i This how What will happen to the country's business if the /pol ta., . , - They are able and we behove wflMng " " ever, is depend.nt upon what the Will business continue "as usual?" to measure up to as high a standard voters do to the 40-mill tax limit people cannot elect a President? What would you  the public schools, if not make: bill. If this is passed new sources Will people buy Washington farm products, lumber, them do so, but d)n't shut them out of income must be found and found do through the period of doubt, turmoil and struggle without giving them a chance, auickly. The poll tax is considered etc.? Then Initiative No. 50 has a direct the best way to raise $5,000,000 to that would follow? bearing upon the subject of educa- $10,000,000 yearly quickly. tion for the reason that it admitted- What will happen to YOU? 1: provides insufficient revenue for At. a recent meeting of members the conduct of our schools, of the Chamber )f Commerce in the