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October 30, 1925     Monroe Historical Society
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October 30, 1925

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Page Two THE MONROE MONITOR--Monroe, Washington Friday, October 30, 1925. ,( THE MONROE MONITOR Conmolidated with MONROE INDEPENDENT By J. J. REARDON & SON PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Entered as leeond-class matter at the postolfice at Monroe, Washing ton, under the act of March 3, 1879. THE WHOLE STORY WANTED Colonel William Mitchell, champion of a separate aircraft department of national defense and storm center in recent controversies, goes on trial next Wednesday before a military court martial with slight/ chance to prove the truth of his sensational eryone agrees that Mitchell has not statements in which he criticized both only been outspoken but eminently the war and navy departments. The indiscreet, flamboyant in his defiance trial court has definitely set forth in of higher authority in his branch of its complaint against Mitchell that it the service and much too wordy. All is not going into the truth of the that is not conducive to order and dis- charges. It is only going to try the cipline. colonel under military rules under The case against him should be which it is alleged his conduct and easy to prove. Denying him the priv- i outspoken criticism are prejudicial to ilege of further exposing weaknesses the service, in our national defense and alleged Which can mean but two things for maladministration in aircraft matters certain: First, that Mitchell is to be may be all right as far as the military throttled and, second, that he will be court martial and its uroposed limited found guilty and disciplined. It is scope is concerned, but it does not to be a personM affair with the war quite meet with favor in quarters out- and navy departments lined up side the service. In the first place it against the colonel and when it comes does not give Mitchell the privilege to that, the court's findings may eas- of going through with the martyrdom ily be guessed at in advance, for ev- he has outline for himself in this at- Loser's Weeper Finder's Keeper LOST A Bright New $5 Gold Piece In this SATURDAY'S [Oct. 31] baking of our Famous Potato Yeast Bread. Who ever gets the lucky loaf keeps the gold piece.. Ask Your Grocer for Potato Yeast Bread--by far the finest and most popular bread in town. Please report the find to our Bakery, so that we may announce the winner. WATSON'S Our Constant Aim--To Make Better Bread Monroe Whds at t00ult? Arcyou read,/for Eucfi an emeny? Complete antoobile your drivi INhUR NOW 'wrrn E. T. BASCOM and T. P. RANDAL AGENTS Washington ATTENTION, CAR OWNERS Old Man Winter is Here We have added to our equipment a new 16-35 Singer Sewing Machine, so we are now ready to take care of any top or curtain repairs that you may need. Get your new window lights sewed in now. No job too big or too small, as we have a good s.tock of celluloid. Top Decks and Curtains Waterproofed at Contract Prices. HOW IS YOUR BATTERY? It should be fully charged. Come in and let our battery man inspect yepr battery FREEI Monroe Motors fair. He has been defiant of authority and sharply critical just to gain this opportunity and' now it is to be de- nied him. He knew he would be court martialed and invited' it so he could air more of his views and pre- sent whatever facts he had. If Mitchell is right then the country should know it and n9 abridged trial should be permitted to interfere with a complete statement of the facts that prompt him thus to speak and act. If he is wholly or even partly mistaken, then so much more reason why he should be given the oppor- tunity to speak his mind freely and l why he should be answered. Any! other course only rallie more sup- porters to his side and continues the controversy unnecessarily. Offhand, it seems to be somewhat of a mistake to try the colonel on a technical charge and to ignore his criticisms. A suspicion of collusion will always remain if he be found guilty, and' the country be left in fur- ther doubt as to the whole airplane i matter. Let him say his piece. More light on the subject is what the coun- try looks for.--Everett Herald. Yes, by all means, let us have light and plenty of it; that's what the worlc needs at this time, light and truth; not bureaucracy and so-called cast and the supremacy that goes with them. The popular verdict has al- ready been rend'ered and whether that's a competent conclusion or not may be a moot question. The other question that arises is how well will dies. Then, if one has chosen the right business or profession, which means that he loves his work, he must succeed. "If you do not love your work, no matter what your age, get a new job, business or profession." FOR BETTER AMERICANISM President Coolidge's latest address transmitted to the public following a national convention in the east, has created much comment for its high- sounding idealism, and its practical advice to the citizens of our country, for internal good" fellowship and brotherly love. We believe his ideas and ideals are worth much intense and conscientious study by our citi- zens, and his practical advice along some lines are worth repeating many times. Among other things, Presi- II00onro 00beatr "The Little House With Big Pictures" Dmfigmmll IIIlllllllllllll Saturday, October 31_ "in Hollywood Wilh Potash and Perlmulter" With *Alexander Cart* and *George Sidney* Comedy--"Unreal News Reel No 4" (COUNTRY STORE SUNDAY) Sunday, November 1- *HARRY CAREY* in dent Coolidge said: "In this period of after-war rigid- News ''BEYONO THE !Or!OER" ity, suspicion, and intolerance, our own country has not been exempt Fox Hy e "cal Hystory Comedy from unfortunate experiences. Among some of the varying racial, religious 'ChUNTR S'R--E SUNDAY) and social groups of our people there have been manifestations of an intol- erance of opinion, a narrowness of outlook, a fixity of judgment, against which we may well be warned. It is not easy to conceive of anything that would be more unfortunate in a com- munity based upon the ideals of which Americans boast than any con- siderable development of intolerance as regards religion. "Whether one traces his American- ism back three centuries to the May- flower, or three years to the steerage, is not half so important as whether his Americanism of today is real ard genuine. No matter by what various crafts we came here, we are all now in the same boat. "Let us cast off our hatreds. Let us candidly accept our treaties and our natural obligations of peace. We know, and everyone knows that these old systems, antagonisms and reliance on force have failed. "If the world has made any prog- ress. it has been the result of the de- velopment of other id'eas. If we are to maintain and perfect our own civ- ilization, if we are to be of any ben- efit to the rest,of mankind, we nmst turn aside from the thoughts of de- struction and cultivate the thoughts of construction. We cannot place our: main reliance upon material forces. We must reaffirm and reinforce our ancient faith in truth and justice, in charitableness and tolerance. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 2-3-4-- HAVOC With *GEORGE O'BRIEN* and a brilliant Cast m Co edy-- A Movie-Matt Maid" (COUNTRY STORE SUNDAY) Thursday and Friday, November 5-6__ "FINE CLOTHES" With *Lewis Stone* *Alma Rubens:,* Raymond Griffith* Comcdy--"Lizzies of the Field" COMING--*TOM MIX* in "THE EVERLASTING WHISPER" I[ 9 of the international financiers, and the result of it is that the United States is being continuously misrep- resented before the principal nations of Europe. In parts of he British press, and in all of the French press, it would be impossible to distinguish borrowed, the interest running some cases to more than 100 the court martial verdict satisfy be- yond the authority that stands behind it? Mitchell is one of the big aces of aviation, a proven hero, a man who/ sees things in and of airplaning about as well as any man in America e sees. or thinks he sees, wrong m such administration, and had the courage to say so. Mitchell may be foclish in talking so much, and yet may be wise too, in knowing the ex- ception to adopt and' .elucidate upon. Perhaps this is it. FATHER AND SON "The overwhelming support given by Wisconsin to the son of LaFol- ]ette is variously interpreted' about the country. His nomination was ex- )lained on the ground of sentiment-- the state wished to honor the father in the son. That scarcely accounts for the election, however. The elec- tion clearly indicates that Wisconsin cares for something which LaFol- !ette represented and which it be- lieves neither of the old parties stands for today. The election does not mean a Republican victory, though it was taken in the Republican name. It does not mean even a renewal of a great personal force in the Senate. It means that there is an element in present-day polities which fails to satisfy--more than that, even rouses the opposition of---a people so well educated politically as those of Wis-I cousin. : 'It is plain that the country is pass- ing through a period of obscurity for !the progressive program. The new conservatism, that which should com- bine the social spirit vf progressivism with the managerial ability of the old conservatism, has not appeared upon the scene according to promzse. As to the whys and the wherefores there is wide room for discussion, but beyond question the chief factor to consider has been the lack of progres- sive power among so-called progres- sives. Mere discontent is not pro- gressive. Mere opposition is not pro- gressive. A tendency to accept every economic cure-all and campaign for the most extravagant proposals is not progressive. Successful proress- ivism requires all the ability of the old conservatives with the new vision of social service---a wise management of government for the widest public benefit--and our progressives have simply lacked beth the ability and the visien. They are not big men, and when they win a little power they use it in as trifling ways as do the others. These facts, of course, present all the elements of a period' of change. The serenity of the American political pond is due, rather sooner than later, to be disturbed.. But the indicativns as to the character and direction of the change are somewhat harder to read just now than they have been heretofore. Wisconsin is simply the remembrancer of the existence of a spirit in the country which party machines cannot control." The foregoing is the Dearborn In- denendent anal.vsis of a mos remark- able situation in political annals. It means that both father was, and son is a remarkable man. SUCCESS The following is E. F. Flynn's def- initions of success. Mr. Flynn is director of public relations of the G. N. railway "James J. Hill used to say, when (mestioned as to how he had made !his life successful, "Work, intelligent wrk, and more work." Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis is too modest to admit that he has" made a success of life, but in so far as it may be above the average he tolc me it has come about by "pegging along and' sticking to it, and I should like to go through it all again, the struggles as well as the joys." Some- one else has said that success re- quired ninety per cent perspiration and ten per cent inspiration. "Not because" I have made a success of llfe, but because I have studied the lives of others who have, I may add., to what these men have said, that success alSo requires p],aying the great game of life fairly and honestly, and by the same rules we played' our games when we were kid- "We must make our supreme com- mitment to the everlasting spiritual forces of life. We must mobilize the conscience of mankind."--Chehalis Bee-Nugget. THE DEBTS AS HATE BREEDERS The war debts have become the world's chief war breeders since the Treaty was signed. Every nation, to conceal from its people the facts of its financial condition, has exceeded even war frenzy in the invention of falsehoods. 'And' of course no false- hood goes down quite so readily as that which villifies another nation. It is a merry game that the so-called statesmen are playing at the behest morally between the Americans ann the cannibals of the sea. We know the propaganda to be untrue, but it continues to corrode the thought of the nations with suspicion, distrust and contempt. We may imagine to what height the propaganda has reached in France when French ex- Service men have felt it necessary to return the war medals which the American government bestowed on them. Such actions could only be produced by the grossest misrepre- sentations of the attitude of the American Government. In this state of affairs we can only pursue the course we have adopted. We cannot bend to propaganda. The only part of our course that is open to any question at all, is that con- cerning interest. In their repayment of their borrowings, some of the na- tions will pay us twice what they in per cent. But' even so, the money is probably better thus expended than it would be otherwise. The physical ferocity of the next war is undoubt- edly being reduced' and its time short- ened by the fact that the American insistence upon repayment of the debts is preventing a great deal in the way of heaping up military arm- aments.--Dearbern Independent. Evidently 'tis with nations as with individuals--when things go alon in fine financial rhythm, everything's lovely. The contrary situation breeds hate because of the wants that press in about us in such times of stress. Thurston county will vote Dec. 5 on a $400,000 courthouse and bond issue. Gross earnings of Washington Wa- ter Power Co. for first 9 months of ]924, are $300,887 above same period last year. Toppenish banks show almost $1,- 000,000 deposits, 20 per cent gain since June 30. Beautiful New Winter Coats Richly Fur Trimmed and Shown in Popular New Co00'ors EXCEPTIONAL VALUES AT-- $35 $45 $59.50 The first thing you want of a New Coat is Service. Then you want one which possesses style and will enhance your personality. 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