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October 28, 1971     Monroe Historical Society
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October 28, 1971

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Page Two, Monitor, Monroe, Wn., OCL28, 1971 Lower V r......~."..".."..".."."".-"-........""."....."..""".""........".""......-""...| " . - andy lucero l! _. _ . ! Negotiate 1972 . P,on,,, r j 6"/ty CorrespondentI ,UBLISHED . EVERY. THURSDAY SucciJI nl Police Contract by Howard M. Vo!and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIgl~. " IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlUllU[~. " ,Entered as Second Class Matter at the Post cZOrd hea/e bb;enM%e- Mr. Dwayne Casto ts , i City council and After having demollshed my desk for the Office at Monroe, Washington, under the Act .... .... 1, _; very prouo of his home ..... union re resentatives of March 3, 1898. ...... ...... p .., third time this week, George was in a mood to " MEMBER .... u^, town. ls a small " ....... : met last wednesday O ober Ven" place but thiugshappen night and again Sat- be philosophical; at least for George it was being philosophical. "You say you live in a " N L - in vernal, Utah that i urdav in an effnrt democracy, right ?" atchee of Mrs. May ....... '" haD-- ; " ..... "- jus uun L ppen any- : a ree on a 1971 w e "Yes, at least in a Republican form " N I ZAPER a. r that m` ._" 1 1 T ; o g .. ag ,,OK, that means you elect officzals to- "" i ...... o n ....p ace e se. here was .... and benefit contract reszaen ......... ann apmneer sm ya ace me zor vmnroe pmmemen, represent your point of view; to represent you. Association- Founded 1885 ^, front p gesof thedaily .... : Ma or Jack Law em Right?" ui LA, " S : " Y - J press m all Lake " " uhasized that whatever Yea, right." SUBSCRIPTION RATES r rY.'Bradbu ' was City. The partici- salary and benefit in- "Then how come so many elected officials : Monroe, Skykomish and Snoqualmie Valleys, per1....... T..,., pants in the story crease was ranted v. .... re two rat*" ............. g - do not? How come so many become rubber year $5.00. Outside Monroe, Skykom!sh and ....... pc[me snoum De stamps for appointed bureaucrats or civil ar. ano v,:cs. narzes and two -entlem ..... Snoqualmte Valleys $6.00. Official Newspaper Stackpole and wasone .. .g Len- consmereo mr omer servants? How come, as soon as they're of the City of Monroe and Town of Skykomish ................... so nappened that cit em lo ees "I don't think you can say that as a general oz meztrs wm ecnim- "- se t y p y . elected, they forget who elected them?"", Address all mail to Post Office Box No. 398, ren born in the lower netured wOo .gen s The final result of rule " Monroe, Washington 98272. .....almie V P ]umDo negotiations will be Publisher ............ Howard Voland size rattlers. With act-ed on by the "Can't you think of several examples just Office Manager ..... Althea Hendrickson was C'advsv lle "[la er some fishing gear the council as a whole andlocally? If you can't, you've been blind for Editor ......... Barbara Rogers Minor ' --ouths "f - - = - ......... the last eight years." named Snohomish a m u.. ~j~. snakes wuL De me Dams oz a ~=~1"11 ~ J~'IA~ ........ . .were ............ s z cned shut. Andy Lucero . salar_ y ordinance "Yes, I can think of one." But whose f ,,ff ...... , -- JL LJL q V w=rv aware which will in turn in- is that 7" ---- Commn~s _1.. bne cnme of course that the State of Utah had alawon fluence the 1972 city "You know the answer as well as I," he .... o .uo; the books protecting the civil rights of rattle bud et a re riations said. "The general public, of course. They lvirs. J~rau~)ury ano -- - g PP P her brothers snakes 1long before the Supreme Court ruled now being formulated, have to watch the elected officials. They have educated by t'i e]r zormenuman race in 1956. Councilmen 1 a s t to let them lmow they are watching. They have ..... xne xaw guarantees a rattlesnake the right to week a reed to a cost to let them know they haven't been elected for The electorate of this imm,.diate area morner, a eacner, h .... - g ' -- ......... zss, aria torturing, rormentin and denrivin a of living wage in etermty but for a set term, and that there can undl me ilrs~ scnool ak . ._ o o ~- = are confronted withnolessthanfour major was built on land do- oS the o.z necessary sustenance is a violation crease, although not be a recall petition. And they have; ,,.. e sm e law An a ent of the Humane Societas much as as ea Dy they have to vote intelligently and knowledgably. and significant elections next Tuesday. ..... heard about th " " Y at Mount Forest, west to do ._ e plight of the snakes and decided the un,mn, and some people don't vote or .don't vote intelligently, Our counsel at this time is to accept the n, u.._ ._.,.__ someming about it Freedom of Sueoch put au of the en mey nave no cause to complain. They have ' responsibilities of votership and take that il't a='rain'm'il la ZZ d has to be protec-ted : "- " benefits asked no one to blame but themselves.', g ' an " " With that exhaustive .statement, George set established a nursery He filed a complaint and the two gentle- . _ few minutes 'necessary to cast your with stock from his men were cited and brought'before the Justice to work on my file cabinet. George may be a pain in the neck, but not everybody can say respective ballots. . former home in New of the Peace. It brought out during the ,wm.vuuuuuv ulv uulu they have a poltergeist around the house. There are, of course, many excellent Hampshire. Many of nearing that the snakes were captured 20 miles(From Page 1) the frail trees in thenorth of Craig, Colorado On Sepember 22 --1- .... candidates not only seeking but willing to aM !rrOoem: v l1 !ne C:O e stl:J o en r eoa reste d boy dep;toY: ffi O xt h mC eutl y ser 'e in public office. This is indeed a urse a. healthy situation, marriage P : - - -. - - penaea sentence zor Probably the most significant one taking to Luther Bradbury in Apparently this was not done and the snakes possession of dan- place is the school district election where : Everett, the couple were smuggled into Utah across the state line. gereus drugs, was The Humane Soctet man each voter will have a selection in three l oe:tn ryM:/[efa rattlers .for evidency. , Th:oe ed ::: h fbthe a rrdiu nPaS Siodnruf races. Likewise, in the City of Monroe the a Vedeato tanh, e::;re:e:YithneCW lg at o ThU igesX bvtet, tBr:Otr par Ptherp ret efO l at election, you have opportunity of sel- laterto Wenatchee ramers and all " ..... "h- N ....... I " u urm r elsey ection in each of the four races. Survivors are a son, t was also brought out that the two gents were Street entrance to the Wesley L. Bradbury, creating terror among the public, They: would Monroe High School Also likewise, in the Hospital District ,RentonL three daugh- into a po?lhall and toss the snakes on the football field Friday election, there is a choice of candidates. ers, v rs. Harold ame ann .cu.e s tcgs would fly in every directton, night. M. Doyle, Mrs Har- ney woula go to the local theater and toss I-re Was booked into In the Monroe Park and RecreationDis- old W. Kellie " and the snakes at the feet of children waiting in' the Denny Youth Cen- trict election, two of the five races are Mrs. Jess W. Davis, line. They were having lots of fun--danglingter in Everett. for contested seats, all of East Wenatchee; me snakes on a stick ,from the car window at ,, , L . .... ' two grandsons and other motorists drivtrig by--a sport qui e con- ,_ . Any time and any place that Americans f o u r great-grand- ducttve to coronaries.?i T be:bi trial is yet;to ,!- are given a choice, Democracy and the children,, She was come, If they are fo , gutlty t ey will appeal. | m}UuI lne case ma o, Rei ublic are faring exceptionally well. preceded in death by Cou Y g way to the Supreme I r n n n. Lest you forget, the bulk o these p,=ovle .... o .... 411el gellverles offerzng" you their-el" " "b and sex"" on its merits;. If :|!/= .::, i,. :n= ' " ~ ....... ' ~ " ' " "" omraao,, ,t wu, :b'e/a eptilian viCt~: L* If by :" " YOU:STXN;ARD MAN,: th little "Or no compensartiofi. ' S hee " chance you have a'peop]e-eating saber-t0othed: " S F. :Bu,'k" Morgan, to say we,re just a damned lucky valley . -- - , tiger in your dungeo'n: -'-c[l eck the law first before Can SolveVourProblem to haveso m;.ny people will!ng to give of SChOOl . . , . Mnn you muzzle him up Tigbrs are hardto swallow .., , their time and energies to serve in many umess you are a gasoline tank +" ;r: ~J* ~: " " ....... : ...... ~ "~ He o m Monroe. ~794-7.303 , thankless positions. Menu For ! :'': L : * 't'"''' O i ' COrn '' " " ,nurge I .... ~ ": "' ": ~ :' "* ~ '" of California '' : " * * * " * ., . , ,- .... ! VOTE TUESDAY.,::' We ask the public to look with kind- R0vemDer l-b (From Page 1) ! -,, ' n ~ '' ~, ~1 was driving in a high i " ness and favor upon the County Trail Monday: Sloppy Joe speed chase ran off i " System planned by the Snohomish County on School Made Bun, the . road and across ! == Park and Recreation Department. Buttered Green Beans, the lawn of the Ken- = = I We need " safe outdoor areas . for Peanut Butter Cake, neth Mattson home, t. Milk. 15532-182nd N.E. horseback riding, hiking and bicycling Tuesday: Meat Loaf, Damage to the Mat- i for both young and old to enjoy. Mashed Potatoes and tson property was Protect Your Schools Gravy, Buttered estimated at $50. As to the benefiting public, now is the Spinach, Bread and time to make your support known by Butter, Fudgles, Milk. good attendance at the workshop here Wednesday: Chili, Carrot Sticks, : tonight. Your suggestions will be valued Roll and Butter, Ap- by the"Park Department. The workshop plesauce, Milk. tonight, the final in a series of 12 be- Thursday: Drum- mies, French Fried : fore a public hearing on November 3, will Potatoes, Bread and be at '/:30 p.m. in the Monroe High School lecture room. l l Butter, Buttered Car- rots, Fruit Jello, Milk. Friday: Macaroni and Cheese, Frozen Peas, Peanut Butter Sandwich, Sugar Plum Pudding, Milk. Trouble with fuellines freezing? YOUR STANDARD MAN, S. F. "Buck" Morgan, Can Solve Your Problem, Hc's in Monroe. 794-7303 ~n Standard 0il Company of California Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: City's Fall cleanup se.rvice. Leave trash on parking strips on south side of West Main Street Wednesday, on north aids of West Main Thursday and else- where within city limits on Friday. Tonight, Thursday: County Trail Systems workship, 7:30 p.m., MHS lecture room, North Kelsey Street. Friday: Upper Skykomlsh Valley Community Development Survey report., 7:30 p.m., Sky- komish High School. Sunday: End of daylight time, turn clocks back one hour. Tuesday: General election, polls open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, November 4: Monroe Chamber of Commerce meeting on formation of a community development corporation, 12 noon, Hollday ImL Highway 2. FHA Pre-Owned Reconditioned Homes Monroe - Snohomish - Sultan 520 E. St. Agents & Property Managers For FHA Acquired Properties Keep Will Work Position #2 Our itizea's Trust. Our Citizens. (Paid Politicol Ad) According to State Audit filed by State Auditor Robert V. Graham July 3, 1970, On December 31, 1968 the Monroe School District had a deficit of $305,578.80 and an actual cash deficit of '$243,543.13. This report also stated that despite recomendattons for an austerity budget, it should be noted that the District's 1969-70 budget was increased in the amount of $461.383.02. .. s!! C Drug abuse is a major problem in Monroe Schools, according to both students and faculty. This candidate understands the drug problem and wUl work toward an effective program of education on the dangers of drugs, for students and parents. Also the elimination of drug pushers from the schools. A turn-over of more than twenty one percent of your teachers last year hurts your children's education wiAth survey indicates a high degree of teacher dissatisfaction admlntstratton poltcles, the School Board must correct this for your children to obtain the best possible education for your money. 'CAMPAIGN CHAIRMAN: PAT STANSBURY 794."7193 (Paid Political Ad) L--': e~