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Monroe, Washington
October 21, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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October 21, 1910

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.... We Give Away A bsotutel00 Free of Cos The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser, in Plato English, or Medicine Simplified, by R. V. Pierce, M. D., Chiet Consulting Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur- gical Institute nt Buffalo, a book of 1008 large pages and over 700 illustrations, in strong paper covers, to any one sending 21 one-cent stamps to cover cost of mailing only, or, in French Cloth binding for 31 stamps. Over 680,000 copies of this complete Family Doctor Book were sold in cloth binding a regular price of $1.50. Afterwards, one and a halt million copies wer given away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready to, mailing. Better send NOW, before all are gone. Address WORLD'S Dls- rSSAk MmCAL ASSOCIATION, R, V. Pierce, M. D., President, Buffalo, N. Y. DR. PIE]RCIS FATORITE PRESCRIPTION THE ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar ailments good enough that its makers are not afraid to print on its outs!d, wrapper every ingredient. No Secrets--No Deception. THE ONE REMEDY for women which contains no alcohol and to habit-forming drugs. Made from native medicinal forest roots o! well established curative value. i ii _ J__ - i l His Glimpse of War  HOWARD "OVEI00DRAFT" HEATEI00S g By R. W, KEENAN @ @ Copyright, 1910, by American Press  This Is the New Idea Stove. @ Association.  @ @ In 1870, having been Just graduated  from college, 1 went abroad to see  It will cut your fuel bills @ something of the world before settling o in two and heat the rooms @ to my life work. There was a great  deal to see at that time--namely, one  in the morning with a very O of the biggest wars of modern times.  The (;ermans nnder Vo. Moltke were @ little fuel. @ marching across the French border.  Landing at Cherbourg, I went directly  to Paris and, taking letters from the  Burns Everything o American minister, set out for tim  front to get a glimpse of war. Having  o}oO@,,,t@@@@@@ been tun years too late in my birth  @ to take part in our own great struggle  CaLl at our store and let us City Floral & Seed Company 00"to America, 1 WaSwitness a similareXtremelYcontest desiroUsbetween '@ explain its merits, @@@ $ W. WALLMARK, Proprietor ** the French and the Germans.  SalesPOOlll and Office; .916 Uewitt Avenue t I ,,'as received kindly at the head- @ (Opposite Mitchell Hotel)  quarters of Marshal MacMahon, but  PhOnE: Salesroom, Sunset1009 IfT][-)fr][r][  .I[ll, 7-A-,T T ] there were few great battles, and the  Greenhouse, hld. 137X UVPAXI%II, '/'_k.l-'l. two nations did not seem dispose4 to @ STEPHENS HARDWARE * I[ 1. 7 Y @4@@@@@ @@ @@q,@,o,  @@4M, $@@$ $$.$$# fight one for the benefit of a young, Amexqcan who had come across an  $ ocean to see "the fun." So after re-1 ' :'@41'@@@@@@@" IHM@@* ###;;$05$ $0$$ I$ malningl determinedfr atotimejoin withthe Germans.the F'renchi 'st ; MONROE GENERAL HOSPITAL i realized that passing from one army' ----- -- i FORMERLY STEPHENS HOSPITAL to its opposing one during actual war B,oh i C. H. SOLL, M. D. H. K. STOCKWELL, M. D. t i A modern hospital for the trextment of medical ; medical, surgical and obstetrical cases, t For Rates Apply to Matron t It 4HI.4,4Ht,@ $ # #. #00# # #$ Once No heard so toucher the thri,,ingepisode Are YOU boosting for Monroe? If not, why? w.o ,.,, Behind The Bars in the American contest that my THE WESTERNER MAGAZINE, A WESTERN MAGAZINE--DE young blood was tired to participate  VOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE WEST--recognizes the rapid growth nd development of in a similar affair. So, selecting a poim Tacoma, Wash., O t- 15- between the lines where the Freuch M 0 N R 0 E had no outposts, l left them and, walk- Having squandered $150,000 in The November issue will contain an article on MONROE which ing down a road, was taken in by a two years and having b-ought a should be read by every loyal citizen of MONROE. Not only read by Prussian vedette.  scAN B ] N AV ] A N BAR thingandThls was rather a tame adventure' Climax to celebratin bY signingl moreWaS Onexciting.the lookoutThoughfOr Isme-was alycheek$7 leftfr in$25 thewhenbank,he hadisaacOn- thinktenthem bu each citizen and booster of MONROE should send from:)GmlghtfifteenE T beBcpieSuinteresteds Yf AthisNiniSSueDMONROE'B too otheirs Tfriends'B O O ands T thOSeB O oWhms T they @ not aware of it, something more excit- Cathcart, of Cathcart, Wash., is THINK what a magazine article will do for a town and do your t I presented my credentials, whicb today behind the bars of the city NOR'rtt aud sou'rIt. .  were my passport and my letiers to The young man was lef a for- Send ten cents for eaeh copy you want, or send ten cents and the  tim French commanders. 1 had struck tune two years ago by his father, name of he party you would like receive the magazine containing the  the troops under General Manteufel. article, and we will forward from this office at our expense. Be liberal and it was at his headquarters that the who built nd was the leading and send plenty of names 15o get the article. BOOST MONROE FOR GAIDELL & BLOOM, Proprietors ALL YOU'RE WORTH. Address your letters tO documents were examined. I was citizen of the town of Catheart I A P pular Gentlemen s I;(esort ..... O  treated with the utmost civility by the The young man spent his money The ATo/)IrLI Dep t K SEATTLE, WASH. I officers of his staff. Indeed, I could not Jt taw .,o,a aa.,L Postofliee Box 1508 but contrast tim attention 1 receive( like water, buying precious - ,,._.._.._.._.............,.=......_......... Complete Stock of with that of the French officers, who stones for women of IHS acquain- " upon the statement of the American tait)ce. iq Gig minister, vouching for me, permitted Wines, L uors and ars me to go pretty nmch where 1 pleased, Yesterday he ran completly J.A. VANASDLEN, Notary Public. J.C. FALCONER, Notary Public but paid little heed to me. The Prus- Gilt of funds. He created excite- Yeals of experience and courteous treatment of butSiansI wasShwerednot permittedme withto goattentinS'about at merit Sunday nighl, wheti he J0o[0e Real Estate 86 Loan Co patrons is responsible for our success, all. Indeed, excuses- were made to found another man in company l ..a,.......a-.......},@@..@..... keep me at headqu'H'ters, with a woma. for whoin he had Timber Xatads, axm and One evening General Manteufel's bought $900 worth of diamonds chief of staff gave a dinner at whi(.h .'ere several ladies. I was tbe gues, and to whom he was engaged. Citer :Property, Insurance of honor and was seated beside a ver He was badly beaten and re- beautiful woman who spoke English relined in the hospital for sever- The Steinway Piano with a brokeu accent. I was you.v We havegoodbuys in city lots, Houses and correspondingly susceptible; timre al days. fore it is not surprising that before the and Lots. evening was spent I had fallen under a spell which, had I been older, l 60LD BARR ,. might have seen was purposely thrown One Acre Tracts. , over me. Before the party broke up 1 qoorhus & Kag,,r are building and this lady were left alone together, a bungalow for Jack St. Louis. Ten Acre Tracts. Suddenly her manner (.hanged from Harry Wyatt purchased a new lightness to intense seriousness. "I am being watched," she said. piano last week. Some fine Residence property in City and , "Watched?" Henry Phelps is building a Farm Property. "Yes; they know my mission." hew hotlse. "What " " " mission. "I saw you at MacMahon's head A petition is out for a new quarters. I was receiving my instruc: e ,unty road which, when com-. Office: Corner Main and terry Streets tions while you were there. Save me!" pleted, will be a great convent "How ?" "They know that MacMahon has ence for people living across sent some one into their lines for in- Wallace river. ==============================================. :::==: formation. If you take the risk for a Thos O'Donnell left last week time I will go free. If suspected you can prove that you are an American for a wsit in Minneapolis. WE STILL SELL THE BEST and will not suffer. I cannot prove OlfHuni: arrived in town from Stock and Poultry Fence Made that I am not a Frenchwoman. Here Pennsy|vania. ) is the information, bear. Take it. If Harry Phelps has moved into "P I T T S B U R G P E R F E C T" they find It on me I die. Keep it for me till the danger is past, then give it to the house recently vacated by (Welded by Electricity) me." David Perry.--Sultan Ster. She thrust a little roll of tissue paper upon me. At the moment she did sea l'l I I  Ii"i:l-ll I-I1 l ll-" Prussian officer entered, and 1 lind no Funeral of Mrs. Reese .q i 1 i i !, i I ! I I I I l I I IA  IN CONCERT HALLS all of the world's greatest pianists use the opportunity to hand it back without 9m ! l T] T] I ! "l I I I W] ] ! I  1 L being seen. To do so would be equlva- A large number of friends . [, , , I [ I !_1 !_1] , , , ,,l l i i I I_I_I_I_iL.Lll II I L STEINWAY when at the height of their artistic careers. It is their lent to informing the officer that she from nohomish Everett, Seattle ,-',, , , , : '  ' ' ' ' ' ' ' first and only choice, when a free and unbiased choice has been made. was a spy. * ,- .......... -'-' But if found with the paper iu my &nd many other places atlended .................. : : : : : : " -_--- .:  i'[ '-.-'-:'-i-i--iii--.::: :::::=:: a choice uninfluenced by modern commercial methods but prompted on- possession I would be shot. the funeral of Mrs. Sarah Reese .......  :: : :-: From that moment I was not for a /hich was the largest ever held -- : " " ..... : ...... " : .... ly by a desire and a need for the best the world can give them. second free from observation. When we were about to depart the chief of in this county. The funeral took 3t ,. [. staff came to me and said: place Thursday from ker late Sold only by 'We move of o'clk The general home on the Marsb and inter THEDINGA HARDWARE CO Inc will have no one except soldiers with . . We also have many other well known makes, including A. B. Chase, us. Ve have kept you at headquarters men took place at the Marsh Everett Emerson, Packard, Conover. Ludwig, Kurtzman, Estey, Cable, for your own good. You have seen land cemetery under the direc- Moiltoe, Washington nothing; therefore you may go back tionsof Rev. Randall of Everett. --=====-======-----=:==:===,*--o:====:========:======- Wellington, etc. whence you came." The pallbearers were all Without waiting for a reply he con- ducted me to the picket line. Glad to Mrsh district schoolmates. The I .............  '* " [[" go free with the lvely spy's pellet' I flral tr|bures were many and I I F SALE walked hastily away. I was followed beautiful. Mrs. Reese is surviv We sell them as low as $265.00, $275.00, $290.00, $300.00 and np to the and arrested. Taken back to General incomparable Steinway at 575.00, $625.00 etc. Manteufel's headquarters, I was ed by a husband and two small searched andti/epaperfoundonme, children, her mother and father, , TW0 L0ts in M nr0 i As IwasbeingledawayIpassed Mr. andMr00.josephBoundaod[ t House and   [[ the lady who had given me the paper. The officers were apologizing to her tvo brothers and ight sisters. O1(t pianos taken in exchange on new pianos and their full market for something, and I heard them tell _ , her her earriage was waiting for her. If |nt'hee , value allowed. I was kept under guard till morning, A Free Trip to Seattle and Return. Lo are situated in the most des!r- ' when an officer came hurrying toward Let's Bust tSe State Dental Trust. t  able residence section. Street graded-ce. , ,  K- me. As soon as he reached me he said Take a trip to Sattle and let angrily, "You are a fool !" me ave you the prie of your [ , ment sidewalk. House has nine rooms; , grid on your dengl work. You I Easy terms may be arranged. "I am at any rate not a spy." uveldollar. I make a dollar., bafll room; pantry; cellar. Owner has 4 ' "No; the real spy has gone. We and the State Dental Monopol [  " will 1o two dolhwa whsn I do t Victor Talking Machines Piano Tuning learned that some one vfls among u, your dental work. Have roar ] rented. Will sell for $2700. ' and suspected two persons who came dental work done mow while thedentalwarion. Myofliee : in at the same time--this woman and have been eetablialu at '/x 4 She Clay & CO yourself. As soon as the woman had forlfiratA'e"intheuninBll18yarL Idom)tm.t Wdte or call at this 0tfi00 rman . gone beyond our ,each she sent us with d.p denttt, but with the hi.h-lus dent- proof that she was in MacMahon's istforhalfthirprie OpenevningunlSnd Sundays until 4 for people who work. , Corner Hewitt & Colby Everett, Wash. serve and had duped you. You will gDWlN J. BROWN. D.D.S. depart for our rear at once." [ 713 ltJnt Avono S4mttio. Waaik ..A..2_-lbt'@== ! had had all of war I wanted and[ R 1 mygrtidein Snnd's P.-L and mdadf's went. .. i.,,.,, ,,,. . You Dnefit Yourself wbca you Patronize elf Mvert