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October 20, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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October 20, 1960

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w,h. oct z0. Lu erans an Passin imc November 12has been set as the Ernest Timpani. J kinFu al arishbazaar, it was decided at boeths, games and lunch. Itwiilbe Comments From en s ner e ormation ay with the women&apos;s society. , Co-bostesses for the last m00ing the last meeting of the parish held from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. [ COUNTY AGENT [ Held Tues&Ly Sunday Services o for the bazaar are were Mr's. Ed Kreigel and Mrs. Funeral services for'Coral V. [ Bcarcats Mrs. George Hammond and M-rs. FredKre{g#l. You w.ll 'be hearing in the next Jenkins, 66, 305 Sam St., were Lutherans in this area will par- few weeks something ,about the held in the Purdy and Kerr chapel tic/pate in at least three Reforma- • International Farm Youth Ex- at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Jenkins tio_n services in the observance of change program. A word about died at her home last Saturday Luther's proclamation of October Ioug Thompson, the coach of the Concrete Lions, let out a roar what the program is might be in after a brief illness. 31, 1517, "The just shall live by of disbelief. Jerry Ramey, Bearcat mentor, growled with delight. Don order. This is an exchange between Born in Mesick, Michigan, Sap- faith." When Luther nailed his 95 Bonga romped 65 yards behind good blocking, turned around, looked countries of /arm young men and tember 19, 1894, Mrs. Jenkins propositions or theses on the door back at QB Bob Felix and smiled. Felix clapped his hands with glee, women to promote better world came ,to Monroe 43 years ago. of the Castle Church, it became the ' but the face must have been a little bit red. The reason for all of this understanding. To be eligible the She was the widow of the late cradle of a new-born Protestant was the touchdown scored on the opening play of the Concrete-Monroe applicant must be single and be- Earl Jenkins and was a'member church. tween the ages of 21 and 30 with of the Monroe Methodist church, A service is planned in Everett go last Friday; the six points were acceptable, the manner in which a farm background. The ones Monroe Chapter 102 OES, and Tu- next Sunday, October 23, while two it was gained was surprising. chosen are sent from this country alco Grange. services are slated for Seattle the Bob Felix fumbled the pass from for a six month period to live with Survivors include three dangh- following Sunday, October 30. The center Kent Scott; a jumbled mess 'farm families in some foreign tars, Esther Gilbert of Fairfield, public is invited to all three serv- of Cats and Lions resulted; Felix Eleven Attend country that is in the program. Ala., Irene Bertram of E1 Cerrito, ices. scooped up the ball. Now ob Fe- Then the country in .turn sends Calif., and Verna Zandarski" of The annu, al Lutheran Reforma- lix is reportedly a cool head, but some young men and women to Monroe; two brothers, Harris At- tion Festival will be held at the one wonders if the result was fr<rm Leadership Cant live and work in the United States lee of Monroe and Harold Atley Everett Civic Ads/tar/urn on Sun- coolness or "I-might-as-well" atti- • with farm families, of Albany, Oregon, and five grand- day, October 23, at 8 p.m. with rude. At least we will say it was children, approximately 25 Lutheran con- one smart thing to do with the ball. Student leaders from Monroe IFYE Appl|eant Rev. Forrest Tibbitts of the Man- gradations from Everett to the Mr. Felix threw it. to ]3onga. And Bun- high school, eleven in aumber, al- We are fortunate this year to roe Methodist church officiated at Vernon area taking part. ga is a good one to ,throwit to, tended a ladership conference held have as an applicant from Snoho- the services. Burial was in the Dr. Wilton Bergstrand, youth di- since he romped for La' touchdown, at Everett Junior College last Satur- mish County Berverly Twing. She Monroe IOOF Cemetery. rector of the Augustana Evangel/- Gerald Johnson kicked the extra day. It was 'the 14th annual gather- has been approved beth on a court- cal Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, point in the normal way and the ing" of leaders from high schools y and state evel and her rec- Minnesota, will be the speaker. Dr. 'Cats had won number three 7-0. 'hroughout the county. ords are now at the National cen- Val|ey Women Attend Bergstrand is a well known author, STUBBORN LIONS tar /or consideration. We are very and has served as a member of The Bearcats had a couple other Taking part in the day's discus- hopeful ,that she will be selected Red[ann| Camp Fire the committee of the Youth Depart- scoring opportunities but could not sions were, according to principal to make such a trip. Just a few Meet|n In Everett ment. of 'the World of Chur- cash in. One drive ended on the .Cliff Gillies, Karen Nasa, Barbara words about Beverly and her in- rhea, with headquarters .in Gen- foot line; another stepped with Ger- Thorpe, Carol Hansen, S/grid II OW=,ost terests will help to give you some Mrs. John Van Trojan of Sultan eva, Switzerland. Iffe was one of ld Johnson's field goal attempt. Thompson, Nola Smith, Charlene idea of what the program is de- and Mrs. Ralph Crawford,and Mrs. five Augustana representatives to Long enough, high enough, but a nartzel*], Mary Su,llivan, Delmar IJST protewmk[[ Fleming, Bob Felix, Bob Thump- signed to do. Beverly completed Ray Cross of Snohomish represent- the organization meeting of the bit wide. 11 years in 4-H club work having ed the Valley District ,at a recent Lutheran Workl Federation meet- The Lions would not say die and son and Larry ,Barker. as £t sbart- The event, sponsored by the col- carried ,Jrcjects in Home Ec..:em- ics as well as dairy a,'d junior round table discussion for public ing in Lund, Sveden, in 1947 along almost ended the game relations and group organization with the youth delegation at the ed..A short pass .and long, wind- lade, had EJC students as hosts. leadershiP. Her parents, Mr. and members of Region 6 of the Camp first ,assembly of the World Court- ing, galloping jaunt to the Monroe High school students conducted Mrs. Dale Twing of East Stanwood, Fire Girls, Inc. The meeting was cil of Churches, Amsterdam, Hal- ten with scant minutes left to go their own "buzz" sessions on such own and operate a purevred held in Everett.. land, in 1948. would have pu't the Lions in a very topics as student body officers, tanks or idle farm equipment. Jersey dairy cattle /.arm and Mrs. Janet Murray, regional di- Special music will be provided nice spot had it not been for a class officers, newspaper, girls and Beverly has taken part in this up- yell leaders, Lannual, and boys and eration: She is now completing her rector, and her assistant, Mrs. Jane by the joint Reformation Choir un- penalty 'that. ,brought them back to boys :club, assemblies, song and on top of wool, reducing loss when wool is sorted. Baker from the regional office in der the direction of Miss Marguer- their own ten. better girls athletics. . college tining in Home Econom- For any Sfandard Oilproduct, call ics ,at Western Washington Col- Spokane were in charge of the ite Snavely, Everett. Concrete's eleven looked leg# of Education. Her family two-day meeting. More than 30 Lutheran Church, than their winless record indicated. have been hosts ,to IFYE's from The first day radio and news- Missouri Synod congregations, will However, in the Cascade ,League AND I QUOTE other countries and her older sis- paper personnel discussed ways to observe the reforma,tion anniver- it appears the Lions and the Vi- "Three-fourhs of the ea, rth's sur- R• S: FRANCIS tar, Dalene, was an IFYE to Bra- use their meda to the bgst advan- sary at a eforma,tion,Raily at the kings will once aain have the bat- ,face is water ancI one4ourth is MONROE AND GROTTO il a /ew years ago. The entire tage. The second day panel discus- Lincoln high school auditorium in tle of ,the cellar. This corner doubts land. It's clear the ,Good Lord in- Phone No. In Monroe, Phone PYramld 4-2211 family have a real interest in pro- stuns of problems relative t.o pub- Seattle'Sunday, October 30. at 3:30 that the Lions will find any wins tended .a man should spend hree In Skykomish, Phone 5131 meting better understanding be- l/city and organization were held. p.m. in the Cascade League. times as much time fishing as he The Ray. Patti G. Hansen, pas- TWIN CITY NEXT tween people of different countries. Camp Fire leaders from Port tar of St. Johns Lutheran Church, Homecoming activities ancl spirit does mowing the ,awn."--'Wayne Angeles, Seattle, Belliagham and Denver, Colorado, will use as his mounting should bring the Bear- Gable. The Financing the Pilchuck Council attdnded the sermon topic, "A Violent Religion." .cats from the underdog xole to ,a Most of the cost of the program session. A Reformation lally rnss chorus toss-up spot. Ramey offered the lo- is carried on under the direction of junior and senior voices will cal eleven "plenty of lard work o/the National 4-tt Foundation pumpkins from 4-H. sing. ahead in getting ready for Twin. VISIT with donations from business. The The Value Locally An all-Seattle Lutheran choir of Hopes of this week's readiness will Saunl's ,_Aoe j(atts local share is raised by donations The value of the program to us and gists of individuals who have locally, of course, is two fold in 500 voices will greet the ttt. Rev. be greater due to Ramey's promise a desire to help in the program, that we all have ,a stake in inter- Karl ,Fredrich Otto Dibelius, world that "Every position  is up for 126 E Mare Monroe share to be raised locally is national peace. The other is that famous German clergyman, guest grab.., there are bound to be speaker at the Lutheran Re/arran- changes with the more aggressive $1,300 md the 4-H Leader's Court- the IFYE on returning to the court- ( cil have a program underway to ty agrees to spend two months t/on Festival, October 30, ,at Seat- play of second reamers." help raise this money. The pro- showing pictures and talking to tle's Civic Auditorium. Homecoming events ,are designed gram they selected is sell pump- groups abater, the country they v/s- Weston Noble, Luther College, to bring plenty of color to an al- k kins for IFYE. This spring many Red. This provides a very worth Decorah, Iowa, will be the guest ways colorful Cardinal vs. Bear- of the 4-H members in the county while program for many groups conductor for the choir. Cats. Crowning of the queen at , planted pumpkins to sell at Hallo- and /its into ;he thing we are all Paul Manz, Concodia College, hal/time will hi-l/re the voting by - wean time. This was a real poor interested in and that is lasting St. Paul, Minnesota, will be the student body members this past. pumpkin year but the 4-H mern- peace. Another value to us is to guest organist for the choir con- week. bets have quite a few to sell. have these foreign IFYE's visit cert. After the game Monoe alums SAI'URDJ]kYu OCTOBBI 22 Stands will be set up in Everett and give us ideas of their country. Bishop Dibelius, .who will retire will be feted to coffee and cookies hip and Lynnwood to he manned by The latest visitor was Peter Withy next May at the age of 81, will (on donuts) in the home economics And Sign Up For Members In Our room. The annual homecoming 4.H members starting the evening from NewZealandandIamsure be fl°wnt°Seattledirectfr°mhis SHOE 00LUB of October 27. Those of you who those of you who met and visited headquLarters in West Berlin. He dance will be held .at the elemen- wish to help out the IFYE pro- him have a better understanding of will arrive October 27. ¢ary school, 8:30 until 12 Saturday In the afternoon of the 30th, the night. gram might plan to buy your life down under. Bishop will speak at a festival gathering at Tacoma's Pacific Lu- TC is expected to depend large- theran Field House. ly upon their ground attack to push Buy 12 Pair Shoes -- G The 13th Pair FREE Prodigiously .active in world-wide the Bearcats out of a successful  [ He41r • Protestant affairs, "Bishop Dibelius homecoming. The 'Cats should be SATURDAY ONLY • • has been frequently under attack banking upon the rm of Norm by the Communist regime of East Felix and a rock-ribbed defense at Sooop Ja0ks011 Germany. the tackle spots. SPORT SHOTS L * Known as a "one-man air,lift," because of his many trips to and M:HS Pep Clubbers did a fine at le from the East., he has been forced job in sponsoring the get-together  • RsllY by this vigorous opposition to eur- for Concrete and Monree players FREE QIN'S 00[[ PI[[ZI:S tail his traveling. His trip to Seat-after the game in the high school RE -- ' tle will 'be his first in some time. cafeteria .... Squad members pick- As chairman of the Council of ed Twin as their Homecoming uP- FI00i:SHM[:NIS the Evangelical Church in Ger- ponent figuring they would be ,a many (EKID), a federation of Lu- tough opponent.. • Coach Jerry IRa- M0flday Evenigg Oct 24 thevan, Reformed and United Chur- mey has promised them just that. • ches, Bishop Dibelius is the nom .... Assistant Coach BOb Warner inal leader of more than 40 million finding it difficult to decide on starting linemen with the improve- NOR.ANA HALL-- EVERETT German Protestants, *a portion of mentofsecondteamers.-.C°ach /She R i S rvi i which are in the East or Russian John Sandberg s /rush headed for Vote Democratic  Zone of Germany. Arlington at the time of ths writ- " Come In • Prior to his ideological battles in with a league championship 0 epa r e 0e Democratic Centeral Committee with the Communists, the Bishop riding in the balance. • • Twin City's and engaged in ,a bitter struggle wRh wing T has shown speed and power , A Specially ''--'=-----"=  Nazism ,and other isms over a long against Cascade opponents... Ar- Get Acquainted   period of years. He demonstrated lington's 13-21 loss to Snohomish his spiritttal fortitude and invinei- speaks well for Cascade teams. --A FREE ---Lets See the 1961 F0rd at,Min0rs ,o, in uncompromising stands /L  .h00ch were 00pp,0000nded throughout vmCow0000D POLISH With I Have Coffee 00tler s ,00ational- and C00ark came to Your New Heels Together , Socialists took over Germany's source of the "Mighty Missouri, government, he was forbidden to which issues from the base of a preach, but continued to alert, the low mountain, and so xxmxplish- Saturday - " "n Lewis' objec public by lectures and books ,anouz ed one of Capal , the dangers of pagan and racial tives of many years. They proceed- ideology, ed on to the top of the dividing " A briUiant student in his youth, ridge--theContinentalDivide--and Saum's Opens Bishop Dibelius refused opportuni- beheld immense ranges of high ties to become a university pro/as- mountains to the west. This west- sor and was ordained in the Lu- ern side was much steeper as they theran Church In 1906. dscended three-quarters of a mile , ' As an undergraduate, he cam- to :a creek of clear water, which n t paignedagainstthevieiousprae-theythoughtt°]ethegreatC°!tm" 0flder New Mallageme rice of dueling which was custom- bin river. This was the Lanai r/v- ary among university students. At er, whose vaters do find their way 25 he collected dimes and quar- into the Columbia by way of te New Shoes WITH Ford, the sales leader in gasoline-pow, ered tilt-cab trucks, ters, without, state or state:church Salmon and Snakerivers. support, to open Europe's [irst FUR CO. WELL SITUATED takes another Step in its pro,gnam to meet every ¢ommereiai Fellowship House. Clerks of Astor's ,= New Prices trucking need with the new H" series tilt-cab diesels. Avail- AND able with a choice of five Cummins diesel engines from 180- The ,Bishop's firSt parish was a Company chose the Fo orse ower or Ford's own proven Super Duty gasoline small one in the minority, site for :an inland trading .post Sap- to 20-h P ..... , oaa.horsenower , the rugged, During the Nazi days, he repeat- tember 1, 1811. It was situated at , V-8 engines ranging rom uo- ,, ..... the comquence of fhe Okanogan extra heavy duty highway tractors are engineered for dura- bility, eeonomyande°mf°rt" Designed with the truck drive' edly risked his life by defying au" and Celumbia rivers, which yeas  ,00Aoe,.00aus and long. distance hauling in mind, the new line includes fou thoftties to write weekly messages ideal as to climate, soil and the W Sa // diesel engine series and .four series with gasoline-powered to his clergy which he often deliv- well-stocked rivers with ish. It was e Particularly • ered in his rickety ar after night- withir easy access ,to the northern Like To Fit 8 engines, fall. interior by means of the two rivers Now, with the Communist threat while to the south the Children's 126 E. Main Monroe Coming In December To • ; , growing in the West, Bishop,Dibe- would become the highway to As- Shoes " ,lisa remains steadfast in this faith: turin. Spokane House had already • "No single man, or any group been established 140 miles further Bring he Kiddies (Formerly'Campbell's Family Shoe Store) MINOR MOTOBS of human beings, nor any political uP the Columb bY the To Saum's PY 4-$351 - power on earth can prevent or Company, and the Okanogan S. Lewis*St., Monroe PYramid 4-2882 even impair the presence of the was close enough,to keep the rival Church." establishment in check.