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October 7, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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October 7, 1910

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II ,,., Ayi. o,. F.. Use the phone, mall or hand in social or personal items I [ for these columns. C. H. Spencer, of Seattle, visited PetQ Cunningham, of Sultan, was in !i!;:iiiiiiiiiiii". ' :'  ':: .... friends in Monroe over Sunday. town Wednesday. :,.' : i:!&i:': Mrs. Frank Roberts, of Snohomish, Miss Maude Dainard went to Seat,- ii:.!  visited friends m town this week. tie Wednesday morning. W. B. Bletsoe is now taking an ac-I Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson visit- tire part in the Moody & Moody ed .her parents in Monroe Sunday. store. % % Wm. Bodke and J. Gibson, of Tolt, , Willis Barnett returned to Monroe were guests at the Savoy early in the last week after an extended visit in week.  the east. %  % W.H. Mahaffie, one of the Milwau- J. N. Riese, of Cherry Valley, was kee officials, was up from Seattle a busines visitor in town and a guest 1 Monday. _ m BLACS .. wn' ToEs at the Pearsall. I ::d It requires an expert milliner to de aide at a glance wimt colors, sty as. % H.J. Idema via friends in town etc.. are best suited to a client irl A. Perry, who was a former Monroe i Saturday after an absence of several search of an attractive hat But tlmse resident but now of Hoquiam, visited lmnths, who would, with great care and *** through pride or slicer love of tile sub- in town this week. JecL make their own selectiolls au(l %. W.n. McCloud, of Everett, an un- their own plans umy find helpful ld- The Yeomen held a very success- cle of the Misses Fleming, was in vice in the timory at an illuslrious town Monday. French milliner on the sltuuitaneous fnl dance Saturday night and are  contrast of colors, especially in regarcl planning to give another on the 15th. Misses Esther and Helen Leduc to hats *** For those who are fair the white hat were in Everett Saturday to attend may be trl'mmed with willie or I)ilfl Mr. and Mrs. J. P. dons arrived the opening high school football flowers o L better still, brae. Tim darl from their wedding trip at the end of game and dance, person should avoid blue and prefer the week and are making their home %* red. pink or orange. The light blue hat is especially suit- in Monroe. Arthur Bailey's brother who was able for the fair type of wearer It %* taken ill in Everett was moved east may be trim|ned with white th,wers A.L. Brix waslaid up with a sprain- as far as Wenatchee but has been sometimes with yellow or orange flow ers. but never with pink. red or Cheat ad ankle as a result of a hunting ex- compelled to remain there. The dark person who risks a blue ha! pedition Sunday. He came down an %* can certainly not dispense with orange abrupt blufftoo speedily. Mr. and Mrs. August Holmquist or yellow trimmh|gs tar it. %* arrived back in Monroe Sunday from I The green hat puts value on white sad pale pink carnations, it can als, Miss Carrie Trotter arrived Wed- their summer trip abroad. They carry other white flowers or red flow neadav on a visit at the home of Mr. spent most of their time in Sweden ors. and Mrs. J. G. Trotter while on her !but were in England for several days The pink hat should not be worn close to the head It should be sap way to her home in Oregon. going and coming, Both are in ex- arated by the hair or by a green trim %. cellent health and glad to be back ruing White flowers, with plenty at D. L. Carpenter, of Granite Falls, again, leaves, have a good effect in the pink  ha t. candidate on the Democratic ticket Miss Flossy Picketing, daughter of The hat of a more or less dark red against A. L. Willhite for the cam- Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Pickering, of Nov-Is only advised to those of a very rosy --too rosy. in fact--complexion missionership was in town this week city, left Saturday morning for the Awdd yellow attd orange i}at, nntl electioneering. Okanogan conntry where she has ac- show hesitation and shyness in regard to the bat of violet, whit'h is alway Word has been received by Monroe cepted a position as teacher in one of unsuitable for carnations, except wlmu friends that Rev. S. V. Warren has the schools. Miss Pickering gradu- it is separated from them eitlmr t)y ated this year from the normal school the hair or by yellow trimmings. Be been married again at his new home at Ellensburg and is just commenc- equally precautious in regard to yellow Vashon on island. It is stated that ink to teach, hats, which only dark persons ('an risR the wedding was a very interesting with blue or violet trimmings event, taking place out in the open Bear Huoler Has ,o00o.o,o. o, ,, learned man who has studied the qnos- under a cherry tree. tion, and his theory is knows to t)e "'" Very Narrow Escape .,oe,. fasidonable eir(.les Miss Lulu Webber has resigned her in Paris But the qtlestion of hats an{I .----. color is. of course, generally one 0]' ])or annul taste, and the reader umy or position in Sjostrom's and rumor has Bear hunti,g at any time is may not agree with the theory or be it that her wedding will take place in the near future to Mr. James Herb attended with more or less dan- influenced by it. It is given for wha who has been in this vicinity forsame ger, but after d rk i becomes a It  worth. But the hat Illustrateg can be recommended as stunning, it time in the engineering department matter which few would care to is of hiaek fancy straw, trimmed with of the G. N. works, tackle.  ome farmers up Woods black tulle and white roses. .. creek had been complaining of ...... 4 What to Look For In Buying Beef. Lhe depredations of a large beat', In buying meat it must be borne in T. E. Headlee, of Everett, who is a and on Thursday of last week mind that the price of a certain cut is candidate against T. C. Fleming for Billy Foye, Will and John Ander- not always a criterion of the food val- ue furnished nor even superiority of the commissionership in the second son and John Lemberg started flavor, says the Delineator. Take. for district, on the Democratic ticket, after Bruin with a pack of sever Instance. the tenderloin, which is the was in town Tuesday meeting the dogs. Whil on the Nelson place most expensive part of all beef cuts. While there is no doubt about its ten voters here. Mr. Headlee makes a the dogs started a bear, but be- derness, its flavor is really nil and favorable impression and will make was drwen within range must be enhanced iu cookery by the hard race for the place. He was one of the hunters, who were sta- Juices from round steak or mush- rooms as well as various high spic- of the old-timers up throughout this tinned at different points in the lags. In selecting beef the following section of the county, brush, it had become quite dark. points are to be considered: %* B;lly Foye could hear the beat' Insist on seeing the carcass from which the meat is to be eut. If it The Lady Maccabees of the World, and dogs coming through the carries the stamp "U. S.. Inspected of Monroe, are planning for a big bru h. and was crossing the run- and Passed." it Is a guarantee from time on October 11, when the differ- way to obtain a safer position for the government that the meat t eat lodges in this jurisdiction will healthy. shooting, when ruineamecuarg. l= t. Choose fat beef. The fatter the beef participate in a rally here. Mrs. Mil-lag around a sharp bend, with the more tender. A prime piece ot lie H. Lambon, state commander, his head turned backward look meat ant only carries an outside coy- will be here together with other of ink at he dogs, and he ran into erlng of fat. but the lea meat will be marbled with small specks of yellow- the state officers and the event will Foye, striking him in the right tsh white fat. have much importance in the lodge side just above the hip, knocking Beef and mutton that have been circles. There will be a number of him down and sending his gun hung some time and kept perfectly sweet will be much more tender. members present from Bremerton, some thirty feet away. The bear. Lamb and veal. being immature, spoil IF MOODYS HAVE IT, IT'S IN STYLE The Young Chaps We know are pretty strong pluggers for style; it's on the tip of everyone's tongue who comes into our shop. It demonstrates pretty god judgement on the part of a man to want style be- cause style comes from true tail- orin. and truer fabrics. Style and quality walk hand in hand de- fying the bungler who tries to make clever clothes from poor fabrics. "M ller Made" suits & overcoats have that distin:tive pose which conies from expert designing and making. "Miller Made" fabrics are restricted in pattern and posi- tively dependable in texture. The "MILLER MADE" Sl0re Weadwr Wise Man From this time on, get, disagreeable lays will be fre- quent; protect your health by wearing good shoes. In the Nettleton Make, we have several styles selected /or the Fall and Winter Weather. They are staunchly built, with- out being cumbersome. The uppers are soft and smooth, yet resisting water; and the soles are of extra weight, but flex- ible. We have a variety of styles--some one of them is sure to please you At prices that are exact- ly right for well-made Shoes. WE SELL THE BEST Ready-to-Wear Apparel for Ladies in the world for the money. We select only the best out of the best lines in the country. If better garments were made we would have tnem. We sell only the kind of goods we can stand back of and say "Your money back if you want it." Come and see for your- self. We have just received a heavy stock of Blank- ets, Comforters, Oil Clothing, Ladies Sweaters, Hand Bags, Collars, etc. which we will have on dis- play as soon as our windows are in. We will have more to tell yeu next week. Moody 00loody, Inc. Monroe,s Largest Store Everett, Edmonds and Snohomish and rnomet:tarily stopped by the con- quh?kly and should be quite fresh. @'-'='-'.:...:...:..,, ........................ ,.. they will be well entertained and cussion, struck out with his paw Meat of any kind should have little Attorney Faussett, of Everett, was ....................... shown a good time by the localmem and caught Fo, e on. the lelt dr'than shuld be flrm and dry rather doing business in town Wednesday. NOW Off the Market hers. Regular lodge work will take shoulder, teari, g away his coat select your meat according to the Dittman's "Nine O clock' "/ place during the afternoon and in the sad shirt, but luckily only graz- use for which you intend it and the school shoes at' the best in Am- I evening an open session will be hel( !ing the flesh. The dogs, wan had plumpness of your pocketbook. A gen- erica. You can buy them at tle I oral rule is that the market value of Monroe Shoe Store from Mrs. All Lots in Anna Faussett's First Addition with a program and drill, been close on the heels of the m,mt increases backward from the bear all the time, closed in aqd head. but decreases downward toward Cederl'en, If the child starts in its sleep, tackled Bruin, which diverted his the leg. Those muscles which get but little exerclsewillbetender, whllethe TO BE SOLO AT grinds its teeth while sleeping, attention away from Foye, who neck and legs. which are in constant I Notice picks at the nose, has a bad i was atthe bottom of the snarling, motion, are tough, but Juicy. F'or Nolice is hereby given that These lots all face Blakeley and Powell streets, breath, fickle appetite, pale cam- fighting pile vainly attempting to roasts or broiled steak or chops the plexion, and dark rings under draw a large hunting knife which prime ribs and the loin will be best. the botrd sidewalks on Lewis and are among the most desirableSlose-in lots while the neck and legs are better for street are hereby condemned as to be found. Fine orchard on the property. the eyes; it has worms; and as he wore on his belt. John ,All- broths. Tender muscles should be unsafe and unht for use, and all long as they remain in the lutes derson, who had been following cooked quickly, but the tougher per- tines, that child will be sickly, the do.s, came up at this june. liens require long. slow eooklng to propert.y l,olders interested are Prices Vary According to Silo and location WH1TE'S CREAM VERMI ture, and selec, ing a favorable soften the flberl hereby ,ot ilied In put same in proper condition rr stand the Cheapest on the market. Everything goes at FUGE clears out the worms, opportunity, shot and killed the When Heating Cloths. cost of any damages which may strengthens the stomach and bear. thus releasing Foye from When hot cloths are needed, either " once. Terms to suit purchaser. Also fine dwell- for household or medicinal purposes, result from such neglect. By ing house and newly fitted modern bungalow. bowels and puts the little one on his uncomfortable and perilous instead of wringing them out of boil- order of the lown Council, Sepl. ' the road to health and cheerful position. It was estimated that lag water. With pain to the hands and 17, 1910. byneSs'W. Price]g. Mamsfield.25c per bottle. Sold aboutthe carcass275 pounds.weighed' dressed, thsmPSslhle sloppinesswrlagiagin tlleeatlrely.steamerfr theandPatient.thus avoidheat WHIT H. TownCLARK'cIerk. ##ly fo OWN$ f $$,,y