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October 7, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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October 7, 1910

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..... ,rr .. .... . .... , , ,.i, , i O.L' Monroe Monitor-Transcript REPUBLI3AN IN POLITICS PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE, WASHINGTON H. D. MATTHEWS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER Entered at the Postoffice at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter Subscription Price in Snohomish County .......................... $1.00 a Year '" " Outside of the " ....................... $1.50 a Year DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES ON APPLICATION Locals, per line per issue, 5c ; minimum charge ........................... 25c Cards of thanks, up to ten lines ............................................ 50c Obituaries and resolutions of condolence, per line ....................... 5c NOTICE to ADVERTISERS All changes of copy for advertising should be in this office not later than Wednesday afternoon of each week to receive proper attention. ';Miller-Made" Clothing Aphorisms Bill Jones says; "In this square at the rtght here, I print a complete and r--- 1 authentic list of every article I I that CANNOT be advertised. Look it over. The Cityward March Fourteen cities in the United States, having populations ranging from 14,498 to 533,904, show aver- age population gains during the past decade of 39 per cent. If this is to be taken as representative it indicates that tbe city population is growing at twice the pace of the country. It means that in addi- tion to the natural growth which strikes a fair b:lance, there is a flow,qual to nearly one-half the increase ill country population to town and cities of 5,000 or more population. The assertion is ven- tured that so long as the business machinery of the country revolve in its present direction ; that so long as the tariff of special privilege hangs its glittering prizes before the eyes of the boys; so long a the white shirt is the nlltrk of the "gen- tlemap," amt we talk around our firesides of how our own boyhood chums have become attorneys and bankers and "business men," just so long will the eyes el the boy look l,ngingly down the road, anti his feet follow the never-ending trail to the great marts of the world. It is useless to talk farm life to a boy when we ourselves envy the smooth hand of our old-time comrade, now apparently prospering in a profes- sional career. It is idle to imagine that a newspaper campaign can stem the tide augmented by the workings of preverted economic laws. If we want the boys to stay on the farm we must believe the farm is the best place in the world for any man, and there must be Concrete evidence of our belief in the farm Of material prosperity and general well-being. The mat- ter never will be solved until we focus the limelight on the farm rather than on the town and city. --F. S.& H. Want Information Word comes from Roosevelt that the enterprising ra-chers of that section are desirous of having a delegation of Monroe citizens meet with them and supply information as to the aorking of the union high school. It is claimed by the Roosevelt citizens that they have not been properly informed as to the expense of building and opera- tion and want to know where they are going to get offal. At the same time, their member of the board, Mr. Harte, clainis that proper no- tic is not given him of board meet- ings so that he is not enabled to ar- rive at them in time They say that the same difficulty prevails with other members of the board views before the board of which they are members and on which they have as much* voice as any other member. If they have any objection to the conduct of affairs the power is in their own hands to bring about such changes as are needed. There is no question but that on a boar.t elnbracing such a large district and involving such a large expenditure of lnony, the widest publicity should be given to the transaction of all business and the public kept imformed, as for as po,sible, with the details of all that Is going on. The Roosevelt ranchers exhibit the most commendable interest in the working of the board and their desire to learn all that pertains to the union high school should be gratified. Seattle has been in the throes of a graft scandal, which resulted in the dismissal of the Chief of] Police one day by Acting Mayor I Wardall, and his re.appointlnentll the day following by Mayor Gill,] who hastened home from his vaca- tion to investigate the rumors that Chief Wappenstein and other per- sons connected with the adminis- tration have been grafting off the lawless elements. So far the graft talk has been nothing much but talk, but a committee of the city council has started a secret investi- gation. With the conlpletion of work by the Pacific Telephone company the end is marked of the extensive im- )rovements that have been carried on here this summer. No town ill the state has accomplished more inside of due ),ear and no other town has had a greater percentage of growth. The valley railroad will be in operation ill the near future anti then the developement of that sec- tion will tremendous. NO. Summons IN THE S PER OR 'OURT'OF THE STATE : WASHIN(;2ON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY i ON SNOHOMIH. Hulas Johnson, Plaintiff, vs. Charley Johnson. Defendant The State of Washington to the said Charley Johnson: You are hereby summon to appear within Sixty days after the date of the first publica- tion of this summons, to-wit: within Sixty days after the 30th day Of September, 1910. and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the Maintiff. and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for plaintiff, at his office below stated; and in case of your failure so to do, judgement will be rendered against you according to the demsnd of the complaint, which has been filed with the clerk of skid court. I The object of this action is to obtain a di- vorce In one of lhe cases prescribed by law, the custody of the minor child and alimony. G. F. COoK. Attorney for Plaintiff Offioe and Post office address: Monroe, Snohomish County, W,mhington. First Publication September 3 ), 1910 '# No, Summons 1N THE SUPERIOR COURT Olq' THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, IN AND FOR THI COUNTY OF SNOHOMIH. Alice Butters, Plaintiff, vs. Albert Ross Butters, Defendant. The State of Washington to the said Albert Ross Butters, Defendant: You are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first puhU- cation of this summons to-wit: within sixty (60) days after the 26th day of August, 1910, and defend the above entitled action in the above entitled court, and answer the complaint of the daintiff, and serve a copy of your answer upot the undersigned attorneys for plaintiff at theil office below stated, and in case of your failurt so to do, judgment will be rendered against ym according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed with the clerk of sal court. The object of said actiom is to obtain a decree of said court dissolving the bonds of matrimony existing between said plaintiff and said defend- ant on the ground of neglect on the part of said defendant to make suitable provisions for said plaintiff and the minor child of said plaintiff and said defendant, and to award the custody and oontrol of the minor child of said plaintiff and said defendant to said plaintiff. SHERWOOD & MANSFIELD, .who live ill the COuntry. ] OfflcensdPostofficedd=: stor Plaintiff. Roe -sis Am Natl. Bank Bulldin This may all be true but it m u g P Everett, Snohomish Cunty Washin'ton. to " v, . ' an- .- I Last publication, October 7. 1910. mr. llarte anti y other mere- I-- J hers of the board to express their,' Pao,e Our Advcrle : % . I I I SIll ] . II III I IIIII ..... lfilsophy I THE PROSPECT. ILL men In future age Forget tile way to walk And bow on foot to travel Since flying Is the talk? With airships, locomotives And steamships everywhere. wni he begin to wonder Why feet were fastened there? On foot he will be lonely. And it will seem a crime /if he is going somewhere To use up so much time. With everybody soaring, Propelled by gasoline. He'll surely save his money And buy him a machine. He'll seek some able surgeon And to the doctor say. "Cut off these feet. old Sawbonss, For they are in the way." When they are amputated Then he can travel light And never more be tempted By anything but flight. No corns will ever trouble When he is In that class. And then without a shudder A shoe store he can pass. He'll say as some old codger Goes trudging down the street, "Just see that ancient fogy Who still Is wearing feet!" Getting Down Fine. "That carpet you sold me was war- ranted not to shrink." "That is how It came to us, madam." "'Well your guarantee didn't work." "Did It shrink much, madam?" "Much? Why. the man sucked it up in the vacuum cleaner this morning." Mean Thing.  ,P/aft wife P/A s" l fzrrw 7"o wE^ ] "1 have absolutely nothing to wear." "'Really."" "Very nearly." "Phen you must he in fine shape for a dinner decollete dance." Man Size. "Do you believe in telling white lies ?" "'No." "'Oh. don't you?" "'No. When 1 lie ! want it to be full of color and land me somewhere." Her Hand. "John fell In love with my hand last night." "With your hand?" .,llr. , "Why?" "It was a straight flush." Classified. "Aw, he's a regular sissy boy." "How kin you tell?" "O'he way he sasses back." "Didn't hear him sass back." ''That's it. He Jist makes faces be- hind yer back." Cunning Child. "What are you crying for, girl ?" 'So 1 can get what 1 want." Httle Superhuman. "l can look right into her window." "'And what do you see?" "I never look." Disappointment. The cetmus does not have to guetm Or deal with facts unlnown. It shows ambitious nttle towns How much they haven't grown. PERT PARAGRAPHS. A good deal of our difficulty in get- ting through with the day's work arises from what we did or didn't eat for dinner last night. A soft snap is apt to be found to be having a great many people sticking to it. If all were paid according to the merits of each as adjudicated by him- self it is doubtful If there would bc enough to go around. Nobody expects everybody to get to heaven, but each knows one who will make the riffle. It all averages up pretty well. The one who Joy rides the most gets pinch- ed the oftenest. A fellow who always has an eye for the main chance soon learns to copper all the others. There Is a large share of our popula. lion who seem to think that dignity ought to make up for diligence in this world. When a man gets out and hustles for his living he doesn't have much time for parade. With a haughty disregard for the admonition of his elders the gleesome graduate starts out to prove his own theories and Incidentally to get it In the neck. If a lot or the disorderly ones could not use the Lord as a sort of waste- basket they would soon be swamped with their-own old Junk. . I I Application No. 7723-7564 Notice of Sale of State Lands. Notice is hereby g Yen, that on Saturday, the 5th day of Novemher. 1910, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and four o'clock in the afternoon, eoInmencing :it tell o'clock in the forenoml of said day, in front of the main en- trance door to the county eourt house in the city of Evt.rett. conntv of Snohonlish. State of ,Vashlngton, eithei- by th( ( ounty Andi 02' of said county or by a lneiHbcr of Ill(! lloard of State [Atlla ('Ollllllissioncl'5 of the state of Washii:gton. the following described State lands, together itll Lhe iinprovcments sits,t- ea thereon, will 1)e sohl at public auction to the highest bidder therefor, to-wit: Application No. 7723. SW./ of section 16, township 28 north, range 7 east W. M . eontaini|/g 160 acres, nlore or less :according to the governrnent survey thereof, appraised at $'-'.00o.00. Application No. 7564. S of SE}4 of section 36. township 28 north. range 6 east "W. M., containing 80 acres, Inore or leSS, according to tile govcrnnlent survey there- of, appraised at $1,120.00. Said lands will be sold for not less than the appraised value above stated and upon tile L(-l'ms uud conditious fonowing: Ternls and Conditions of Sale.--Not less than ohe-tenth of tile purchase price must be paid at tile tinle ol' stle to the officer inaking tile sale. The parcbaser, if he I)e not the OlVller of the inlprovelnents, InusL forthwith Pav to tile oFlieer nlaking tbe sate the fllll ainOUllt" Of the appraised value of the itnprove.ments, as above stated. One tenth of the purchase price must I)e Paid annually thereafter on the tirst day of March of each year. with interest on all defer- red payments at the rate of six per couture pt.rannuIn, together with accrued interest on anybianceat the same rate: Provided, That ally purchaser may make fuU payment of prin- cip,tl, interest and statntol-y fees at any tiIne and obtain deed or state patent. '['he purchas- er of land containing timberor other valuable materials is prohibited by law from cutting or removing 3ny such timber or nlaterials with- out first obtaining consent of the Coalmission- er of Public Lauds or the Board, until the full anlount of the purchase price has been paid and died issued. All sales of State lands are made .ubject to the rt servations of oils, gas(s, coal, ores, min- erals and fossils of every naIne, kind and des- crtption, to the aaditioual terms and conditions m'escribedin the Act of tile Legislature ap- prov(d March 20, 1907, being Sec. 3 of Chap. 256 of the Laws of 1907. The above descrihed lands are offered for sale in pursuance of an order of the Board of State Land Commissioners, aid an order of sale duly issued and certified by tile Commissioner of Public Lands of the btate of Washington now on file in the office of the County Aud- Itor of said county. [SEAI,] E.W. ROSS, Commissioner of Publie Lands No. Summons IN TIiE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE bin WASHINGTON, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY Oh' SNOHOMISH. Mrs. Lois M. Sisinger, Plaintiff, vs. Arthur J. Sisinger. Defendant. The State of Washington to Arthur J. SiMnger. deft:haunt herein; You areherehv summoned to appear winlin sixty 60) nays'after the first publicatinn of o this summons to-wit: Within sixty 16el days after the 30th day of September, A. D. 1910 and defend the above en- titled action in the above entitled court and answer the complaint of the plaintiff and erve a copy of your answer upon the under- signed attorney f.r plaintiff at his office below staten alia in case of your failure so to do, judgment will be rendered against you accord- ulg to the demands of the complaint which has been flh!d with the clerk of aid court. The object of this action is for the purpose of securing a Uivorce of the parties hereto upon the grounds of eruel and inhuman treatmeut and nee support. E. T BASCOM, Attorney for Plaintiff Office and Postoffice addres:,,: Monrot% nohonlish ('ollnty. lVashington I FirsL publictaiou St ptelnber 30, t910, t T,ckliug in tile throat, h-arse- hess, loss of voice, indicate ttm need of BALLARD'S HeRE OHUND SYRUP. it eases lhe lungs, quiets thecough and re- stores heaJth in the bronchial tubes. Price 25c, 50c and $1 00 )or bottle. Sold by W. E Mans- ' .! D. W. FUNK Auctioneer Public 5ales Always ready and can sell the goods PHONE 206 Tualco @ Cherry Valley NUI00SEI00V r. II. HOPKINS, Prop. All varieties of Fruit Trees and Shrubbery. All stock guaranteed true to label.  I For shrubs and ornamental trees [ ; Phone tl = T.R. HOPKINS t[ Cherry 00sl,ey, Wash 4HI4e4HHI,)4H4464MHMI, e [ You can saoe money i by buying ! C rsl rl0ur J it's t,e 00est Brix Cooswell #fl li'li t-lililili liii  . Everett. Tent & ! Awmmg Co. i C.A. COLE, Proprietor Manufacturers of Tents and , Awnings. 4 i Horse and W'gon Covers. Flags of All Kinds. I Canvas Goods of Every Description. I Duck of All Widths and Weights. 1501 Hewift Ave., Everett, Wash. Cor. Hoyt, opposite P. O. Phone 8103. Rcs. 8131. Dr. H. C. Sell PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office and residence DOLLOFF BLDG. Monroe. Wash. E. W. Cox, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office in residence on Lewis street, opposite Monroe Livery Barn. Monroe, Wash. Dr. 1R. S. Stryker DENTIST Office: DOLLOFF IUILDING Monroe Washington Dr. John Moulton DENTIST Offices; DOLLOFF BLDG. Men roe Washington E. T. Bascom ATTORNEY AT LAW Bascom-Hallan Building Monroe, Wash. G. F. Cook Attorney at Law Real Estate and Insurance In Ferguson Building MONROE. WASH. E. P. Walker ATTORNEY-AT-LAw Insurance and Real Estate eOPPOSITE MONROE NAT'L BANK MONROE, WASH. H. Mumm, Jr., Pres. E. Friday, Vice-Pres. O.A. FraHey, ,Tc'-TM. COAST ENGINEERING CO. General Engineering and Contracting Surveying. Estimating, Superintending Maps, Plans, Specifications and Blue Printing Both Phones 791 ">A10 Colby Ave. Everett F. J. BARTELS UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER (LICNS No. 76) Res. Sunset 404 Office 64 ,!  WiiorrillirCl0i aSc e i E. E. Purdy Funeral Directors, Uudertakers and Embalmers Prompt attentioo and perfect service Snohomish, Washington J" . VANANI)I.EN, Monroe Represeut've Castle Hall Monroe Lodge No. I IS K, of P. Hall. An visiting Knights cordianv invited J. P. AUSTIN, C. C. S. J. MOODY, K. of R. & S.  # Meets every Tuesday evening ii, vythiaa fie ld. o ,H.,,a ooooOoOooOOoOOOO  a . a . a ., a .; .a..= Monroe Lodge 160 House and Two Lols Monroe A.F. and A. Meets the First and Third ' Wednesdays These Lots are situated in the most desir- I.J. OLIVER, W M. i able residence section. Street graded-ce- L. M. SANDERS, Sec'y ment sidewalk. House has nine rooms; Musical Instruments Complete New Sto.k of VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, GUITARS, ACCORDEONS These instruments are all good makes and will save you the troub- le of going out of town to buy. Come and try them. S. POWN[LL Monroe Transfer Co E. F. JOHNSTON, Prop. 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