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October 3, 1924     Monroe Historical Society
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October 3, 1924

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Page Six ---- THE MONROE bIONITOR 'Monroe, Washington _ . _ " Friaay, October 3, 1924 THE HIGH NEWS Published Weekly by the Students of the Monroe High --Staff-- and will lessen the danger of injuries Editor ........................ Joyce Trotter to the spectators and at the same Business-Manager ...... Alvin Torwickl time improve the efficiency of the Associate Editors ........ Olive Kincaid I players. Allen Campbell I --1924-- Boys' Athletics ...... Claire Johnson BETWEEN THE GOAL-POSTS l Girls' Athletics ...... Gertrude Tucker i Snohomish "Seconds" vs Index Jokes .................................. Ren Cowell Faculty Advisor ... ..... O. L. MacNee j Last Fridfi, afternoon ,Clare John- son, Henry Buss, Roy Torwick, and Our Exchange The students of Monroe High will have an opportunity of learning in an intimate way of what other schools are doing, for the journalists are The following officers were elected. Senior class: President--Lawrence MacDougall. Vice President--Claire Johnson. Secretary--Olive Kincaid. Treas'urer--A1Mn Torwick. Girl's Athletic Mgr.--Gertrude Tuck- el-. Boys' Athletic Mgr.--Henry Buss! Yell Leader--Allen Campbell. Junior Class : President--Earl Cox. Vice President--Robert Newell. Secretary--Thelma King. Treasurer--Elva MacDougall. Girls' Ath. Mgr.--Ruby Denny. Boys' Ath. Mgr.--Holton Newell. Yell Leader--Howell Jones. Sophomore Class: President--Bob Hayes. Vice PresidentMartha Knapp. Seeretary--Awanda Kindle. Treasurer--Laura Kennon. Girls' Ath. Mgr.--Florence O'Brien. Boys' Ath. Mgr.--Iver leterson" Yell Leaders -- Tom Herley and Iver Peterson. Freshman * Class: President--Ed. Carlson. --Vice President--Irvin Walker. Secretary -- Edna Raymond. Treasurer--Lester Reaper. Girls' Ath Mgr.-- Boys' Ath. Mgr.--01en Lord. Yell Leader.-- --1924- Improvements to Football Field Monday the Board of Control au- thorized Mr. Rhode to have a fence put up around the football field, This fence is to be seven feet from the side line with a post at every, ten yard line and a wire over the top of the post. This fence will keep the spectators from the side line ,Allen Campbell, representing Monroe Football team, and Mrs. MacNee and Mr. Cain journeyed to Index to see the Snohomish Second team play the Index Football team. building up an exchange department. Mr. Cain refereed the game and We do not wish to become prey- did a very good job. incial; instead, we seek to broaden The game was very much one- out outlook by reading papers from sided as the Snohomish Seconds evi- other high schools. In this way we dently lost their courage when they will gain new ideas and find out saw "Abernathy," the 190-lb. full- about the happenings beyond our own back of the "Index Mountain Goats." circle. Also, we will let other schools The score was 18 to 0 in favor of know that Monroe High School is Index. on the map. t --1924-- I The First County Game of the Season The Initiation of the Torch Society r Today, Friday, October 3, Index On Wednesday afternoon, October plays the Monroe Panthers at Men- 8, at 2:30 the Torch Honor Society roe. will hold its annual initiation. A It promiss to be one of the bes number are to be initiated this year. games in the county this season. The following is the program: Both teams are evenly matched. Piano solo, Mildred Treadvell. "Boost for Monroe." Explanation of Torch Society, Mr. The Index-Monroe game admissioh Rhode. will be 35 cents for adult and 25 Vocal solo, Mr. Johnson. cents for students. Address, Mr. Leo Baisden of Ever- ett. A Good Game Presentation of candidates, Presi- Last Thursday, Monroe journeyed dents of Senior, Junior and Sopho- to Snohomish and held the Snohomish more classes. First team to a new point game Pining on of mblems, Mrs. Hatch This game was very interesting as representing the Research Club; both teams, were determined to win. Mrs. Newell--representing the Ad- "Boost for Mohroe High." vance Club; Mrs. Streeter, represent- ing the P. T.A. l Central Wins Soccer Charge to the Torch Bearers, Mrs. l The Monree Grade School Soccer Bully. I team played the Startup Grade Orange and Black, School I Soccer team on Friday, and came Chairman of Program, Miss Grady. l hme on the long end of a 5 to 0 And when he found his bill was --1924 score. The football season will open offi- Next Friday, Oct. 3, the Soccer gone, eially next Friday aftrnoon, October team plays Gold Bar at Monroe. And all of his work in vain, 3rd, when Monroe will play Index on --1924-- He flew away to a Sophomore's the home grounds. The following Mr. Cain drove to Index Friday head; games are scheduled for Monroe for afternoon to referee the football And settled to work again. this year's season: game betwqen Snohomish and Index. Oct. 4.--Index at Monroe. Index came out victorious with a This time he found the thing so soft Oct. ll--Granite Fall's at Monroe. score of 8 to 0. Those from Monroe He settled onto his neck, Oct. 18 Sultan at Monroe. who witnessed the game were Mrs. Sawdust ran into his mouth and eyes Oct. 25--Monroe at Marysville. MecNee, Alien Campbell, Roy Tor- And he didn't have a peck. Nov. 8---Edmonds at Monroe. wick, Clare Johnson and Thomas 1924 Nov 15--- Monroe at Stanwood. Herley. We understand that Henry Buss is Nov. 22--Monroe at Lake Stevens. 1924 a Mormon at Sultan: Saturday afternoon, October 4, Girls' Gymnasium Henry Bus to M. H."Look, MilL Everett will play Arlintgon on her The girls are rapidly progressing isn't my wife cute?" home grounds. Arrangements for in their gymnasium work. They meet M.H.--'Tll say so." transportation are to be made by Tuesdays and Thursdays of each After a lapse of time, Henry, Mr. Johnson for any H. S. student week with a very good turnout. This aga!n, calls Miltons' attention by wishing to atttend. Students are arrangement gives everybody a fair saying "There is another of my to be given special rates, chance to make a team, especially wives.' Milton looked astounded; but At the football game here Friday, those who are not able to remain very curious, so he asked the young Oct. 3rd the Torch Honor Society after school hours, lady if she was Mrs. Henry Buss. will give a candy and sandwich sale. While waiting for the Hockey The lady who was selling hot dogs The Torch fund to be used for vari- equipment to arrive, Volley Ball is replied: "Yes, Hot Dog!" ous purposes. Be sure and bring taking up the time of the students. 1924--- all your spare pennies. 1924--- "Ask and Receive," Says Mr. Cain Class Officers Mr. Johnson and His Flivver On Thursday of last week The other day when Mr. Johnson The Biology lesson assigned' There was considerable electioneer- made a turn in the street, he was Took up the study of flowers ins going on before the election of hailed b a man who gave him in- And their value to mankind. elass officers. Names were published and treats structions on turning. He soon found out that the man was named Mr. Mr. Cain has questioned the girls, were given which certainly made a Moore. As to whom with flowers were blest. real live election. had a most enjoyable time at their first informal gathering of the year. when they were entertained by Mrs. Huff and Miss Williams at the hom of Mrs. McMickle on Monday even- ing. Christmas sewing was mucl in evidence, and Miss Sherrill furn- ished the music. A dainty salad was served with tea and wafers. --1924 A Public Speaking class is being organized under the supervision of Mrs. McNee. This is to be a new feature in our school and will greatly benefit the students. Regular classes will meet twice a week beginning Wednesday. A half credit will be given each semester. --1924-- loving Picture Show The High School is putting on a moving picture program to help pay for the new picture machine purchas- ed last year. The picture, "Hunting Big Game in Africt,' is one of the Universal Picture Company's largest produc- tions. More than fifty distinct spe- cies of animal life are to be shown, along with thousands of birds, rep- tiles, bugs, and other peclmens. It S . I" will give us real scenes of the life of animals in these jungles and re- veal the bravery of the men who took the pictures. It is one of the most interesting, instructive and thriling picture of animal life ever made and one that you can not well afford to miss. --1924 And then he blushingly volunteered The Seniors were delighted to re- "I--I'd like some for my desk." ceive their class rings and pins last Saturday. All declared that they While it's best to be' in private are the best looking ones worn by When you've some such thing to say, any graduating class from Monroe The very next moring on his desk High. The setting of the ring and He found a beautiful l'ittle boquet. pin is of onyx; placed on this is M. A. S. Tudent. H. S. in white gold, with 1925 bel Louis Frohning, Kenneth WaKers 1924-- and Oliver Williams, former football Among those who spent Saturda3 stars, returned home Saturday, Sept. and Sunday in Seattle to welcome 27th to Spent the week end with their the world fliers were Mr. Rhode, Mrs. parents and friends in Monroe. McNee, Misses Sherrill, Gardner and 1924 Himes. A dinner was given by Mrs. Ed- 1924---- ward Calhoun, formerly Miss Gene- Assembly vieve McGinn, at her home in Sno- Monday morning at 8:15 an as- homish Saturday evening, Sept 27th. sembly was called. Mr. Rhode gave The cover was laid for ten. The fol- a very fine talk on the world flyers lowing from Monroe were present: reviewing when and where they Misses Marjory Healy and Irene started and the remarkably short Adams and Messers Louis McOinn, time in which they completed their Kenneth Walters and Merle Sprau. trip, 175 days. He then called on --1924- Mrs. McNee to give us more details Among those of Monroe who me- of the welcome they received in tored to eattle Sunday to witness Seattle. the return of the world flyers were Mrs. McNee was one of those very Misses Ruth and Ruby Denny, Mr. fortunate people who were able to Norman Wolfe and Mr. Rhode and get close enough to the flyers to get family. a good look at them and to hear A p'lrty including Miss Viola everything they had to say. In a Lindh metered to Lake Ketchels very e[oquent speech Mrs McNee Sunday, Sebt. 27th. Viola says that gave us an idea of just what kind the trip was very interesting. She of a welcome they received in Seattle. tells us of three Japs or Chinese She also helped us to understand whom she yaw eating hard rice balls what it meant to these brave men with chef sticks. to have their country back of them all of the time. Perhaps that is the way our ath- eltes feel when they go agains an opposing team. If they know the school is back of them they are able to do so much better. Kenneth Walters, Merle Sprau, Louis McGinn and William McKenzie. Curtis Spillers, one of our former football stars, visited in Monroe ver the week end. Curtis is now going to the university. 1924-- Scenes of the Day Mr. Cain surely believes in keep- ing up with the times. As the Eco- ,nomisc class entered his room, he was seen rushing out of the door with a pint bottle in his hand-- Safety first. Miss Gardner has a new chauffuer! As has been noticed lately a man has been waiting for her every day after school. Edith Kobe is a very industrious person. She packs her books home in a grip to get them all. Why not let Dan do it? Miss Gardner and Miss Grady went to Seattle to see the flyelrs. They were noticed enjoying the Jaet Russell comedy at the Palace Hip. Mr. Cain likes to hear differen opinions on a subject, but Le:e thinks he doesn't give her a chanoe to express hers so she just naturally lets them slip out. Fate seems to have had it in for Pat Stanton. She wasn't satisfied in taking his prize calf but al'so two i of his kittens died last week. Again !he high school is dressed in mourn- ing. Louis Frohning, This picture will be shown in the A detective will have to be put on High School auditorium, Friday, the trail of Gertrude Tucker to find I and Saturday, October 3rd and 4th, i ut where she spends her noon hour at 8 o'clock. Admission 15c, 25c, I and also with whom she spends it. / and 35c. " [ Roy Lanning would feel better if he / --1924-- did not hurry so fast at noons to From the looks of things, most of:t:htuUP with Helen. It does hurt th:b High School students think that l b your toe, doesnt it, Roy? " lussell is taking up toe dane ] We wish that Mrs. McNee would ins. Helen Louden is a pretty good appoint someone besides Irene DaM- teacher, at least that ix what Bob gren to interview Mr. Johnson. Irene i thinks, spends nearly all of her time in the --194-- office lately. Don't be so stingy, A woodpecked lit on a Freshman's Irene, we all like to have a trip at head interviewing. And settled himself to drill; Norman Wolfe is going to buy a He worked away for a night and a muzzle so he won't be sent out of day Chemistry so often for talking so And finally wore out his bill. loud. I wonder of whom Florence was thinking when she put a dozen ad- dresses on one envelope. Tears were seen in the Chemistry lab Monday. Isn't it a shame? Juniors giving each other advice about the Mixer. New office girls trembling with fear answering the telephone calls. Snappy remarks from Mrs. McNee, wise and otherwise. --1924 The ladies of the Monroe faculty '00007I-tEN you bu' Clothes' to Measure by Born remember that your purchase is backed the greatest of 11 institutions. You can't go wrong when you trade here. Born Tailoring is un. conditionally guarano teed to give complete satisfaction or money back. At any price you choose to pay you may besure of get- ring a full measure of value for every clothes dollar in. vested. GEe. E. SMITH Those from. Monroe who attended the Eagles' Frolic in Snohomish Friday and Saturday evening, Sept 27th and 28th were Misses Ruth and Ruby Denny, Violet Johnston, Irene Adams. M.rjorio and Marguerite TAILORS AND CLEANERS Have us do your Dry Cleaning Healy, Florence Frohning, Benic Phone 1701 We can please you Harrison, Gladys Sladic, Thelma Mc- in price and quality Kenzie and Helen Louden: Messers MONROE, WASH. Government Ownership According to available reports and statistics IN FRANCE the private systems' net income last year aggreg&ted 732 million francs while the State Railway had a deficit of 145 mtll. ion francs. IN ITALY on account of inefficiency and poor service, and a deficit of 11/4 billion lire in 1922, the Government last year offered the railroads for private operation. IN ANADA a former Comptroller of Statistics in the Canadian Depart. ment of Railways says conditions have grown immeasurably worse under Government operation; very heavy losses have been in- curred which must be met by increased taxation. IN SWITZERLAND net revenue has not been afllcient to meet fed charges in any year since 1914. A petition for denationalization has been circulated throughout the country. IN SEDEN a special committee appointed by the Government recom. mended abolition of Government operation: The Government to continue to supply working capital and retain right of inspection. IN MF.2gIO the National Railways' report for 1923 shows liabilities 239,500,000 pesos in excess of assets. Net operating revenues were 9,700,000 pesos but interest requirements amounted to over 24,000,000 pesos. IH BRAZIL the British Financial Mission recommends that the Central Brazil Railroad be sold to private interests. Its expenses are greater than receipts and it is inefficiently managed. Instead of being taxed to make up railway deficits, as in these foreign lands, the public in this country now collects a MtalD ltl;a:nD tY ;n oTnYt o fwnr proa:?ilro ads. The There is no individual or group--in or out of politic-- powerful enough to guarantee that the railroads of this conn. try under Government ownership would escape the evils to which the citizens of other nations are being subjected. .... 00aqo TO PUGET SOUND-E:LECTRIIqED Gentlemen iHH||HllIHlulH We can outfit you with shoes-- LOGGERS SHOES FOR THE FARM DRESS SHOES Better values for the money than can be found elsewhere in MONROE Call and let us show you our line. hey can't be bea for the quality and price The White Shoe Shop HANS BERTILSON The Shoe Man TIRE SALE FOB TEN DAYS ,.........-_ $10.00 30x3 1-2 Fabric Casing for $8.95 and we give you a new tube FREE! STAVE CHEVROLET CO. Telephone 163 Monroe, Wash. 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