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September 27, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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September 27, 1907

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Summer Suns 2 f \\; • bring summer burns, freekles, sun- burns, prieklev hear'and tall. Men don't mind these so mush as the fair sex, but fredkles spoil the com- plexion. The best way to provide against the ravages of {he sun is to gel from us the necessary remedies. These we make a specialty of at this ; tilne. We have Salves and Cold n,,. u -o T.a;. *'a ...'. • Creuns that ui 1,  . *.w ,u. 1:,. *aam *u wm give a I . q eKly remove 1reeK- , ......  .... . les and tan Everything in the [ pumIc social a ne home o, lvlrs. . o. ])ru_ nnd Medicine line in the best Austin on Wednesday afternoon, 0eto- qu00,00,,os .. Special Sale Boys' -- ' Mis:BerLhaShr;mleftSundayfor School Suits Belling, ham, where she is attending r ]  lJ '| " |  the State Normal school . ¥'" L, I,,I l! IIELLP *** " I0 tO 15 years, THE D:RU@@IST Mrs• August Holmquist and daugh- $5.7'5 for $3.10 ter, Mary, returned last Saturday from 4 tO 6 years, 'aO€o€€.€€€.€.€.€€ a month's visit with relatives in the $2.50 for $1.75 i HARDY ENGLISH WA],N[JT TREES ,22a Three Years Old, Imported from France, Suitable tbr this section. O O @ 4> - L R. HOPKINS @ * Cherry Valley Nursery @ € * Winter Supply Now in of ' 00OZES " "' '" AND o : =at e ;,arness & Sl De Works ; . E. H. NIMS, Proprietor ENGLISH ETCHINGS. His Dire Threat. SOCIETY AND PERSONAL There wasdeterminationstampedon The British government owns 25,000 his brow. L-_  camels. "Refused, eh!" he hissed, snapping ---- - ....  ..... ---- .... _ - _77: Every year there are over 6,000 sum- his words like the explosions of a me- mary convictions for betting in the torcycle. "Then I shall turn on the THE MONITOR will be glad to publish h'ee all notes of receptions, streets of London. One man has been gas." parties, weddings, out-of-town guests, social events in lodge circles, convicted fifty-four times. The beautiful glrl swooned. When she recovered she found him sitting personals, etc., in these columns. Either send in by mail, telephone, Cornwall has less crime for its pop- in an easy chalr reading the sporting or hand in to the office as early in the week as possible, ulatlon than almost any other British news.. eotlnty, while Glamorgan and Men- t,,kh, ,it,d , , '  mouth are the most criminal counties, i2 °?o:'(!nsltuk;3 te tgraSb A marriage license is reported ta- _ _ _ _ . _. __ __ __---- _ _ , About 6,500 people go bankrupt year- ken ou "t in Everet' by Dr. Irving" J.     |  r   ly in England and It is a carious fact, "Yes, I did," he replied coldly. - .... ,  . BM| | l] | § BII [t [rt  that their liabilities average almost ex- "You--you turned oil the gas, Liar- vonaanalvnssrlorence 10urie. |i  [- -    gl / lastly £1,00o apiece and their assets old?" *** I £250 apiece. "Of course I did. ltow could I light It. L. Leavitt of Seattle, grand ex- , I Of every 1,000,000 persons in Eng- it if I didn't turn it on?" ecutive of the Brotherhood of 0Ms, re ale sho,ring the latest I la: 102,844, or more than one in ten, And then she asked his forgiveness • • • a: engaged in conxeing the rest visited the lodge here Sund-v Fall and Winter st.vl. I ". • .. , and accepted him on the spot.--Detroit * * "-" -a-- I tlltzr commodities, or, in other woras, Tribune. * nd shues lave employed on railways, steamer.% Mrs. Daisy Stevenson of Ilammon, *- [trams, cabs, buses and other vehicles. Puzzled. Oregon, was visiting her sister, Mrs. ] The "air hog, the balloonist wb% The noted foreigner was perplexed. • With dragging anchor or otherwle, "Zis was a strange countree," he ra- T. N. aichards, last week. goes damage to windows, hothouse, a, marked, with a frown. "The longer I *** fences, etc., and does not pay up, L !stay ze less I understand." &.using trouble in England, and It i' "What is the tronble nov, count?" East• 9 to 12 years, 4b * Miss Hannah Bakeman left for Seat- $5.00 for $3.25 tle last Friday to accept a position as 4 to 6 years, bookkeeper in the Puget Sound Na- tional Bank. Miss Valera Coffey, who is attend- ing St. Dominic's Academy at Everett, came up to spend the week end vaca- tion withhermother..  E DOLLOFF & CO I l I Charles Faussett came back last Saturday from his stay east of the mountains, greatly improved in health. *** Electricity on Railroade. : :' It is not now believed that for some Mrs. B. W. Barnes and Mrs. L.M. time to come electricity will be in- Sanders drove down toSnohomish yes- stalled on steam railroads for long terday to call on friends, hauls. Judging from the very costly experiments of the New York Central *** and the Pennsylvania roads in New Matt Piles, of the State Board of York city, a scientist says: "The lairD- Control, came in on the Seattle train duction of electricity on steam rail- roads will be confined for the present this morning to look after Reforma- at least to large city terminals, wherei tory matters. The money for the by abolishing a large amount of the f 00onroe Livery, reed lind has all been paid over. switchingwill be greatlythe dailYincreased.CapacitYit fOrwil!tralns ]alsol ** be applicable to those sections of the i and Sale Stable Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Johnson, Mrs. mountain divisions on which the heavy I J. P. JOGS, Propr. Clara A. Paul and Mr. A. C. Knight of grades occur, provided always•that ei- ther water power or cheap f(el .is Rigs of all kinds at reasonable rates• Snohomish drove up Sunday and took available. The electric locomotive be- Special attention to commercial men. dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. cause of its great tractive power is BOTH PHONES W. 0. Eagle. particularly suited to the handling of CARPENTER, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR *** trains over heavy grades, and It wtll Mr. and Mrs. John Williams and prove to be exceedingly valuable in in- creasing the weight of the ruling train little daughter of Tacoma are this loads over any given dlvision." week visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Bounsall and Mrs. M. A. Bonn- sail. Mrs. A. D. Guild, a sister of J. E. Cabinet ],Vork of aU kinds at lowest prices. Furniture repaired. New Fur- # niture hand made. Prices to suit the customers. Shop ou Lewis Street # .......................... Dolloff, came with Mr. Dolloff and ,, family last week on their return from the East, for a short visit, and will return to Augusta, Maine, in a few days. %* Frank Freeman of Castle Rock vis- ited his cousin, Mrs. William Wri from Saturday to Monday. "g" X.4(" The Scandinavian Ladies Aid wil meet text Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lena Tallman on Blake- lay street, at 2 o'clock. The New Styles Mi,s Christina Doual.,ss of Snoho- of mish has been engaged as clerk at the Wall -aver Palace of Sweets, to commence Mon- IIAVE BEEN RECEIVED day. Mrs. gusta Johnson of Snohomish Paints, Oils, Varnishes, i drove up Thursday afternoon to visi: Brushes and (]lass Picture Frames, Room Mouldings N, T, R ADLEY friends. % 4b About thirty of the young friend, of Miss Sarah Mercer surprised her at her home on Lewis street last Satur- day evening, and had a merry time, .... A DEAL IN BANANAP, - i No like da skeenny olda man Dat eom' to dees peanutta stan' 'i Today an' buy da wan banan'. Iie mak' me seeekl " !i Eel evra customer ees go For make treecks an' talka so 4 Like beam, you bat my life, I nO Get reeeha queeck. V, ral, deesa man he corn' an' say: "How mooeha for banan' today?" An' so I tel heem right away, "Ees two for fl'." "O my, I mus' be gattin' deaf Or you ees talka like da t'lefl" He say to me. 'n' look as eel :,i He gone cry. "Ees two for fl'." I say agen. lie shak' hees head at me an' den lie tel me: "MAR' eet fl" for ten An' tak da men'." "All right," I say, "I guess weeU do.  Den "Fi' for ten ees wan for two." He say, "liere ees two cent for you, I taka wanF' He tak' da beegges' wan of an! Ha, w'at you theenka dat for gnU? He ees so meana man, so small, He turk' me seeck. Eef evra customer ees go For maka treecks an' talkd so Like hoem, you bat my life, I no Gat reeeha queeek. -T. A. Daly in Catholic Standard and Times. There Were Limits. Contracting Painter and Paper Hanger and also presented her with a set of silver knives and forks and cream ladle. Nezu-ous Old Lady--Do people lose Eldridge Morse, the well known: their lives here very often? '-** ; : : = : : : : : -- : : : : : : : : : : " Snohomish pioneer, was ia town Sat- Old Salt--No, mum; only about once! urday. Mr. Morse is now living at --Tatler. Roosevelt. While here he purchased from J.W. Knapp all the prunes re- maining unpicked on the Ball place. -- .... *x* Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by One Dose + First Class Plumbing of Chamberlaln's Colic, CI,olera a d Rev. S. V. Warren, the new M.E. Diarrhoea a Reasonable Prices Relnedy pastor, is expected to arrive next I was so weak from an attack of diar- Sheet Metal and Tin Work Monday, being unable to sooner get rhoea that I could scarcely attend to done to order his household goods shipped. - my duties, when I took a dose of Chain- Sunset Phone 64 *** berlaiu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea T J MaeksI1zj8 The GridleyEntertainerswillenter-Remedy. It euredneentirelyandI lain at the M. E. cLurch tomorrow had been taking other medicine for I I (Saturday) evening, with an entertain- nine days without relief• I heartily hAS P MAIN STREET lug program consisring of vocal and recommend this remedy as being the -- : : : -- -- -: : : : : -- : -- -- -- -- - -- -- : ----*o instrumental music, pathetic and ha- best to my knowledge for bowel com- morous readings, etc. If you deers plaints:--R. G. STEWART, of the firm of The Monitor is only One Dollar a a good, clean entertainment go and be Stewart & Bro,/, Greenville, Ale. Fox. year. entertained. It won't cost much. sale by E. A, Roberts, druggist. BATHS, LAVATORIES SINKS AND CLOSETS proposed to number balloons for their. iP.entlficatlon. EDITORIAL FLINGS. I raly meet an American gentle- g, an," says Count Bent Never, if the A herlcan gentleman can help it.--Min- neapolis Journal. Henry James says that he never hrvd an American woman say "thank yu." Perhaps he never gave any one rb,son to do so.--Atlanta Journal. q2here is no reason under the sun why Chicago should not become the gleatest ballooning center on the globe• e've got the wind.--Chicago Inter Ceean. The craze for money is sapp!ng the lltal force of Americans," dclares a London contemporary. This is a good hing to tell the bill collector When he gets insistent.--New York MaIL The New York aldermen killed a pure milk bill. With pure polities, ,are whlsky and a pure police all struggling to the front, Gotham must draw the line at reform somewhere un- less the metropolis would meet the aw- ful fate of being too good for this world.--Baltimore American. DADDY LONGLEGS. He Is also called the harvest spider• But he isn't a true spider, nor an in- sect. He belongs to the family known as Phalanglldae. Eight long legs help him to get along in the world. tie has four long legs and four about half length• All his legs spring fl'om a body :which Is gtotesquely small• They are a benefit to us, as they sub- sist on plant lice and other insects. During the day he is usually quiet, save on cloudy days, which he mis- takes for twilight• Lie passes the winter in the egg state, hatching in the spring and be- coming full grown in summer• In the north their bodies are rather small and their legs comparatively short. The legs of a Mississippi speci- men measured nearly four lnehes.--St. Louis Republic. THE COOKBOOK. Oranges that are to be used for pud- dings or salads should not be allowed to stand long after slicing, as they are apt to become bitter. Add a well beaten white of an egg to mashed potatoes, whipping the po- i tato hard before dishing it. This makes It look well and taste better. Egg salad served In green pepper cups is most attractive. The eggs, of course, should be .chopped and one end of the pepper cut off to make the cup tand firmly on the plate. Those who like sausages, but with whom the grease does not agree, should try parbol.ling them a few minutes be- fore frying. The result Is most satis- factory. Pierce sausages with a fork before boiling• NEW YORK CITY. 'New York city annually consumes 5,360,000 pounds of tea. Dally receipts of transatlantic freight in the port of New York amount to 33,900 tons. Out of each five persons in New York city of marriageable age two are married and three are not. The average New York city family is larger than is generally supposed, as it averages four and six-tenths persons. The sale of spirituous liquors is in- creasing rapidly in New York city, and more noticeably so in Manhattan and the Bronx, which are selling liquor nnder two hundred more certificates from the state excise department than were issued last year.--New York Her- ald. FACTS FROM FRANCE. Brandy was first made in France In 1310. Seventeen In every hundred French families are childless• It ts estimated that last year Paris ate altogether 40,000 horses or more than 22,000,000 pounds of horseflesh. In 1899 the consumption was less than 10,000,000 pounds. A remarkable case of treasure trove has been reported to the French treas- ury. The find consisted of two large sacks of French crowns of the reigns of Louis XlII. and XlV. They had been brought to light In the course of some excavations caie ou t hl the barraekn at Boma:lla. : .,:-,.b asked his American friend. "Mooch, monsieur• I get on ze train• Ze conductor carry me past my station. I get wild. I wave my cane, I stamp my foot, I shout! Zen ze conductor grab me and hold me. When I ask him why he hold me he say because he think I am off. Ha, ha! Iie say I am off, and zat is ze very reason why I raise all ze noise--because I am not off but on." Made All the Difference. The June bride frowned. "These tomatoes," she said, "are just twice as dear as those across the street• Why is it?" "Ah, ma'am, these"-- And the grocer smiled in pity of her ignorance. --"these are hand picked." She blushed• "Of course," she added hastily, "I might have known. Give me a bushel, please."--New York Press• Serious Handicap. "Somebody ought to talk to Young- fellow. He'll never get on in politics if he keeps on antagonizing the powers that be." "But he doesn't. Ite is very careful to do all that is required of hlm." "That's all very well, but it won't help hlm while his wife persists in copying the boss' wife'sew dresses." --Baltimore American. A Long Felt Want. "I Hear you're trying to Invent a new style of cornet," said Tooter. "Yes," replied Nexdore, 'Tin at work on one with a reflex action." "What's the idea?" "If I can get It working right It will blow the head off any one that tries • to use it."--Phlladelphia Press. Lots Like Him. "I suppose you'll send your wife to the shore again this summer?" "Nit. Can't afford it." "Why, she isn't extravagant, is she ?" "Not at all. But last summer, all the time she was away, I spent a hundred a week."--Des Moiues Register. A Curtain Lecture. Friend--What is that you are writ- Ing so busily, Ellse? Ellse (newly marrled)--A curtain lec- ture for my husband. I'm not going to sit up until it pleases htm to come home.--Meggendorfer Blatter. A Hard Proposition. "Charlie Choofer ran into a fat man with his new car." "Any damage?" "Yes, one lamp was broken and a mud guard bent, and Charlle thinks of slng the fat man." No Landlady In the Case. "I wish 1 were an elephant?" "Why?" "So that I could move my trunk without everybody kicking."- Ioust01 Pest. AGENTSFOR THE CELEBRATED Beckwilh Bound Oak[ COAL AND WOOD ] HEATING STOVES Call and examine before buying. hedin00a Hdwe, Co, lnc, (EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE) HOTEL ARRIVALS HOTEL PEARSALL M F Bakerowitz, Seattle C E Roberts, Gee Watt, '= 0 F Whiteomb, " J H Brokaw, " W A Sheldon, " J T Jacobs, " C G Stewart, " C W Harrison, Portland A Moser J C Casperson C J Bell Fred Banks, Bayous Dick Wolf, Cherry Valley Miss Nellie Johnson Arthur B Hendrie, Snohomish Guy Q Stryker, " J Andrews Chas R Dennis, Arlington J O Ladd, Spokane J Cooper Milt Davis Peter Lover ,V States, Tacoma A C Dexter, Seattle C A Moss, '" Frank DaM Miss Nettle Hanson W A Curtis, Adna, Wash. Chas Price Boy Ritchie, Snohomish VCm Smith, '. Paul E Smith, Seattle H E Hopkins, " John Johnson Lester Davis Bellingham E Goodfellow C J Hawley, Everett E \\;V Parr, Tacoma W L Bronson and wife, Seattle F Runkel, Everett A C Brown, Stanwood L H Fowler D W Tervilliger, Alaska H G Aune, Jamestown, N Y F L Sheehan, Seattle Ed Meissner, " L D Leyde, Novelty Jim Moore and wife Mike Eggum J E Henley, Everett Ernest Patneaud H L Allen, Cherry Valley Arthur F Baker, Everett; S D Griffith, Wenatehea F A Vandenburg and wife, Everett Archie Brown Benton Moret, Seattle V R Gaspard, " J J Kelley Wm Isaacson John Wilson Ted Pellct!er, SeatMe T H Brooks, " A B Buck, C H Crippen, Clear Lake J H Robinson, Seattle R W Kinzer, " H G Clark, " W B Price, " Wm Waller, " C L Day Otto Stein \\;V A Morrson C S Stocking, Taeoma K Lehman, Bellingham J W Thorp, Chicago WASHINGTON IIOTEL Bert Clancy Jack Eeaver C IIaney F Math(r Jim Wade D F Siger J von Baumbach, Seattle Frank Harvey Gust Ryqulst J E IIcnley MilD Childs D Bordelais G Friedman H G Morton M McPherson F Keating Mrs Kelly W Campbell E Itarber J Ness Louis Ness Gee Brown L B Smith E A Olson, Evm ett E Cole Chris Hammer D Davis, Seattle J Baker R Francis B Triklett L Lever L Kesril Ernest Johnson John Treen A E Clark Chas Mo,'rill John Sloan tI Hefferman C A Engles, Seattle John M:Gee, lh,tte, Moat. Jas Dempscy G IIarden Ed Glenn A llIlghty lUulhler As au invigorator and builder up of Foken down tissues, Wilbur's Puget Sound Blood Purifier cannot be excel- led. If you have pimples or sores f any kind on your body, by takinga few bottles of this medicine they will soon disappear. For rheumatism the medi- :cine never fails. $1.00 per bottle. For sale by E. A. Roberts and W. E. E. Mansfield.