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September 22, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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September 22, 1960

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PAGE FOURTEEN Monroe Monitor, Monroe, Wn. Sept. 22, 1960 Gibson&apos;s Monroe Bowl Reports: . 0 L Y M P I A R 0 U N D - U P Valley League Results EVF-GREEN LEAGUE "BoWs Auto Repair ... 6 2 Lions ............... 6 2 Osborne's ........... 5 3 ,I-Iandey's Nursette .. 5 3 Index Redmen ..... 31/2 4% Ken's Auto Rebttild .. 3 5 Scott's Trophy ...... 2 6 Valley Implement. ... 1% 6 STATISTICS IJarry Nasman ....... 537 Dick Ogborne ...... 201 527 CASCADE LEAGUE Wagner Lumber .... 7 1 Monroe Floral ...... 5 3 Gene's Service ...... 4 4 Gohl and Sons ...... 4 4 Flickners ............ 4 4 Northwest Trophy ... 3 5 Don Chevrolet ....... 3 5 Pastime Tavern .... 2 6 STATISTICS You get ALL POWER WEST'S MOST POWERFUL PREMIUM Bud Holmes ....... 230 600 Bill Kroehl ........ 225 + 546 Wagner Lumber 862-857 2510 MERRY MIXERS LEAGUE Roes'ler Log. Co ..... 6 2 Rocking H J Ranch . 5 3 Charles Ref ......... 4 4 Rusich Mink ....... 4 4 Carlson's Trucking ... 4 4 Pilehuck Drive In ... 4 4 Skykomish Tree Parm 3 5 Oddfellows .......... 2 6 STATISTICS Dale Champers .... 210 ... Don 'Bus ........... 205 ... Tubby Miller ...... 175 473 INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Kerns +Service ....... 6 2 Rainbow Tavern ..... 5 3 Sno King Dairy ...... 5 3 Std. Housewarmers 4 4 Monroe Hardware ... 4 4 Al's Tavern .......... 3 5 Great Northern ...... 3 5 Whitfield's Ins ....... 2 6 STATISTICS Al's Tavern ........... 2366 Bob Schilaty ...... 190 546 Wayne Kern ....... 187 517 Gone Predhomme . 189 530 Start Brzezinski _.. 190 512 Ken Greakreaks .. 187 501 Floyd Collins ...... 183 500 STARLITERS LEAGUE Cummings Bros ..... 7% 1/z Bill's "76" Union ... 61 11/2 Tri-VaUey Pharmacy 5 3 Monroe Lockers ..... 5 3 Monroe Bowl ........ 5 3 Monroe Eagles ...... 1% 61/ First Nat'l Bank ..... 1 7 Serve-U Store ....... % 71/2 STATISTICS Bona Mathews ..... 193 521- Lou Thomas ....... 180 498 'BUSINE:SSM.ENS LEAGUE Team7 .............. 8 0 Duvall Motors ....... 6 2 Cummings Bros ...... 4 4 Valley Feed ......... 4 4 Team 8 .............. 4 4 Saum Shoe Store .... 3 5 Ingal'ls Realty ....... 3 5 Coast. to ,Coast ....... ,0 8 STATISTICS Bob Simon ......... 200 517 Dec Smith ......... 207 521 E. Minaglia ........ 211 564 HOUSEWIVES LEAGUE Darigold ............. 6 2 Flynns .............. 4 4 Monroe, Motel ..' .... 4 4 Union .Oil .......... 4 4 Pastime ............. 3 5 Bubble p .......... 3 5 VALLEY LEAGUE Monroe Motel ....... 6 2 Sullivan's Jewelry .. 5 3 Blue E,agles ......... 4 4 Sportsmen's Care ... 4 4 Robinson Plywood ... 4 4 Larry's Food Store .. 4 Olympia...The surprise in last week's state primary election was .he size of the vote polled by Lloyd J. Andrews in winning the Republican nomination to oppose Gov. Albert D. Rosellini, and the fact. that the Republican vote for Andrews and his primary oppon- ent, Newman tI. (Zeke) Clark of Seattle ran substantially .ahead of the total Democratic vote for gov- ernor. It ,could indicate that Gov. Res- ell[n[ is in trouble, and will mean ,a slam-bang final campaign over the weeks remaining before the second Tuesday in November. We look for `this to be the most ex- pensive campaign in state history at he top 'level. Resell[n[ is well ,financed and will get more funds poured in from .the ational cam- paign bag. And with `the Repub- licans scenting a chance to upset the incumbent, `they will not. spare the horses. Gov. Resell[n[ was already run- ning "scared" and the vote will do nothing `to tranquillize the sit- uation. On the other hand the race is not settled in the primary. Only about half the registered vo- ters got to the polls, rand it is possible that another 30 percent f them will come out for `the .final elect.ion. If the national trend is for Nixon it will not help Res- ell[n[. But he had expected the Republican primary vote to be larger than his own, as he had hardly token opposition for the nomination. It is presently any- body's race. In other areas the vote went. in general fairly much as expect- ed. The Democrats would seem `to have a good ,chance to win the Third District cougressiontal post wlch became vaean`t on the death earlier his year of Rep. Russell V. Mack of Hoquiam. State Rep. Julia "But.ler Hansen won handily over her Democratic opposition for the nomin'ation for the Third District seat, and out- distanced her Republican rival, State Sen. Dale M. Nordquist, of Centralia by a comfortable mar- gin. If Mrs. Hanson wins the [in,al it will be a break in `the ,alrnost solid Reppblican hold on the lower house of ,Congress from this state. The Republican incumbents in the other Congressional districts of the state vould appear to be safe. YOUTH CONSERVATION CORPS An anouncemen`t made by Gov. Rosellini just. before the primary disclosed that he as directed Dr. Garrett Heyns, director of insti- tutions, to take steps immediately toward developing a youth con- servation corps for the State of Washington. If and when effect- ed the program would employ 4 . high school youths to work in the 5 orests and recreation areas el Obviously not all `the youth would participate, so that would be a maximum cost. The cost, while impoant, does not seem to us as much so as the question whether the people would want this further move toward `the wel- fare state. In ,the 1930's there was need for Civilian Conservation Corps., which was a similar pro- ject on the natiorra,1 ,level. Pre- sently there is no depression. The state is caring for dependent chil- dren, providing kindergartens and spending half a billion dollars on educating youth to the college le- vel, is cpring for the senior citi- zens. Should it now dip into se- lected segments of the youth pop- ulation and provide summer em- ployment on a regimented camp basis? Where is the pernai su- pervision of the state to end? With all the other financial de- mands that will be [faced by the 1961 legislature e think this pro- posal will get a: ,cool reception 'from the tax writing 'lawmakers.. HOOD CANAL BRIDGE Troubles =arising from the storm daraaged I-Iood Canal bridge are still with the state and probably will be for some `time to come. Represent.atives of the state and the. prime contractor on the bridge will confer on Sept. 23 and try to settle their eontractural disagree- ment.s. Center of the dispute is a' contract for repairing the damag- ed ,bridge awarded recently to Yuba Erectors, Inc. of San Fran- cisco. Morrison - Kaiser - Pug, Sound -.General, which holds the $14,266,690 prime contract to build the floating portion of the bridge claims that the state disregarded the rights of the contractors wheu it hired Yuba to complete the job. The prime contractor does not re- cognize the state's right to take the storm-damaged bridge pon- toons away from it and deliver them to Yuba without terminating the prime contract. The dispute portends further delay in work to complete the bridge while bond interest goes on and no revenues are coming in. The state' hope, 'before the present disagreement arose, was to get the bridge seady for traffic by 'June of next year. Naches Pass Tmmel ._ Appointed last week by Gover- nor Resell[n[ was a' committee of court ruled last April that the tax was unconstitutional because it was not uorm to the same class of property as required :by the 14th amendment to the state constitu- tion. The revenue measure, passed by the 1959 legislature, would have levied a tax equal to one quarter of one per cent on gross income from property rentaIs or leases. Rent.,al income under $300 would have been ex.cluded from the Ievy. and the tax would not have been imposed on unrented real estate. The State Tax ,Commission now will have to refund about $300,000 it has cel,lected under the `tax mea- sure, prior to t.he Supreme Court's April decision. Proposed Legislation A considerable amount of pro- .posed Ilegislation will be out on the 'boards for discussion and in some cases action when the State Legis- lative Council meets October 8 in Tacoma's Winthrop Hotel. It will ,be a miniature preview of some of the main bills which will go be- core the 1961 legislature. Among the measures are: A bill to revamp the inferior ,courts, eliminpate `the "fee" justice of the peace, and bring more dig- nity to the lower courts. A measure ,to take the patronage out of appraisals o estate,s by spe- cifying that the job be done by salaried employes of `the Sate Tax Commission. A new state marketing act,' of vital eencern `to agriculture. A bill to permit cities to initiate annexation of adjoining territory. A group of measures designed ,to ,spur i n d u s `t r i a 1 development through ax concessions, financial aid ,and other means. Measures to ?acilit.ate joint ac- `ti6n by port districts in projects or their mutual benefit. Legislation to permit continuing school district levies. Proposal to permit cities to make their own property assessments and serve fas their own boards of equalization. 'Control of air pollution, a eon- troversi, al measure which .the Coun- ,ell is , with ,caution. A bill ,to estahlish a State In- vestment Council to pass on in- vestment o all state fands. Bills to provide better licensing procedure .and supervision of small loan companies in the state. 12, desigrrated a Naehes Pass Tun- nel Action Committee, charged These are not all the proposed with working out some plan to as- hills, but they give an idea of the sure financing and get a Naches scope of preparation under vay Pass tunnel under construction for the 1961 session. `through the ,Cascade MouuLains. Walla Walla's Government Harry Sprinker, Pierce County Commissioner, was design'ated the In the opinion of Robert Gra- chairman. Financing is the key to the tunnel ,project. Latest engineer- I AND PRESERVE lert yours eli--learn the true naturt and-tactics of communism. Make civic for social programs improvement your business. E xerclse your right to vote; lcct representatives of integrity. R aspect dlgnity-- communism human and individual rights cannot coexist, Inform your country-- yourself; know its history, traditions, and heritage. ombat public apathy toward communism-- indifference can be fatal when national survival iS at stakL ttack bigotry and prciudiee wherevm. they appear; justice for all is the bulwark o[ democracy. Wagner Rehab To Start Man. Area game protect<r Dick Hoyt said that. the lake will be poisoned Monday, then re-stocked at a.later date. Because o the potent poison substance, Wagner will be out of commission for one season. The game protector said that the poisoning in no way win affec the edibility of trout in the lake, and `the general public are welcome to any of the fish poisoned. He ad- vised t'at Monday evening and Tuesday morning would probably be the best time to net the fish when they surface. Onion odor and flavor can be re- moved from cooking utensils by rubbing them with celery leaves. i Mrs. Gertrude Painter i Piano Instruction PY 4-4611 425 S. Sam St., Monroe 33-4t Wagner Lake, located in the Wag- ner District norbheast of Monroe, will be in for the first step of a State Fisheries Department reha- bilitation program next Monday morning. Monroe Realty ...... 3 in g estimate is `that the tunnel Independents ........ 2 6 would be feasible with a subsidy STATISTICS the state during `the summe'," va- of $8,200,000 in addition to reve- Sportsmen's Care .... 2367 cation months. ues which ,tolls would produce. Monroe Realty .... 824 The timing would lead one to Suggested has been financial par- Irving Scharf ...... 208 500 assume `that it could have ben ticipation by cities, counties, port Gerrit Kroeze ..... 208 intended to snare more votes, districts 'and other political sub- Jim I)aniels ....... 203 "' The proposal does lave appealing divisions which would be benefit- Dale McCarty ..... 244 5 ,features. We do not know whether `ted by the a!ll-weather highway Earl Akers ........ 213 500 anything will ,come of it. All the route connecting Puget Sound wit.h Scott Deane .., ..... 203 governor seems to have in mind .the Columbia Basin area. Eli Tomas ......... 209 -'" Tight now is `to get a de[in,[,to pro- Members `to serve with Sprinker "" gram in shape to present to the are W. A. Bugge, state highway WOODS CREEK LEAGUE legislature and ask authority to director; Claude V. Munsey of Ta- i Golden tgagles ...... 6 2 niti'ate a pilot or `test project nex coma, president af the Naches Tun- Crowell Log .......... 6 .2 year. nel Assn.; Clinton ReynoMs of Ta- Wolfkill Shur-Crop .. 5 3 Petrolane Gas ....... 5 3 When the same proPosal came coma, member of the associ,ation's Clarke Shell Oil ..... 4 4 up on a national scale at the 1960 board of directors; Lee Crossen of Carlson Welding ..... 3 5 White House Conference on Chil- Selah and Jim H. Nichols of Yaki- NewUs ,Chevron ..... 2 6 dren and Youth, hose opposed to ma, beth Yakima County commis- ]Royal 76 Gasoline gives Bill's "76" Union .... 1,  7 it declared it smacked too much siouers; Ben Hansen, mayor of Ta- of ,the Hitler elite corps. They oh- coma; Thomas C. Bostic, mayor you pure power clean through. STATISTI'( jected to its regimentation of youth of Yakima; Floyd Miller, Seattle Vince Nelson .. 205-215 591 of high'schoOl ,age.' Congress was city cotmcitman; Ed Munro, King That's because hydrogen George 'Neville ...... 557 reluctant to take it up and noth- County "commissioner; Capt. Tom refi:ing (a process Union Oil Ralph Millbach ....... 551 ing was done. The question arises McManua, Seattle port coma[s- developed and owns) Eldon Furlong .... 202 545 whether the state can afford te sioner; and Archie E. ,Blair, Ta. Bruce Crowell ........ 525 initiate it alone, coma port commissioner. cleans out impurities, leaves in 'Bud Wolfkill .......... 521 only hard-workingoctanes Wayne Ohm .......... 513 An estimate of the young men (100-plus, of course). Jim Danielson ....... 504 who would be potentially eligible Biggs Rapids Toll Bridge St.u Jonker (all spare game) 501 in this state shows 52,000 in grades Contract for construction of the You get Royal 76 at the 10. 11 and 12, sophomores `through Biggs Rapids toll .bridge across the sign of the big 76. It is pure Every good camp in big-game seniors. The plan would be `to pay Columbia River r6m a point near anal simply-The Finest. country should have !a cache on `them a fair wage and have .them Maryhill on he Washington side of stilts to discourage bears and oth- pay the state .for their room and `the river to Biggs, Oregon, at a er hungry animals from maraud- board while on the projects. No cost of $2,409,163, was awarded by ing {he food supply. A .good idea determination has been made as the stiate last week to Paul Jar- to what this pay would be. To take -- - - ws, Inc o Seattle Work s sch ,J[O O][., is to rail metal sheeting to ? an a rbRrary figure of $100 t uled to'begin vt ehr w ed-[ a m ....... poles so `tha`t no ,animal can g month, it would cost $5,200 006 a _  ;' ,., eeKs I aw hold arts Mield ann oe completes in the fall of ] ]M'Aqy a' d .--Dp " n month `to employ all the youth or 1962.,. The span will be financed I "Every time the av3r.ag3de o_ $15,600,000 for the s umraerLTna  with proceeds of $3,500,000 bond l makes beth "ends mee, . ... g would go up m $31,oo0,0oo ,o,* ,re issue sold '- -- .... ' - OF CALIFORNIA breaks in the middle."E,arl wil- fiscal ,biennium. oy ae sate last month. I son.   Medical Aid to Elderly I  Th | a e new federal medical care .... | plan for needy persons over 65 wiIl I - - .   1 .ll | not mean much to Washington old- [ [-----  P 1 I1--- / sters now on welfare, say state ] M[0000F.L , II00LILB00_ I offici'als. Thestatealreadylspa . VV i  i i v ' fi II / alls HoweveYr: I / me eaerm plan will result in a I / substantial financial boost to the I --  -- all A .... _ / st, ate, said George Starhmd, state | - " ..... l1 m lmA I director of public assistance. Un- I au..... ,A,a. der the program the,ederal gov ll lF ll U   1 ernment will start pam 1 the bill or medicl care, Which the l | state has been paying out of its | / oven taxes. Unofficial estimates in -- -- a. i = '_ lU----.. .,.n=ln | dicate the state may receive fed- I U]I UliUtOillO V 0 extent of ' " A.It. l00ndan00 _ station WiffUII3 - vai|, t oral help on medical care to the I  / $,500, $4,000,000 a I ' | year. The medical care or *Wash- I .. -- -.= i R ..... / ington oldsters `totaled $1,379,850 I . 1_. TAn PlPk'llift -- llp_mn_ during July, including $940,345 ,for Z null II IIUIMIIO .+11||.. ] nursing home care of 7,293 persons I " ' / vr +" I + ' m /  ] ,, Rental Property Tax | / The Washingt0 Sta+e Supreme VUII --v= *| Cou00 de+lined l:ast week to rehear I ..... N MONROE / a ease involving ;a legmlative at- | CORNER MAIN & MADLt. / EPL tealYrtebie;1  [ ham, chief examiner for S t a t e Auditor Cliff Yelle, Walla Wall, a has .'been governed by a city com- mission whose legal status is open to question. Two city commission- ers resigned in 1959, said Graham. The remaining coma[. "ssioner ap- pointed another, and together they +hose a third one. State law spe- cifies that it takes two members of a city commission `to constitute a quorum, and therefore when only one .commissioner remained he had no legal authority to proceed. :But as Graham said in ,a report t Yelle, it will not make much dif- ference now, .because Walla Walla is scheduled to switch to a coun- cil-manager 'form of .government later this month. MODEL T130 NEW RADIO O to these Values At 0ast-T0-C0ad Store's GRAND OPENING Outstanding Tonel Big S" x 7" Oval Speakerl Boss-Treble Tone Contrail @ Vernier, Dial Beam Tuningl @ Color Choice: Pink & White, Wedgwood Blue & White, Gray & White. . Pr;ce includes 90 day warranty on both parts and labor, .NEW AM'FM / fiT" 8 tubes plus rectifier Continuous tone Control Wake-t-muslc or buzzer Two 6" G-E * AFC-- Automatic Turns itself off outomatlcolllf Dynapower speakers Frequency Control -- Vernier, Dial Beamtuning Output jack for tape locks stations in tune recorder Two built-in antennas " Fully molded cabinet; color' COAST TO COAST '00S'+'TORES Pce incles 90 day worty on both parts and labor. I I PYramid 4-3231 roe