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September 20, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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September 20, 1907

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Theydo not r:dimle the initiative [-l ] 1 Y IIJP l " JW  / T llk.1 1 M ][ II .J.ll't and referendum in 0:PEon, where the AN INDEPENDENT WEEKLY PAPER principle is in practical application on PUBLIS]aED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE, WASHINGTON a state scale. The measure now un- E C. BISSELL, EDITOR der consideration is one appropriating Enter,d atthe Potoce at Monroe, Washington, tm sec.nd class m, atte2 $1o5'O0c:h:heeU:::fl/tYsL v0:te , __-- g , P P ! SUBSCRIPTION, IN ADVANCE ................ ONE DOLLAR A YEAR to accept or reject. Such a referen- dum vote will reflect the public atti- ADVERTISING RATES rude toward the university, but it will Display advertising, per inch, singla column, per month .................. 50c Locals, per line per issue, 5c ; minimum charge ........................... Cards of thanks, each .................................................... Obituaries and resolutiohs of condolence, per line ....................... 25c 50c 5c It is but natural that the enforce- ment of the Sunday closing law ill this state should direct to it vastly more attention than it has received heretofore. Many people claim to believe that lawyers elected to the legislature indite laws and purpose- ly leave loopholes in order to create business for lawyers. The Monitor does not believe this. It may much better be accredited to the lack of intelligence on the part of our law- makers. Because a man has the ability to amass a fortune does not necessarily indicate that he can con- struct the English language under- standingly; because a man dresses in good taste, has a pleasing address and a "gift of gab" does not signify These are the only issue left is Bryan. The Bryan followers ca6 at least console them- selves that their leader talked years ago the way Roosevelt now does, and it may be a question whether Bryan in the opposition, as the English say, is not a greater power than he would be in the chair of the chief magistrate. The question then arises, to what party will the conservatives go? It might be a good idea for someone to start a party for the poor, down trodden trusts and money monkeys. The lumbermen of the Northwest are putting up a strong case against the proposed advance in freight rates of 10 cents per hundred weight to the East. The showing so far that he is intelligent. classes of men who have too often seems to be all in favor of their been sent to the legislature to enact 'contention that the railroads are not laws for the government of the pro, I justified from any point of view in ple--one becaus he 5as locally in-le:acting this additional tax on the fluential solely on account of tiisl lumber industry. But as the raft- wealth; the other because the pe0-:roads lave filed notice of their in- ple, who in the main desire to do right, mistook a pleasing address and a fluency of speech for intelli- .... genre. As to the law in question: Is it to be interpreted as it reads, or as some person may conceive to be the intent of :its author? Much complaint is made regarding Sec- tion 1887, Pierre's Code, which de- clares it to be unlawful for any per- son in this state to open a place of business on Sunday for the sale of goods of any kind, and in tile next tention to raise the rate, to take effect November ist, the lumbermen seem to be up against it. An appeal to the Interstate Commerce Coin- mission will mean a wait of many months before a decision can be had, and. iu the meantime irreparable damage will have been done. The )resent procedure is equivalent to lynchingan alleged culprit, and calmly trying him judicially after- wards. It is clearly shown that another step in railroad legislation not closely indicate the amount of support the people would give it. The 0regonian accordingly suggests the application of the initiative, which would better reveal the extent the )eople would go to in building up the institution. It is very close to a pure democracy which Oregon lives under, and instead of finding it engaged ill schemes of confiscation for the indul- gence of a mob, we see it interested in promoting education. WHEN There'll be steam heat at the far north pole, and melted the frozen snow; The equatorial line will freeze and frost on the bread fruit grow; The gulf stream's flow to the south will turn and Cuba be washed away; ;the Father of "Waters will change its course and flow into Hudson's Bay; The old Yukon will be boiling hot and goodness be sold by the can When the old Pacific is gobbled up by the sawed-off sons of Japan. The hogs will soar thru the azure sky, and the birds will root and squeal; Chicago will slip from its present spot and anchor by old Mobile; The city of Penn will have no graft, and Pittsburg will be free from soot; The streets of Boston will be straight as strings and roses will grow in Butte; The Standard Oil will be run straight and the "Big Stick" stuffed with bran When the old Pacific is gobbled up by the sawed-off sons of Japan. The tariff barons will cry enough and cheerfully yield their graft; The winter winds from the frozen wilds the warmest of zephyrs waft; The sun will shine on the darkest night and the moon will shine by day; The finest of figs on thistles grow and wine will be squeeze] from hay; Chamberlain's Cough Remedy One of the ]est on the Market For many years Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has constantly gained in favor and popularity until it is now one of the most staple medicines in use and has an enormous sale. It is intended especially for acute throat and lung diseases, such as coughs, colds and croup, and can al- ways be depended upon. It is pleasant and safe to take and is undoubtedly the best in the market for the purposes for which it is intended. Sold by E. A. Roberts, the druggist. NOTICE TO CONTRACTOIS Notice is hereby given, that sealed bids will be received by the County Commissioners of Snohomish County until l0 o'clock A. M. of September 23rd, A. D. 1907, for the foUowing work. viz: Two coats of painting and varnishing wood york on inside of County Hospital at Monroe. To be painted with best.quality No. 1 white lead and oil, according to plans and specliica- lions on lile with Superintendent of Poor Farm at Monroe. Bonds will be required in double the amount of the contract price. Bids must be addressed to "BOARD OF COUN- TY COMMISSIONERS OF SNOIIOMISH COUNTY, EVERETT. WASHINGTON." and endorsed "Bid for Fainting and Varnishing at County Hos- pital." The Board reserves the right to reject any and aU bids. Dated at Everett, Washington, this 4th day of September. A. D. 1907. S. VESTAL, , 9-20 County Auditor and Clrk of Board. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TtIE SUPERIOR COURT OF TIIE STATE of Washington, in and for the County of Sno- homish. In the Matter of the Estate of Martin Suns- by, Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, Peter Jackson, the administrator ot the es- tate of Martin Sunsby, deceased, to the cred- itors of and all persons having claims against said deceased, to exhibit them. with the neces- sary vouchers, within one year (1) after the date of the first publication of this notice, to the administrator at the office of Coleman & Fogarty, in the Hewitt Building, in the City of Everett, Snohomish County, Washington. the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate. Dated August 28th, 1907. PETER JACId:SO-'ff, Administrator. First publication August 30, 1907. IOTICE FOR pUI]LICATION United States Land Offlce Seattle, Washington, August 26, 1907. Notice is hereby given that in compliance with the provisions of the Act of Congress of June 3, 1878. entitled "An Act for the Sale of Timber Lands in the States of California. Ore- gore Nevada and Washington Territory," as extended to all the Public Land Statos by Act of August 4 1892, James F. Seaman, of Monroe, County of Snohomish, State (or Territory) of Washington, has this day filed in this office his sworn statement No. |1908, for the purchase of the N. E.  of the N. E. 4 of Section No. 22, in Township No. 27 N., Range No. 7 E., W. M., and will offer proof to show that the land sought is more valuable for its imber or stone than for agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to said land before the Register and Re- ceiver of this office at Seattle, "Washington, on Saturday, the 7th day of December, 1907. He names as witnesses: John D. Bird. R S. Stryker, Thos. Bird and A., L. Brix, all of Mon- roe, Wash. Any and all persons claiming adversely the i J. A. VANASDLEN i! OTARY PUB0000IC i Beal Estate and Insurance i Au. a0, ,9o7 I have some good ha, gains in Hous and Lots, Improved and Unimproved Farms," close in t 15 acres good bottom land. 1 [ 1 lot in Farnaer's 1st addition.$ 15 mile from town, improved, i1 acre, good house, orchard, : with stock and implements.$2,0001 well improved, in Monroe.. 1,500 165 acres of bottom land with [1 large lot on Main street in : personal property 3 miles Monroe cleared .......... 500 : Monroe ............. 8,500 40 acres on Cherry creek, bot- ,, 1 acre tract, in Harriman's 1st tom land, with iJouse ....... 1.200 add to MGnroenotiml)roved 300 1 acre with 6 room house on ' 80 acres of improved bottom I Madison street, if sold in 10 : land, a snap, must be sold.. 4,(00 days ....................... 800 21otsin Farmer's 1st addition 8acresof good bottom land, . cleared lots 61 fort wide... 300 [ improved, with house ...... 800 i I have a few tracts of good timber cheap, must be sold soon as options ] will expire, i Office in Monroe Furniture Store on Main St,, East of Post Office 0OO00OOO000000O0000 OO#OO#@OOO*O@OOOOO E. M STEPnENs, Prest. A: J AONEW, Viee-Pret. \\;V E. \\;VADDELL, Cashier. The 00onroe Slate Bank Transacts a General Banking Business Interest paid on thne deposits. Savins bank books issued and interest paid on savings bank Lal- : anccs at the rate of 4 per cent per annum. Any amount from $1 up will open a savings bank account. DRAFTS ISSUED ON ANY POINT IN TttE WORLD i OLYMPIA BAR] PETER SUHL, Propr. "-the Choicest of Vines,  Liquors and Cigars i RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION MEALS AT ALL HOURS g ROOMS,-0000c A : breath providesthat the law shall not apply to hotels except as relates to the" Sale of intoxicating liquors, an3 follows with a provision that thesection "shall not apply to drug stores, livery stables or undertak- ers." The law presumably intended to close all business houses on Sun- day, except such as might cause great inconvenience or detriment to the public at large. It is sometimes necessary that a man should travel on Sunday, where the livery stable ffers the ole means of locomotion The services of the undertaker are often imperative, and prescriptions frequently demand to be promptly compounded or a life sacrifced, on Sunday as well as any other day. If the law is "rigidly enforced no place of business can keep open for the sale of goods save those except- ed in Section 1887. A man con- ducting a business where he sells cigars, fruits; ice cream, confection- ery, etc., must remain closed, but a hotel or drug store may sell any- thing save intoxicating liquors. The intent of the author may have been perfectly just, but his law, if interpreted to the letter, is rankly unjust. It is not usually held that a person may read between the lines of a law and ascribe to it the unex- pressed intentions of the author, no matter how worthy or how essen- tial. Manifestly the law is one of the man)" examples of erratic con- struction, insomuch, as it does not convey the meaning ilitended by its autho ". i b'exi .e.u's presidential contest is fast shaping itself *ith both par- ties. The wonderful transformation of the Republican party under Roosevelt's leadership from a con- servative to a radical party, has knocked out all the calculations of the Democratic party. The Repub- li:ans l ave crowdedthe Democrats off of th;ir platform and have ab- sorbed  good share of the party in the doing of it. hi fact, it can be said that there is no Demo- cratic party, outside of the South, as the president has cut tke ground from:under'it. There is a Bryan party, and it will see to it that if Bryan is not nominated, the man who is will not be elected. Even the old, time-honored Democratic issue of the tariff has" been taken away by the Taft-Roosevelt pro- nunciamento for tariff revision. The is needed, and that is, requiring all railroads to not only file their pro- posed freight tariffs with the com- mission, but in addition to secure the consent of the commission be- fore the rate can become effective. It is safe to say that if the railroads carry out the proposed holdup, the cause of government ownership will receive a tremendous impetus in the states of Washington and Ore- gon. The council, by its action at the last meeting, evidently intends to put in a sewer system without any more delay than is absolutely neces- sary. This is a move in the right direction. The town is rapidly in-" creasing in population and every day that the installation of a sewer sys- tem is delayed increases the menace to the sanitary conditions of the ! town. The cesspools now in use, even tho rigidly cared for, are dis- The ox will fee:l on rye bread and cheese bove described lands are requested to file and its owner will feed on bran their claims in this o.'.ce on or before said 7th When the old Pacific is gobbled up by the sawed-off sons of Japan. What if She Had Kept on Answering the Whistles The Oregonian publishes the follow- ing under the heading of "Society Items": ' A blameless young man from Uma- tilla county, where it does not rain ease breeders, and if their use is of my best skirts and then Charley continued much longer there is ira- said he would show me how. We were minent danger of an epidemic of going down Washington street not in some sort. Sewers should be built the business portion, and he showed with the least possible delay. It is me how to hold my skirts in my hand. man, especially in this country, admit it. If the Japs will hold off till President Roosevelt's term expires, those who are anxious as to what he will do then might agitate his appointment as commander-in-chief of the army and navy, and give him the job of licking the Japs. i Some of the citizens of the town are asking the question how the coun- cil, in ordering the streets of Monroe graded, happened to go all around Ferry street, which is one of the prin: cipal down town streets of the town. Index may be hidden in a gulch, but she is going to make an effort to make herself known to the outside world by voting on incorporation on the 1st of October. La grippe! La grippe! to ashamed to, but for modesty's sake, and after about forty short whistles from Charley I decided that no matter what the Portlan] styles might be or how many skirts I ruine:l I would pos- itively refuse to carry my skirts at that height, so I dropped them and turned around to give Charley a lec- ture on modesty. I saw Charley com- ing up on the run just behind four men who were walking arm in arm and taking up all the street. Finally Char- ley broke thru the line, and, grabbing me by the arm, bustled me into a door- way while the four men passed. "'Great heavens, girlie!' he ex- claimed when they had passed, 'Don't you know my whistle? I stopped whistling five inches ago.'" Facts Stronger Than Fiction All pains arising from rheumatism, gout,, megrim, toothache, neuralgia, For la grippe, coughs, colds and co-. headache, liver pains, neuralgic pains, ' , 1 ttea lumba,o shff neck chilblains, sumption Wilbur s Puget Sound Couh I sc'a " , , , " " , " " Cure has no equal. Nice and pleasing contused mucles, enlarged veins and to the taste and can be taken by the all pains of the bones 9r nerves quiek- most delicate female or child. Price I ly' relic'red by using Wilhur's Oil of 50c. For sale by E. A. Roberts and IGladness' 50e per bottle. For sale by W. E Mansfield. 1 F.. A. Roberts and \\;V. E. Mansfield. Then he dropped a short distance be- him tb regulate the height. Every time he whistled I was to raise my Skirts just a littl I followed instruc- tions without looking around. You :know, Clarissa, I don't like to carry my skirts to high, not because I am MONROE LODGE No. 138, K. OF P. Meets every Wednesday eyeing at 8 o'clock at K. P. Hall. W. E. MANSFIELD, C. C. ROBT. n. STAPLETON, K. of R. & S. I. J. POND PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Office and Residence over Monroe State Bank. Both Phones. E. T. BASC03I ATTORNEY AT LAW MONROE, WASHINGTON Office, Ferguson Block G. F. COOK ATTORNEY AND NOTARY EAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Ferguson Blk. Monroe M. J. McGUINNESS ATTORNEY AT LAw Office, One Door East Pehobscot Hotel SNOIIOMISH, WASH. J0tIN W. MILLER ATTORNEY AT LAW Room 7, Often Building SNOHOMISH, "VASHINGTON JOS. COLEMAN John n. FOGARTY COLEMAN & FOGARTY ATTORNEYS AT LAW IIewitt Building Phone 631. EVERETT, VASR A D AUSTIN W. P BELL BELL & AUSTIN, LAWYERS. Office in Realty Block, Everett, Wash. The trouble with the Jap seems to be that he has got it into his head that he is as good as a white man, and it is difficult for the white of paramount importance to the healthfulness of the town. "The Oriental Limited" "The Fast Mail" Observation Cars, Standard Sleepers, Tourist Sleepers, Dining Cars, all of the latest type. "THE COMFORTABLE WAY." For information rearding routes and thru rates to any eastern point, address A. L. LEE, Agent, Monroe, Vash. W. A. ROSS, Assistant General Passenger Agent, Seattle SKYKOMISK LOCAL Going West Going East 6 00a.m Lv.Sky'ish.Arl0 40 p.m. 6 40 .... Index .... 10 00 7 00 ...Gold ar .. 9 32 7 08 .... Startup... 9 22 7 18 .... Sultan .... 9 12 7 35 ..MONROE.. 8 55 7 55 ..Snohomish.. 8 37 8 23 .... Everett... 8 10 8 35 ...Mukilteo .. 7 55 9 03 ...Edmnnds... 7 23 9 10 RichmondBch 7 13 9 40 .... Ballard... 6 50 10 00 At'.Seattle Lv 6 30 7 00 pm Oriental Lt'd 11 17 a.m. .Overland.. 954 p.m. Sleeping ear reservations, tickets and Information from A. L. LEE, Agent, Monroe, Wash. W. A. Ross. A. G. P. A. Seattle. CITIZENS' DETECTIVE SERVICE . (NORTHWST[RN BRANCH) Detective work of all kinds covering the entire Northwest. Consultation free. Write, wire or call o6 WASHINGTON BLDG. . SEATTLE, WASH. of December, 1907. " $600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000@ day J. HENRY SMITH, Register. Date of first publication, Angust 30, 1907-  WASHINrTON HOTEL i Date of last publication, Nov. 1, 1907. NOTICE OF MEETING TO nECREASE !AMOUNT OF CAPITAL STOCK MRS. \\; AN tIORN, Proprietor i " T the Stekhlders f the SNlI'Isn LM" iNoticeBER COMPANY,Is herebya givenCrpratin:that a meeting of the Chicken Dinner on Sunday PANY wiU be held at the law offices of M.J. ecial Table for Tray cling Men MeGuinness, in the City of Snohomish, County of Snohomish, State of Washington, at the hour of seven o'clock p. m., on the 21st day of October, A. D. 1907, for the purpose of voting The Best Rooms and Meals in the city. upon the question of decreasing the capital quite so much as in Multnomah, Con- stock of said company from twenty thousand $20.0oo.0o) dollars to six thousand (,00000) O400 tributes the following extract from a dollars. Dated and signed at Snohomtsh. Washington, E "1" ! N letter wrRten--he says--by a Pendle- this ruth day of August, lr, hy the under-  B U L L signed, being a majority of the trustees of said ton girl who married a Portlander: ,SNOHOMISH LUMBIRCOMPANY. " 5feB? Norlhern Railway "You see, Clarissa," wrote the bride SNOHOMISH R.LUMBERH. WHIT.COMPANY'Trustee. JOHN H. WHITE, Trustee. from her home in Portland after two 10-,l w.B. WHITe, Trustee. weeks of the rainy season, "it rains here nearly all winter and the streets 1: of A. Two Magnificent Trains Each Day to get awful mlIddy and sloppy. You ,,,t |ndee* NO. 67 just have to hold your skirts out of Regular meetings every St Paul Mi neapolis, the mud or they are ruined. It is Han atT:30. H somewhat of an art, too, as I have MARK It. FELLERS, C.R. J. E. COUNTRYMAN, F. S. g E learned. The firstweekI spoiled two D.L..STPENs, CoutPhysictan. Chica o and the ast