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September 6, 1912     Monroe Historical Society
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September 6, 1912

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A son was born this week to Mr. and ( "d y . E. " ) 69 # 9 00.ono00ao ANENT 00"ECOMMISSIONER D Cheap prices draw trade--I have CONTEST  VW q,#$ t=Pllllg:  both. Mrs. Shepler. --  ......... 9 Watch the Mercantile Co. ad each The friends of Mr McCulloch have[ is our specialty. No better work can be done  week. It will save you money, published statements which are meant [67 anywhere. We are doing work for both the For Rent--Good suite of office rooms to show that the McCulloch boys have 6_ G.N. and Milwaukee railroad, where accur- 69 in the Ferguson block. F. E. Ferguson been receiving a mere pittance from  acy is absolutely necessary, and we treat . TONIGHT at I. O. O. F. hall, The the county treasurer, and the writer afire_ everyone alike in our repair department. _ the articles says: "Let the recordsl  Arabian Nights. COME and enjoy a speak for themselves." good, hearty laugh. Here is the record of warrants issued P R I C E S R I G H T Wanted--Two or three heavy draft to the McCulloch boys the first half of Well tocked with school sup- colts from four tofive yearsold. S.M. the year 1912, as taken from the county  Dainard, Sisco, Wash. records by friends of Mr. Bennett for plies. He has the Union High Mr. andMrs. OleSandburg, of Wag- publication: C.E. RITCHIE, Jeweler !ner's mill spent two days in Everett Warrant No. 7894 Amount $113.45 Established 1903 Opposite SaOoy Hotel School tablet. Ask for it. visiting friends and relatives. " " 7901 " 113.44 A very handsome photograph of Dad " " 7910 " 5.50 ,,DXm' Stephens has been enlarged by E.L. " " 7916 " 43.31 Teeple and framed for the Masons. " " 7920 " 35.06 @O@@@@o@@### .... "The Corner Grocery" Don't forget to register. You can't .... 7946 " 82.50 take a hand in the primaries if your .... 7988 " 55.00 name is not on the books. Get busy ..... 8026 " 11.50 Don't forget that you can get the .... 8032 " 11.00 |   n is an old-time phrase. It means something sig- Monitor-Transcript and Seattle Post- " " 8035 " 33.00 |  I nificant if its a down town corner in the heart Intelligencer one year for $5.50 at this .... 8055 " 33.00 I  I of the city.  office. " " 8108 " 91.00 | 1, [ Our Trade is Steadily Groing --- --  " " 8177 " 27.50 |  | If we're not on a down town corner, THERE'S l    Watch-buying is an easy matter at .... 8185 " 27.50 |  | A REASON--lower rent, better service and a Carlquist's with a big stock of watches .... 8202 " 38.50 | ' | greater attention to the needs of our customers. Town and . .j'oun*r'" News to select from and a choice for every .... 8212 " 76.13 1-- ' --ASK ANY OF THEM -- * .... " SWANSON co i The sporting fraternity will enjoy a ..... 8256 " 24.00 Food wrestling match next Thursday .... 8271 " 13.50 evening between Frank Obenhoffer and .... 8327 " 94.50 Sam Phelps. " " 8402 " 12.50 ,, I ,0 I I I The Ladies of Relief Corps and friends " 8408 " 11.25 ] Camp-Riley Co., Just Druggists I ] H.H. Weller, Clothing, Shoes. I will be entertained socially at the home .... 8442 " 72.00 of their president, Mrs. S. B. Moore .... 8418 " 31.25 Rem0_._||0tic eL  E. T. Bascom sells land. ARABIAN NIGHTS -- TONIGHT Tuesday, Sept. 10. " " 8429 " 155.87 ARABIAN NIGHTS -- TONIGHT See E. T. Bascom for best fire insur- The value of the water reservoir was  6 }$1336.64 dace. proven Sunday when the river rose Average per month o 222.17 New fall showing of hats and bonnets at Fleming Sisters. Come in and inspect the new milli- about five feet and was so riley that no If no more dependence can be placed Claude Griswold has been quite ill nery at Sheplers. water could be pumped, on the statement of these people con- the past few Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jacobsen are For Sale--Young White Leghorn eerning Mr. MeCulloch and Mr. Bennett t led days.with fever at his home the parents of a fine boy. cockerels from the trap nested stock of than can be placed in the statement W 1 i th Si the Tancred Special and the Haven concerning the small amount of money e are now oca n e nnett Try some of those fancy cookies and Wanted--To buys cook stove with Heights strains. R.L. Billings, phone drawn by the two McCulloch boys, then b ildi t th f L i d F cakes just received by Thompson-Camp- reservoir. Rev. W. I. Cowell. Sunset 1215. no one need take seriously anything U ng a e colonel" 0 ew s an l'e- bell Co., Inc. A good time to order a stylish hat for Evangelistic meetings will be contin- which may be said derogatory to Mr. h ill b pl d t l CLAN. A. Faussett has given up his fall and winter at Mrs Shepler's. ned in tent, corner of Columbia and Bennett by these same campaigners, moat w el'e we w e ease 0 we come real estate office at Toit and is located The council held an adjourned session Madison. Sunday at 3:00 and 7:30 p.m. Refering to the article which recently all patrons. The new location gives us again in Monroe. Wednesday evening without transacting and every other night at 7:00 except appeared in the Snohomish Semi-Week- Quite a number of new families are much business. Saturday. Subject for Sunday "The ly Tribune entitled "Forty Liars and d f iliti f h dli moving into town and thevaeanthotmes Local democrats have arranged to New Birth." Other Cheerful Liars," this was too grea[eI" I'oom aD ac es o1" an ng our light weight from the standpoint of fact i g t d d ill bl are not nearly so many. hold meetings each Friday evening at Don't miss the big auction sale at to be deserving of any reply, grow n ra e an w end e us to carry The new showing of fall and winter the Forester's hall. Hazel Frm on Tuesday, Sept. IO. 70 1 k W i it 11 ! styles will be made next week. Be on Wanted--2 or 3 heavy draft colts head of cows and big farm equipment. I, T. N. Bennett, being first duly a arger stoc . nv e you to ca . the watch. Fleming sisters, from four to five years old. S. M. furniture, etc. Free lunch on the sworn, declare on oath thatI have made I grounds. The farm of 360 acres for no prommeto anyone whomsoever, of Steohells Ilal'dw00]H00 f" DAINARD, Sisco, Wash. rent. Turn out and vote and then drive employment as foreman or supervisor Wanted--Fox Glove seed. Apply to GeorgeStackpole, R. 1, Monroe, for Therock crusherhas been at work on to the auction. Starts at 9 o'clock, in the event f my nminatin and elec- =, particulars and price. Sunset Farmers grinding rock to fill in the trestle on the j. A. INMAN. tion as commissioner.  I J I have made the promise that I will - 324. new iron bridge over the creek. On account of objections raised to not employ members of my family in Mi@@l@A@A Before things get moving again good, The Knights of Pythias met for the the selectioff of the Roosevelt road in this capacity. look over your stock of printed matter first time this fall Tuesday evening and the bonding proposition, the matter of T.N. BENNETT. and sendyourorder te this office for planned anactivewinter'swork, the choice of roads between Monroe. Subscribed and sworn to'before me The Dollar "rompt attention. Mrs. Herman Dahlgren will entertain and Snohomish will be reconsidered at No firm can do much business with the Scandinavian Ladies Aid, Thursday a meeting of the road association to be this 5th day of September, 1912. WHIT H, CLARK, out advertising. Cut your advertising afternoon, Sept. 10 Everyone welcome, held at Snohomish on Saturday, Sept>. 14" The emmittee went vet the roads Ntary Public in and fr the Cunty f Your Pocket expenditure and you cut your business When your no-bigger competitor t/e- on Tuesday and decided to call another nohomish, residing at Monroe. and profits beth. Isn't that right? gins to use more newspaper space than meeting and discuss the question again. , Tualcoprecinct--Judges, H. C. Frohn- you, don't let anyone tell you not to Card of Thanks ing, Nick Person; inspector Frank Gil- worry. The public drinking cup in the state We desire to express our sincere liland. Milton Precinct--Judges, R.M. Is in constant danger of being spent foolishly or semifoolishly. Gill, Lee P. Orr; J. W. McCormick. We make watch repairing a specialty of Washington, after Oct. 1, 1912 when thanks and heartfelt gratitude to the the order of the state board of health many friends who lent their kind assis- The money you own in this bank is safer. on Swiss and American Watches. All abolishing the sarae takes effect, will tance in the time of our distress and Mrs. C. G. Sherman, of Seattle, and work promptly done and guaranteed" be a thing of the past. The beard has for the beautiful floral tokens. You will think twice before writing a cheque for it. Mrs. E. H. Weigert nd baby of Chics- Carlquist Bros. taken this action on the ground that the go, sister and niece of Mrs. George MR. and MRS. H. EKMAN. From every viewpoint the habit of banking money is a wise Touchette are visiting at the latter's Index, the paper published at the re- public drinking cup is the cause of the MR. ed Mrs. J. P. JOAN. habit. formatory, has been admitted to the spread of many contagious and infer- home at Wagner's mill. mails and will appear regularly semi- tious diseases, and after the order of PAID ADVE:RTISING It encourages thrift, stimulates industry, teaches business Judge Robertson. of Florence, says monthly hereafter, the board goes into effect the cup will (Paid for by Hudson & Booth) practice, and is a protection against the time of adversity. the Bull Moose party are wrong also in the representations as being the third All republicans are invited to attend no longer be used on railroad party. The Judge thinks according to a caucus to be held at the town hall passenger vessels, in waiting rooms PERRY NILES FOR If you prefer a bank that combines safety aed simplicity, we Saturday evening at eight o'clock. E. maintained in connection with common LAND COMMISSIONER can recommend this institution. his count they are the 5th. His enu- T. Bascom, Committeeman. carriers, in all state, county and muni- You may talk to us about it any day during banking hours. meration is, Republican, Democratic, cipal public buildings, in public parks, Socialist, Prohibition and Bull MoaNer. Lost--A ladies gold watch between or on public thoroughfares, in public, Snohomish county has a candinate for Stanwood Tidings. the Park Place school and Independent private or parochial schools, or other state office on the republican ticket Don't miss the big auction sale a telephone office. Finder please bring educational institutions, in theatres or whom every resident should vote for. Paid-up CapRal $25,000 Hazel Farm on Tuesday, sept. 10. qo to this office and receive liberal reward, other public places of amusement, or in He is Mr. Perry Niles, of Everett, who Shareholders' Liability . $25,000 head of cows and big lot of farm equip- We have just received a very pretty any room or corridor open to the public, is making the race for the nomination urplus - - - $20,000 "meat, furniture, etc. Free lunch on line of ladies' woolen dress skirts. You and in hospitals, sanitariums or asylums, for land commissioner. Mr. Niles has lived in this county for 20 years and is Total - $70,000 the grounds. The farm of 360 acr.s want to see these before you buy any Tbe order is to be enforced by the au- i well known and most highly regarded forrent. Turu out and vote and thn whereelse. Cash BargainStore, Mrs. thoritiesof the various institutions and First National Bank drive on to the auction. Starts at 9 Nella Spaulding. they will be held responsible for failure !throughout the county. He is an ex- Monroe to obey the rule. perienced engineer, a member of the  Wash. o'clock. J.A. INmAs. Very little change is seen in the as- firm of Lenfest & Niles, and is thorough- Sure cure for Red Water in Cattle. sensed valuation of the county towns ly competent in every way to handle $iiii Guaranteed to cure. No cure, no over a year ago. The total for Monroe Horse Estray the duties ef the office which he is fa- hargea. I have a remedy that will do is $601,790.00, Snohomish being second From my ranch in Cherry Valley, miliar with on account of having served '=''=="''''--'-'='-'-'=''-'' the business and it will be well worth with $881,625 and Arlington fourth with bay horse, 12 or 14 years old, about 1,- in it for several years as deputy. _. "while for any rancher in the vicinity $360,250. 350 pounds, white feet, star in fore- Snohomish county voters should unite The Market Affords No Better whose cows are affected to give it a George Evans, Win. Foye and Wal-head, scarred on shoulders from collar, solidly behindalocalcandidateforstate 6fOferJes arid Meats trial. For further information write ter and Jessie Harsh comprised a hunt- black mane and tail. Horse bought honor, and in the pers'on of Mr. Niles A. O. Lurid, Duvall, Wash. ing party at Skykomish over Sunday from Tom Ray, of Green River. Re- they can do so on account of his ability Every citizen should take a walk over and they got a couple of goats up in ward for return or information leading and thorough familiarity with the needs on the island and see the new work that the snow at the headquarters of the to recovery, of the office. Some Special PHces Each Week That Will Interest You and is being done by the water company Tolt. They faced bad weather. Not P. CERINI, R. 1, Monroe. Vote for Niles for commissioner and Help Solve the Cost of Living Problem inorder to secure a good supply of much game was seen. help getaSnohomishcountymaninstate water. Since the "river left the old Work laying the cement base for the Church Notes channel, the company has been corn- paving was commenced Wednesday CONGREGATIONAL Every shipper of carload lots in the f pelled to reach further and further for morning and moved along with good NOTE THESE: water and now it is to be secured by ex- speed. The paving makes a fine up- Communion service will be held next tate will be affected by the outcome of I tending over 1,000 feet of big pipe to a pearance and the work is watched with Sunday morning, the hearing before the state public ser- vice commission of the proposed recip- point about 250 feet from the present pleased interest by all. The amount of After the evening service an informal focal demurrage rules to be held in St- Twin cakes Armourita Toilet Soap, reg. 10c .... 5c channel where a bi K well, about forty i work can be judged by an estimate that farewell reception will be given to Rev. September 16. The rules pro- -- feet in diameter is being sunk which fit will take about 3,500 barrels of re-and Mrs. O. C. Wright, in the social vide that the railroads must accept Lighthouse Cleanser, per can ...... _5c should give an adequate supvly of prop- meat. hall. proffered freight immediately and move I Purity Oats, per box ........................... 10c .erly filtered water. The well will be At last Alaska is going to have home same at a rate of not less than fifty  Quaker Corn Flakes, 3 for ...................... 25c xwaled with cement blocks and the pipe rule. President Taft has signed the MT, FOB[ST miles per day and must give notifies- Apples, per box ................................ 90c @roteeted in a way that no seepage can bill passed by both houses of congress, with complete description of Summer Squash, each _5c ,enter. A territorial legislature of two houses School opened Tuesday with Miss ears, to consignee within twenty-four ......................... will be elected in the North this fail, to Laura Deem as teacher, hours after arrival. Penalties equiva- Running up and down stairs, sweep- meet at Juneau for its first session next D.E. Glover and wife visited wth lent to those fixed by the railroads un- ng and bending over making beds will March. This promises to precipitate friends in Marble Mount last week. der their demurrage rules are provided. aot make a woman healthy or beautiful, an interesting fight. The home rule bill Roy Lash and wife of Everett visited Practically every railroad in the state She must get out of doors, walk a mile also provides for the creation of a corn- has filed formal objections to the rules CO=, I"C or two every day and take Chamber-mission of army engineers, who will in-herewithrelatives Sunday. as framed by the commission. Monroe Mercantile lain's Tablets to improve her digestion vestigate the feasibility of constructing Miss Selma Bjorklund returned to St- I and regulate her bowels. For sale by and operating a system of government ettle this week after visiting for sen- MonitOr Iranscri00t $1 W E. Mansfield. owned railroads, eral weeks with relatives.