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September 2, 1971     Monroe Historical Society
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September 2, 1971

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Pa e Two, Monitor, Monroe, Wn., Sept. 2, 1971 hi oreos... andy lucer0 PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY! Two portionsofStateI-[ighway2betweenSultan on it should contact his office (6431 Corson iEntered as Second Class Matter at the Post and Index would get additional lanes tofactlitate Avenue South, Seattle, 98108) and a highway t passing under plans for an improvement pro- engineer will meet with them at their con-' b Office at Monroe, Washington, under the Actl posed by the Washington Department of High- venience. The Popstcle Cure, of March 3, 1898. ways. Bogart added that anyone feeling a combined the technicians call MEMBER A section of about one mile in length just corridor-design public hearing should be held it. This is the latest N /. east Sultan would be widened to provide two on the proposal may request such a hearing by 90-day miracle drug. V more lanes directly opposite each other, writing to him atthe same address before Sept- It is supposed to make PER A second section nearly two miles along a ember 16, 1971. In the event such requests are the sick economy very mile east of Gold Bar would get one additionalmade, all concerned parties will be notified well soon or maybe Association- Founded 1885 lane for eastbound traffic for the full distance, on a hearing date and an official nottceof public later. We have two An extra westbound lane in this section would hearing will be published well in advance, wild horses runningon S U B S C R I P T I ON R A T E s : be about three-quarters of a mile long. Whether or not there is a hearing, the public the same track. One of Monroe, Skykomish and Snoqualmie Valleys, per ' Wes Bogart, district engineer for the High- may inspect maps, drawings and other infer- them is Inflation and year $5.00. Outside Monroe, Skykomish and way Department, said that any persons wishing ruction concerning the plan by visiting the Cot- the other one is De- Snoqualmie Valleys $6.00. Official Newspaper to discuss the proposal or exchange information son Avenue Office of the Highway Department. pression. We tried to get a sad' dle on Inflation some of the City of Monroe and Town of Skykomish. Address all mail to Post Office Box No. 398, Monroe Washington 98272. Publisher ............ Howard Voland Office Manager ..... Althea Hendrtckson News Editor ...... Barbara Rogers Minor ment . . . (Although we have mailed copies of the following comment of July 29 to several public officials, including Gov- ernor Evans, we still have not heard the reason for moving the staff issuing drivers' licenses -- hence we are re- peating it.) No doubt about: The citizenry gotbelted in the mouth by our faceless state govern- ment again. The State Department of Licenses (drivers') has closed up shop in Monroe with neither fanfare nor the courtesy of a news release to the three newspapers serving the area abandoned which would have, in turn, notified the general public. Henceforth, you will have to spend even more time, money and miles (approxi- mately 44 miles) to try and find the Department headquarters someplace off Another proposal for garbage service next year offered to Monroe councilmen last week by William Vos, holder of the present franchise, will be considered by the city's sanitation com- mittee before a public hearing on September 22. Vos, whose contract the city has voted not to renew when it expires next February, offered in his new proposal to pay the city $80 a month for use of the dump. He presently pays five percent of his gross income or $600 min- imum annually, whichever is greater. In his new proposal Vos would also empty all city-owned street receptacles at no cost to the city, not to exceed 15 cans weekly. Vos proposed to raise subscribers basic rates to $2.25 per month for emptying up to two cans a week. The present fee is $2 a month for emptying two cans a week. He would also let citizens retain the ele- ctive to haul their own garbage with the city establishing by ordinance the condition that garbage must be removed at least weekly by either citizens or the franchise holder. This clause would be in contrast to the city's an- nounced intention of "compulsary garbage ser- vice" if the city takes over garbage collection at the end of Vos' contract. Vos further proposed to operate the landfill site under currently established hours and days with the exception of Sunday and holiday closures. The dump is open now on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday of each week. Suggested in the new proposal by Vos was a schedule of citizen dumping fees of 50 cents minimum for carloads, 75 cents for station wagons, $1.25 for pickup trucks and 45 cents per cubic foot for large trucks and/or trailers. The fee charged by the city for dumping now is on a yearly basis of $10 for city residents and $15 for others within the boundary of the Mon- roe School District. The dump is not open to to those outside the school district. The new proposal by Vos and his earlier one will both be considered by the city's sanitation committee at a work meeting in the next two weeks. The public will have $ chance to be heard on the subject of private and city opera- tion of the dump at a hearing set for 7:30 p.m., September 22, in either the council chambers or the courtroom in City Hall, depending on the number attending. At that time the sanitation committee will also report on the comparable economics of city-operated dumps and those operated privately. years back but this crazy horse has ticks in the ears and you just can't get a bridle on him. We tried every- S O O' O, thing to slow himdown Andy Lucero but this horse is a thoroughbred. It just runs and runs. What makes Inflation go? Who knows. One expert says--It is the ticks inside his ears that make him wild. If we could steal the ticks, maybe he would slow down a bit maybe even two bits. Another expert, a right-wing Socialist commented, after seeing an instant replay of the animal in action--He is not Kentucky bred, he is a Wall Streeter. Another expert (we got millions of them) just said-- "Defoliation is the answer. Let's just kill every living blade of grass in the country, blacktop the pastures and convert them into parking lots, run forty-lane freeways through every National park and before long that crazy horse Inflation will have nothing to eat and it will slowly fade away. Can't be done, says the man with the straw hat, that horse doesn't even smoke grass much less eat it. He is half-goat, he eats paper, negoti- able at that. Expert: So that is what makes Inflation run-- paper. Meanwhile back at the track the stable boys were busy. Space had to be provided for 20,000 jockeys and 40,000 trainers. The Derby would be on schedule. Announcer: "Howdy folks, wonderful day here at the Derby, magnificent crowd, lot of money here. Betting should be good. This is strictly a two-horse race, Inflation, the all- time money winner and the Establishment, an entry of the Ever-late Stables. Signs restricting parking from 7 a.m. to 3 few. The park chairman added that the main p.m. on school days have arrived and will be cost was in purchasing plants, that much of the posted by the city in the vicinity of Monroe maintenance was federally funded through the High School, hopefully before classes begin Neighborhood Youth Corps and other groups. next Tuesday, Monroe councilmen learned last On the subject of sidewalk maintenance, week. Councilwoman Grace Ktrwan, ordinance chair- "The two horses are now at the starttng gate-- Interstate 5 somewhere between Everett Allan Berlin, streets and parks chairman, man, said a form letter had been drafted ad- oh, pardon me, Establishment is the only horse , un ilmen the st s will be osted in all wsm residents with sidewalks needing repair k r and Seattle for either a new driver s told co c gn " p " " g " at the gate, Inflation is on the way bac f om . areas which have produced parking problems in to complete repairs themselves, or the city West Pakistan. Had ..... ...... .... '1 : AUlwld: :t tt : b: lbl :Os Pn tYt B:rrl he[; : ath shg nment way ahe ad. . . Cwnh e ho r:n::a:losed here is beyond ttohepastt'h2ec aod ;atudengSlo Uldwbe:tn rma d ! Inc taoldbefo hee/taCst.po The drivers of Monroe. Street .... y ... !.po ...... Here comes Inflation with 20.000 jockeys hanging Monroe, a kind and generous city, flowers He said he was of the opinion that the developer and the property owners should o,,a 4, o, ,, gave the Department rent and utility the strips have been a tourist attraction and : be so advised of the ctty's longstanding post- "E xpe t'" "Who'tn"t"h e'h l ent'ere 'that horse point of pride to many residents for too many tion on blacktopping streets created in private Depression." Straw Hat Man--"The 20,000, free facilities -- even a garage was years to seriously consider the objections of a developments. 12 per cent Jockeys, Depresston was Roosevelt's provided for the vehicle which brought favorite horse, rode him to death, I hear." the examiners to work. When the utual Monroe PD was remodeled, the job in- cluded ample provision for the State A Monroe High School graduate from Wood- He has worked to broaden the FFA chapter from Department of Licenses, again at no tnville, Lorrie Dougherty, and a Lake Stevens its prtmary interest of animal husbandry. Future High School graduate, Ken Lakey, will be pre- plans include the study of art and photography in cost. sented First Mutual Savings Bank trophies for college. We do not know nor have found it easy their outstanding work in 4-H and Future Far- Runners'-up for the two awards are Wilma 441 Mcln Nk)nroe, Wash .-98272 to ascertain who gave the order. However, mers of America in ceremonies at 6:45 p.m., Eppinga of Monroe and Diana Kearney of Ar- in the interim, and unless we are con- Saturday, in the dairy judging ring on the Ever- lington for 4-H and Wayne Steffen of Monroe "Serving others as we would green Fair grounds, and Ken MacDicken of Snohomish for FFA. wish to beserved " vinced otherwise, we are of a mind that The annual awards made by the bank during Making the trophy presentations Saturday " " the thousands of drivers hereabouts have the Evergreen Fair go this year to twolS-year- evening will be L.A. Williams, member of C.W; Kerr, Gen. Mgr. just been dealt a lousy, uncalled for rap. olds with many years of club experience. First Mutual's Board of Trustees; Don Phtpps, Monroe 794-7049 Carnation 333-4179 Miss Dougherty, five years in 4-H, has par- marketing director, and Darryl Spann, manager This action should never have taken tictpated in a number of 4-H demonstrations, of the Monroe Office of First Mutual. place without a public hearing -- here specializing in sewing. She has been asked to show her work at other fairs and on television. and not in Olympia. This country is Her future plans include attendance at Wash- still governed by the people and for the ington State University where she will major people and until politicians and/or bu- in veterinary medtcine with the ultimate ambttton' reaucrats come back to this realization ofteaching veterinary anatomy. Lakey, president of the Lake Stevens FFA we are going to keep right on protest- chapter in 1970 and '71, and a member for four ing this and any other arbitrary de- years, shows both Holstein and Jersey heifers. Regular $5.00 cision. YOUR STANDARD MAN, Rod & Gun Can Solve Your Problem. Their annual turkey shoot is planned by Men- Proceeds from the yearly event are used for roe Rod and Gun Club for Sunday at the crab'ssuch community projects as financial aid for He's in Monroe. 794-7303 trap grounds near the Sky Valley Speedway. the East* County Senior Citizens Center, the Studard 0H Company foroun sters derby =,' .,c.,,,.,. one year only Within Snohomish County dark. Food will be available. All members are campships for young people. urlzed to attend and the public is invited. , I " Services Held For Cathcart Bicycle Crash ictim Saturday funeral set- struck by a nortlzbo.und Con all_y R_Orad,_/no- " -- vices were held in no- car as she roaener nommn; ae g aaa- one New o one Renewal homtsh for a seven- bicycle s o u t hboundparents, Mr. andMrs. * on wide wheels e year-old Cathcart along the center-line Bob Fisher of Granite i:i I g tr 1, Frances Ann of Broadway, justeast Falls and Mr. and O fer Go LaGrant, who died of Highway 9, south of Mrs. Bethel Davis of mt 14", 15" ' August 25 from in- Snohomtsh. E a s t Flat Rock, tim ramie & 16" Juries suffered in a In addition to her North C rol , . I tl ru 5 p.lll bicycle-car accident mother, she. is sur- II : " | the evening of Aug- vtveaDyamster,"or-I II ]; ill. $15,{ ust 24 raine, and t w o II "1- /' ".L ' Frb ay !;opt, 17 Authorities sam the brothers, Paul and I trOUgle wire I * per little girl, daughter ofDean, all at the " " on, sm0kmg diesels? I op :o -wheel Remittance must be received Craft Ribbons Won Seven YOUR STANDARD MAN, uy" ,' nun. $24.( by 5 p.m. Friday. Sept. 17 ....... , " V K !ii even vatteywmners .aria oraen. Y" , /I LLEY V or were amongthosewin- Rieman, Robyn Smith, , Monroe 794 7303 | Cl es in . - ntn blue ribbons for Peggy Penrose a n I h ..... ALIGNMENT & B ES their crafts a n d Steve Grtfftt s. ~tHd.~Oin omp,ny ~ | 113 W. Main 794-7116 hobbies collections atOthers were Kenneth | ofCulifomi, | 121 Ave. D .. Snohomish the Evergreen Fair. Klein and Ruth Raden- v Monroe wtnnerswere bush of Gold Bar. : .