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August 21, 1958     Monroe Historical Society
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August 21, 1958

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PAGE EIGHT Mnre Mnitr' Thursday' August 21' 1958 Warm WaterSwestern Shows PARK PLACE [ ! N D E X N E W ~ N 0 T E S. i A~ie Fl*Ce Seeks CiVil l~[lll)lOyee$. NEWS NOTES Spell Death Sh .y S, anje U S. Air Fore of,or+ a moohanic program for the civilian Other vacancies to be Planning Big Nearly all of the Index people took a "short cut" home via employee as an air reserve tech- are for the following positions: "~ ~" To ,. yMan': Salmon attended the picnic held at the Snoqualmi~ Blewitt and Stevens nician (ART). An air reserve Personal flight equipment hand- Fair Showing ~ and Mrs. John Worrall at- Ideal Cement Co. in Grotto on Passes. The Picketts were din- technician is a civilian employee ler, WB-07, $2.06 per hour; para- tended the wedding of Bill Raume Saturday. The picnic was given ner guests of the C. V. Bren- who is a~o a member of the ~hute repairer and packer, WB- and Judy Mossburg at the Chris- for the workers and their ram- marts at their home on Magnolia air reserve flying unit being 10, $2.19 per hour; powered tian Church in Burien on Satur- Warm water in state rivers and flies. A huge crowd turned out Bluff in Seattle. trained at ,the location and oo- ground equipment repairer, WB- Western Shows will once again day evening at 8 p.m. They also drying streams forecast trouble and enjoyed the races and other Mr. and Mrs. Otto Burgstahler cupies a position in the reserve 13, $2.32 per hour; machinist, be backwith ~heir "family type"s spent the weekend at the home for salmon escapements, in the games and the bicycle race be- called on Mr. and Mrs. Roy unit comparable to his civilian WB-17, $2.49 per hour; and ware- entertainment for all members of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Claude state, Milo Moore, Director of the tween Frank Baldwin of Grotto Murril in Marysville Saturday position, houseman, WB-07, $2.06 per hour. of the family. The rides and equip- Worrall and family, returning Washington State Department of and Mr. Belhnger of Seattle. evening. ment are safely maintained by home on Monday. Fisheries, said today. Average Frank, the plant Boss, won the Mr. and Mrs. C. Culver' have Air res.erve technician exam- Interested applicants may ob- uniformed attendants. The rides 'Mr. and Mrs. Ed Olson and maximum water temperatures race. An enormous quantity of had the 'pleasure of many of inations have been announced to tain additional information and and concessions are all run by home--owners' of our own north- daughters of Pullman called at for the month of July at some food, which was prepared and their friends finding their way to fill the following vacancies at application forms from the direc~ the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. state salmon hatcheries was as served by the Eastern Star, was the Culver home in Index. Some grade WB-15, $2.40 per hour, lo- for, Eleventh U. S. Civil Service west. Frank Robinson,., owner of Worrall Tuesday morning, much as 11 ~egrees F. higher consumed by the hungry crowd of the unexpected ones to. look cated at the 97th Troop Carrier Region~ 302 Federal Office Build- Western Shows, lives in Everett. Frank Kirsch of Seattle is the Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Site.s of than for the same period in 1957, of adults and children. A very in on them were Mr. and Mrs. Squadron, Paine Air Force Base. ing, First Avenue and Madison general agent, and Fred Armltage Daytbn, Virginia visited 1 a s t Moore said. nice assortment of musical en- D. Johnston a~d daughter from Washington: aircraft welder, air- Street, Seattle 4, Washington, or of Seattle is concession manager week at the home of his brother, At Bonneville Dam on the Col- tertainment was enjoyed by Denver, Colorado and Mr. and craft propeller mechanic, air- from any post office. Applica- and Joseph Thomas of Blaine is Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Sites. They umbia River the temperature on everyone and a wonderful time Mrs. Diegleten of Richmond craft piston engir~e mechanic, lions will be accepted until fur- the general show manager. Fun left on Friday morning for San Wednesday was 74 degrees F. On. was 'had by everyone and the Beach and Mr. and Mrs. Cole- aircraft hydraulic systems me- ther notice by the Board of U.S. for all the family is not just a Francisco and then to return the same date in 1956 it was 66 picnic was greatly appreciated, man and children from Seattle. chanic, aircraft electrical sys- Civil Service Examiners, 2347th slogan with Western Shows, it is home. F. The children were reminded Mrs. Dorothy Smith and g~rls terns repairer, aircraft instru- Air Reserve Flying Center, Long Salmon don't like warm water that school is almost to start went school shopping last week. a reality. Mr. and, Mrs. Charles Dennis and famil~r and Mr. and Mrs. and will stay out of the streams when Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Varney Mr. and Mrs: Harold Lewi,~ ment systems mechanic, aircraft Beach Municipal Airport, Long , Florian Haufle and, family vaca- as long as. they remain warm: A" and Ellen returned home from and daughters drove to Lake sheet metal worker and aircraft Beach, California. Bascom Office To Be tioned at Copalis'Beach from number of sockeye salmon were Spearfish, South Dakota on ~un- Wenatchee Sunday where they Open ~iday P.M.'s Thursday to Sunday. Others from kille~ recently in the Similka- day afternoon. Mrs. Varney, met Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Lowery Monroe ~vho were also vacation- meen River, in the upper Okaa- lower grade teacher has been and Mr. and Mrs. Bert Payne Clifford Carpenter, administra-ingat Copalis were Mr. and ogancountry, when temperatures going to college at Black Hills. and family. V&W v l tyXrar'e'-- tor of the H. W. Bascom estate, Mrs. Jake Mortensen, Mr. and in the river went to 72 degrees. College. They returned by way Mr. and Mrs. Suitz Burgstahler, announced this week that the Bas- Mrs. Don Mortensen and family F- Irony of the deaths was that" of Custers Battlefield at Harden, Mr. and Mrs. O. Finlayson of, corn office will be open for busi- and Mr. and Mrs. George Ness the Sockeye don't ordinarily go Montana. That evening they and Kirkland, Mr. and B~rs. R. C. hess every Friday ,between the and family. They all report a ,into the Similkameen but into the the Bob Gruver family were Anderson and children of Kirk- Monroe hours ~f 1:30 a~d 5:30 p.m. grand time and brought home Okanogan River, instead and had supper guests at the Spanjer land, Mr. H..C. Potter of Peta- plentyof clams, taken the former because tem- home. luma and Mr. Robert Anderson "l Supply..~,u~ea'+'marters Local contacts concerning perature in the Okanogan was Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Hupton of Everett were breakfast and former Bascom business m~y be Mrs. Clara Dirks, Mrs. Mae 77 degrees F. The fish were killed had the following guests for din- dinner guests of Mrs. Nettle made at 202 Sam St., or at the Kothe and Mrs. Ida Haufle of by columnaris, a warm water her on Monday evening: Mk'. and Doolittle on Sunday. Lawrence Whitfield Realty and Monroe, Mrs. Dupuis of Sul- disease. Mrs. John Horn from Atchison, + Timber Pickett is again the C Insurance office on So. Lewis. tan, and Mrs. Marie Pulliam of C.H. Ellis, supervisor of hatch- Kansas, l~'ss. Margaret Steel and proud father of eight puppies ZIPBINDERS --- PAPER -- PEN I~ st. Index drove to Marysville on cries for the state fisheries agen- John Rennic of Detroit, Michigan. born in Alderwood Manor. Anyone wishing to contact Car- Tuesday to attend,the Rebekah cy, said the average maximum Mr- and Mrs. John Hunter of LUNCHPAILS -- CRAYONS pouter may do so at 1235 Avenue District Planning M~eeting and water temperature for the Willa- Everett and Mr. and Mrs. A.E. One of the most i~opular places A., Snohomish, or by calling IX)- pot luck dihner. The Rebekah in Index is the Pickett's beach. SCHOOL TABLETS gun 3-3877. District Meeting will be held in pa Salmon hatchery near Menlo Hupton of Index. , during'July, 1957 was 59.6 degrees On Thursday the Wesley Smiths As many as' ~u-ty youngsters Edmonds on October 4th. F. In 1958 this average was 71 F. had as guests Mrs. Alice Sehir- and adults at ~" ~me fire seen For Notebooks (143 count 49c) 500 count man and son Allan of Sultan and in swimming or sun bathing. "- ALL ]KINDS OF M Maximum atthestationthis, year Mr. and Mrs. Otis Beck left 3 H0[ePaper $|ag ELECTRICAL Painting doors? Keep metal was 78 F; in 1957 it was'. 64 F. Mrs. Ronald Sohirman and .Tim- At the Toutle River hatchery my in honor of Mrs. Ronald on Friday and s.tayed overnight i hinges, locks and knobs clean by the average water temperature Sohirman's birthday. Later in in Everett at the home of Mr. ~N~'~C~N~ .coating with petroleum jelly, this year during July was 70F., the evening Mrs. Ronald Sohir-Beck's aunt an~ uncle, Mr. and Ba~ Points |A/si " CLIFF I~4aNTIE[IAUSER Paint comes off with jelly after in 1957 it was 62 F. Wa~er in the man and Tim 'drove Mrs. Wes Mrs. Drain Marshall. On Satur- l~one PY~ d ~L~ or UX/~ ,,m' ~-- + door has drmd. : concrete ponds 79 F. and in the Smith and Mrs. Robert Gruver wheredaytheY went on to Long BeaChthey spent the remainder Peflcil$ s , . . ....2/~ XI dirt ponds 81 F. was recorded, and Merrie Ann Sanith to Everett Other hatcheries ~throughout the to the John A. Holland horhe to of the. weekend and attended a ~ state, except those with spring bring Sandra Smith home who family reunion. They returned [] [] [] a :m OK Sundries home on MondayaNd reported FREE FILLERS-+:: ..... water supplies, experienced tom- has been under the care of a peratures of 3 to 10 degrees F. physician for several days ~r an they had a wc~nderful time. above those of 1957. ear infection. Wual Many small salmon streams Charles Hilton and Rick Collins CO ew~ are virtually dry an~ all streams of Seattle sl~ent the weekend at ~ with |":over Zip Binders II are warmer then normal, the home of Mr. Hilton's. mother The Ralph Ramaley home was ". Ba k T S ho I ' Water temperatures records. Mrs Madonna Bradburn. On the sceneofapleasantfamilyre- . C O C O for the Strait of Juan de Fuca Sunday they motored to Garland union Sunday, with meals served 13 ~ oz., Sizes 6 to 14 Regular $3.49 1| and Puget Soun~l, kept by the an~ also Alpine Falls. in the garden. Present were Mr. Oceanography Department~fthe Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denny and Mrs. H.K. Ramaley of Yak- BoYS Joails ., . . , $24s1[ University of Washington, show and children returned home from ima, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ram- Sp ls that the Strait was. to3 degrees their vacation on Sunday, August aley and son Stevie of Seattle, ecia , F. warmer in July and Puget 1O. They reported they had a' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ramaley 2 Bar THcot, Sizes 8 to 14 Regular 39c 3 hole . Sou was .2 to4 degrees~F, very wonderful time. and son Mark of Oak Harbor, Mr. ~ir[$ Ravofl wal'mer during that month. The Everyone was' glad to hear that and Mrs. Robert Ramaley of So" ..a Pattie+ 4/9 narrowrule W,de rule temperature increases are based Ray Smith returned home from attle, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ra- S on average temperature of the the hospital on Tuesday and is maley and daughter Carol Lee of typing Paper. ' 500 sheets ............ '. ............................. $1.49 300 sheets $1.19 Wanted... DOUGLAS FIR CONES Highest Prices Paid! For picking instructions contact: C. B. Fiynn, Skykomish Phone 5194 or 5292 , Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Skvkomish Tree Farm Monroe Phone PY 4-4431 I 3w 29-2t A past 10 to 12 years, said Dr. Clif- ford A. Barnes of the oceano~ graphy Department of the Univer- sity of Washington, and are for the upper 100 meters Surface temperatures have increased even more. Dr. Barnes also said that the warming action in the Strait was first noted in February of this. year. Other evidence of warming Northwest waters is provided by recent catches of such warm wa- ter fish as barrahuda, white sea bass and pompano. Sockeye salmon bound for the Fraser River are late this year. This 'could be caused by warmer water, according to fisheries sci- entists, who are praying for rain and cooler weather as sincerely as any dry land farmer. Oyster men have indicated the possibility the warm water in Willapa Harbor area could lead to such a heavy set of young oysters that they might ~)eeome so thickly populated in the area as to restrict the growth of the oysf~r crop due to competition for microrganisms uppn which they feed. FIRST AII~HIP ON SHIP On August 8, 1924, the Navy landed an airship on one of its ships for the first time, ~vhexi the dirigible USS Shenandoah tied up to a mooring mast mounted on the USS Patoka. Housewarmer Heat Standard Furnace Oil with exclusive Detergent-Action Therlmisol keeps your burner system clean forlow-dost, efficient operation And, because it's, specially refined for furnaces, you get more heat for your money. Your best buy for circulating heaters is Standard Stove OIL Start our automatic "keep-filled" service now and end fuel or- dering for the rest of the season For prompt HOIJ$+['WJ~Jl[]tseryice~ call feeling much better. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miller left Tuesday on their vacatior/. They planned t'o go to Yellowstone National Park. Mr, and Mrs.. Bill Cofer and Mr. and Mrs. James Russell and children went to Bellingham on Sunday where they visited Mr. add Mrs. L. F. Cofer and family. Paulette Sygitowictcz who has been visiting with the Wesley Smiths for a few days returned to Darrington with her father, Paul Sygttowictcz. Seattle, Mrs. Richard Kam of the Hawaiian Islands M i s s Peggy Lamson and Dennis Lamson of Tacoma. Pictures shown by Howard Hamaley were of great interest He was the official photographer with the University crew when they recently rowed in England and went on to Russia with them and had almost unusual opportun- ity to get pictures of the place in the world of vital interest to us at the present time. Young Misses, Sizes 5-6-7 Nylon Panties . Regular 69c 3/98' Just Received Crease Resistant 1,000 Yards New School Prints 49'- 59' Yard \ Merry Ann Smith returned to Coupeville on Friday with F. M. Gowen to visit her sister, Mrs. F. M. Gowen and to take care of Debbie. Mr. anc] Mrs. J. A. Lowery of Cashmere drove to Index Friday; evening to visit with their daugh- ter and family, Mr. ~nd Mrs. Harold Lewis. Mrs. Raymond S~nith and chil- dren had dinner at the home of Floyd Woods on Sunday, August 10. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Smith and Sandra, Rona]d, Steve and David spent Sunday afternoon and evening at the John A. Hol- land home to help NIrs.. Smith's father, Mr. ttollan~, celebrate his 90~h bK-'thday. Sandra re- mained to visit her Dr. again on Monday. Mr. It. C. Potter of Petaluma called on Mrs. Nellie Doolittle Friday arid plans to visit a few days. Weekend visitors at the home of Mrs. Nellie Dcolittle were Mr. and Mrs. Flnlayson and Mr. and Mrs. Anderson a~d two children of Kirkland. The Finlaysons planned to slbend a few extra days with her. Mr. and Mrs. Cloyd Tinnel! from Richmond Beach called, on Mr. a~d Mrs. Roy Pulliam Sun- day evening. Mrs. Tinnell is one of Mrs: Puiliam's schoolmates. Bert Hewitt spent part of Sun- day with the Picketts and then went to the Mineral City Mining Co. where he will spend a week. Mr. and Mrs.. Wesley Price of Gold Bar spent Sunday with the Henry Dayments. Mr. Arnold Acton of Stanwood came Saturday to the J.-E. Day- merits and took Pattie and Sue home. Mr. and Mrs. James Fox and family took Donna Pulliam home to Deer Park on Friday night and spent the w~ekend. Mr. and Mrs~ Roy Pulliam drove over to Paine Field on Sun- day. They had a big trap shoot there. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Pickett went | to Seattle on Wednesday. They important new sweater look The chemise ~ha~e. The shirt styling. The new r~dged Ladder stich that makes light of a bulky look. And a countryside of rich, new Landscape colors. 'A sweater you shouldn't be seen without this year!' "The Balkan" in 34-40 sizes 14.98 For an ensemble look, matching knit skirt, 8-18 sizes 14.98, as shown in Seventeen and Charm MILADY'S Frock Shop MONR(3E f .