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August 12, 1927     Monroe Historical Society
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August 12, 1927

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Page Two THE MONROE MONITOR -- Monroe, Washington Friday, August 12, 1927 "THE MONROE MONITOR AMERICAN WAY BEST Consolidated With THE MONROE INDEPENDENT By J. J. REARDON &amp; SON PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Entered as second-class matter at the postoffice at Monroe, Washington, under the act of March 3, 1879. POLITICAL BUCCANEERS UNPOPULAR There is a time-honored belief that preceding a presidential year, business slows up and uncertainty prevails. There have been good grounds for such a supposi- tion because in the past political leaders and political parties dealt ruthlessly with the wage earner and the investor in their efforts to inflame the public' on so- called "party issues," and ride into office on a wave of indignation or misunderstanding of the voters. The day of political buccaneering is passing just as did the days of the sea-faring pirate. The people are better informed. They realize that certain basic con- ditions must be maintained in this country if employ- ment and security of investments are to prevail. They know that the conditions must be maintained by what- ever party is in power. They do not .listen with favor to the radical members of any party who would use their party as a vehicle for explaiting visionary theories which would endanger the stability of the country. The people begin to realize that the title of President of the United States is synonymous with the term General Manager of a great corporation, which is responsible for the well-being of thousands of workmen and in- vestors. Never in the history of the United States have the people had such an object lesson in the close parallel between government and business as since the World War. During that time millions of citizens have invested money on which they wished to earn a fair iterest re- turn. They have found that without safe and stable government their investments and their earnings are imperiled. Therefore, they have been forcibly impressed with the fact that good government and good business go hand in hand, and you cannot have one without the other. Tl people realize that the prosperity of this natien in a large measure depends upon their public officials, and they are frowning upon the public official who plays fast and loose with the obligations he has assumed as a public servant and employee, merely to further his own political ains. Conditions are most unfavorable to politicians who want to start something. Any candidate for public office must recognize these facts, and realize his responsibilities when he asks the people to put him in charge as virtual manager or division superintendent of the governmental and busi- ness affairs of the nation. Sunday Island, in the Pacific, is said to be the tall- est mQuntain in the world, as it rises 2000 feet out of five miles of water; this makes its height nearly 30,000 feet. Because of the unusual, cold summer, the. warmest temperature so far being 35 degrees below zero, the natives of northern Siberia, thinking the gods are angry, have sacrificed scores of precious reindeer. If a man look sharply and attentively he shall see fortune; for though she be bl'nd, yet she is not invisible. --Lord Bacon. Sufferer: "I have a terrible toothache and want something to cure it." Friend: "Now, you don't need any medicine. I had a toothache yesterday and went home and my loving wife kissed me and so consoled me that the pai soon passed away. Why don't you try the same ?" Sufferer: "I think I will. Is your wife at home nOW ?" The representative of the National Farmers' Union < H[3W'S THE IDAI:] ?> of England, visiting the fertile fields of Oregon, say,3 that good farming and poor living go together; that high standard of intensive culti.vation are impossible without cheap labor, content with a low standard of living. The American idea is to substitute power for human labor, wherever possible; to put steam and gas and elec- tric power into the fields in lieu of overworked men and women and children, and to make humanity free. The basic facts are alike, in England, America everywhere--that cheaper, stronger, more tractable labor is essential. But here we vision it in machines, like the marvelous tractor and in a reasonable tariff to protect American production, not in low-browed, be- draggled, despairing serfs, toiling for an overlord who is a "Good Farmer." QUIETNESS I would kiss the hand of Quietness, Like some white flower; fingertips as cool As carved white jade upon my burning wrist; Peaceful as the lilies in an open pool, Of beauty that would break my song Into a cry star-wide, heart-long. I would be a friend of Quietness And rest my hand upon her silken knees, While in and out her limpid voice would weave Throughout the wind's wild hair strange melodies, That I might learn how love may be Forgotten in eternity. I would bend my knee to Quietness And offer her the jewel of my desire So she might be caparisosned for death That watches from her eyes with passioned, fire To burn my eyelids down and keep Me safe in silver-shadowed sleep. --The Commonweal. TWELVE RULES FOR FAILURE "1. He forgets that his worth is manifest by what he produces ia management or sales. "2. He finds excuses for not doing instead of find- ing ways to do what should be done. "3. The world goes ahead in almost every direction, and he keeps on the humdrum pike, where somebody will have to pay the tolls. "4. He is not observant, accurate or thoughtful. "5. He is sailing by the broken compass of chance. "6. He flatters himself by comparing himself in his own mirror instead of with others that have passed him in the race. "7. He thinks nobody notices that he has fallen behind. "8. He does not love the work as he used to and i therefore his enthusiasms have been lost. "9. He puts off too many things until tomorrow. "10. He is unconscious of being much of his time and lets the days go by lacking results he could have obtained. "11. His lack of thoroughness blocks his leadershi.p. "12. However honorable, he fails to realize that his example affects others."---John Wanamaker. A QUOTATION FROM LIFE Quotation from life: Life insurance is different from anything else in the world in one respect. Other things you can get when you want them. Life insurance must be gotten when you don't vant, or not at all. You can buy rubbers when it begins to rain; your overcoat when it gets cold; a meal when you are hungry, but you can't get life insurance when you are sick. One step won't take you very far, You've got to keep on walking; One word won't tell folks what you are, You've got to keep on talking; One inch won't make you very tall, You've got to keep on growing; One application won't do it all, You've got to keep "on going. DEFECTIVE VISION "ESSIMISM clings to its victims tenaciously, but if the patient is willing, JEW he can free himself of it as easily as the man in the picture could ex- change his glasses for a pair which would enable him to see betta'. No tOwn of modest size has room enough for the chronic critic who sees good in nothing. Al1 available space is needed for the men and women wha have a brighter outlook on life, and who are working to make it a bigger an& better town in which to live. Idle grumblers block the way to progresF. Since the ktsters are greatly in the majority, it ortght to be a simple matter to corral hQ,, minority of dissatisfied residents of Monroe and present to each of them a flair of rose-colored spectacles of optimism. +.* e. 4, *. AT THE CHURCHES ** ++++ METHODIST EPISCOPAL Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Morning Worshi9 at 11:00 a. m. Epworth League will meet at 7, preaching services at 8. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study at 7:30 p. m., Thursday. Everybody welcome. Roy. J. M. Hixson, Paster. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Regular service 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Y. P. S. 7 p. m. Prayer meeting 8 p. m. Wednesday. Mrs. J. M. Stephens, Pastor. THE MENNONITE CHURCH Rom.  :16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For it l is a power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth2' This is the gospel we believe end we preach. Every oCher Sunday C. E. 7:30 p+m. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. German services at 11 a. m. Christian Endeavor at 7:30 p. m. English services at 8:15. Player meeting Wednesday 7:30 p. m. P. A. Kliewer, Pastor. ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Sunday, August 14, 1927. Mass in Duvall at 9 a. m. Mass in Monroe at 11 a. m. Roy. Wm. Chaput, Pastor. SWEDISH MISSION CHURCH Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Swedish preaching at ll'a. m. Young People's meeting 7:30 p, m. English services every Sunday eve- ning at 8. Wednesday prayer meeting and Bible study at 8 p. m. During the month of August the preaching will be done by Rev. Henry J. Lundberg of Seattle. Aberdeen bys new $13,500 pumper five truck to replace one burned. Vancouver--Farmers planting 1000 acres of land htely floocLed. ._ i I < o. > monroe 00:bcatr < HIrHWAY COHOITIOH> F'Dr}MTHE I^I AUI"EMOBILE "The Little House With Big Pictures" POAB  O_U6 BULLF'IIN OF OF THE WARHTON Road conditions change fre- quently and on very short no- tice. The notes here given were correct when written, but the motorist will do well to check up up on all road conditions at the nearest branch of the Automo- bile Club of Washington, before starting on a trip. --t The detour between Watt,burg and 'ton is 1.3 miles but is oiled and in fair condition. On the Inland Empire highway, there is construction work between Spangle and Rosalie. The detour i,s by way of Spring Valley, and Wav- erly. The Sunset highway between We- natchee and Spokane is in good con- dition. The highway to Mr. Baker is open all the way and is in good condition. The road to Mr. Rainier is in good condition to Paradi'se inn, The road to White River camp is in good condition. The road from Colfax to Snake river is being resurfaced. From Pullman to Idaho line work is in progress and the road is rough. m SUMMER TIME AND BABIES Summer is the baby's hard time. This is the season of the year when intestinal troubles are paramount due to improperly prepared or spoiled food. Breast milk is the best milk. Breast-fed babies have a much better chance than the bottle-fed baby. If cow's milk must be given, boil the milk in a double boiler as soon as "received and immediately put on lee. Warm it again to body temperature before feeding time. oil nipples and bottles every day. Keep nipples in a covered jar. In her weather the baby needs less food and more water. Give cool boiled water before feedings. Stop all food and have your doctor see baby at once if you notice loss 9f appetite, vomiting, fever, and loose bowels. Keep dirty napkins in a covered rail of water. Keep baby out of doors as much as mssible. Keep flies away from baby and its food. Give baby a sun bath daily. Not through glass. The sun's rays must be direct. nt1t'|:nr1nngDnD" Satury, August 13- *KARL DANE* and *G. ARTHUR* in "ROOKIES" Comedy--' 'Rooms for Rent" |111111D[DEE]D][]L1 Sunday, August 14-- *LOUISE DRESSER* -- *JASON ROBARDS* in "WHITE FLANNELS" Fox News Comedy--' 'In the Rough" DDDu[DHD[|[3|u[3D Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, August 15, 16, 17-- *NORMA TALMADGE* in "KIKI" Comedy--" Buster's Sleigh lide' ' 11111D[DD'urDDIll3D Thursday and Friday, August 18, 19- *JEAN HERSHOLT* -- *DOROTHY DEVORE* in "THE WRONG MR. WRIGHT" Comedy--"lighty Like a Moose" PATHE SERIAL- "ON GUARD" .Fire Insurance i The month of July was a record-breaker for warmth and drought and it is getting dryer and dryer. Fires are raging. You may lose a large portion of your life's savings if not protected. WE WRITE THE BEST FIRE INSURANCES BASCOM & BASCOM Momtor Building -- Monroe, Washington E. T. BASCOM H.W. BASCOM INTERNATIONAL RELIEF' Realizing the inadequacy and lack of organization of the means that now exist to cope with disasters, the league of nations council passed a resolution in December, 1926, which provided that a conference for the es- tablishment of an International Re- lief union for the relief of popula- tions stricken by disaster be sum- moned. This conference has framed a convention with statutes and a final act, and eleven nations 14ave already signed the agreement under which the organization is formed. Each state will be required to contribute to the initial fund of the Internati.onal Relief union but after that contribu- tions will be voluntary. It will oper- ate in favor of any nation stricken by disaster without distinction of race or nati.onality, or regard to political or religious considerations, although its activities will be limited to dis- asters that occur on the territories of members of the union or are of a na- ture to affect these territories. Close ce.-operati)n with Red Cross societies is expected. The union will have its headquarters at the seat of the league of nations, that is, at Geneva. Monroe General Hospital Medical, Surgical and Confinement Cases X-Ray Equipment A PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR PATIENTS OF MINARD ALLISON, M. D. Monroe, Washington Grange Warehouse Company Special Prices From August 12 to 20 SUPERIOR SODA CRACKERS SUNBRITE CLEANSER PALM OLIVE SOAP SPECIAL -- Large can ........................ 5e SPECIAL -- Four bars ...................... 25c ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA Regular price .......................................... 50c Regular price ........................................ 50e SPECIAL -- Large box ...................... 43c SPECIAL -- pound .............................. 39c ELBOW MACARONI HERSHEY'S COCOA Regular By the pound ........................................ 1c price ............ : ........................... 20c SPECIAL -- Five pounds ......... ......... 39c SPECIAL -- Two packages ................. 35c SPERRY'S ROLLED OATS WASON'S BETTER COFFEE Regular price ........................................ 60e Regular price ........................................ 50o Nine-pound sack .................................... 53c SPECIAL -- Two pounds .................... 93c .  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