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August 9, 1962     Monroe Historical Society
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August 9, 1962

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PAGE EIGHT Monroe Monitor. Monroe. Wash.. Aug. 9. 1962 TOO Late to Classify State Financing Can Have Effect On Local Credit !_cal government's costs of borrowing money can be increas- ed by financial troubles of state government, according to the fact-finding Washington Research Council. Information released today by 1he independent research organi- zation cited a specific example m-ising from Michigan's state is- ,:al troubles in 1957-59. It further referred to the example as one hirh ".shouF.t constitute food for vhouiat for local directors of dis- lricls, councilmen, commission- ers and the taxpayers they repre- >enl." The Research Council pointed Io an article in the National Tax Journal, whict claimed that five t 1{) per cent higher interest (-osts for local government bor. rowing resulted f+m tfinancial *robles experienced by the state of Michigan during 1957-59. An an- nual figure of $1 million was said to be a conservative estimate of the cost increase, with a total of Patrol To Move Hiway Death Toll Highly concerned over the ris- ing toll of human lives which have been taken on Washington's high- ways this summer, Chief Roy A. Betlach of the Washington State Patrol called a meeting of all Pa- trol District Commanders on ,Au- ,gust 1 and 2. As of August 6 there have been 356 $atalities compared to 287 for the same period last year. "One thin that will be a large factor in our traftie safety pro- gram," Chief Betlaeh said, "is that we have just received 21 new radar sets. We are calling .in all District Lieutenants for a train- ing session on these new ma- chines," he said, "and by the end of the week our radar program should be going full scale." Betlach asked his District Com- manders to re-evaluate and re- view their scheduling of officers to make sure that the Patrolmen are stationed when and where they are needed most. 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Notebook Paper ,  '_ 00 Typewriterm,. u, Paper. Wide and U U Studenf Rulednn IO Carbon II I '+ Special V ' Special V 11J NOTE BOOK BINDER & FILLER $1.35 value Special .... SHOP EARLY AND SAVE I-" only 3 weeks 'till School / POINTPEN &, PENCILS   t See Our Complee |PENClLsETS 4-sc vaU, e .il ' Line oT Back To Only-l- V School Items! Special .... Tri-Valley Monroe Shopping Cener Ph rmacy PYramid 4-5431 $10 million to $20 million over the average life of the bond interest. It was recalled that Michi- ::an's 1rouble had stemmed from an accumulated general 'fund defi- cit and that during the period of financial crisis, the state had to resort to emergency measures xieh ineluded advance collection of tax revenuos. "We d not suggest that Wash- Also discussed at the meeting was the utilizatiou of the news media to present to the motoring public the problem which exists on the highways. Betlach express- ed his appreciation r the work already being done by the news media 'in this regard. "We are going to assign every available officer to traffic duty during the remainder of the tour- ist season," Betlach continued. Say it's sensational! Don't miss these values SAFEWAY'S BIG DOLLAR SALE ington has now, or i now alr "This willmeanthatsomeofour BEVEIIAGES- 002nnad Uilk g Sl preaching, a fiscal crisis such as other duties are going to suffer, Michigan has experienced," ex- but the saving of lives must come plained the non-partisan Research first," he said. Tall Council. "But, there is some The State Patrol airplane will iCRAGMONT, Black Cherry, Grape[ UUlIIIUU 1111111 LUCERNEU e, | parallel. Michigan had no emer- be utilized every possible me- I Cola, Lemon Lime, Orange, etc. [ gency cushion to fall back on; ment Beflach stated. It is espe- nor has Washington. This state ciallyvalual:fleinlocatingtroubIe i 1 I Heinz I(elchup 5=1 finances its ipresent lng-standing spts and emergencies" Aircraft 1 0 $ GO deficit from a variety of account is now used in a number of states 12-oz. surpluses which should, respon- as an akl to the traffic program. Cans sibl), e considered for emer- Betlaeh stated that the courts gency use only." also play a tremendous role in According to the Council. the Washington's traffic safety pro- main purpose for comparing the gram. All traffic courts are be- , ...... ' RAL GOLD ORANGE BASE two state'spositionsisloinerease ing forwarded the latest tragic PORK ROAST aml) e (1 citizen awareness of the impor- accident facts, and we are re- questing their continued support  ::.:!ii!i!ii!::!iiiiiii!iiiiii:ii::iii:ill :i!!!:.ii :i:::!!i!iiTi.!)!!!i:.i>., ance of avoiding deficit spend- and cooperation," be continued. iiiii!'!i::i i:ii:i i!i!ii i!:>:.** , Drink Orange jdce , ing and the desirability of elfin- Chief Betlach concluded by say- />::: ++:: ::ii:;:ii;iii>,, . -. .. m "-'qllm--m ' tm'- Re'h'lll s'" " | inating the ,present deficit, ing "We are taking rather elabor- :: i: ::::iiii{i::iii:ii! iiii. + ...... i:!iiiiii!ii !iiiii)iiii{:iiiiii:i:i:!i!i :i:::: .... ROeUlDaipJNlea? ate steps to help people saVenot  del2UlCy' Ib V meg tool 1 CattllS their own lives. It would with Applesauce seem too far out Of line to ask . A VoANL2 X and expect those same people to :i::::?!i  I101Ah Dlil OdnlJ'uIDE lb 49 LIBBYZS CORNED BEEF HASHII $4 give us a hand." This was ex-   I-!1;11 [UIh OU;(ih " plained by Betlach rather simply: "If they obey the law to the )est "*i!i ..... it';+  hanks 'e'*' 15' " " 4 l Phone PY 4517 nothingf their more."ability' we can expect + ,+ ............ +,', :+ .... Fresh Pork S vegetables lb. B'Richerer bm valuePrtem 16-oz. .... : ........ f::::: ::i:i ?  l gg " Cans :::!'e " Olympic, qlieed 59 u s  lb 59clmprted formlb sTO -,. -+.,. +',  Canadian Bacon i Ptt Ae l IlUll __. Candad lb - ............ , " .-. SIOUX BEE STR'NED HONEY IFT? L[=a vs Lmu I "'& UAI,h,,| Sks Roasts U a , on Toast and gm want ' [I;H II(IIIUUL " Nuthltious, So good r IPIll B+ Ted Kesliag U S Choice (EMPRESS, Mint AQ 1 lb. )I Appple Jelly, 10-oz. Jar 23c) lb. VII SAFEWAY S finest lb. SAFEWAY lb. ,.,. .. = I)EER TIP Ground Beef 39 Pork Sausage 39c murrms V Can ttere's a canny way to out- smart an old buck that's lived i I Sauce 6 $1 long enough to know aH the stan- .ix'emormatch'e, FancyiAppe darcl tricks. 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Frozen Dessert - - Local Grown - Bestir 1:7i 5 Beans , Ice Milk, Triple *reef 1 - Juiciest of the season- Large Vanilla or Chocolate Gallon ar I Ripe Peaches +19' Girav%nst%in.pples .+.19  valiety - Grown in Walla Walla 9 omatoes .,+, 25+ llll7 ::: '!']!' +1 ........................ , : .... 7 - ............... -----{==a----:: --2222:---77- Sale starts 9 A.M. Wednesday, August 9th through' Saturday, August 11th. We reserve the right to limit quntitles.. No sales to dealers.