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August 9, 1912     Monroe Historical Society
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August 9, 1912

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MONROE MONITOR-TRANSCRIPT FOURTEENTH YEAR. NO. 32 MONROE. SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASH. FRIDAY, AUGUST 9, 191"2 $1.00 PER YEAR i II wrong louisiana Sorqhum i MOLASSES ! There are a lot of people around Monroe who I | I will like to have some of the new stock Monroe Orocery Company Prompt Service - High Quality Foods WITH WATCH WORK i - We always are Jewelry and Watch Repairing ii : feature of our business that comes in for special atte t': and we give service that holds our trade. When anythi g . is the matter with your watch, bring it in and we will fix it t Many Pretty Jewelry Novelties, Etc. CARLQUIST BROS., Jewelers Moving, Exhibit for ' ....... Railroad Travel is The Liner Imperator, the Big Eastern Centerl, Largest 5hip Ever Built Safe in_lhis Country Statistics Show Less Life than Across Great Northern Desires Exhibits the Water Agricultural Product Every time there's a railroad acci- dent in this country, some one arises to E. C. Leedy, emigration agent for the G. N., writes that better opportun- ity is going to be afforded the coming wiuter sea.on by his road than ever be- fore for the display of northwestern products throughout the east and urges action in every community. The ex- hibits will be given front window dis- play in a number of different big eist- cities, being moved from place to p:ace and a proper exhibit from Monroe would give the community advertising of a value that could not be calculated. The road will take entire charge of shipping the products and handling them. It might be well this year for the Commercial club to take the matter in hand and arrange for a display that I would cost little or nothing and that would surely give Monroe a big boost. In writing, Mr. Leedy gives the fol- lowing suggestions for preparing ex- hibits which should also include fruits and berries: In collecting an exhibit of grain, grasses, vegetables and fruits f9r ex- hibition purposes, it is not only import- ant to have good material but it is equally as important to have the same carefully selected and properly prepar- ed. The best exhibition material may be entirely ruined by being poorly put up and improperly packed and as a re- sult, arriving at a destination worth- remark that travel in England and on the continent is not nearly so hazard- ous. Juhus Kruttshnitt, vice president of the Harriman Railways and recog- nized as one of the ablest railroad oper- ators in the country has just concluded a searching statistical investigation which refutes this bromidion charge. It shows conclusively that the principal systems of the United States suffer less havoc than is wrought on British railroads in comparison with the busi- ness done. That the railroads of Great Britain are operated with more safety to pas- sengers than those of the leading lines of the United States proves to have been a mere statement based on very superficial evidence and one that has done great injustice to the American industry of railroading. In comparing the number of people killed on British railroads, the commenters always over- look the fact that there are only 24,000 miles of railroads in Great Britain, all itold, as against'240,000 in the United States. Hence there are ten times as many chances for accident in this coun- try, as in Great Britain. Mr. Kruttschnitt's examination of the fatality facts shows that there are a number of railroad systems in the country that could be taken with a col- lective mileage twice that of Great ICE..... Ice delivered to all parts of the city. Orders must be in by 11 o'clock a. m. Phone Sunset 91. Ind. 26. i Orders for Ice Cream Promptly Filled A. B. Sprau The Market Affords No Better firoceries and Meats Some Special Prices Each Week That Will Interest You and Help Solve the Cost of Living Problem NOTE THESE: 3-1b. canned Blackberries ................... 5c Santa Claus and Diamond C. Soap ..... 8 for 25c Wenatchee Peaches, early variety, per bx ___65c Apples, per box .......................... $1.00 60c Brooms ................................. 40c Potatoes, per sack ....................... $1.00 less. It is necessary to permit the grain to get ripe in order that it may show the natural color of maturity. Grain which is selected before it is ripe never loses I the greenish cast and never makes an attractive exhibit. It is of equal im- portance that the grain be not allowed Lo become too ripe so that it shells out n selecting and shipping. After selecting grain, spread out on 5oards in a shady place, leave this way for a couple of days so that it will dry enough to prevent molding in bundles. rhen place in bundles not less than four inches in diameter below the heads #hen tied. There are no objections to roving it put up in large bundles with Lhe exception that it is almost impossi- ble to cure it properly. Before arranging clover in bundles pread out for a couple of days in a )3rfectly dark and ventilated place so hat it will dry enough to prevent mold- rag. After arranging in bundles, hang n the dark as the light bleeches it out. It is always advisable to cure grains md grasses in the shade in order to re- Lain the deep rich color, which it is im- possible to do in the sun. Do not place ,n a close room where there is no air circulation as griin or grasses will mold ,)efore it cures and thereby render it worthless. In selecting potatoes it is of the reatest importance that only smooth potatoes of good color and as large as possible be selected. The finest pota- to display, however, does not always consist of the largest potatoes, but I there is nothing that attracts more at- Lention at land shows and on exhibition cars than fine large potatoes. Fire Loss Light July passed practically without forest fre, August begun wi h unusually fav- orable conditions, and better equipment ERMANY now prides herself upon the possession of the greatest ship ever built, the Imperator of the Hamburg-American line, recently launched at Hamburg. She weighs 37.400 tons, inclusive of machinery and cargo; is S71 feet long, 97 feet wide and will carry 4,100 people-- 3,000 besides her crew She has eleven decks and is equipped with the new "U tanks" to prevent her rolling and with turbine engines, one of which shown in the illustration. Her time between Hamburg and New York will be from eight to eight and one-half days. The new boat, which will be placed in commission next year, will have a swimming pool, a veranda care and a concert room It is also announced that she will carry lifeboats enough to accommodate every person on board. The emperor, who is a friend of Etert l]allin, head of the steamship company, was present at her launching. Road Asssciflion Big Pavin00, PowWow Here on Saturday Promised for Fall Also Big Meeting Tonight to Decide Locations of Roads Commercial Club Has Couple of Good Events Coming Along Britain, which would show a safety record better than that of the Britain lines. It must also be taken into con- sideration that thousands of miles of railroad in this country are "operated in tw cou try over cheaply constructed zrackage, wh,cn makes the American showing ever, better. It will be an interesting item of news to most American travelers that a corn- between the Union-Pacific- Southern Pacific systems and the Brit- mh railroads shows that the Harriman lines are far safer for the passengers than the lines {n Great Britian. In 1910, the United Kingdom had 23,387 miles of railroad. The total passengers carried one mile that year was 13,731,- 760,000. Fourteen passengers were killed in accidents The two Harriman systems referred to easily eclipse this rccord, for with 18,345 miles of tracks, they hauled 98,896,028 passengers 5,- 434,697,392 passenger miles, without a single passenger being killed by derail- " ment or collision. The remarkable record for passenger safety make by the Harriman lines as shown above, of which the Oregon-. Washington Railway & Navigation Company is an integral part, is ac- counted for by Mr. Kruttschnitt by the employment Of  safety devices and modern methods throughout. All feasi- I Before the final meeting of the road i Members of the Commercial Club are association here on Saturday which will agitating the holding of a festival this be held at the opera house and attended fall when the paving is completed to bit proposals for making operation saf- er, are tried out by the Harriman lines and immediately adopted, when found efficient. " : " Dairy Feed Tests An experiment to show the effects of feeding bran and barley in comparison with alfalfa molasses meal, upon the amount and composition of milk, upon i the physical condition of the cow and upon the economy of feeding, has re- cently been complected at the Washing- ton Agricultural Experiment Station at Pullman. ' " For sixty days two lots of five cows each Were fed the two rasions alterna- tely every fifteen days and the follow- ing results were noted: by a large number of citizens from all celebrate the event and put Monroe in over the county, there will be a meet- bigger letters on the map. The oppor- ing at the town hall secure tunity will be a good one and should than ever Lefore by all protective i expressions of opinion and decide upon not be over looked. The newly paved agencies except the federal forest ser- the location of the roads between here business streets will be a pride to every Mozroe Mercantile Co ][1c vlce, which is hampered by congression- and Snohomish and here and Sultan eitizenandwillgiv e Monroe anewap- al delay is acting upon its appropria- i which will be reported to the conven- pearance that will help largely in keep- im I II tion, is the summary of a statement is- tion Saturday for final action, ing her well at the head of the proces- sued by the Western Forestry & Con- The meeting tonight was decided up- sion. Some good attractions could be First: The alfalfa molasses meal ......... servation Association upon advices re- on at a session of the Comvercial club secured and a festival pulled off that was relished for tlie first few days, but - :, 4Mt4HI$@*#$#$;;;;;$$$$$$ ceived from all protective headquarters Monday evening when. the matter was would bring a lot of people here. after the cows We're on the feed a week , :'( tlinthePaeificNorthwest, discussed at length. Several resi- ormorie ittffects;on digestion were : ,; J. A. VANASDLEN, Notary Public. J. C, FALCONER, Notary Public Although small fires are becoming dents along the Roosevelt road were Another event that is arousing inter- observed and they were throw n off th ir i:"; .'-; numerous, green imber is not dry present an=l argued strongly  in behalf eat in the club is a baseball game that feed; Mo[]l'oe RBal EsIale Loai] Co ![ enugh to carry them unless strong of the adoption of that route and they will be pulled off in the near future Second: In everyperiodofbothlots"''::. | wind prevails and the patrol forces are had some good arguments to the effe t between teams carrying an average there as anincrase, of fat production ,:-., handling them promptly. The season that the road could more nearly be avoirdupois in the neighborhood of 200 of one" to three per cent. when bran and ,.. Timber Illlld, '1 11d ]has been favorable for disposing of made usable all through the wet season pounds. A 100 errors will be guaran- barley were fed. The average percent- dangerous slashings and never before and that it would afford opportunity for iteed in six innings and a special stream age of total solids produced from the i Oi'y P 111L1LEULO !l has there been such a system andsuc- thedevelpmentf a greater area flfrm the Spring water C''s mains alfalfa mlasses mal Was13"09 as cm" IO]LI:IL' 'i,e e cess in extinguishing smouldering logs good agricultural land than the south will aid in keeping the fevered temper- pared with 13 19 from the bran and:, and snags left after burning to become road. On the other hand, those in fay- I stare low. barley. The milk sugar showed very :.'@ !$ a menace later. On the other hand, the or of the south road argued that it was .... little ariation on a change from one ..:: _: 0I[|e: ,orr Malg aM $rry Streets growth of grass and underbrush has and will probably always be the main road will always be the direct and most feed to another..The percentage of fat been so heavy as to threaten peculiar ded road up the river, that it itravele d route for through travel, and in the milk from the cows fed alfalfa ........ danger from now on. Marked improve- the main streets of Snohomi h that the demand to have it made a hard molasses meal was 3.788 and from those : .' ment in care with fire is reported, al- md Monroe, that residents along itlsurfaceroadwil I result in such work fed lrai/and bariyit was 3.95. :: f! though there is considerable complaint paid a much greater proportioffof taxe01 being done in a very few years if it is Third: In fictUa]'pounds of fat pro- against careless leavings of debris by .d h;oS,, ,,,;,-+ ',--,  ;'--: ....  i not done now, in which case the dis- ducedtd the.,mil .during the experi-" | Painti 11g and Decorating | county road builders and .against .there lltyl'tll l*t)A t)lt LIlt, .'-gZ'; .... : ........ , trict wouRl have two gdod roads instead ment the compax, io, is as follows: In operations of small and rresponmble entrance to Snhommh had so many of one. It is the plan of the commis-each change from&lfalfa molasses meal :']:: ! I to bran ind barley there was a gain of : : .... loggers, turns and angles and that there was no sioners to put on crued rock ,now, No Job too Large No Job too Small ,__ ,. '--, ----- I adequate entrance of any.: kind to Mon- after, the grading is completed, but that 7.83 pothds, but'hn the change was : , roe and that atleasttentcaekhadtobe temp6rary and will not made back agaih there was a loss of .., , for us to tackle. We are prepared to estimate on every class of work we oner one aundred Donars Rewara for an, ] ........ . is only a road 11.64 pounds of fat,: Bran and_ barley ease ot catarrla that cannot be urea by IBrlcrosseu netween wooaruranu aonroe.-: answer for many years. There is no produced7.51 per'cent, more fat ana .  , and can give you the very highest service. It is worth while to catar,athecurs, aerdX, ' cavffnoC" ooho. t ' The discussion was heated :and eov- question but that it would be desire- 4.06per eent. moeotal solids thanthe We, un gn . . . Y ' ered ever omt and the menibers of for the last 75 years, and believe him periecUy hon- Y P , able to hive the road hard surfaced in- alfalfa molasses meal. have your painting, papering and decorating done by expert workmen.  | It means satisfection and a real money saving in the end. Talk it over ! li orable In all buslneu tranctlon$ and financially i +ha l,h ,davored to ascertain which able to carry out any obllsatlon, made by his firm. I .............. --- stead, especially as it passees  the re- Fourth: It Cost two cents more to ' ' with us. Nxz,ox n or Tooozto i road would be the greatest benefit to format0ry, and it would probably be prodhce one pound bf butter and three -: eent more to produce" one hundred Hal'a Catan Cure t taken mt, a0tin the commun:ty and serve the" interests i weli to do it if definite plans could be pounds of milk when bran and barley N. T. BRADLEY. dlrectlyupoutheblooda.dlnucousaurfacesofthe, ._, .... 1 "'1 " ' system. Testlmonlala sent free. Prie 75 ata pet ] OI tne greaes numoer ol peop e. x lind for taking proper care of the north were replaced by the alfalfa molasses ..... bottle. 8old by all Drugglstn. I " ,, .I -- "; .- zaze xalt' Famu z'at tot azuoo. I zs genetauy na cne south ' road as well in the near future, meal, .... . :; 11 )!