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August 5, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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August 5, 1910

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-Cheese, . Cream 00E00stern - Corn1&amp;. Cheese is a necessary ad- junct to every summer lunch or picnic party. We have all the better varieties at this store. Just the thing to give a tasty finish to a good meal or taking Oll a fishing trip. Don't be afraid to make this store your headquarters. We are accustomed to look- ing after our customers' needs and convetfience. Nl. Lundstam Groceries Flour and Feed Automobile Baragins $200 and up List mailed free--Send for iL. Automobile Exchange 715 E Pine St. Seattle @@4.@-@@@IJ'@OO@@O Cherry Valley i i NUP..SERY I. R. R01'ltlNS, Prop. i and Shrubbery. All varieties of I, ruit Trees All stock guaranteed true to label. For shrubs and o. namental trees Phone T. R. HOPKINS Cherry Vslley, Wash. Shumaker & Humphreys General Blacksmiths and Wagon Building Highest grade work in every re- spect. Up-t.-date Shop. Your patr, mage is rosp' ,:tfully solicited. Satisfaction gtutran- teed. Lewis Street ,4 Free Trip to Seattle and Return. Let's Bust the State Dental Trust. Take a trip to Seattle and let me save you the price of your trip on your dental work. You save a dollar, I make a dollar and the State Dental Monopoly will lose two dollars when I do your dental work. Have your dental work done now while the dental war is on. My ollices have been established at 7*3 First Ave., in the Union Block. for 18 years. I do not compete with cheap dentists, but with the high-clas dent- ista for half tkeir price. Open evenings until 8 and Sundays until 4 for people who work. EDWIN J. BROWN, D.D.S. 713 First Avenue Seattle, Wash. Read my article in Snnday's P.-I. and Monday's Times and Star. No lice sealed bids will be received until 4::0o'el,,ck p. m. August 24, 1910, for the grading of Ferry street from the (; rent Northern Railway Comlntny's ,'ight-of-way to Me Dougall street, and the graveling of the same street from the Great, Northern Railway Company's right, of-way to Fremont street. all to be done according to plaT.s and speeilications now on file in the office of the Town Clerk. The right is reserved by the Town of Monroe to reject any or all bids. Bids must be accom- panied by certified check for ten [)el" cent of th contract price, check to be returned if bid is not accepted, and retained if bid is accepted and bidder fails to fur-i nis. the required bond WHIT H. CLARK. Town Clerk. First publication Aug. 5, 1910. Notice Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received until 4:00 o'clock p. m. August 24. 1910, for the construction of cement sidewalks and curb on both sides of Sams street. The work is to be done according to plans and specificalAons on file in the office of the Town Cleric. The righto is reserved by the Town of Monroe to reject any or 11 bids. Each bid must be accompanied by a certifi, d check for live per cent of the contract price, said check Lo be returned if bid is not accepted, and retained if bid is accepted and bidder fails to fur nish required bond. W:-AT H. CLARI, Tovn Clerk. First publication Aug. 5, 1910. Notic Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received until 4:00 o'clock p. m. August 24, 19t0, :or the grading of Columbia street, according to ,plans and specifications on file in the office of the Town Clerk. The right is resmwed by the Town of Monroe to reject any or all bids. Bids must be aCColnpanied by certified check for ten per cent of the con- tract price, check to be returned if bid is not accepted, and retain- ed if bid is accepled and bidder fails to lm'nish required bond. WHIT H. CLARK, Town Clerk. First publication Aug. 5, 1910. Street and Sidewalk Grade Taxes Notice is hereby given that the assessuient roll for St, l'eet and ;idewalk grading on McDougall street, between Ferry and Sams treets, is now in my hand and I will receive the laxes thereon listed, and the sanle wdl be de- linquent, bear interest and be subject to foreclosure sixty days niter the last publication of this Notice that The Granite Place is hereby given as a Social Order m In no other place is t: e same opl)ortunity presented for real sociability as on the farm, where neighbors and friends have a mutual interest, .They can talk together, work together, meet together at the grange I all; really no time lost if we make our plans to attend the meetings of the grange. Perhaps the very ques :lions that have perplexed us most may be ably discussed and we will returu to our homes well repaid for the time spent in the grange. Did we ever stop to think that our city neighbors lose this close fellowship that is avail- able on the farm on account of their varied interests. It is a much more selfish life, as it is I every man for himself, nothing[ in common, and they go about, their business feeling, thankful that no one cares. There need be no isolation on the farm when we can alk to the side of one of our rooms and speak through the telephone to almost any neighbor for miles around. The interurban cars running through the country can accommodate you by stopping to let you alight at the corn'r of your farm. Not so in the early days, when the only way 5ou could vis't your neiglbor was to go to his home, perhaps be obliged to harness and hitch a team and travel through inuddy or snow blockaded roads where now in many places the 1.oasis a:e dragged and put in splendid shape for travel. Aside froln the many conveniences unknown to our forefathers who knew but little of the many convenle,ces enjoyed t)y the farmer and his family in this day. During the existence of the grange and through the stren: uous efforts of the membership many of the so-called hardships have been removed, labor light- ened,:and there is still much j0 !store for tile farmer and "his farm home if we will but use oral" influence to bring about needed legislation. We must keep OUl', ds as well as our hands active ly engaged in laboring for the advancement and elevation of ttle farin home, where we can enjoy life resting under our o,qn "vine and fig tree," free from the con lamination of the city allure meats. Teething babies always have a hard time of it when this pro- cess occures in hot weather" 6. That the mtlking be done with dry clean h,mds. 7. That the milk pails be clean and sterilized by coiling water. A narrow top mi,k pail should be used. 8. Thatamilk house should be built, if one is not already built, not to be attached to any other building, lighted and ven- tilated. 9 That the milk be removed at once from the stable to the milk house and cooled to a tem- perature of 50 degrees. 10. That the milk be put in clean veusels and kept cool until delivered. 11. That no i)erson having an infectious diseases or coming in contact wih a person having an infectious disease be allowed to milk. 12. That the milk be deliver- ed to station on a spring wagon and always cover cans with flean canvas. Pownall's Music Store has just pu in a complete new stock of musical instruments including violins, mandolins, guitars and accordeons. Come in and look the stock over. PROVED MIS WORDS. Still, the Philosopher Didn't Like It When Death Called. A certain philosopher was in the habit of saying whenever lie heard that an old friend had passed away: "Ah, well, death comes to us all! It is no new thing. It is what we must ex- pect. Pass me the butter, my dear. Yes. death conies to all, and my friend's time had come." Now. Death overheard these philo- sophical remarks at different times, and one day he showed himself to the )hllosopher. "I am Death," said he simply. "Go away!" said the man In a panic. "I am not ready for you." "Yes, but it Is one of your favorite truisms that Death comes to all, and l am but proving your words." "Go away! You are dreadful!" "No more dreadful than I always am.. But why have you changed so? You have never feared the death that has come to your friends. I never heard you sigh when I carried off your old companions. You have always said, 'It is" the way of all flesh.' Shall make an exception tn favor of your ?" "Yes, for I am not ready." "But I am. Your time has come. Do not repine. Your friends will go on buttering thelr toast. They will take It as philosophically as you have taken every other death." And the philosopher and Death" de- parted on a long journey together.-- Charles Battell Loomis, About Sneezing. Hospital nurses when assisting at s delicate operative have their own way of suppres!ng a Cough or a sneeze. The operator's attention must not be :distracted for a moment. Coughs and sneezes, too. spread germs on surfaces carefully rendered antiseptic. So ev- ery nurse soon learns to press her fin- ger hard on the upper lip imnediately below the nose when she feels a cough or a sneeze coming on. A pressure tn the neighborhood of the ear, too, or a hard pressure on the roof of the mouth will nip a cough in the bud. And the will has great power to control a cough They not only have to contend with painful gums but the stom- ach is disordered, bowels loose and the body uncomfortable' The best help you can give the little sufferer is McGee's Baby or a sneeze. There was a French surgeon who Elixir. I  corrects sour stolnack, used to say whenever he entered the cools and quiet the bowels and wards of the hospital, "The first pa- helps digestion. Price 2.e and tient who coughs gets no food today." This method was usually successful.-- 50c per bottle. Sold by W. E. Chicago News. The Kodak Season Is Here. Buy NOW and be prepared for your VACATION. PRICES FROM $1.00 UP Camp Bros. Drug Co. The Graduate Prescritpion Druggists The Young Nan With an Idea Generally counts on the help of money to malure his idea. To have the money when the idea is ripe, every savable dollar should be saved. The mere knowledge that a bank account is his very own will urge aly y,,ung man to g,cacr a,,d greater efforts, both in niaking lnolleX and =avian:< it. This bank is glad to talk it over at any iilnC with those interested. ! qt, i -- -- nn in n mum  ........ Paid-up Capntal $25,0OI) Shareholders' Liahi ity $25,000 urplus - - $10,q)o0 Total o0 I)O0 ir 4 I ql, 2 ........... rll I -= - i First National Bank, vo,00,o00 Wash. (Successors te I,EMON & STEI'IIENS)- Office ani Warehouse North end 0t Ferry St. Pone Sunset 1 ! ! WOOD AND COAL YARD t General Contraeti g D. F. STEPHENTS & CO. i Transferring: and Teaming Prompt service guaranteed and all work given careful Attention. Mansfield" sixty days after @eoeo@@@o@4M@@ notice, to-wit: What Came Up. @ ! " For ylean Milk pi g O t Ti o,"  the 19th day of August, IS10. A young man wishing to have a bit ..fif(t,,,,> . of fun at a farmer's expense passed a c d/Z. $ Deled, Monroe. Wash., August" few remarks about his cattle and his !!3,1910 W.E. WADDELL, -- garden and then sald he had set som" Cam n u me 1 Town Treasurer. These re,,ula$ions cover the lettuce and cabbage which had not Dale of first publication, Aug. essentials of clean and whole grown up. i  i Then the farmer said: 5, 1910. some mdk production and are "Oh, that's nothing! I set some car- such as can be adopled without rot seeds, and what do you think came The heated weather makes one think of a vacation Notice considerable expense to the up?" "Don't know." replied the young camping out on the river or at the seashore. You can Noce is hereby given that it dairymen: man. ! " ! l the inlel]tion of the town coun" 1 Tight stable floors must be Farmer--Why' ld Brwn'sdonkey" and ate the lot.--Newark Star. get all you ell to order the construction of provided, preferably of ce,nenl  e#,e###eatee cement sidewalks on the soutli side of Main street, between construction provided with agut- The Turnip. ler imediately behind the cow. The turnlp is supposed to be a nativ" p Eq ip " - L,wis street and Blakely slreet, of Asia and Europe. It has been curl- Cam u ment 2. Proper ventilation of sta rated for centuries. The wild East You can saOe money where such walk has not already bins, provision for 500 cubic feet Indian turnip is sald to be remotely bybuying i been cnStrncled" f air fr each cw and fur kin t the edible turnip" It is the siz" WHIT H. CLARK, . " . of a wahmt and first tasted Is sweet- square fae of window area per! tsh, but in a moment the taster's at this store. Tents, Campstoves and II the ulensils ." CR[SI Flour ] T,,w. Clerk. coW.instenciWidOWSof, l;ss niav he very tongue fee,s as though it were prieked cheaply constructed of muslin bv a hundred hot needles, and he feels needed. Come in and pick out what :ou want. ,, for hours after ,t If you sit in a cool draft wlnen . , g "" Is the country boy's favorite medium a --"--'---- you are heated and get a stiff 3 That the walls, ceilings for a joke on the visiting town boy. i Irsthegest =. SlffiiEhS IIARDWAR[ CO ------'-- ease the pdn. Fix your mind throughout at least twice a year. I pie than work?", s : r, C00SWell a,lalds sllow Liniment 4. That the stable be cleaned! 'Tm sure of It, replied the sarcastic scientist and d,)n't be t, alkod out of it daily and the manure hauled di- t "WhyY" ' -i'-' t)ecause it is the best pain rect to fields. [ "Because so many people find it 4e4**#.* relieving liniment you ,;an get 5 That the cows be kept I easier than work and devote their time . . , . . 1 to it "--WaslMngton Star. Wanted-An Idea anywhere. Price 2"c. 50e and clean, no accumu, a,mns o, man,' " ,,t ..... r,d,: ,.,,. .' you,.at. *1.00 per bottle. Sold by W. E. ure upon their flanks, sides, ud- For .he oo.. =t. hi= ,o, o, Don't Knock--Be a Booster Write J)tlN W EDDEItBURN & CO., Patent All fir t eys. Washington, D. C., for their $1,8110 prig i* o t@ Mansfield. der and tails, time most leves.--Danta. lllt Of tWO hulldred lveuLlou WAiSted.