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August 5, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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August 5, 1910

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)b MONROE MONITOR-TRANSCRIPT TWELFTH YEAR. NO. 3'2 MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASH.. FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1910. $1.00 PER YEAR Poindexter Defends InsurEenl Position Congressman Miles Poindex ter addressed a fair sized and much interested audience at the ol)erz house Wednesday night and rmm'essed all with his forci hie utterance on the issue; of the day. Mr'. Poindexter is by by non]eans a polished orator, but he uses good straight Eng presents his arguments not unnecessarily plausible most e:nphatically. He dwelt at con. sidembl [ength on thedramatie incidents of the last session, tell- ing how Speaker Cannon was deposed and retailing]he same facts iu connection with the matter and the methods employ- ed in l)assino the tariff bill as have been told and re-told in the magzines and newspaper press of tile past months. Introduced by E. Hazel]on in part Mr. Poindexter said: 'There is a crisis in the devel opementof parties in tins state. The people are arouced as never befor and discussing the posi- tioq that Washington will be placed in through the election of thsor tha candidate for sena- torial Ironer. On opponent has abig news paper that is con- stantly saying wllathe has done and what he will do. "'[ have no time to correct all the misstateinents that have been made but my record in Con- gress is o[)e. It depends upon what paper you read as to whether you learn that the con- test is betw,en Mr, Wilson and between Judge Burke and my: self and I hope that both are right. "As to my political affiliation, I will say that I voted the Repub- lican ticket in this stale when people would nearly sm their I dogs on Republicans. "The great issue of the day is] [whether tim corporations shall I control the public functions and I agencies for private purposes or I the people for the publm good. This is the chief question of which every other question is but a phase. The functions of gov- ernment which have been usurped by the owners of great wealth to their own needs, are "Control of interstate trans- can party I will do my utmost for the good of the people of the state and not submit the issues to the machine. "The combination with Demo- crats was for the best interests of the people of the United States. and was done without price, and if I'm re'urned to Congress again if there arises a chance to pass a good law by combining with the Democrats I'll vote for it. I will vote for tire Republican policies, but do not intend to sell my vote i against the interests of the peo- ple." New Library Books The Making of an American, The per]alien; Story of My Life, Up from Slavery, "The ,'i,ht of lavino, tariff on I Longfellow's, Tennys0n's, and Whit- imports" I tiers Poems; Lost Face, London; [3 *  "The use of natural national lCavanagh, Garland; The Wild 0hve; resources  A Girl of the Limberlost; The River "The Republican platform of Man; Tillie the Mennonmite Maid;' two years ago pledzed the party i Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare,_Lost m the Jungle, The Country of the to tang revision downwards, but the ,trt" revised tie tariff up I Dwarfs; Wild Life Under the Equa- P' ")' "1 wards on many of the greatest ]or; The Little Japanese Cousin; Our necessities of the people. Little Indian Cousin; Our Little Phil- "It is necessary in all things to get back to the right of the people to rule themselves. I urge for the people of this state the taking back of the right to nom- inate judges of the suprerne court, and in addition, pledges should be secured from every candidate for the legi.iature to vote for the successful candidate m the senatori,d primary. "I am not bothered about this talk of being read out of the party. A man is privileged to ipine Cousin; Girls Who become Fa- mous; Teddy-Her Book; Teddy-Her Daughter; Gypsy Breynton; Gypsy Cousin Joy; Gypsy Seeing & Reaping; Gypsy Year at the Golden Crescent; Stories of Colonial Children; The Jun- gle Book; Capt. Pete of Cortesana; Donald & Dorothy; Seven Little Sis ters; Phronsie Pepper; The Story of polly Pepper T01d; Five Little Pep- pers and Their Friends; A Boy of the First Empire; The Man in the Lower Ten; Lord Loveland Discovers Amer- ica and The New Century Book of Facts, vote as he wants to. I will get I .... out of the party when I get ready ] For a splendid line of leather and not ask permission, but so tea diners go to. the Monroe long as I remain in the Republi- Furniture Co. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ 2 @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ t @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ WHY @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ The Cherry Valley Country?., @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ LOOK AT THE MAP @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ East End is Very Busy Neighborhood Residents of Monroe whose daily foJtsteps d * not take hern in the east end of tim town fail to compr.heud the ira,nonce amount of improvement work that is being done in that wcini- ty. Four different big pieces of improvement work are under' way--the G. N. changes, the Milwaukee building, the water company reservoir and the build ing of the new Woods creek bridge. Add to these the other improvement work that is being done all over town in different sections--the sewer work, the big sidewalk COhtracts, streeL grading, water and electric corn- [)any improverlents, telephone and the building of the union high school--and it is a safe guess to make that no other town in tile state of twice the number of inhabitants is so busy. The work being done by tire Milwaukee i being pushed rith vigor timt insures the early corn pletion of tire raihoad. The trestle work from the county road to the Holmquist t;ill i practicady compleled and it wi.l be only a matter of two or thre.e weeks until the track is laid oa it and a steam shovel placed itJ operation to make-the big cu, through th'e hill in the rear el mill. The roland ia being cleat" ed so that woi'k on the lresth across it and tile big span bridge that will cross the river" can b tat'ted ,t au early date. Tte road will have a lot ox tilling t, do o uteet tile Ann Su'eel grad and the work in that vicinitb will result in clearing up tire land and making a sightly, rest: deuce portion out of that p&rt of town. The G. N. work is being push ed rapidly now so that the change to the new depot Can be made soon. Tim 'approach to the Cherry Valley bridge is being moved to th0 west side of tile right of-way so as to brim: the track on an easy curve to]hi south side of the depot. The first tract on the north fde--the present main rack which will be the passing track--is being moved north and the track be vend will t:e the main track. The new big tank has been corn pleted at an elevatmn that giv big pressure at two stand arms that ,re being put in place on the tract 300 feet each side of the tank. Republican State Convention at Tacoma The Republican state convon tree, held in the Armory at Taco ma Wednesday, was called to order by Senator S. H Piles a 10 a. m. Senator Wesley L Jones wa later made permanent chair- man. Both of these gentlemen. in the course of their speeches. made ringing denouncements of the insurgent movement, every reference thereto being received with uproarious applause on the part of tile delegates. It" was i early demonstrated that insur- gency would not have a look-in at the convention Resolutions adopted heartily endorse President Taft and his administration; favor the election of a United Sr:tes senator from' the west side, which literally amounts to saying that any candi date except Poindex;,er would be acceptable to the conventi,m. No reference ]s made in the platform, however, to either woman suf- frage or the liquor question. There was considerable discus- sion over the propositioris o eliminate the second choice pro- vision in nominations, which was carried, and to restore the nomi Oem0crals Mixi,0000, in nation of supreme court judges to tim primaries, which was lost.. Republican Contesls Milwaukee Loses Washington, D C..July ,25.___ Road Crossing Turning a state over fr,)m (too, Off political part to another is :  serious matter at arty time. P.t- The commissioners, by sus tinga state out of line with l,l, ]sluing County Engitmer Birney u:'tional adtnnistralioorsal va.ys in his eontention against theMit to beaveided if the Voters have waukee over the right-of-way the tea! interests of their state through the county road east of t heart. No]hint (';in ll,),ly Monroe. gave the engineer eric- be gained unless it shall itave tory and the people of Monroe happened that lhe n:tliomd a,l- qtesolution to thedi pure which ministration is positively ho.tiie they desired. The Milwaukee to the iuterests of Lhesate. must now builds40 foot diagonal No uch condition cot;fronts truss for its hue above the road the voters of any state in tfe and lowe, the latter four feet iu Union today. Considering tle addition to give ttte 12 foot of difficultmsit has encountered the clearance demanded by state law, administr,mon of Pre.Mdent Taft When the dispute arose about, has been wo,derfulty i r,)res- two weeks ago the Milwaukee lye. Much has been accom wished to divert the county road l)lished for the general good at,d from its straight course into a much more will be done if tiie bend with an abrupt turn. so thai president isc utinu(msly up!,e,(t the trestle of the railway would by a con, ress ia sympathy wit: (-ross tire road at right angles his progressive plans. Ev,de,(',; instead of diagonally, which :ff unrest, carefully fo.ler-d by would be theeaseif the original subsidized newspal)rs a ml ma- intersection of tim two highways azines ' are ctietly a l)l)areut n be preserved. Birney objected those sta'les wtti(.h his 5par are to this, claiming lltat tire bend in to elect suecess,)rs I[) sq,a,,,rs the road at the point proposed and representalivos w::o liave would make t n:tonly undesir- sriven to Ul)old the TM't pro- ble Ix) raflSc but dangerous to I ,ram utomobiles Everett Tribuue "" " , ; --tveret ' But in all thos (lili(.ts md W " I'll " - slalos Where elecli,ms ar,-, ,) t)e .,arm uO111nSl 011 ,,e,d'a,,d w,,.,'e ,,,0 ,.,.,,., tt . o . ,m SttDllt,rt or ,,pi),-iii()t, Io Tall. lOt MpsI111181108Ill ,h. a strong h .tttl. "rie titl'ee ea.ntl/datos for c,)un ].11 cios-' sin.los au,t drsl ri,.'s tim tV SUl)erinl,ehdent are gOtling t,) Deulocl'a', 41"e ,)rl,ti,_z, f,)c lle work in good shape ill l.helr con- uc3oss ()f uielnt)er,- of Iheir lA'n ,est, for votos. All lhree of tire pa'ly'. In Slales illld dl.,!l'l(.Ls candiclales are rco_niged as good naturnAly [{epub'.ivau, 111, D,.mo- educators arrd each has many crats are doi,g all ill Ilteir i)ower friends who will do much to aid to dvauce the internists of l,e in their canvass. "'insurgenC" candidates. Mrs LizzieJ,mes, who believes In IhO last congress the, more that Mis Bailey proved the fit radicaliusureensreuta|.lyj,fiu. uess of women for the position, ed wilh the De'-,,eras in (,i,l,,)si- is said to have bden granted the tion Io every itmn of Prsid,nt highest grad certificate ever Tar ,'s program. G, fin,_, I,,me I,) issued in the slate. She is an their cousliluens they at,, at. intelligent laxly with long expo 'tempting tile absurd i,,,i,,.iii(;n rience in school work. attd cue that Olq)ositi,m l,) Taft. wa whom it is  pleasure to meet., founded upon pol:eies fixed I)y Joel Davis was spoken of in formerPrestdent R,)osevel. Tttig these columns last week as being argument will not wash.- The th flrstcandidaltoappearhore, policies of Taft and R,)()ovelt and he third is George Lances are now generally reconiz,d as ler, of Arlington, Who starts iu identical. The difference lies iu the racewih dm handioap(ff no! the methods of tire two preM- being so well generally known, dentsiu securing results. Tafi's except in Arlinglon and Everett. adtnmistration, fxi,'ly supD[,r td where he sorveed as high. school throughout, will leave a record princl'pal for s0mo years. He of things accomplished s c,md lo holds a life certificate' in this that of no other president of state and taught seven years in modern times. rural schools, six years in high OppositiontoAldrichaod Can- schools and fiveyears as super- n,)n was otto tilth,,.,; a rect)rd of intendent, antagonism 10 everyt, hing pro- " f0r posed by tile Taft miministr'a|i,,n Will Petlti0a , another 'l'h', dislinc,iou Opel should be unde,.s,o(,d by every n ng of Wood St, voter. Conscientious R,publicans -- favored reformation of lhe rules A movement is on foot to m- of the house of representatives. dune the town council to open but men elected as Repulrlicans Wood street across th.e railroad who fought the administration at track to Stretch avenue. It is every point are not conscientious said that Ihe Milwaukee company Republicans; they are not even is desirous of locating its depot good citizens. as fat' west as possible on at- Tile record of a man like ep- count of the grade, but has in- resents]ire Miles Poindexer Of tended to put it on block 7, in the mate of Washington cannot th0 rear ot lhe condenser. This be justified. A proper degree of would.aeeessitate going up Main patriotism era fan" considertiou i street to Ann street,, up Ann to of the interests of his own con- Stretch avenue to .the depot, stituency would have dicta;ed a  The depot would be entirely hid- different Course from that which i den from public view until he pursued. The true exl)lana: Stretch avenue was reached. By tion of his actions, host let) the" opening Wood street, the depot admini: tra,ion and inimical to could be built in block 6, the welfare of his own state,- one bh)ck :In r t h e r west must be found in his selfish desire and in plain view from , Main to further his own political a,nbi- street. To reach i the public lions by truckling to tire spirit of would Main to Wood street unrest. No length of service fits  go up and.up Wood street to Stretch such a matt for public office. , avenue, a saving of some three i blocks travel. It is understood the matter  an early dat. A that the MilwauRee company petition for the opening el' Wood  would be. fa-orable to thechange street is in circulation and will ;ii and it appears that the council be pre.ented to the council at ought to take favorable action in next meeting, o :i i