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July 31, 1925     Monroe Historical Society
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July 31, 1925

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Friday, July 31, 1925. THE MONROE MONITOR--Monroe, Washington Page Seven i, # # l[ t / &apos;" E. T. BASCOM LAWYER Practices in All Courts Monroe. Washington ................................ , Uncomplimentary, I Labor That WASHING[ON STATE The county inspector was pa3ing his I Calls for monthly visit to the village school. He Much Physical Effort BRIEF NEWS ITEMS generaleXaminedlcnowledge,the children:is wasin readinghis customand A well-known writer once said that and was very pleased with the an- swers he received. After the last Principal Evenis of the Week question he rose to his feet and, look- , lag slowly around on the upturned ] Assembled for Information aces, remarked genially: "I wish l Go F. C 0 0 K was a little boy at school again." He Lawyer 0f Our Readers lowed a few moments for this to sink in and then added: "Do you know $21 STOKES BUILDING Everett. Wash. An incendiary fire at Eatonville do- why I wish that?" For a momenf or stroyed the candy shop of J. J. Ward. two there was silence, and then e childish voice from the back of the Caught in a cave-in of a gravel pit room was heard to say: "'Cas you've  !at Portage, on Vashon island, P. G. forgot all you ever knowed."--Atlants DR. A. Z A R E M B A I[ Collins, 60, was killed. Journal. D e n t i s t Representatives of railroads and Successor to Dr. Lewis !1 log shippers met in Seattle for a con- Storm Clouds" Visibility Monroe National Bank Bldg. ferenee over intrastate log rates. The weather bureau says that the MONROE, WASHINGTON Construction of the Weyerhaeuser distance at which storm clouds are Timber company's mills in Longview visible to the naked eye varies great- will probably get under way this fall. ly with one's position and the kind o.f clouds. If a person is in an open fiat Rex Davis, 15-year-old son of Mr. country and the clouds are of the DR. C. W. ROBEN and Mrs. M. J. Davis of Chehalis, died broad stratus or layer type, he may from injuries received in a runaway not see them more than 30 or 40 miles D e n t i s t accident last week. away, and even not half so far if the Dolloff Block. Monroe The first'car of pears of the 1925 air tends to be misty or hazy. On the crop was shipped from Wenatchee to other hand, when the air is quite clear  Vancouver, B. C. This is 10 days a well developed cumulo-nimbus, or thunderstorm, cloud may, in favorable -il earlier than last year. circumstances, be seen when more PERCY P. COOLEY, M.D. t] Several cars of apricots and one car than 100 miles away. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON of Transparent and Harvest apples Monroe were shipped last week from Venat- Australians Know Snow Phones: Office 2021; Res. 2022 chee to the Chicago market. Snow falls ia southeastern Australl Office Over Frst National Bank Building Severe electric storms over north- during the winter months, and oeca --- # ern Washington and Idaho were re- sionally lies on the ground as far nortl sponsible for the setting of a large as Melbourne and Sydney. On th MOUNTAIN VIEW DAIRY l ]umber of small forest fires, mountains and in northeastern Vie Two Daily Deliveries [[ A certificate authorizing the Broth- toria and southern New South Wales Whipping Cream that will Whip i[ are practically buried in snow and ;)z All Orders Promptly Filled !] erhd Bank & Trust company of Se- the snowfall is very heavy. Fores, ' Milk from T. B. Tested Cows I] attle to begin business was issued by the plateaus of northeastern Victori L. A. KEECH II Harry C. Johnson, state supervisor of the ground is sometimes covered to t; Telephone 3g J1 Monroe l[ banking, depth of several feet from May to Sop Charles Larson of Ostrander had tember. This also occurs on the high to call in his neighbors to help him [ands of Tasmania, although there ar no mountains bearing perpetual snow C. H. BAKEMAN rescue his cow, which fell into a dry caps in either Australia or Tasmania FUNERAL DIRECTOR well, which had been boarded over Phones: Office 691; House 693 nd abandoned. Everett--100 men working on Bak- Best and Prompt Service Eugene Anderson, 18. and his broth- er river hydroelectric substations. Snohomish, Wash. or, verne, 8, were drowned in the Kettle river near Curley while their Raym0nd--Work begun on rebuild- mother stood on a raft in the river ing $119,000 trestle to South Bend. i PLUMBING OR SHEET METAL WORK THEDINGA HARDWARE CO. Monroe E. E. Purdy & Sons UNDERTAKERS -- Telephone 131 -- Snohomish Office -- Phone 422 Monroe, Washington Two Deliveries Daily-- Have Yon- Milk Delivered Two Deliveries Daily MORNING AND EVENING W. A. NICKEL Phone 471 :: Monroe I CLARENCE HICKEY Engineering, Surveying, Mapping 508 COMMERCE BLDG. Everett, Washington C. A. STRANDBERG Doctor Veterinaxy Science General Practice General Blacksmithing, Horse- shoeing, Acetylene Welding. Telephones--Office 1921, Res., phone 1963--Monroe, Wash. m qr FRED HAGEOORN Manufacturer of Gement, !Building Blocks --and-- Arl Stone Plant--North Blakely St. Monroe Near G. N. Ry. Tacks unable to help them. The seventh case of typhoid fever developed at Walla Walla last week and the health department issued an- other warning to the public to be care- ful of its water supply. The safe at the Ryderwood Mercan- tile company store, in Ryderwood, 30 miles north of Longview, was blown and $2200 in cash was stolen and two cash registers were rifled. Lucile Dyer, 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Dyer, Cosmopolis, died at the Aberdeen general hospital as a result of a bullet wound accidentally inflicted by her brother Edward. What is believed the first flour ground from 1925crop wheat in Wash. ington was milled by the Northern flour mills in Walls Walla last week. It was from Jenkins club wheat. A new fireproof two-room school house to replace the building burned last summer is under construction at Salmon Creek and will be completed by the time school opens this fall. Orlan Dewait, 39, and Nels 35, died in a Snoqualmie hospital Sat- urday as a result of injuries received in a short circuit in the power plant of the Snoqualmie Lumber company. Seattle entertained 1250 midship- men of the United States naval academy who are on their annual training cruise on the battleships New York, Arkansas and Utah last week. Contracts for furnishing six state institutions In western Washington with 13,000 tons of steam coal at an aggregate cost of $40,575 have been awarded by the state purchasing agent. Approximately 10,000 young men and women were graduated from the high schools of the state of Wash- ington during 1925, according to an estimate of the state department of education. "i Unable to swim, and while floating in the lake with an inflated auto- mobile inner tube, Mrs. Gladys Peter- son, 24-year-old bride, was drowned in Lake Union within a few feet of her home. oyster dredging on the American coast was the hardest work In the world. The two dredges were wound in by hand, and that everlasting wind- ing, balanced on a swaying deck, was wicked work. The moment one dredge was aboard the oysters had to be "culled," and the whole eight men of the crew were working against time from dawn till dark. The dock laborer's Job is another which entails tremendous physical el-i fort. A steamer's time is money, and when cargo is being discharged not one moment must be wasted by any of those engaged. Tbe amount of work that can be done in one day is ahuost incredible. An inquest on a dock laborer who died suddenly on a wharf was held some time ago at which it was stated that on the day of his death he had unloaded no fewer than 36,000 wood paving blocks. Sight of Cats and Owls The belief that cats and owls can see in the dark is a popular fallacy. The iris of a cat's eye is capable of great variation, so as to admit more or less light, thus enabling the cat to see much better In the dusk than can hulnans, but in absolute darkness all animals are as helpless as any human being. Tbe feature which adapts cer- tain eyes for use with only a poor light is the constitution of the retina which is composed of two sets of struc- tures, the so-called rods and cones. The rods are apparently affected by radiation slightly before the cones and hence some creatures, including owls, whose eyes possess a large pro- portion of cones, are better suited for seeing in a faint light. Another Good Way "That's a fine car. How did yet get it?" "Out of a prize competition."" "Did you win it?" "No, I organized lt."--London Pass ing Show. Rainier Park is being crowded to entertainment capacity. Is a Lion afraid of a cock? Medieval wiseacres used to wag their heads and tell tales like this in the village marketplace. An amusing superstition, of course, but is it any more absurd than the belief that there is something mysteriously "better" about eastern motor oils just because they cost more and come from eastern crudes? Professional drivers and coon<row-run experts out after records don't share this supetiti(m---why should you pay tribute? choice of IVestern Motorists Zerolene lubricates more cars in the Pacific Coast states than any other oil made--a better oil if it does cost less. Zerolene increases the gasoline mileage, reduces the carbon removal and maintenance costs and lengthens the life of any car in which it is used. As a matter of fact the best crude so far dis- rered for the manufacture of motor lubri- cants is obtained on the Pacific Coast. And the most highly developed refining process is the high-vacuum process, the patents on which are held by this Company. And 15 positive checks on Zerolene at the refinery make quality con- trol absolute. Why pay tribute to superstition when you want the best oil you can get? Insist on Zero- iene--ask for it by name. Get the Facial ingr.ity Dizplayz:l by Spider Repairing Web On the porci ,,t" a llloLllltain (!tlag(  in Pennsylvania a tiny sl)ide',' ws seen to repair her web ill a very in teresting manner. The web, except for the threads that spread radially from the center, was fern and weath- erbeaten; the spokes, so to speak, were Intact and tightly stretched. Starting at the center, the spider ran outward along a radial thread, sweep- Ing it clear of the cross threads, breaking them and collecting the frag- ments until she had a tiny bundle. That she would roll Up with her claws and toss out into the air to drop to the ground as waste material. Appar- ently the gummed points of intersec- tion of threads she softened quickly by fluid from the mouth, for she stripped the spoke perfectly clean. (The observer found later that he could not strip a spoke of cross threads by sliding a split twig along it.) Returning to the center along the stripped spoke, the spider would free the adjoining spoke, pausing now and then to throw away her tiny ball of waste. Having reduced her web to spokes only, she proceeded to replace the part of the web that she had cleared away, spinning anew the threads that were to stretch from spoke to spoke. Such a striking example of economy of time, material and labor was a de- light to see.--Youth's Companion. Do Not Force Plantm If a plant has been growing thriftily for some time and then begins to go back It probably needs a rest, and no amount of forcing will do any perma- nent good. During the resting period a plant is better If left entirely alone in a dry, cool cellar. It will of its own accord and without any attention of any kind begin to put out new green shoots. When these new shoots show themselves the plant should be given a thorough watering, a repotting if nec- essary, and brought up into its place in the sun. After it Is growing well it may be given fertilizer. Central Washington's oft fruit crop will be worth $2,000,000. ++++++++ I" : 1assilird : +++++++++++++++++ FOR SALE FOR SALE--Grocery store, Park Place, good location.--See P. A. Kleiwer, phone 125 W 1, Monroe, Washington. 19t2" FOR SALE---Good old growth fir wood.--Isaac Ludwig, Phone 5F14, Monroe. 15t6 FOR RENT FOR RENT--House for xent. on F. M. Hoffee, Maple street, Mon- 20t2" roe. MIS.CELLANEOUS IND--Automobile curtain, almost new. Owner can have same on proving ownership and paying for this notice. Inquire at the Monitor office, Monroe. 20t2 MARCF_,LLING---Tuesdays and Sat- urdays by Mrs. Hubbard, at 122 N. Lewis street, Monroe. Phone 101 for appointments. 19t2" FOUND--A watch. Owner can have same on proper description there- of, and paying for this advertise- ment.--Ben Saner, box 166, Monroe, Washington. 19t3" Miller River Inn THE IDEAL SPOT The place with a charm for the tourist for a day, a week or for the season. In the very core of nature's heart, snow- capped peaks, trout streams galore, full of fish. Situated on the STEVENS PASS, Washington's scenic highway. Plenty of big game at hand. The finest spa water in America within walking dis- tance. Make your reservations now. Rates on application. Blasting operations on a new road leading Into Ryderwood, head of the A series of independent and ilTlpart Finest of aeeomodations. " To be Satisfied Long-Bell logging operations 30 miles showing the experience of large users with MILLER RIVER INN When in Everett from Longview, are under way. The rolene hBS been ollected in. OUr booldete M.Y. SMITH, Prop. new road will provide a more direct "Why PayTrflmte to a Superstil:ion?nl-2k 8fly Miller River, Wash. EAT AT THE route to Vader. Standard Oil Company representative or Zero- fiaHNey charges of first degree murder were  filed by Prosecuting Attorney Graham  dealer for a copy. ,, of Montesano against Deputy Fred ale Lomax of McCleary in connection wtth [Inrffton i FOR HIR AUTO the killing of Elkanah Crisp in Me- :? [ ZER,OLENE [ Any place--Any time--First I] 1507 Hew[it Ave. Cleary July 15. ! flrg/f ltdO I. Class Service.--P. e. Johnson, [I Monroe, Wash. Office southwest I About 1400 Lewis county livestock | cor ISS |: corner Main and Lewis. Tel. I[ Everett, Wash. owners have signed petitions to Court- ! ! 1615, house 1811. ' J)  -e'-  tYwasAgent Yeager asking that their STANDARD OIL COMP./00IY - cattle be given the tuberculin test. ) It expected that petitions yet out II ANCY DRESSMAKING-- would run the total to 1700 owners. [ Plain Sewing. First-Class Work- Less than half the normal amount [[ manship. Prices Reasonable. Increase Milk,Fl0w[ of small fruit was packed this year II Be pleased to have you call at I my apartments in Savoy Hotel, eorrtmahautrttio.n, stop abortion at the plant of the Oregon Packing [[ M)nr)e. MRS. CHILDRFS and sterility, ehmmate gmralyms company at Vancouver, due to dam- ) ; "-_ and rickets in your cattle, horses. swine and sheep with age to cane berries by the cold VITAMINERAL , weather' in December and failure of r.. o, p.. ..%e,,.' s.] ' C.B. sTRANG eontaimngd.ecl,ea.-vLmn, mee Wla the cherry crop, P. J. Burk. manager, strength vlng mlnel |abeolutelyguaranteeV AMEN. ERAL announced. The shortage will be made Physician and Surgeon to increase milk flow. Cost is small. ounhecklttn a week's t. up on pears, apples and prunes. The DUVALL, WASH. Telephone me for more information about VITAMINERAL. cannery will run steadily until Janu- Calls Answered Promptly-- Dr. E. C. Miller ary or later and give steady work to Day and Night a force of 600 employes. " NOTICE OF HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION In the Super[o: Court of the State o: Washington, for Snohomish County. No. 6606. In the Matte: of the Estate of Sarah Lind, deceased. Notice is hereby given that C. L. Barlow, administrator of the estate of Sarah Lind, deceased, has filed with the clerk of the above entitled Court, his final account and petition for distribution in the matter of said estate, and that the Court has fixed the 17th day of August, 1925, at 9:30 o'clock A. M., at the Courthouse in Everett, Snohomish County, Wash- ington, as the time and place for hearing said final account and peti- tion; that the Court in said final ac- count and petition is asked to settle said account and to distribute the property of said estate to the persons entitled thereto, and to discharge said administrator. All persons interested in said es- tate are required to attend at said time and place and present their ob- jections, if any, to said final account and petition for distribution; other- wise, said account will be approved and said petition granted as prayed. Dated this 14th day of July, 1925. FRANK A. TURNER. (Seal) Clerk of said Court. By E. W. Norgard, deputy clerk. G. L. Snyder, attorney for adminis- trator, Monroe, Washington. First pub., July 17, 1925. Last pub., July 31, 1925. SUMMONS In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for the Coun- ty o Snohomish. No. 23,327. Irma McMeekin, Plaintiff, vs. Robert McMeekin, Defendant. The State of Washington, to the said Robert McMeekin, Defendant: Greetings: You are hereby sum- moned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first pub- lication of this summons, to-wit: within sixty (60) days after the 26th day of June, 1925, and defend the above entitled action in the above en- titled court, and answer the com- plaint of the plaintiff, serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for plaintiff at" his office below stated, and in case of your failure to ,do so jud'gment will ]3o rendered against you according to the demand of the complaint which has been filed' with the clerk of the said court. The object of the above en- titled action is to obtain an absolute divorce by the plaintiff ;from the de- fendant on the ground of cruelty and of obtaining the custody of the minor child of said parties and for general relief. A. W. SWANSON, Attorney for Plaintiff. Office and Post Office address: 510 Commerce Building, Everett, Wash- ington. First pub., June 26, 1925. Last pub., July 31, 1925. Glasses, $1.50 -- $2.50 -- $5.00 O. E. WILLIAMS, Jeweler Monroe :: Washington 7 --because water, in freezing, expands more than the pipe which contains it. Therefore it bursts the pipe to get more room. A painful situationl But , Aspirin Tablets quickly stop pain because they break up easily and .start their relief work instantly. Absolutely true aspirin, tablets so skillfully made that their beneficial action begins in 15 seconds. Highest purity, never irritate or burn. One of 200 Puretest preparations for health and hygiene. Every item the best that skill and care can pro- duce. CAMP-RILEY DRU( CO. f-.. .'k .. : Fxzz Bul Fez GA;: If Bus o am  you ll Yellow m d ToP Taxi at Our Exnse.