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July 29, 1971     Monroe Historical Society
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July 29, 1971

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I Washington In line with pursuing this country's national policy of successfully i achieving an all-vol ..... ..... unteer Army, addi- f tional recruiters are being assigned to ex- isting recruiting sta ......... ii D ijilziii!iiiiiiii; iil; iii!iiiiiiiiiiiii iill tions and new stations Equality between the sexes is a relatively joint income for support of the marital cam- are being opened ha- new idea. For centuries the principal role muntty. tionwide, of woman was to serve man without cam- Opponents of the amendment claim it would The newest recruiter to be stationed in the plaint. Often she was kept in legal and cut- apply the Draft to girls. While the Selective tural bonda e. Service Act does outline qualifications for males Snohomish County Over a few hundred years woman was lib- only, you could argue that having equal 'rights' area is Staff Sergeant crated to the point where she could hold means having equal duties to protect them. Raymond T. Brault. public office, sign contracts, and even vote. The Equal Rights Amendment does not cover He will be assigned to But although it was first introduced in 1923, discrimination in the form of unequal pay and thearea Suth'with temporarySnhmish Sgt. Brault the so-called Equal Rights Amendment to unequal opportunity. In 1969, for example, facilities in Lynnwood, the Constitution has never been passed by full-time salaries for men averaged $8,227 or he is available in according to need.A Congress. for men and only $4,977 for women. Dis- The amendment reads as follows: "Equality criminatton in pay for professional-technical the Monroe Post Of- six-month delayed en- of rights under law shall not be denied or jobs is even more pronounced. Many capable, rice on Tuesday at listment program can abridged by the United States or by any State experienced women are passed over for pro- 1 through 3 p.m. and guarantee a school on account of sex." Simple of course, yet motion. again on Thursdays at four months or more in the proposal is also vague, and this is why To remedy this situation Congress is working 2 until 3 p.m. advance if the schools the Senate last year failed to complete actionon two bills. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Brault said he can are full at the time an , on the bill after the House had passed it. prohibits discrimination in employment because guarantee seven en- individual needs to Many states still retain the legal discrim- of sex, and the new legislation would give the listment options cov- enter the Army. ering where a recruit Sgt. Braulto entered ination the amendment would outlaw. Florida Equal Employment Opportunity Commission "bars women from serving on juries. Calif- strong enforcement powers. The Equal Pay wants to take basic the Army inS..ptember ornia and four other states require married Act of 1963 does not cover the professional, and advanced training 1960 and was trained, women to obtain a court order before they executive, or supervisory jobs. A new bill and be guaranteed his as a unit supply ape- can open a business. In eight states women would close this loophole. choice of an overseas eialist. He has served cannot contract or sign leases until they are Each woman should be free to choose her assignment, in Korea, Germany and 21; men have the same right at 18. In one career, be it in the home or in the office, or Mpst new programs Vietnam. Among his state a woman can be locked up for three years both. Women have changed, and so should the involve combat arms other decorations, he for habitual drunkenness, while the maximun attitudes and laws which classify them solely but vacancies for all holds the Army Cam- penalty for a man is 30 days. as domestic menials. assignments fluctuate mendation Medal. On the other hand, the amendment would July 29, 1971, Monitor, Monroe, Wn., Page Three Channel 3 T.V. Schedule Thurs. (22) 8 p.m. Babe Ruth base- ball Fri. 7 p.m. Right Now with Emperor Smith 8 p.m. Babe Ruth Champ- ionship Game Man. 8 p.m. Right Now with Emperor Smith Tues. 7:30 p.m.Eye on Snohomish 8 p.m. Babe Ruth base- ball Wed. 7 p.m. Ed Sierer 8 p.m. Babe Ruth base- ball 000 nullify or at least alter the "protective"laws . T,: phones68-4C09 . for women. Thirty-nine states limit the hours ,,G,, R^TaD-- CC'OR F.LMS ........ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..mmmmmnmmmmmm.n| a woman can .work, and 26 barthem from certain _.. . : _.| morne man ra es are aown...annos everywnere. |- i] jobs. Nine states prevent ladies from taking E flman R But we specialize in Snohomish County reul ~ ~ estate loans. So we may be able to save you E . | certain jobs that involve night work. i Letters To Edztor... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,: observers contend that "protective" "- " - ! mney'Ourratesncnventinal'FHAandG'I laws actually discriminate against women by Held H :r, _ 5o, _ q,,o loansare very competitive. And we have money "" " ~ ...... to put to! Come see us...first! encouraging employers not to hire them. In Regarding the article in the July 22, 1971 a few states, for example, women cannot hold Graveside services Open 7:30 supervisory positions if the job involves over- were held here Friday FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Monitor concerning the city council's move time. Yet the fact remains that the agonies "to take over the city's garbage collection of the Industrial Revolution promptedmanylaws morning for Hallte B. . - I Main Oflice: Colby at Everett Aventm -- 259-0231 when the present contract exuires next Feb- Edman, 90, of Seattle, Branehes:SuthEverett'AHingtn'F-~mn~'MarYsv~e'S~)hmmh~ ruary". Permit me this opportunity to to prevent employers from exploiting wom, n, a former Monroe res- voice strong opposition to this action. As Congress considers the amendment again ident who died July 20 I am saddened and more than a little angry in 1971, the most serious obstacle to passage are following an extended -o-o-o-ooo' o-o-ooooooooo-oooo ooao- .-ooooo oo to realize that although we all share in the the state laws affecting marriage. Many laws illness. expressly require the man to support the wife, Mrs. Edman, borni SKY VALLEY i many benefits of a democratic system of and most divorce statutes favor the Woman. September 18, 1880 in government, the governing body of our city Critics question the effect of the Equal Rights Little Rock, Arkansas, has nevertheless moved to usurp private enter- Amendment on the community property laws of lived in Monroe from ':* prise by simply declaring itself in the garbage the various states. Washington State law 1948 to1952. Shewas i SPEEDWAY i business with little or no consideration as tospecifies that if a husband andwife are livinga member of St. Anne's theWhy, wishes then, of it's did citizens, our city council agree to take apart, wages and property acquired by the woman Catholic Church in this action which I, for one, believe to be belong to her; earnings of the man are deemed Seattle. wholly unconstitutional? One reason could be Be 0 : Survivors are a son, ! Op "" ! that they feel there is profit to be made. Con- etchen ws Sell Guernsey o, en WheelCompetition t sider, citizens, the probable initial and con- Seattle; a daughter, tinUed investment in order to perform this Ed and Betty Beet' vice. ' Mrs.-Rosa Lee Larsen service in a satisfactory, not to mention ef- cheno.w, .of .:Rout . * eetchenov of San Diego, Calif- o -,' ~' 'i~' ~* '~~' ~ ';" ~ " %*': ' redently . sold the::re-:. Guernsey erd ha, rnta"*and six great- ::' "'-TIME.. TRIALS.,.: _ . Sat.. = Nzght:.. Ite n 1: ;' P tr Iiase"Of a packer truck ($10, gistered Guernsey been classified foul- grandchildren. ..... 000. to $18,000.) Services were under , b u l 1, Beetchenow times and is' on con- RACESo . o o Start at 8:00 Sat. Night Item 2. Maintenance and upkeep on same Farms Domino to tinuous DHI test. The the direction of Purdy o Item 3. Salaried men to man it Raymond Eagle of Elk. herd average for the & Kerr FuneralHome. _,ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..oooooo.ooooooooooooo Item 4. A more involved and therefore expensive system of bookkeeping to handle the billing and receipts. These items, roughly stated, are in ad- dition to the purchase of a large loader which is under consideration now by the council. Con- (" sidering the possible investment-do you really feel th zt in a citythe sizeofMonroe {city limits, rerne mber) there is profit to be made? I hardly think so! Another reason could be that the present con- :: tract holder, Mr. Vos, has utterly failed in his efforts over the last I0 years to do an adequate job. : To my knowledge, in all those years, not one complaint has been brought to the city council regarding his service. I feel, as do many citizens of this community to whom I've spoken, that Mr. Vos has given outstanding ser- vice to his customers. Not only are his rates ; reasonable and fair, but his performance is of the highest quality. Honesty and pride in one's work still mean a great deal to most of us. Further, may I reminfl the citizens of Mon- roe that WE are the government and should you have strong feelings in this matter, pro or con, I urge you to make them Imown at ' once to your elected officials on the council. The bull is by Lyrene Top Domino, a son of Gayoso V i e w Top Command, A-I Gold Star Sire and out of Lyrene Maestro's Dora, 16,710 lbs. milk, 813 lbs. fat, 5DHIR-- past three years was 11,115 lbs. milk, 556 lbs. fat. One of the sires in service in the Beetchenow herd is Beetchenow F a r m s Dick Ntxon, he a son of Beetchenow Farms 305--2x, she dam of Judy's Jerry, Excel- 5 sons in service,4 lent in 1968 and 1970. are used in A-I Ser- | We Are Pleased lo Announce The Addition of PHILIP To The Firm-Of Your voice in government is essential to in- sure our democratic system. Thank you for your kind attention. Insurance Agency Lorraine Herman 103 I/2 W. Main Monroe 510 Powell Street Monroe, Washington WWSC Meets Annua] Eastern Star RUMMAGE SALE 9a .m. - 4p.m. Fri. & Sat., Aug. 6 &7 Sultan Masonic Hall ', Salad Bar Pie and Coffee t Servedall day Students planning to attend Western Wash- ington State College this fall or who would like additional infor- mation about the col- lege are invited to meet with WWSC of- ficials and alumni at 8 p.m. Thursday, July 29, at the Everett Yacht Club 14th Street Dock. Now you can get that ELECTRICAL. EQUIPMENT REPAIRED in Monroe at ELECTRICAL MOTORS 119 Main St. Phone= 794-6381 Wherever you hail ]rom you're always welcome at our brewery. We have tours going on every day ]rom 8 to 4:30. So drop in, up or over, etc. Olympia Brewing Company Now celebrating 75 years in the same location, Tumwate, ~Vashington. Oly *@