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July 23, 1926     Monroe Historical Society
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July 23, 1926

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Page Two -- Monroe, 'Washington [ [[[[ I [ [ THE MONROE Mr)NITeR Consolidated With : 00000ROE IN00EP00VZNT.: By J. J. RF.ARVON > SON: PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY Entered as second-cla, matter at the post-office at Mortroe, Washing- tdn, uniter the act of March 3, 1879. THE M ONROE MONITOR il II liliI Mr Hartley when he went to Olym-[ MURPHY "SEEKS pia. He had said in his campaign[ RENOMINATION I'speeches that a thorough holms clean-[; i.,ke ur,,h,, anunc !rig mwas necessa.ryc . Olympia and] th"e'@i'sek"renina'0n f me /nursonoouny what tlte psitton of'senator fromthe 39th' that meant. district of Snohomish county. In qutionscoming" before lhe legisla- ture during his term of office. He feels that it is highly important that the voters send to the legislature men who affR. right on such issues i well' as ' masure's 'bf an eco- Any man who went there for that purpose, even the backed by the strongest mandate ever given, to a governor, was naturally about as popular as a case of smallpox. ,There is none to dispute that the hand of every elective officer at Olpmpia is against Governor Hart- lcy. They resent his delving into do- ings and transactions of the past. They want the book kept closed. They have tried to block his ev- ery. move to keep his election prom- ise of retrenchment. They have fi- nanced press bureaus to belittle his efforts, They have attempted to checkmate his policies. nomic nature. making he gqn0uncement he states Mr. Mtphy states that, if reelect- that he'feels that, by reason of he ed he will abide by the Republican experience he has gained during the phitform adopted at Longview=and last'.three sessions o2 the legislature, will continue, S in the past, to hald his sere'ices would be 'dr more value kirascEf independent of faction nd to the people 'ofthe disti-ict and-to special interest, considering each the state thar would be those of i question presented'solely on its me- one who' has not had that experience. Mr. Murphy alt0.feels that he is l its, feeling that he owes this both further "justified in seeking renom- I to himself and his: cofistituents. - ination on the ground of his off i-! " cial record' In this connection he BUSY points to the fact tat he has faith- ",There are various stages of ac- fully endeavored to carry out hi tivity. If you want a man to do promise, made to the people in the something for you, you look to the campaign four years ago, to. work!busy man. If you.wish a doctor or for economy and efficiency in state The time will come, two years affairs, and during his term as sen- lawyer to render a service you go to No. 648 hence, when they will explain to the ator has had the satisfaction of see- the one who is busy because you voters their reasons for their war on ing state taxes cut approximately 25'lknow he must be successful or pec- AN EDITORIAL government economy.  o, The following editorial is from the The known determination of Gov- PenC;uppor t of his claim to havin i ple wuldn't keep him busy. ... pen of A R Fenwick, in Everett ernor Hartley to cut capitol expendi- co-s++ ....... orte  a olic- of ec I The Vusy man always nasa ll- tie more tme Some men are ou y News of July 16th, on the recent d-- tures and to check the profhgate use ........  o*en-he-* t.. "ints cision of the State Supreme Court of state money and to increase the +^ h ou;.,., the h-hwa.,!dmg nothing much, prmclpall The decision of the Supreme Court This opposition raped the veto ca.qtol buildin lev., re-ealed be" Yet you cannot tell by the fus holding legal the actions of Governor power contrary to law. It tried to ! livin . that the stat buildin s'houhi a man makes just how busy he is. Hartley in removing two University palsy the hand of the executive as be financed on the basis of he fed- The careful, prudent man often ac- of Washington regents is of greater he withheld from useless expenditures eral land' rant made for that ,mr compfisnes mucn wnen ne seems o importance to this commonwealth the state's money, including hundreds ,,so He'states that he not nl be less busy than some other fellow. than it is to the governor himself, i of thousands of dollars that Seattle 'un'orte all of these measures of The trouble with a lot of people to- An adverse ruling would have[ wanted spent on the University of v:,,,.h,, ,hot  oo,a h ,m d'ay is that they mistake 'jazz' for shorn the executive bronch of gov-lWashmgton and which would have continue his efforts alon# this line P P" ernment of that equal authority with been but for the decision that d snecifieall,, will wrk for the If you want to be busy, apply the judicial and legislative branches iheld the authority of a governor to ,ermanVent rene'a'l of the reclamation yourself. In ether words, concen- planned by the constitution makers remove, regents. .and others. . .  ...... , ........................ th l'int o th, i,. _, trate. . . and would have left the governor It. s. a bitter pill for Seattle,. is this i tol building levy ', The busy man budgets his tme; helpless and useless, decision It probably will prove a Vffhil hv n, means claimin en- therefore he wastes none of that val- Specificially this decision will bitter pill for men in office ether! tire'credit'ther-efor, Senator Mrphv uable commodity." clothe Governor Hartley with undis tnan .......... most ouseu--men who are voints with" some prde" to the facto ' The above is one of E. F. Flynn's Known o oe Just as tnorougnl a - puled authority to clean house when- , . [that during his term of office he five-minute editorials, and something variance with the governor s policies h ...... ,,, . nnn nnn ,f tate worthwhile. Don't you think so? as were the ones already dsmmsed' . ' i n mish coun*v ......... ; money expended n S oho ... ut it m a palamme morsel for a,:__, h M ..... nl .... t,*f the Washington, Our Washington the state, for the men and women - ........... #': .......... nd Woodinville-Snohomish road, a The following verses were writ- who pay the frieght, the revision of the Pacific Highway ten by Mr.-and Mrs. Arthur Patric It's a heartening circumstance for south of Everett Being a member of Snohomish, for the Snohomish all that the judicial branch of our of the Roads and Bridges Commit- Hartley Club, and sung at the mass state government will. not oermit the tee, he will be in a position to as- meeting in Snohomish Saturday executive branch to be robbed of that sist in procuring appropriations for night: power which the makers of the con- the completion of these projects. Around Olympic mountains cold stitution planned. Being himself extensively inter- Washington, our Washington, In former days the captain of a ested in agricluture, Mr. Murphy has Stand mighty forests dark and old. ship made mutineers walk the plank, been industrious in his support of Washington, our Washington. Governor Hartley is captain of the measures beneficial to the farming A princely heritage we're told, ship of state and he probably will interests and particularly to dairy- If by the governors well controlled. proceed to introduce a number of his ing, one of the leading industries of More worth than heaps of purest crew to the plank." his district. He supported the Anti-I old. Substitute bill which was passed but Washington our Washington. RentonThe road leading south to- later defeated m a referendum vote; ward Kent-Black Diamond road' is to as a member of the approproations Unto our schools these trees belong, be paved this summer, committee was instrumental in se-] Washington, our Washington. I curing an appropriation of $100,000t'Tis shame that we, thy children l YakimaThe postal receipts for to reimburse farmers for cattle strong, the fiscal year ended June 30 show slaughtered in the campaign to erad-I ' Washington, our Washington, good gain over previous year. icate bovine tuberculosis. -Ie also Have sold such timber for a song Kent--The south road to Black Di- opposed a proposed tax of c per,Then strive with Hartley, striv amend is to be paved as far as Lake pound on butter and a tax on mill] along, feed. To stop the leak and stay the wrong, Meridian this year. Aside from matters affecn tax- I Washington, our Washington. MontesanoA new well is to be ation and economy, M. Mu p y ' - ... , . . . . drilled for oil. vites scrutiny of his record on moral we re zor our governor ano our stae, ..... Washington, our Washington. We love thee more whom others hate, .Washington, our Washington. We know that Hartley long and' late Has toiled high taxes to abate. They thought they'd downed him, but just wait, Washington, our Washington. The above was one of the high 0 / et laceO ho-fr/" # Water?alia and Rivers ....... (  'i-=', -:, . Phe greatest and grandest waterfall " . .... in the world is the Victoria falls, Rhodesia, the second being Niagara, FURNITURE PIANOS DRY GOODS pamy in Canada and partly in the United States These, however, are far exceeded In height by mountain cataracts in Europe and America, the BEAUTIFUL highest being the Yosemite, In Call- fornla. In Europe the highest are In Norway and the Alps. The water COLUMBIA power of some of these ta of great commercial value. Some authorities claim that the Mlsl.sslppi Is the long- MEDALLIONS eat rlver tn the world, hut part of tho Missouri river has to be taken in to make the claim correct. Whitaker's WF. MAKE THEM FREE FOR YOU 00.,anack gives the names of the sl, , longest rivers as follows : Amazon, 4,- 000 miles ; Nile, ,8,600 ;. Yangtse, 8,400; , " Xenlel, 8,800; Mlslulppl, 8,100; MI ever in his judgment that action is necessary in his aim to serve the ]people. It revitalizes him in his fight to check the powerful, easy running, easy spending state machine that has found its driving power in the pock- ets of the tax payers. An adverse ruling would have left the governor a figurehead, respon- sible to the people for the executive direction of their business and their institutions, but helpless in that di- -rection. Place a man in any position over 100 or 1,000 or any number of meu with power to hire whom he pleased, but barred from firing any one whether he proved incompetent, dis- loyal or disobedient, and' what could such a man accomplish? Nothing. Denying the governor authority to dismiss any or all appointive officers, where the law doesn't specifically fix a term, whether they had been ap- pointed by himself or his predeces- sor, would be analogous to that case and provide just as impossible situ- , ation. No governor ever found himself In a more unfriendly nest than did HOW TO GET THESE BEAUTIFUL MEDALLIONS 00REE We make it possible for you to secure a handsome Columbia Medallion absolutely free--nationally advertised at $3.00. These Medallions are prized in millions of homes and you will want one or more yourself. Made from any clear photograph, postM card, kodak picture, daguer- retype or religious picture, enlarged or reduced to size of Medallion; reproduced in soft platinum finish, bringing out the high lights and shadows to perfection. -In every instance, original photo will be re- turned to you unharmed. Simply come to the store and ask any clerk for Medallion card. 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Thomas Coytmore, who was also the first com- mander of the vessel. The Trial was constructed at Boston and was of 165 tons ..burden. In these days of" Le. vlathans and Mauretanias few persons would care to trust their lives to Such a craft for even a short voyage, but in Its day the Trial was considered a good ship and brought a rleh return to Its owners. The Planet Mercury Mercury is the smallest planet and the nearest to the sun, Its mean dis- tance being about 86,00Q,000 miles. It completes a revolution of its orbit in 88 days, and its diameter is about 8,000 miles Its mass is bout one-eighteenth that of the earth, and its den..lty the same as that of the earth. Mercury is difficult to see with the naked eye ow- ing to its proxhulty to the sun. Tele- scopically it is of little interest. Faint marks can be een on its surface, but all are indefinite "Smiths" in England |n England there are 530,000 per- sons of the name of Smith, and 204,000 of them have "J" for their first initial. The John Smiths number 41,000; the John W'. Smith's, 30,000, and the John William Smith's, 5,000. It has been necessary to devise a mark for them to distinguish the products they fnako or own. A monomark with symbols will designate Just which Smith is re- ferred to. It was necessary to In- clude five syn.o/s in t/e .monomark. ,,i i Friday, July 23, 1926 ++ ,too. ebca00r "The Little ouse With Big Pictures" II IUlIIIIIIIIIUlCI Ullil lllUlII II lllll llllll Ill trttusu Saturday, July 24-- ....... . ..... *MATT MOORE,* *ZASU PITTS* and *KATHRYN PEltRY* in "Early to Wed" Comedy"Eighteen Carat" (COUNTRY STORE SUNDAY) Sunday, July 25--- *JEANETTE TAYLOR* and *J. FARRELL MACDONALD* in "Shamrock Handicap" Fox News and Comedy (COUNTRY STORE SUNDAY) Mond'ay, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 26, 27, 28-- *HOOT GIBSON* in "The Phantom Bullet" Comedy--"Plying Fool" COUNTRY STORE SUNDAY) Thursday and Friday, July 29, 30-- "Gentle Cyclone" Coniedy--"A Soiecy" i , , I[I Make Sure That Your. July Investments Are Safe Ones It pays well to apply the conservative tests recom- mended by bankers-before placing your funds in any investment. If you will take the trouble to analyze the 7% Preferred Shares of Mountain States Power Company you will find that the investment fully merits your consideration. You will find the all important element of safety, the attractive feature of a liberal cash return and a quick marketability in case you should want to sell. Morover you will find these claims backed by eight years of steady dividend payments at the full rate, as regular and dependable as the four seasons of the year. We Will be Glad to Serve You in Your Investment Problems MOUNTAIN STATES POWER SECURITIES CO. Office PUGET SOUND GAS COMPANY Everett-Snohomish (You Should be a Shareholder) For STATE SENATOR, 39th District Vote for E. T. BASCOM MAYOR of the Town of Monroe and AUTHOR of "Com- mon Sense and Food for Thought About Accumulation and Distribution. CO-OPERATE WITH GOVERNOR HARTLEY for LOWER TAXES, BETTER EDUCATION, more EQUAL DISTRIBUTION of tax burden and SOUND L]GISLATIVE POLICIES. . Primaries September 14th, 1926. Be sure you are registered. WM. W. WEST A Laboring Man F0r SHERIFF A Good Man ... Fair to All LET US DO YOUR PRINTING w