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July 21, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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July 21, 1960

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eany  tv-J--"u" r egVor--e 4.H m.b 0==e .-mTk^-- e ,-rLosen ju,, 2,. 1960 Monroe Monitor. Monroe. Wash. PAGE FIVE EFFICIENT & CAREFUL! i = ..... . j Proves Boon To Set For Saturday For 1961 Fair i [ |,.Complete Truck Repa,rs [ MilkP d An inter-county 4-t1 dance win be NATION-WIDE i r o ucti0nro elO ,  .a Ora=  oeo*eol theme was chosen ' | |l/ ' I| hart near Stunwood this Saturday for the 1961 Evergreen State Fair MOVING ERVICE evening, July 23, from 8 p.m. until *.,on.*oao.e atto11oaro,r*or  // DIESEL & GAS MOTORS | D'ycowmaya*bletoP'-.memrsotth.county, with meetingt therganizatin' as S aVN TH  SpOMgLLF Y dace up to 16 extra pounds of milk groups from Skagit and V21atcom sistant manager Russell Logue an- nounced this week. and save vast amounts of money Counties planning to attend.. SNOHOMISH AUTO FREIGHT [ [ C A R LS 0 N S T R U C g S tl 0 P [ for dairymen if fed on a steady Proceeds of the dance--adms- Stanwood has been chosen as the ration of early-cu silage, A1 Estep, sign will be 50 cents for singles honor city for the 1961 fair inas- county Extension agent, says. and 75 cents for couples--will go much as it is among the oldest PYramid 4-4161 or PYramid 4-4162 E. Main SL A three-year experiment conduct- to the 4-H club scholarship fund, communities in the Snohomish Phones 311 Snohomish. LO 3-2444 d I I L ed by New York dairymen showed being built up so that the junior County area. Other small towns ad -II -------O----------------OI - that cattle increase ,daily pro duc- leaders council may pre,eut schol- j acent to Stan wood and on Cama- 0 eoo-ee ie no Island will also be incorporated ! tion on early cut silage as corn- arships to deserving .I-H members into the centennial theme. paved to a late-cut crop of field- next year. O Ill . Jim   I  Im  i i  curedhay. The public is also invited to t- Directors made it known that i / U U V 1 IOCCH}ENT 4/J981 e e Cattle on the experiment produced tend the dance, they felt it "was not a good idea II P / lip six more pounds of milk per day to try to hold a separate centen- on early crop of silage than they nial celebration, but communities did on barn-dried hay. Theywere havingannualevents, suchasthe: I U i'1 n / ill I FLOUR , q'/ lee beth cut at the same time. =...= =. __... Marysvi]le strawberry festival, Ev- Estep says that the feeding ex- L erett's 4th of July, Darrington Tim- periments, conducted at Cornell her Bowl, Edmonds art festival University, were carried out with and the Lynnwood Lynnorama, h ,F' I g i I I V" At [11'1'$ 2=|[. Bclcj / i : 60 purebred Holstein and Brown among others, should incorporate q Swiss cows. The animals fed early- the idea into next year's theme. cut silage pcdared slightly mre Ig4SItiIgiTOhlSTATEBARASSOCIA'I]O it to mis- : PY 4-2461 NO SALES TO DF_.ALERS(Parking ,. a.=) .o--e GIANT J Y than 50 pounds of iailk daily. Those VERBAL CONTRACTS TO SELL all parties sign prevent --  fed early-cut barn-dried hay pro- Joe and Harry were talking one understandings. The favorite orange drink e----4--oz. duced 44 pounds per day. Theeews Friday afternoon and Joe offered " p---,Bi-- i : , : n a diet f late'cut' field'cured t sell Harry his hunting rifle with : H|-C 0range 4/s| 'e hay produced less than 35 pounds a hdndcarved stock for $100. Harry daily, said he would be paid Monday and Field tests substantiate the re- that he would take the rifle. Joe HUBBARD'S   Liquid--Regular 69 search findings. Seven New York said this would be fne. On Satur- 24-HOUR SERVICE . Standby Tuna Fish 4/*1 dairymen fed their cows on late day mormng another man offered Iv, PYramid 4-2937 cut forageonen'lonth, early-cut for- Joe $125 cash and he soldthe rifle i : Whole Wet Shrimp 3/'1 oo : fforage the last month. Milk pro- On Monday Harry saw Joe again due,ion jumped between eight md and asked to close the deal. Joe Dr. E.,C. Plumley 34 per cent during the month early- said he had sold the rifle to some- OPTOMETRIST cut forage was fed. Research scientists indicate that one else and said there was not any for a 10,000 pound producer this deal anyway since the agreement 103/ West Main could mean an increase of between was not in writing. PYramid 4-5561  | Tree Top Apple Juice 3/q I 760 and 3,380 pounds of milk per Was Joe correct? Joe was partly W. correet in that the "sale" could not ] PLUMBJNG  Beets Potatoes Peas 8/'100 cow per year. B E N G S T O N' S The secret behind .the producing be enforced under Washington slat- O Libby's Cut Hunt's New Happy Vale Reg. power of the early-cut forages is utes in a legal proceeding, either -- not fully understood. However, set- to require Joe to sell the rifle or enlists believe that it may be tied to collect damages for his faihwe PYramid 4-3199 " " up with the fact that while silage to do so. In order for an agree- men, to sell or a sale of goods NEW -- REMODELING is being developed, acids similar valued at more than $50 to be  ,11 I ,o 00es, w *ra* W/ are produced in the forage. This legally enforceable, at least part-/ ___ I , may give a cow's digestive process of the goods must be delivered to I ARTIFICIAL BREEDING J IP a head start, enabling her to pro- the buyer, or something must be [ Evergreen i A due more milk. given to the seller to bind the cn- | Nrthwet Breeders, In" ] A r 1  ] Estep points out that farmers tract or there must be a written | Proven and Quality I  AT LARRY'S often feed cattle late-cut hay be- note or memorandum of the sale | Fall City ED 3-6174 | IUlI ., VEGErABL  which is signed by the party to _  w. cause it produces higher yields of .... ,I ,v dry matter. However, he empha-the sale who later refuses to com- ,n. .... g"U.h Iste v" iC0RN sizes, the dry matter Srom late-cut plete it. i = - v, _= ,.., .;.  GREEN ONIONS .................... each   B productionhay will nOtbecauseresult incowsgreaterfed milklate_ ofOnestatutef theis toPUrpSeSprevent a laterf this typedis_ [''--g -- --IF --0----r# J__ RED RADISHES ............... : ..... ecichili cut hay do not produee much milk agreement regarding the terms of |  | I i II I.R. [ , REENPEPPERS .................... ecIch J B E E F  : unless .they are also given large the original agreement. Whether [ . . .--, .'." ,7. ..... I amounts of grain. . required by law or not it is al- lWatt'o'Watt C'arpets 1" SUNK|ST/EMONS ................ eGch IHASli =" A forage testing program avail- ways wise to write down the terms |Cleaned. In Your. Home " e |  able at WSU will aid dairymen in f any business deal and to have IPmk'Up and dehvery" Estunat s|" I Bet|yC ke Speci I determining the feeding value of  |Cleaning. Moth Proofing, Sizingl  [ At Larry's --- Swift's i : their forage. It will also give in- | Tinting and Repair Work | formation that will be helpful ifi Card of thanks i INSURANCE WORK | , r0c r als -, , improving forage production. Infor- [4019 Colby, EVERETT I marion concerning the testing Pro-OU,R rmART ANKS to , ALpine 2"1261 - i iIPANCAKE FLOURBIsOOICK ......... .................... ............. 4-lbs. 47]. "*, ILA00 j " .: gram is available at the Snohomish all who extended comforting svm- I oem  was I -,- "---- mW County lsion office, 3001 ROCK- pathy and help m our aGlOW; for-- Am, 'LARE pl:. ! e ": efeller, Everett. the beautiful services, memorials T I rg .v-:--rounJs nesses we are deeply grateful.and floral offerings and other kind-|i I=ll'rl KNNI""" "^"" |-1 /FROSTING MIXES ...................... pkg. 2? [ I C I! E X m I Mrs. Mabel Neisinger, Su-/ ...... | Getting Repairs Bert Neisinger / S a I. I E G GS | : Fr:?Neiai:geStr even andRuN DehveredGraVelorl 00 [At Larry's Dozen ! I adv.CecilNeisinger ,:,, . Irving s Market_ , (Continued from Page Z) Roy Neisinger |PIT- ped up program of 4-I-I horse ac- Miles Neisinger / . k I O tivity, slated for the 3rd, 4th and : Lee Neisinger iLoaded on your/ruc [ 5th. The spal shows wiU take ms. Uniun oerma 1 1 - INSTANT MAXWELL HOUSE place in the new arena built by Mrs, *Edna Knutso. IPY 4-3821 or PY 4-3826| the 4-H last year, and sparked by ,Mrs. Grace Root L i [  4-a club of Monroe. Paid - THERE IS NO SUBS FOR ,.u,,,, BLUEBEnRIE the Hy-Lo Bk 4n Methodist Group -- e SALE STARTS THURSDAY NOON I Tlku$ CGmp|ncJ Trip dl stlnCtlve . " QUALITY MEATS AT ECONOMY PRICES GALLON CLOROX BLEACH Members of the Monroe Metho-  i dist Fellowship term'ned July I0 after a folay camping rip to A brisk and refre:ing11 companion, light 0 , A Henry House Special I REYNOLDS ALUMINUM FOIL Copalis Beach. Most of Eae_ time ] wasspediggingclarns, PhaY. Olympia Beer is always "welcome I I]PBCNBCS [b :]5 # baebal, relaxing on tlm, be , aboard." Olympia's distinctive taste and  " i OLD COUNTRY HARD TACK O and visi,ng the souvenier shops. Smoke Meat With The Good Cure On Saturday afternoon the character are assured by a naturally ] 16-o7. g'oup visited the 7hhoh Indian Reser-v-a,tio, and on Su.nday visited the community church in Copalis. Those making the trio were Mr. nd Mrs. ,Hem5 r 7.andarski, Mr. and :Ms. E11ery Jellison, Mary Sullivan, Margaret Mum-oe, Jmae Jellison, Deanna Hegewald, Nancy Countryman, John ,and Bob Hegewad and Jck ankhauser. FOR SALE BARN DANCE every Saturday nile, 9 1:o 2 at Mel Schaenherr farm, 4 miles northeast of Monroe. Follow signs from Monroe. Live music, Come as you are, fun for all. Ad- mission 50 and 75 24tfc "FOR RENT--ished 2 room apartment with utility room. Crowley, 326 Elizabeth St. 25-2tc SPECIAL AUCTION. 2 big sales. Britton Brothers Auction, 2 miles west of Snohomish. Thursday, July 21, 7:30 p.m.; Friday, July 22, 7:30 p.m. All new merchan- dise. Power tools, hardware, paint, electric household appli- ances, fishing and camping sup- plies. Two truckloads from large firms. Closeouts and liquidations. Don't miss this opportunity of the year. Be the highest bidder and save on the famous brands. With factory guarantees. Toasters, irons, deep fryers, fry pans, cof- fee makers, luggage, electric drills, saws, sabre saws, solder guns, sockets sets, camp supplies, fishing rod, reels, lines, fly rods, @ binoculars, paint. Hundreds of other items too numerous to men- tion in mechanics and carpenters" tools and household, various oth- er items will be affered to highest bidder. 25-1tp perfect brewing water-flowing cold and pure from our own artesian wells. This rare water has brought/Olympia fame as a beer of uncompromising quality and is why we say. "*ts the Water" H-32 "?isitore are always welcome to Olympia Brewing Co., Olympia, Wash. *Oly " . Top Quality From Henry House I Asst. Lunch Heats lb. 49 l ! Young -- Fresh -- Tender Livers -- Sliced * 'BEEF LIVER 3-1bs. '1 ' O I I O Top Quality Veal -- All Meat NABISCO ORES COOKIES " DURKEES FRESH MAYONNAISE 43 e I Veal Patties lb. 79 " Larry's Lge. 24-0z. T O . i FRESH -- Whole Bodied 1 , I I FRESH FRYERS lb. 39'[ POLAR FROZEN FOODS | O Wason Grown    e  ........ : GreenBeans $1 Our Own Fresh Grind' -- . II II ll m # Broccoli l , Ground Beef lb. 491,, .... Jl00. il .  - l uaullll0wer ; o...,..., . [0[ 'CHUCK STEAKS Ib, 4Y'lTipXopOrange U I I ll- ,, " ........ III000I II1/! i | WeSell Good Locker Meats E i Custom Cutting Is Our Business I I A, Lorry's 2-,b,. $1.35 II. UV I : :eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee