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June 19, 1958     Monroe Historical Society
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June 19, 1958

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w OSl o THE mOnROE moniTOR FIFTY-NINTH YEAR MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY. WASHINGTON -- THURSDAY, JUNE 19., 1958 NUMBER 20 t~ Registration For School Election Mo. oeAnnualGrowthCensuSThruReprtSAnnexationShw Whitfie'ds C enter Pla n n e d H'gh y Sh " " Closes June 25; Preci ts Listed 1 wa opp]ng , Recent annexatinsftheZwnfMnre have swelled thisspe M k T B Fi St Registration books in Monroe and rural precincts of Monroe community's population to 1,865, thus ranking Monroe 81.5 in the 255 school district No. 402 will be closed on and after June 26, but municipalities listed in the State of Washington, so reported the Wash- U r ar et o e rst ructure shall remain open for an additional 15 days for transfer of regis- ington State Census Board last Sunday. Monroe was last listed with tration from one precinct to another, announces Snohomish County a population of 1,783 persons. 0 Construction of the first unit of a modem shopping center on the Auditor George P. Dubuque. The books will be closed in accordance The oou a ,on, u e ,or Sp t OK Stevens Pass Highway at Monroe's east entrance will get underway with election laws as per the spatial July 26 school deistrict election.Three Make 'A' roe, we , ot er communi- or smen within the next sixty days, the D D & L Investment Co. of Monroe ties, will be used as the basis for disclosed late yesterday. The initial unit will be constructed to At a special meeting last week distributing more than 19 million house a super market of a well-known Northwest chain.' ky"--Vail y C o roe o, H R il At o, ,un Access, Boat & L Co..comprisedof e ars rooova- onor 0 ,own oe t ear, ' hing sit eam of Law- A S ag ' " L oeV., rea ew e To Go Sunday S moa ure en or Hi Sch !oo Mo=oe' Ou- aunc e ootat eW" revea e P bl ms Talked Registration for Town of Mon- lation included West Columbia A public ~ceess and boat for clothing, drug and hardwarero e In Second Race tracts and the Cedargreen Addi- launching site just west of the centers in the shopping district. roe voters can be accomplished Judy Hanlon, Caroline Howell tion. Skykomish River bridge came The senior'Whitfield, a b6si- ,,- e Ma"'r e-rou- with the office of the town clerk and Sandra Strom, all juniors, The combined population of the one step closer to reality Monday nessman here for twenty-five week days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. were the only three students who 255 municipalities was 1,690,399 when the Monroe Rod & Gun years, said they planned a shop- ~ky Valley Stock Car Racing at the town hall, and at other made the "A" honor roll at Moil- ping development similar x)that Assn. will stage its second racing times, by appointment with clerk roe senior high school the fourth on April 1, 1958. This represents club unanimously approved an an increment of 10,424, which is. agreement for lease of the site at Redmond, ,Wash. Mayor Robert H. Follis , ad- event of the season on their new Harry E. Donovan. Persons wish- quarter, according to Mrs. Mar- approximately one-half of one per from George Kopper of Monroe. Sited on a fpur and one-half visory committee went on record track this coming Sunday, June ing to register or change registra- garet Young, honor society ad- cent greater than the number of acre tract bordered by Ann St., as advising the mayor to invite 22. tion outside Monroe proper, and visor. The group also laid more ex- the Stevens Pass Highway, the Harrison Kramer. Catty & Kra- people living in the 254 incorpor- tensive plans for development of Old Monroe-Sultan highway and mer Consulting Fmgineets of Seat Time trials, are due underway as residents of School District No. Thirty girls and twenty boys ated places on April 1, 1957. Be- the area, and parking facilities, farm and residential lands, the tle, to make a preliminary study at 12:30 p.m. with racing to start 402, may do so with the following had grade.averages of B or bet- tween April 1, 1957 and April 1, at 2 p.m. persons at the following pry- ter while carrying four solid sub- 1958 one new town w~s incorpor- Also, club president J. D. War- center will boa~t ample, sur- to ascertain whether it would be The new track, which features cincts: jects during the ~ourth quarter, ated. This is the town of Wood- ren reported that the planned faced parking. It will lie between feas~le for the Was~ngton State free parking, is located just north Highland--Mrs. L. A. Schrag. Seniors making the honor roll way, located immediately south Sacility for steelhead fishermen the Cross Roads Drive Inn and Reformatory, Park Place, and the of Monroe on the Milwaukee hill. Rt. 2, Box 14, Monroe (golf were Geraldine Bunge, Donna of Edmonds in Snohomish County. was most warmly received by a Union Oil Service Station. county hospital property to join The initial race of "the s.easun, course); Milton--Mrs. Florence Foxton, Joy Haufle, Suzanne Her- A census of Woodway shewed the Washington State Sportsmen's Whitfield predicted that the first the Town of Monroe with their held June 8, attracted a near Armstrong, Rt. 2, Box 401, Men- man, Mary Jean Jellison, Nancy that there were 569 residents on Council convening in Wenatchee unit, a 70 by 120 foot structure, sewage problems, reports advis- capacity crowd of about 1,000 roe; McDougall--M~s. Ida Hau- Nasman, Sharon Roeteisoender, April 1, 1958. last weekend, would be ready for occupancy by ory committee secretary B u r t persons, fly, Rt. 1, Box 16, Monroe; Park Janet Snyder, Patty Stephens, The recent growth of population Among other business conduct- the super market along about Oc- Manning. Place--Mrs. Lewis Guptill, Rt. 1, Nancy Taylor, Carol Wall, Rob- of incorporated cities and towns ed Monday, local sportsmen tober 1. The advisory committee's ac- Box 24, Monroe; Pearson--Mrs. ert Funk, John Helm, Lester Kin- can be gauged by changes in cer- heard Warren give a detailed re- He said the super market would tion took place last Monday in Berry Day Maxine Kelley, Rt. 1, Box 529, hey and Jay Wagner. tain basic factors occurring-since port on the Council's quarterly be ~ located as to lend itself to the presence of Monroe's f i v e Highbridge, Monroe; Sultan Riv- Juniors were Jeanette Boyden, 1950. During the past 8 years 18 gathering, th~ utilization of the entire area councilmen, Manning said. Due July 16 At er--Mrs. Kathleen Reiner, Box LaVerne Croweli, Ann Donovan, communities have "incorporated. as a shopping center. Kramer, in attendance at the Local business people and citi- gathering, agreed to make the 72, Sultan; Shorts--Mrs. Euniee Christine Hunt, Katherine' John- Thes.~ 18 municipalities have a L i~li C P 11 S Harnett, Rt. 2, Snohomish; ~nd son, Carolyn Knoshaug, Sandra combined population c'f 34,619 at meat rew zeus have long anticipated the an- preliminary survey without any uya up ta Tualco, Robert Shannahan, Rt. 1, Skogland, Sherrie-Sofie, Richard the present time. The proportion . nouncement of a shopping center financial outlay by the Town of ' O~ S en the new highway, and consid- Monroe or the advisory commit- Box 218, Monroe. Bongs, Dick Fankhauser, Den- of the total stat, population liv- W~l~r~g~ ~ craDle efforts have been expend- tee. Persons wishing to vote by ab- his Fleming, Norman Felix, Jim ifig in incorporated places has' in- ~ ed toward that end. Whitfield Mann.lug further reported that sentee ballot may do so by fol- Valentine and Roger Weeks. creased ~rom~rcontin1950 GibsonsLead himself said that this announce- Richard Huppman of Monroe will lowing these steps: ' Sophomores listed were Sherry to an estimated 61.6 per cent in ~ meat culminates three years of take the committee's recommend- 1. Apply for Voter's Certification DeRooy, Barbara Gatterman, 1958. Liniment L e a g u e s~tballers preliminary work and planning. (Continued on Page 8) within 45 days of election. Sandra Gibson, Janet Gilman, Major factors responsible f o r rushed into full swing last Mon- a. With City Clerk if residing Mary Jens-en, Sharon Marsden, population changes in the state cf day evening with a complete within city limits of Town Sue Ralnwate/', Janet Siverly, Washington between April 1, 1957 schedule of games being played. Schoo| Board Meet: of Monroe. , Linda SCarce, Mary Lou Watson, and April 1, 1958 .may be sum- Gibson's' Furniture and the Wash- b. With County Auditor cff Sue- Sandra Zingmark, Jim Chesmore, marized as follows: ington S~ate Reformatory share Three Resign Teaching Posts Five homish County - C o u r t Walter Clark, Stephen Johnson, FiI~t, most communities loeat- the league lead with one win 9 House, Everett, Washing- l=ton Lind, Dale Reiner, Cole ed in areas devoted primarily to each. ton, if residing outside town Smith, Joe Stncky, Ran Thomp- Offered Contracts Three Needed of Monroe and in the Men- son, Tom Valentine and Albert agriculture have not experienced Best game of Monday's round roe School District No. 402. Weishaupt. substantial changes in their popu- appeared to be the 4-1 victory of 2. Present Voter's Certificate, , lations during the past year. The Gibson's over Kern's Service. A populations of the cities and 1-1 tie lasted until the sixth inn- Faculty reslgnations'and appointments, and fuel oil bids were signed by Town Clerk or BloodBank County Auditor, with Appli- towns in the Yakima Valley, in ing when the big bats of the Gib- among several a~tlons of the Monroe Board of Education meeting in cation for Absentee Ballot the farming area of northwest son nine rallied for three runs. regular session here last Tuesday. Directors also announced Tuesday, to Mrs. Lyons Lewis, Frank Washington, and in the. wheat Monroe Hardware led the WSR July l, as their official meeting date for next month, pushing the Wagner Elementary School Lauded ForJob ~ of the extreme southeast- busters, for .nearly five innings date forward in order to, close the district's fiscal year. on Dickinson Road, Monroe, era part of the state have re- before di'opping a close decision Directors accepted four rnvre mainedcomparafivelystabledur-ontheWSRFarmNo. 2diamond. tea~her~signationsandvotedto Kegle d Washington. ~ralley Blood Bank this week ing ~he past year. The decline in In the other scheduled game, offer contracts to five new. staff r~ e 3. Receive and mark ballot and was the recipient of the heart- population of several Grant Ooun- Western Supply evened their win- members. According to Supt. ' place in small envelope free felt thanks of Mrs. Bertha Ben- ty communities such as Moses loss record at l and1 by downing Thomas E. Marsden, the district TO Ren/ember of marks and seal. nett of Ferry St. who is at home Lake, Westlake, Ephrata, Soap Newt's Service 17-9 in a slugfest, now needs but three more teach- 4. Place small enevlope contain- now recovering from major sur- ing the marked ballot in gery at Providence hospital in Lake and Warden does not appear Make-up games during the ers to fill .the faculty compliment p i at EV large envelope. Everett. to be related .to any major agricul- week will have the league beck fat- the '58-59 school year. ~ a ~ e~ tural shift, but rather to factors on the original schedule; each ~ignati~ Accepted 5. Seal large envelope and sign Mrs. Bennett publicly express, associated with a decline in mili- .team playing each Monday eve- Resignations accepted with re- Monroe Bowl issued two re- affidavit printing on large ed her sincerest appreciation to. tary~personnel along with a de- 'ning. The Gibson-Monroe Hard- grets were those from Mrs. cinders to keglers this week: envelope, blood donors of the Valley Blood cline in civilian employment at ware makeuo is scheduled for Grace Cone Mrs. Ida Peterson, Sumlner league bowling gets un- 6. Deliver large envelope contain- Bank who recently came to her Larson Air Force Base near Me- Thursday, while WSR - Newt's Mrs. Gertrude Gillin and Virgil derway Monday, June 23; and ing small envelope and bal- aid upon hospitalization and sur- lot, or mail first class, to gery. ses Lake. - makeup game will be scheduled Reynolds, all of the elementary Monroe's first annual bowling Mrs. Leans Lewis, Frank Second, communities w h o s e by the managers, staff. ~wards banquet will be held this Wagner Elementary School, nu ~U"-eeler To Hold economies are primarily depend- Dickinson Road, Monroe, eat upon mining operations., such The league standings: New Teach~rs Friday evening. W L New teachers offered contracts Monroe Bowl owner Paul Wag- Washington. as Roslyn (Kittitas County), --~s-~ - Week Northport (Stevens County): and WSR ................. 1 0 included Miss Carol Jo Thomt> her reported that alleys are all e ............. 1 0 son, 22, of Missoula, Montana. A resurfaced and in tip-top condi- Metaline (Pend Oreille County) Kern's ................ 1 1 Montana State University grad- tion for Summer league and open State Sportsman have shown further population de- The customary f r e~e coffee, clines. Since April 1, 1957, Roslyn Western ............. 1 1 uate, Miss" Thompson may handle play. He also announced that ,gifts, door prizes and special decreased by 3.3 per cent, North- Newt's ................ 0 1 the ,senior high school home econ- there is still time to sign for the ,vl, n--os=s Game sales will mark Frigidaire Week, port by 5.2 per cent and Metaline Men. I-Idwe ........... 0 1 emirs department, teach physical' Summer league schedule, and education, coach tennis and serve, urged bowlers to make their ' June 21"through 27, at Wheeler by 10.4 per cent. as Future Homemakers of Amer- wishes known ,as soon as pos- Appliance. starting this Saturday. Third, cities near