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June 7, 1912     Monroe Historical Society
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June 7, 1912

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E. P. vVa]ker A TTORN EY-.a I"LA W ]Ilsur[H](!c all(] lt(M Estate Opp)S[TE M(NI{(tE :NAT'L |AIK IONROIC, WASH. G. F. Cook Attorney at Law Real Estate and Insurance In I'erguson Building. MONROE. WASH Stryker & Badgley DENTISTS OhfficC: ]JOI,LOFF I]UILDING Monroe Washington t". J. BARTEI, S UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER (LICENSE NO. 76) Sunset 1173 Ind. 479 JOSEPH V. BIRD LAWYER Notary Public 406 American Bank Bldg. Everett, Wn. C. H. Graves LAWYER Practice inAll Courts. AbstractsEx- amined and Legal Papers Care- fully Drawn. Office over Monroe National Bank MONROE, - WASH. E. T. BASCOM ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Bascoin-Hallan Building Monroe, Wash. Dr. John Moulton DENTIST Offices DOLLOFI0 BLDG. Monroe VCashington Cranes Employment Agency 117 w. Main street, Seattle Wants orders for all kinds of Help. Get the best :: :: Write, Wire or Phone Collect BENEFITS LOCAL PEOPLE Monroe people have discovered that A SINGLE DOSE of simpld buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as compounded in Adler-i-ks, the German appendicitis remedy, relieves gas on a sour stomach and constipation AT ONCE. Camp- Riley Drug Co. 4 Monroe Lodge , No. 138 K,o[ P. Meets every Tuesday evenlnff lZX -Pythian Hall. All visiting Knights cordially invited to attend. U.S..BUCK, C C. J. W COLEMAN. I. of R. & S. ebout breeding, hatching raising lPPZJ,  :' mfeeding and housing poultry is ,*" I Li ly's Poultry Book--jugt ptlnted  ,%'s#ir] 1 .a focopy, t .... " B ' *" 1 The Chu. H. Lilly Co., .atde nL, / Notice to Creditors IN THE SL'PERIOI{ COURT ()i THE STATE OF WASHINGTON FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY. In the matter of the estate of William Steoh- ens. decetse(l. Notice ix hereby given by the undersigned ad- ministrator of the Palate of Wdliam Stephens, deceased, to tht creditors and all persons hav- ing claims against slid deceased, to exhibit theHl with the neeessal'y vouchers within twelve (12)months after the Iirst publication of this notice, to the undersigned lit the ofilce of Steph('ns-Bird Lumher Company, Monroe, Washington. which office the underMgned se- lects as his place of business in all matters connected with said estate. E. MILTON STEPHENS, Administrator of the estJte of WilllIn teph- ens, deceased. J. A. COLEMAN, Attorney for Admin istrator. Date of first publication hereof, May 31, 1912. Date of las publication hereof. June '2S. 1912. Notice to Creditors No. 2609 .IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF ._NOIiOMISH. (In Probate) In the Matter of the Estate of Edwin H. Root Dot tased. Notice is hereby given hy the undersigned administrator of lhe (:stat( of Edwin H. Root deepest:d, to the crcditt)l'S of, arid MI persons haVlllg claims agtiillsI sliti deceased, 1o present them with the ne.eSSal'y vouchers, within one year after the date of this notice to the under- signed mlministrator at the oiiee of his attor- ney, E. T. Bscom. in the Bascom-Hallan block in the Town of Monroe, Connty of 5uohomish, ,%tao of Washiugton, said ofliee being the place of the ti'ansaction of the business of said estate. Dated this 10th day of May, A. D.,1912. RAY ROOT, Administrator of said Estate. First Publication May 10. 1912. Last Publication June 1', 1912. POLK'$ GAZETTEER mm Business Directory of each City, wn and illage in Oregon and ashington, giving a Descriptive 3tch of each place, Location, lpplng Facilities and a Classi- d Directory of each Business d .'rofesslon.  R. L. POLK & CO.. Inc. 1 Seattle, Wash. . L_ ..... L .......... Patronize Oar Advertisers The Beauty Sufferer. A Parisian lady's maid has been re- vealing the secrets of her mistress' boudoir and the arts. or, rather, tor- tures, by which beauty is attained. There is a French saying that you must suffer to be beautiful, and in this instance it seems to have been accept- ed literally. For months the poor lady lay fiat on her back on the floor motionless, with her arms close to her sides, during several hours a day. This was, it ap- pears, to improve her figure. During the rest of the day for the same period of time she sat on a high stool rocking the upper part of her body backward and forward and froth side to side un- ceasingly. By this process she is said to have acquired a statuesque throat and a sylph's waist. The lady's nose, having a soaring na- ture, was ,$rrected and made Grecian by constant application day and night for months of a spring bandage. One aostril being larger than the other, she wore a small sponge in It fox" a year. Her cheeks have been filled out and rounded by injections of p'traflin, iter ears for months were compressed against the sides of her head by springs, while heavy weights were at- tached to the lobes to produce the re .quired elongated shape, which has been successfully achieved. Having suffered this complicated martyrdom for a year, the poor lady has become satisfied that she is sutti ciently beautiful. She has not set much value hy the theory that beauty is only skin deep. although she has proved that the the- ory is correct. What she values is beauty, even if it is only skin deep Undoubtedly beauty is an asset for woman, but it is not her most desira- ble gift. For an Oily Scalp. An excessively oily scalp cannot be cured at once. Slow treatment is best. Shake a cake of pine tar soap into three quarts of water and set it on the stove, where it will slowly melt When it is all dissolved allow it to cool and bottle for use. It takes about half a pint for a good shaml)oo. Into this amount put about six drops of am- monia. Wet the entire head and hai first, then shampoo well with the .oap Jelly, then rinse well in several walers making sure all soap has been re moved. When the hair is thoroughly dry rub in the following lotion, which is also a tonic: One ounce of tlnctnre of cap sicum, one ounce of tim'ture of (.an tharides, two ounces of good bay rum and two ounces of witch lmzel. It Is only necessary to massage the toni into the hair roots inlmediately afteu the shampoo. Ordinarily the sham poe Is given once a month, but in cases of extreme oiliness every three weeks is advisable until the hair shows all improvement. It is just the reverse with an over- dry scalp. The hair falls because It is not nourished and fed enough. From extreme dryness the skin contracts and the hair becomes harsh and brittle and falls out. Applications that will pene- trate the pores and feed the roots must be used to improve these eonditi0Xas. To Beautify the Eye. The eyes are used more thau any oth- er member of the body. Often as we sit down to rest the body we Idck up a book or paper to read The eyes re- ceive no rest. All through the day they are busy from el)cuing until closing time, and often then their owners are reminded hy drowsiness that it is long past tile tithe to rest The body, the hands and the limbs get a rest, even if it is only by a change of position, but the eyes seem'e- ly ever. And this is wrong, for dozens of times during the day the eyes could easily be rested by being shut, if only for a few seconds at a time. A great deal of good would result. This prac- tice, small though it may seem, will repay any one, for, while the benefit !may not be noticed from day to day, the freshness of the eyes after one reaches middle age will be worth more and reimburse well for the trouble necessary to protect them. Cool, weak tea is excellent to bathe the eyes with. If they have been used a great deal during the day and burn bind on them moist tea leaves and re- tire. By morning they will be much freshened and relieved. Cure For Cold Sores. Now that colds are the rule suffer- ers are feeling the annoyance of fever blisters, or cold sores, as they are more generally called. The time to stop the spread of these sores Is at the beginning, when the first tiny blister appears. Be careful to apply only such remedies as do not cause the blister to spread. A simple but effective remedy, if applied at the out- set, is to touch the spot every hour with spirits of camphor. This dries the sore without injury to the skin. In case the sore develops overnight so that you have not been able to treat it In the beginning more heroic meas- ures are needed. Permanganate of potash, two grains, moistened with rosewater, applied to the blister, al- lowed to dry and then dusted with pulverized starch, will quickly reduce the Inflammation. When this has dis- appeared .massage the affected spot with cold cream to eliminate all dan- I Ilper o a tmporar scar or ced mark, Society and Personal Use the phone, mai:orthh::::lS:mC|::.or personal items Wm. Baldwin spent Saturday in Ev- erett. James Frazier was in Seattle early in the week. Mrs. Wm. Rowley was the guest of Seattle friends Saturday. S. M. Dainard was home from Sisco over Sunday with his family. Mrs. Elmer Stephens visited with relatives at Mt. Vernon over Sunday. Mrs. Langan, of Everett, is spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. H. H. Weller. Miss Hannon has gone to her home at Klamath Falls, Ore., to spend the sum- mer vacation. Master Dale Brix is spending a week in Duvall with his uncle, Mr. C. W. Fenton on the ranch. Mrs. J. H. Tyree left at the end of the week to spend a few months with her parents in California. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Elweil and Mrs. S. E. Talhnan, of Mr. Verfion, visited relatives here last week. A marriage license was issued to William E. Matlock, Everett and Miss Rose M. Lockner, Monroe. Mrs. L. Swanson and two children have gone to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to spend some time with her mother. Mrs. F. Gardell and two children left Sunday evening for Bossburg, Wash., W. E. MANSFIELD The DRUGGIST has proven himself a clever and most there will be rain within twenty-four hardworking business man while in lours. When cirrus clouds are moving Monroe and his many friends here are rapidly from south or southeast there confident that his energy and ambition will be a hailstorm on the morrow, if it be in summer, and if it be In the will bring him adequate reward in any winter there will be snow. new undertaking: He is a real booster The wind always blows about sr and an optimist and a hustler who keeps storm in a circle. When it blows from things going all the time. the north the heaviest rain Is east of you. if it blows from the south the Whm y ur child has whooping ctugh heavies rain is west of you. be careful to keep the cough loose and lllows fro m the east the heavieat rain l expectoration easy by giving Chamber- is south. TLe wind never blows even lain's Cough Remedy as may be re- I moderately unless rain or snow Is ali- quired. This remedy will also liquify, ing within a radius of 1,000 miles. the tough mucus and make it easy to I Whenever hellvy white frost occurs expectorate. It has been used succes- ] a storm is forming within 1,000 miles ] sfully in many epidemics and is safel north or northwest of you.--Chriatan i and sure. For aal0 by W, E, Mansfi0ld, ] Herald Almanac, _ ............ in Mrs. Wilma Cedergren spent SundaYsnohomish. HaS: ..a. Mrs. Dan Wolfe and son visited in Snohomish Wednesday. J. E. Countryman was a business vis- itor in Everett Saturday. Miss Lillian Gilmore spent Sunday visiting friends in Seattle. Mrs. C.G. Schneider spent several days visiting friends in Seattle. Miss Elizabeth K yle, of Seattle, was r?' ll the guest of Miss Blanche Hightower. tans. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Blakeslee spent a week visiting in Portland and other points. Mrs. G. W. Kincaid and children spent several days visiting relatives at Stanwood. Miss Florence Newton expects to Pensula Dioxide Cream, the kind to cure that chapped face after an auto trip to Snoqualmie spend some time studying at the Bel-  u lingham normal school, i Mrs. R. H. Rock and Mrs. C.A. Graduation Time Chesley, of Everett, were visiting friends in town Tuesday. Mr. R. V. Cummings and his sister Suggests Some Gift Bu00ing Miss Cummings went to Everett Wed- nesday evening to see Blanche Bates. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Weller were in Everett Wednesday to attend the fun- Remember the young woman or young man eral of Rex. Fr. Classen, of the Bay- with an appropriate offering of your regard on side Catholic church, this occasion. It will be doubly appreciated. B. O. Kolstad, of Seattle, has sue- Some especially nice things in Bracelets, Lock- ceeded J. E. Hamilton in the First eta, Bar Pins, Stick Pins, etc. :: :: :: :: :: to spend a few weeks visiting relatives. National Bank, Mr. Hamilton having - - "- ^-+- u"*le'" haw I accepted a position with the High Rock M. LIU XVXl. /VlU/bUll lll ,y W r . gone to Oregon to visit Mr. Bentley's oggmg o. Watches .Are Always in Order parents for a couple of week's vaca- J.C. Falconer and Judge Sawyer, of tion. Monroe were business visitors in town ........... last Monday. Mr. Falconer will erect CARLQUIST BROS., Jewelers mrs. m. r enmn ann _WllSS lenten, oI ........ a business block on Tolt avenue next verett, are spenulng some ume wtm .......... month --Tolt Enterprise  drd'-@i ivlrs, venmn s uaugher, lvlrs. /-. 1. " Brix. Mesdames Frank Wagner, Ella Evans The Misses Dolland Julia Sampleleft and J. E. Stirton and Messrs. J. Mc- via the Milwaukee Saturday night for Keen and Dave Funk were in Seattle The Market Affords No Better this week in attendance at the grand summer.their home near St. Louis to spend theMrs. W. Knowles received word this lodge meeting of theRebekkah lodge Assembly.Odd Fellows and 6f0CerleS a]d Mets of the serious illness of her sister in New York and is planning to leave for HIDDEN HOARDS. Some Special Prices Each Week That Will Interest You and the east before the end of the month. Fortunes Buried or Tucked AWay In Help Solve the Cost of Living Problem The young ladies' sewing club had a Wasteful Neglect. most enjoyable picnic supper on the None can estimate the wealth hid- river bank Tuesday evening and enter- den in the days of the war between tained a numberof young men guests, the states. Down mountain slopes. NOTE THESE: across the great plantations and along Messrs. and Mesdames E. P. Walker, the streets of cities of the south are B. J. Lobdell, F. W. Thedinga and W. trails of lost fortunes. On the Missis- b b d Kipp d H i E. Mansfield enjoyed Sunday dinner sii)pi river the shanty boaters tell tales Ca arate ran ere erring 15c [with Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Haskell at of kettles of gold coin and money that ( ]. their ranch home. were buried in the brakes or revealed ..,oose,,erries - - - I 0c J. A. Swett was down frm Sultan in the caving bank f the Mississippi J i J 45 J by a cascade of coin rushing down the am n art ars - - - c Monday and was pretty sore over the crumbling slope into the flood. Now charges that twenty dogs had been put and then some sharp darky appears C d B f Chipp d B f d R in the river there. He said that he on- with a handful of old gold. orne ee, e ee an east ly knew of three dogs being killed in A mathematician might estimate the B f 1 d 11 the townandcouldshow their graves, quantity of uugget gold hidden by the ee, regu ar 20c an 35c se - placer miners, the loggers, tinkers, Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Danforth, who tramps, soldiers--all the kinds of for ers for 15c and 25c have been living here this winter with tunes that are tucked away in useless their daughter, left for Greenwood, B. and wasteful neglect in all parts of C., Wednesday evening. Miss Dan-thecountry--in stockings, ntattreeses. Monroe Mercantile Co inc forth will follow later after attending old clothes, garrets, cellars, hollow 'the Bellingham Normal School with trees, hovels, mansions, caches of des B | Miss Hartzell. peradoes and hidings of foreigners. If only one in 10,000 hides $100 that is .-..--- A very enjoyable outing to Index to never found, and in every village and see the falls was given Mrs. Carlquist's town the proportion Is larger, among Sunday school class of the Congrega- farmers and back country people much 00 II tional church, Saturday. They went up larger, the loss will amount to $900,- 1 on the morning train and walked out to 000. The chances are that there Is a GROCERIES FLOUR ! the falls. Mesdames M. A. Frost, C. hundred million dollars of hidden for H. Graves and F. Carlquist accompan- tunes In this country now--gold, all ver. precious stones and paper wealth I Monroe Grocery Co led them. Many a fartn, many a city property. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Main left today goes into neglect and decay because for a week's stay in Kirkland, Seattle the heirs never knew of it.--Raymond and Puyallup. Mr. Main will address S. Spears in Ihtrper's Weekly.  CAREFUL SERVICE AND PROMPT DELIVERY the East Side Commercial Club at Kirk- II YOU land this evening. Mr. and Mrs. Main WEATHER SIGNS. R PATRONAGE SOLICITED and Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Leake are del- egates from the local and county Some Rules That Help In Reading the Clouds and Winds. II FEED HAY Grange to the state Grange convention The following formula of weather I at Puyallup, June dto7.--Duvall Citi- signs was adopted by the Farmers' [ Illl Ill I II lql zen. club of the merlcan Institute some ' Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Nichols, of San years ago, and it has been found to Diego, Calif., who are visiting in Ev- give satisfaction: _- Ill I m I I Omlmung erett for a few week looking after When the temperaturefallssuddenly  Painting a d Dec ati g property there, spent Sunday with Mr. there is a storm forming south of you, l or n When the temperature rises suddenly and Mrs. Tom Spaulding. The proper- there is a storm forming north of you. I No Job too Large  No Job too Small ty that Mr. Spaulding bought in San The wind always blows from a region Diego is aeross the street from the of fair weather toward a point where  for us to tackle. We are prepared to estimate on every class of work Nichols' home so in the future they a storm is forming. | and ean give you the very highest service. It is worth while to will be near neighbors. Cirrus clouds always move fro a re-  have your painting, papering and decorating done by expert workmen. Mr. Varnum W. Tremaine, who has gion where a storm is in progress to i It means satisfeetion and a real money saving in the end. Talk it over been in Monroe for the past two years one of fair weather. Cumulus clouds I I with tin. always come from a region where a as manager of the Moody store, went storm is fornliug. When cirrus clouds to Seattle this weekwhere he expects are moving rapidly from the nort or ! III N.T. BRADLEY. J. A. VANAsDLEN Notary Public. to engage in business. Mr. Tremaine northeast, no matter how cold It is, _- __ =_' .--_i. it J. A. VANAsDLEN, Notary Public. J. C. FALCoNER Notary Public t P [[ Monroe Real Estate & Loan Go, i /! l00operty, Yi00e Iz00m00aoe /I Office: Corner Main and I:erry Streets