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June 2, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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June 2, 1960

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PAGESIX Monroe Monitor. Monroe. Wash.. __J"e 2. '960 T Head.g Coiled 0fficialsAsked the.. Vacation R ading/00 I/COUNTYrum ntSAGENTIFrom T o C ons id e r e . On Park St. Dwot Diggers Program Set asked Vacation Plea Z 0 By Harley Henriekson this 00o.ce one r nance FAr y th with thi wear." Mot o' the a ,,ul'c 'hearing on a ,tition to o e -- of   or ea 0U farmers are finding it real difficult vacate a portion or Park St. The Mayor Robert i4. Follis and court- Men's Golf Club participated in a to get their field work completed hearing, at which time any person cilrna George Butler, ex-officio game of tombstone. This may The encouragement of good read- because of the rain. Many seedings interested may be heard o the member of the Monroe Planning sound like a television program, ing habits is usually a joint project are not being completed as plan- proposal, will be held at 8 p.m. Commission, called upo council- but it is also a game of golf that for school, home, and library. The ed because Of the weather. Peas Wednesday, June 22. men to give serious consideration For the best vlues in can be played in competition. Snobomish County Library is doing ae being planted but are very Petitioning the Monroe town court- to zoning Monroe, a two-year pro- With each man playing his hndi- its parL by sponsoring a vacation slow in coming up and may cause cil for the vacation of a portion of ject of the commission. CARPI:T cap Leonard Schrag won f2rst place reading program during the sum- some difficulty at harvest. Sweet Park are Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. The mayor and Butler asked with one stroke left after finishing mar months through ,its affiliated corn planting is being delayed and Olover and Mr. and Mrs. Willard councilmen to give study to a exto- l'8 holes of play. Irving Scha and community librm'ies .and the book- many farmers are starting to worry T. Brown. Harley Herickon tied for seoond mobiles, about the crop. The same tiring Specifically they are asking the c.ingc.rdinanCeDevers, commissionafter hearingmern,berfrOm HOME FUHJSH[00GS place by using their required trek- Using s a theme, the Enchaed goes for field corn the farmers are town to "...vaca a portion of who appeared .to explain costs of es as they sunk putts on the 18th Isles of Hawaii, Mrs. Hazel Dtm- trying to pratt for silage. I know Park Street..., to-wit: publishing the proposed ordinance. grasp_ can, the vhikiren's librarian, has I have been trying to plant some "East 10 ft. thereof, between "We DRAPERIES Play started May 31 for tonrn- plmmed a booklet in -which each corn plots for three weeks and so Monroe Street and Powell SLreet in are in need of zoning, but met pla. The rotmd ends child keeps  recerd of the brm-y far no luck. Silage making has Lot 1, Block 6, Roberts Brothers it can be cmrjed too far," Butler, been delayed  many fields m'e First Addition .to Monroe; except who was doubtful when the corn- June 12. books he reads during the surmner already past the best stage for the south 45 feet;" mission first began considering the (We Carry All The Best Brands Of Carpet) Don West is new medalist champ- . These books may be my ,high ervgy feed walue. I am sure ordinance, declared. i for the year qualifying wth a type Uhe boy or girl erjoys or his Revers reported that publication score of 71. Irv Schr and Cecil own reading level, whether books most frowners will ree that they WHO PROFITS .BY TIGHT MON of the 12,600-word zoning oce Kerr were close behind with 73. of fiction or of information. When wi for some good spring weather. EY? Bankers? Big Business? The would cost $302.40. Ask About Our . . . ...... he has  .at least eight books FEED VALUF federal government? Guess again. "  /JlIDI'I:gV IE:r*rDA1,l elMl and has listed them in the booklet, You as a saver! When interest ,v vvvns-- -vlI $IEI]FIIuIG BUY he asks one of his parents to sign What are the vles of digestible rates go up on lo, lending insti- Monroe Studmr Aek . .,, ..,,..,..,.., ............... it, and returcs it to the library or protein (DP) and total digestible tutions pay out more interest for .... -----"',,'-''"  EVgIIIN= ArI'UINIM[NI$ IRRIGATION .o from which he secured nutrients (TDN, in ordmrd grass the use of your money on deposit, joS na:rman u, . it. All hose who read eight books, aed veal dover cut. at different Thus, the people who really bane- (W( t'tnmnu blml; k  TERMS m If you Hke complete the booklet, and return it stages of growth. These average fit most from tight money are the ......... r" ......... -- EQUIPMENT  the library, will receive some figures rW the quality of time  the f1 a certificate as or hay that can be made. On or- 87 million owns, of bank-savings Pete Erickson, Monroe student at accounts, 40 .milln people who Central Wa,ngton College of Ed- IIAIIIIIII PllnllmamilinOm OWt; recog1tion of tleir accomplish- chard grass cut at pre-head the own U: .S. Sawngs Bonds.,. and the ucation, was a committee chair- k-IlilHllHii'U LIIUIIIIIIUL 102. 112 owner00 o, le insur- ,00l,*or00we00I,ay,lokt,00,,. OlaUillllllIOn runm,/Imr L ST Any boy or girl who will be ir, at early bloom DP 9.6 and TDN in fetal cost the forth through the eighth grade 55.1; hill bloom DP 8.2 'and TDN once. Sweecy Day is the annual campus v w , 'm-,m w|/v-,ml in September is eligible to partici- 52.8; whe, seeds start to form DP . Los Angeles is about half as large, holiday. (Formerly NEW 5NOHOMISH FURNITURE) EASIEST pate. The program begins as soon 3.6 and TDN 47.4. Red clover at m area, as.Pdmde Isl.and, ad thus _ Erickson is a freshman this y. 1106 First St., Snohomlsh LOgan 3-2131 as school doses and ends with the the different stages  at bud classes easuy as our largest cky-- e is the son of Jm E. Erickson, fo operote opening of school in September. DpDP 11.5;16"7' TDNTDN 60.4;70"0;uuearlYbloomblDP in area, at least. , Route (:me, Monroe. . SEE THE DEALER The program vAll be cond]cted 10.2; TDN 53.9; when cut when  -----  DISPLAYING. throngh the bookmobiles which --  seeds forming DP 6.4 emd TDN / THIS SIGN make stops regularly every two 50.7. These figures m'e all on a dry W weeks and through the library in weight basis td give a good indi- MEET THE FRIENDLY HOME-TOWN " FOLKS HO INVITE YOU TO '... [ ah ] Monroe. The Mom'oe Library is SHOP IN J00/OI/ROE open Monday ,through Friday from cation of when to cut for highest 2 to 5 and 7 to 9, aad on Saturday quality forage. frown 1 to 5. SOLID SEEDED CORN In previous years many yomg I IRRIGATION] people have received certificates in Some of you have been asking a s .program sponsored by the about the seeding of corn for sil- library. These same students are age in a solid seeding with a grain For the best engineering and invited to participate along with drill. This has 'been reported this design help, plus assistance in others who have never taken part. winter by some of the farm maga tO play ' " zines and the stories make it sonnd HOLLER DOLLAR l u art"ricing, see your equipment real good. I am .not sure how it  dealer displaying the AM yel- low and green sign. Ramey Named Staffer ngt do in our rea as I can't 00,ono 00one OLLER VALLEY Of Campus Paper o ing. We hope to.ow more the NOVEL NEW .Fun Game about this another year because we FARM EQUIPMENT Don Ramey, Mon student at have a oaton variety plot I Ceral Washington College of Edu- and solid Lseedlng scheduled for this HOLLER DOLLAR RULES .... ' Company catio., was recently named sports 'year. Ralph and Bob Sapp of Route I O O L L A R Monroe, Washington editor of the Campus Crier, college 3, Arlington, are mterested in try- 1. New Dollar bill will be spent each Men ' 2: No phone calls to sponsoring mer- newspaper, for 1960-61. ing some so I am going to work day morning with one of the participating chants. You must yisit store to copy OR WRITE-- Ramey is president of the Young with them, to run some checks. Monroe merchants. Serial number of that serm number. urclmse not required. Poison Implement Company Democrats C and on the campus They are t sure bow it will do dollar will be posted Monday noon in 3. $16.00 will be added each week to jack- 625 Landei Street radio stion staff. A fregqman, he but are willing to give it a try be- stores of "sponsoring merchants" listed pot. THIS WEEK WORTH Seattle 4, Wn., for information is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. came Some of the reports out of below. Find that dollar before Wednesday 4. Store .personnel of participating and Rmney, Route One, Mom-oe. the midwest report 30 tons per acre noon, present it to sponsoring merchant, non-parueipating merchants not elgible of silage. This should be iqrest- for jackpot. and receive all of jockpot total. If found year like this for a silage catch after Wednesday noon (the serial number 5. Cheek name ef next week's "sponsor ing merchants" Hsted below and visit qO crop. f this week's Holler Dollar is published those stores early for jaekpoL  O;U ;S IY below) you receive half of jackpot total. 6. SHOP IN MONROE. Cheek serial num. PHEASANTS AND -H Each week's dollar is void after 6 p.m. bars of your dollar bills and enjoy this This year 4-H members are again Saturday. rewarding game. raising pheasants in cooperion Copyright 1959, Br-V Adv. All Rights Reserved with the Game Department. The I game deparUnent m'nied the THIS WEEK'S HOLLER DOLLAR SERIAL NUMBER eggs. The 4-H members pays for the shipping and the hatching. They Holler Dollar Is then raise them to ,about ten weeks Brought To You ,NSI293079A Holler Dollar Is Brought To Yo BILl. FOLDS -- CAMERAS ofagein andcooperationrelease withthetheia gametheir Each Week By . . . To Recelve Cash Prize Bring this dollar to one of Each Week By . . . protector. The game department these Sponsoring Merchants HAIR CLIPPER SETS pays Lhem so much for the birds they release. This is a learning pro- CAMPBELL'S TIMEX WATCHES t for the members ,and one Uley may or may not make a little mow Family Shoes MORSE VARIETY SHAVING SETS ey. lheasants are real hard for "We Strive To Satisfy" Gis - .Stationery most of the boys ;rod girls to raise Notions CIGARETTE LIGHTERS . cenined quarters  they tend towards picking and became TIE CLASP CUFF LINK SETS fy. The real winne in th project ,are  pon who ave Byron Hardware better hunting in the areas where "Everything m Money's Market the birds are released. Hardware" Fresh Fruit Produce Card of thanks O.K. SUNDRIES VALLEY FEED I Battery Powered ]rs Gi've ___" AS manager of the IOOF Came- Fountain- Gifts "Everything In Farm CLOSE -- FAST -- CONVENIENT SHAVES tery I' wish to thank the eight , Cosmetics and Garden Suppli" members of the Lions club who w'ked Wednesday evening, May See Our... zs, and the x members wo worked Saturday, May 28, for AL'S CAFE PRICE-RITE Selection Of FATHER'S DAY CARDS deag up the bandoned lots in . and the cemetery. And I wish to as- Evergreen Inn  Wflcoxen Lydi Fessenden Grocery sure them at the abawdoned lots VALLEY FEED Co. Inc. O.K. SUNDRIES TRI VALLEY PHARMACY  be kept under mower Rs long ." m as I am in charge. Thanks again, Monroe Shopping Center PYramid 4-5431 Lions. DeMonbrun Coast-To=Coast R. W. Gilbert, Manager , Pd. Adv. Service (Western Supply)i ,- -" Wheel Alignment . Oils .... Mobil Gas - Steam Clean A SNOHOMISH FURNITURE TRI-VALLEY Newr's PHARMACY Chevron Service Mo.oe Shopping Cemter "Lubrleafion Our Specialty" ENJOY THE BEST-FORGET THE RESTI Monroe Hardware & Sporting Goods A S K FO R Mom Monroe Shopping Ceatvr FIRST NATIONAL DARIGOLD ICE CREAM BANK of EVERE'rr WHnLS00 CHOCOLATE : Cummings Bros. APPLIANCE STRAWBERRY LO Department Store Mrs. Lena Morse Monty Aversa,no Alplianees - TV V,N.,,, O Air I G O ..... AND ,4, . , Next Week's Sponsoring Merchants Will Be ,FLAROFTHEMON'rH) I C  RE AM CAMPBELL'S DeMONBRUN SERVICE AL'S CAFE & , BYRON HARDWARE , FAMILY SHOES  EVERGREEN INN AT YOUR DOOR -OR FAVORITE STORE t