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May 31, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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May 31, 1907

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2 i THE MONROE MONITOR AN INDEPENDENT WEEKLY PAPER PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE, V/ASHINGTON E. C. BISSELL, EDITOR Entered at the Postoffiee at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter SUBSCRIPTION, IN ADVANCE .................. ONE DOLLAR A YEAS ADVERTISING RATES Display advertising, per inch, single column, per month. ................. 50o Locals, per line per issue, 5c ; minimum charge ........................... 25c Cards of thanks, each .................................................... 50e Obituaries and resolutiohs of condolence, per llne ....................... 5c The Wellman Expedi- tion to the North Pole Mr. Walter Wellman has already made his plans for the expedition to the North Pole which he expects to make during the coming season. He states that the steamer which is to take the expedition to its start- ing point in the Danish islands has already arrived at Trondhjem, Nor- way, where it is now lying in dry dock, and it will be ready to leave for Spitzbergen about the first of June. The party which is to pro- ceed to the .islands is made up of some thirty-five persons. The sleds are to be drawn by dogs coming from the north of Siberia from the Samoiedes tribes dwelling on the banks of the Obi river. The airship, according to the present design, is 55.8 meters (183.7 feet) in length, with a middle diameter of 16 me- ters (52.8 feet) The volume of the bMloon is 7,500 cubic meters (9,825 cubic yards), and it will have an ascensional force of 8,870 kilo- grammes (19,515 pounds). Near Paris is being constructed a new nacelle which is built entirely of "steel, with a motor and improved mechanical parts for the helice, these having been designed by Mr. Wellmam The mechanical design has some original features which differ i to a great extent from what has "been hitherto constructed for airships. Built of steel tubes which give it lightness as well as stiffness the nacelle has a total length of 115 feet. Together with the steel part is built a large reservoir which is expected to contain all the gasoline needed for the trip to the pole and return, this being 6,800 liters. As regards the pr]6cipal motor mount- ed on the nacelle, it is rated at 60 to 70 horse-power. Directly mount- ed upon the motor hafting are two helices of steel having 11.5 feet  . diameter, and there is one such helice at either end of the nacelle, resembling in this respect the de- sign which is adopted by the Le- baudy brothers in the airship "Pa- ttie." A good speed is expected to be made by the new airship, this being calculated at fifteen to eight- een miles an hour, and there will be enough fuel in the reservoir to give a continuous flight of 150 hours at full speed. This is expected to al- : low the airship to cover a radius of &apos; 2,000 miles, and is nearly double : the distance from Spitzbergen to the pole and return, so that there is a " good margin allowed. All the me- : chanical parts have been put thru i a good series of practical tests for some time past. When the airship is entirely set up at Spitzbergen in July, a series of trial tests will be made of the whole before setting out upon the trip. Mr. Wellman does not think it advisable to make the trial tests of the balloon at Paris before taking it to the Arctic regions. At first he intended to do so, but was brought to a different conclu- sion after considering the matter. Should this be done he could not :ti" make the trip this year, as a balloon shed would have to be built and  "other arrangements made. which ...... would take a great deal of time, and again these tests would not be de- cisive at any rate, seeing that the airship must be taken apart for transportation for several thousand mils and then set up again. 7]?0 be sure that all was right, a new set of trials would need to be made on the ; spot after assembling it. As the airship is designed for use in the Arcticregions and above the ice, the : conditions are special, and it would need to be tested on the spot. The new airship America will carry quite an amount of load, seeing that besides the machinery and 3 tons of gasoline there will be four or five men for the crew, about a dozen dogs ! for the sleds and all that will be !" -- ,." "." "(.-.:<.a,." .,, ..:"...':.  : ::l:(:ia:i  ;i" <:: : THE HALL OF FAME. The new Swec1ish min!stcr, IIerr La- gererantz, Is an ex-Salvatlon Army colonel. Ito gave up a military career and went to London to work In the slums. Minister of State Becrnaert, Baron Descamps-David and Baron Gulllaume have been selected as the representa- tives of Belgium at the comin peace conference at The t!ag'ue. needed should they be required to Ray. James Woodrow, who ied re- make the return trip on the ice; cently, was deposed from his profes- added to this there are 2 tons of sorshlp in a southern theological semi- provisions, so that the crew could pass all the winter in the Arctic re- gions. The material which is used for the balloon seems to be of first- class quality and according to recent tests made upon it, not more than one per cent of hydrogen would be lost during twenty-four hours. Even should this amount rise as high as two per cent per day, Mr. Wellman estimates that he could continue in the air for about twenty-five or thirty days without difficulty, keep- ing the ballon" swelled out by the interior ballonet, tIis present plan is to arrive at Spitzbergen durin K the first week of June and thus to make a series of trial flights during the month of July, leaving for the pole about the first half of August. Mountain Fever in Stock Pullman, Wash., May 25.--The vet- erinary department of the state col : lege is receiving frequent inquiries from stockmen and farmers all over the state, asking advice in the matter of treating "mountain fever." To such persons the following informa tion is being sent: In treating these animals, it is ad- visable o offer them plenty of clean, wholesome food and plenty of good water. Have their quarters well ven- tilated but not drafty, and treat them according to the symptoms present. In some instances constipation will be noticed, where mild cathartics may !be used advantageously In other cases an extreme looseness of the bowels will be present. In all cases be very careful in exhibiting cathar- tics. Do not use the half dosage, Other than this, stimulants and tonics Such as dram doses twice daily of tincture of nux vomica coupled with a little alcohol or whiskey, ann if the appetite is poor, tonics for the stom- ach, such as gentian one "easpoonful, ginger one teaspoonful, might be de- sirable. Owing to the fact that this disease presents itself in so many dif- ferent phases, it is impossible to give specific directions for the treatment of any specific case unless its special symptoms are rehearsed to us. The New Road Law Following is the new county road law passed by the last legislature, to go into effect the first Monday in Jan- uary, 1908: The board of county commissioners shall, as often as they deem it neces- sary, but not oftener than once each nary and convicted of heresy about twenty years ago for advocating the doctrine of evolution. The sudden inherltanco of $5,000,000 did not disturb Charles L. Van Vert, a watchmaker cf Colorado Springs, for he put away the papers when he re- ceived them and calmly finished a small Job of repairing. R. William Waterman, who set in type the manuscript of Longfellow's "Klawatha," ts still living in Athol, Mass. The work was done in. 1855. He personally carried the proof sheets to the poet for correction. Fernando Page of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Lauritz Olsen of Winona, Minn., are doorkeepers in the house of representatives in Washington. Page Is without feet, and Olsen has no hands. Both are veterans of the civil v:ar. It i. generally conceded in Washing- ton thor Admiral Dewey is the best dressed man there, with Senator Lodge of Massachusetts second. No man ever lived in the capital who devoted more careful attention to his attire than Ad- miral Dewey. Ambassador Bryce Just before leav- Ing London was Introduced by an American fend to the American phrase, "make good," and he took heartily to It, saying that whatever elS he made In this country he would try to "make good." John Kean of New Jersey, now serv- Ing his second term in the United States senate, has never participated In the debates, and now Frank O. Brtggs, who never made a speech, suc- ceeds John F. Dryden, who was anoth- er silent senator. Among long terms in the national house of represeztatlves may be men- tioned that of Colonel Ketcham of New York, recently deceased at the age of seventy-four years, after thirty-three years' services; Speaker Cannon, now seventy-one yeas old,who has served thirty-two years, and the late William S. Holman of Indiana, who died at the age of seventy-five years, after thirty years' serwce. ENGLISH ETCHINGS. The nmnber of British horses bred ts falling off at the rate of nearly 4,000 a year. Not more than slxty-four persons can be reglstered as owners of any one British ship. Itampstead tIcath Is the highest part of London. It rtes 424 feet, or eighty- four feet above the cross of St. Paul's. In the year 788"there were three arch- bishops in England--Canterbury, York and Lichfield. The latter as suppress- ed within half a century. As long ago as 1710 handkerchiefs were made on which were printed the map of England, with distances of the principal towns from London. The Fulham borough council, London, has agreed to allow the use of its pub- lic baths for baptisms by immersion. i Tho scale of charges is furnished on i appllcation. A complete skeleton of an okapi, the skull of which is a most remarkable I specimen, has been sent to the British museum by Major Powell Cotton. In addition there is a beautifully marked and perfect skin. EDITORIAL FLINGS. year, divide their respective counties The British ,..,-parliament, refuses to or any part thereof into suitable and ] take down the Men Only slgn,--Bal-  ' r convement road dmtncts, not exceed- I tlmo e Sun . The Panama canal cannot possibly - ' be a failure for lack of lnspeetloIL--- mg twenty four in number, and cause a description thereof to be entered Washington Star. upon the county records: Provided, i Morgan outbid the German emperor that the size and form of each road district shall be such as to permit per- sonal oversight and management by one road supervisor The board of county commissioners shall appoint from among the qualified electors in each road district, for such time as they may determine, with com- pensation not to exceed four dollars per diem for time and labor actually performed, a road supervisor who shall enter into a bond satisfactory to said Commissioners: Providing, however, That when any road district has a good roads association, then such road overseer shall he appointed from a list furnished by such association. A M[lghty Builder As an invigorator and builder up of broken down tissues, Wilbur's Puget Sound Blood Purifier cannot be excel- led. If you have pimples or sores of any kind on your body, by takings few bottles of this medicine they will soon disappear. For rheumatism the medi- cine never fails. $1.00 per bottle. For sale by E. A. Roberts and W. E. . Mansfield. The Monitor i; only $1 a year, at a picture sale. He doesn't mind call- ing kings with that full hand of his.- Atlanta Constitution. The time will probably come when bank looting officials will take to the plea of emotional insanit:y in the form of financial brain storms--Daily Sara- tOgian. &s President Roosevelt does not like the design on the old gold coins, the new ones will be minted with a iaew design. By the way, what is the de- sign on the old onesT--Rachester Post.. Express. MODES OF THE MOrdENT,, All of the new neckwear is soft. Stocks are returning to favor, and also chokers of folded tulle, chiffon and fine lawn. Waist forms all demand trimness at the waist Itself and fullness of trim- ming above the waist line, even where the material Is not actually full. All the season's shirt waists open in the front. The new note lies in the frilled edges of the front box fasten- lag. On each side of this there is a close, fine, plaited ruchlng of self gooda extending not more than an inch. All the new waists have {]tted girdle or belts, draped or plain, but a conces- sion is made to those to whom the long front is really becoming by the intro- duction of long vests, of plastrons of lace, of bands of lace and silk or of long Jabots.--Iiarper's Bazar. , 'VASIIINGT()N GOOD ENOUGI{ To the south, Iot, he south,, where I've longed to be, Where the or'tn2e 2"roves and vineyards extend to the sea. If a man i, a ma he'll make fertile the soil And the rieh man will gather the fruits of his toil. Yet .I hope to see my home again in the western part of \\;Vashin'ton. Far away to the south, to the land of the drouth, Which affords the herds a place to browse; Thou:dh 1 cm"t refrain to praise the name, my native state, old Wash- irgton. And anywhere I've chanced to roam, I've found no place as yet like liome. "vVith throbbinz heart I beg my chum To set a l-:teee far \\;Va,-_hin2ton. Far away to the north, to the land of the rain, I say, my friend, you should remain. I bid adieu to the southern sua And seek my home in %Vashinoton. GEORG E FARMER. leligf from lgheulnatic Pains "I suffered with rheumatism for over wo years," says Mr. olland Curry, a patrolman of Key West, Fla. "Some- times it settled in my knees and lamed me so I could hardly walk, at other times it would be in my feet and hands so I was incapacitated for duty. One night when I was in severe pain and lame from it my wife went to the drug store here and came back with a bottle of Chamberlaiu':s Pain Balm. I was rubbed with it and found the pain had nearly gone during the nighs. I kept ou usin i for a littlemore than two reeks and found that it drove the rheu- matism away. I have not had any trouble from that disease for over three months." For sale by E. A. obcvts, druggist. No, 1453 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TIIE SUPERIOI{ COURT OF THE STATE Of Washington, in lind for the county el Sno- homish. In the matter of the estate of George W. Mack, deceased. Notice is hert by given, by the nndersi'ned, ?,Ia ry Viola Mack, the adtninistratrix of the ,!state of Gool'g V. Mack, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims ;,gai.IlSt said deceased, to exizibit thcnl, viLh the necessary vouchers, within one year aftt, r the lirs publication of this notice, to the said ad- ministrabrix, at the law o/ce of G /e'. Cook. in he l,'erguaon l]llildinK, in the town ef Monroe. .SnOholnish COll[lty, Wasilin,dton, the Sl/le be- ing tho place fur the transaction of the buM- flOSS Of SditI (estate. 5IRS, MAY VIOLA 5IACI,2, Administratrix. Dated April 27. 1907. Date of lirst publication IKay2, 1907. Chlnberlain's Cello', Cholera, and Diar- rhoea Remedy There is probably no medicine made that is relied upon with more implicit coofidence than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Dur- ing the third of a century in which it has been in use, peopl.e have learned hat it is the one remedy that never fails. When reduced with water and sweetened it is pleasant to take. For sale by E. A. Roberts, druggist. I 00.ofA. , Co,r Igdependeflee No. 67 I) Rcuhr meet,ns ever,, , Thursday night in Foresters  ltall at 7:30. ]t'.. " ,. MAtK H. FEI,I,ERS, C. R. 7=  = J E. C'OUN'/'IYMAN, }'i 1 DR* L" L' STEPIIENS, COUl't Physician. MONROE LODGE No. 138, K. OF P. Meets every Wednesday eveinff at 8 o'clock at I. O. O. F. IIall. C. E. IITCIIIE, C. C. ROBT. It. STAPL]fiTON. K. of R.  S. EARL YV. HUSTED ROET. A. tIULBERT ItULBERT & HUSTED LAWYERS Rooms 401-402-403-404, American Nat- ional Bank Building, Both Phones Main 7. Everett, Wash. E. T. BASC03I ATTORNEY AT LAw MONROE, WASIIINGTON Collections Promptly Looked After Insurance Written G. F. COOK 2TTORNEY AND NOTARY I)EAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Ferguson Blk. Monroe M. J. McGUINNESS ATTORNEY AT L,w Ofiice: One Door East Penobscot Hotel SNOIIOIISII, WASH. JOHN W. MILLER ATTORNEY AT" LAW Room 7 Otten Building SNOIIOMISH, VASIIINGTON JOS. COLEMAN JOHN B. FOGARTY COLEMAN & FOGAL'IY ATTORNEYS AT LAW IIewitt Building Phone 634. ]VERETT, %VASI A. D. AUSTIN V. P- BELL BELL & AUSTIN, LAWYERS. lIice in Realty Block, Everett, Wash. / - ! Baal Ealale and insurance i /ao aame good barffais in : /aasaa and Io#s, improved and ,' umz:'aved farms, close n.  !60 aere goo],botton, []and, $30 per A few flood residence lots in the acre, 4mile from Monroe on Morris Johnson add. to Monroe. good,cotm!v r(,ad. Terms. IIonse and two lots at Park Place. ]60 aere: good t,ott;m land, A snap. Must be sold. 1 improv:d, with bto('k and 120 acres of timber land, well loca- farm iml;loments. Terms. $8,000 ted. Will sell cheap. 1(;0 acres of land, unimproved,  I have a large list of property, town 80 acre: ,'.od bet.tom easy lots, farm land and timber land, to clear, balance good thn- not herein mentioned. 1)er. (;heM). Terms. 10 acres choice bottom land $ 850.00 IIouse and 2 lots on Lewis st. 1,500 2 acres of land on Main st. in Monroe, well improved 1,500.00 H00xt Door to Monroe State Bank- Tl00e N00nree Stale Bank- Transacts a General Banking ]usiness 4 Interest paid on time deposits.  1 Saying's bank books issued, and interest paid on savings bank bal- ances at LBe rate of 4 per cent per annum. 1 1 Any amount from $1 up will open a savings bank account.. DRAFTS ISSUED ON ANY POINT IN THE WORLD j WASHINOTON HOTEL MRS. VAN HORN, Proprietor Chicken Dinner on Sunday Special Table for Traveling Men U L "r I N 00rea N0rlhern Through Tourist Car ON TItE ORIENTAL LIMITED " The Only Way " Leaves Monro6 at 11:17 a. m. daily. To St. Paul without change. The Quickest Time The Best Service SKYKOMIStI LOCAL Going West Going East 6 00a.m Lv.Sky'ish.Arl0 20 p.m. 6 40 .... htucx .... 9 45 7 00 ...Gold Bar .. 9 22 7 08 .... Startup.. 9 14 7.18 .... Sultan .... 9 05 7 35 ..MONROE.. 8 45 7 55 ..Snohomish.. 8 35 8 23 .... Everett... 8 10 8 35 ...Mukilteo .. 7 50 9 03 ...Edmonds.. 7 25 9 10 t{iehmoml Bch 7 16 9 40 .... Ballard... 6 50 10 00 Ar. Seattle. Lv (i 30 5 31 pm Orients1 Lt'd 11 17 a.m. .Overland.. 954p.m. Sleeping car reservations, tickets and information from A. L. LEE, Agent, ]Ionroc, Vash. Or--H. M. ADAMS, A. T. M., Seatde. The Grandest Scenery -- A. L. LEE, Agent, Monroe, Wash. GARDELL & BLOOM, Proprs. The Best of Wines, Liquors and  Cigars always on hand o Rainier HENRY & OSIER, Proprm Choice Line of Liquors and the Best of Imported and Do- mestic Cigars.