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May 20, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 20, 1910

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i i |It , [ -- -- and enduring a nature that it will Monroe /Vion00tor-Transcnpt IlaStlendthrughea lifetime, if not asked REPUBLICAN IN POLITICS [to men y. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE. WASHINGTON l " &apos;Classic.' A book which peo- H. D. MATTHEWS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER I pie praise and don't read. I I | .............. m I E,atwed  the Postoi-!ice at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter Subscription Price in Snohomish.County .......................... $1.00 a Year ,. " Outside of the ,, ........................ $1.50 a Year DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES ON APPLICATION Locals, per- line per issne. 5," minimum charge ........................... 25c Ctrds of thanks, up ten lines .............................................. 50c Obituaries and resolutions nf condolence, per line ...................... 5c "Tile man with a ne,v idet is a crank until the idea succeeds. Truth is stranger than fictiop. but it is because fiction is ,bliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn't." W, O, EnEleRun lhte Cannery W.O. Engle has leased the cannery plant and ground fronl the Milwaukee and will operate the plant iu its old lore:ion thi. NOTICE to ADVERTISERS cil you will say she did it with her All chan.zes of copy for advertisin teeth. should be in this office not lager than "April I. This is the day upon "Vednesday afternoon of each week to which we are reminded of what we r(ceive proper attention. are on tim other 364. "The English are nlentioned in Deceiving the Widow. A healthy looking woman dressed in loop tnonrnh]g stepped on 1o the plat- ][ortn scales and requested the gl''s clerk to ascertain her weight. He looked and said, "'One hundred and fm'ty pen nds." "You tnade a nlistake of twelve l)Olinds hi that woman's weight," said another man who had also watched the scales. "'She weighed 152 pounds inslead of 140." "'1 know that." said the clerk. "but she never would have forgiven me if l had told her so. That woman's hus- band died about six weeks ago. She has gained seven pounds in that time, but to keep her In good humor with herself l had to make her think she had lost five. I don't know why It is, but anybody who has suffered bereave- sent seems to consider It a disgrace to tatke on flesh. That WOlllan has been weighed three times since her husband died She would be shocked If she knew she had gained right along. For- tunately she is too nearsighted to read Maxims of Mark Twain " Fo I. gool is to he noble but to show others how to be genii is no- bler ai.J less trouhlc. "Noise is nothing. Often a hm which has merely laid an egg cack- les ;is if she had laid a,t asterd,1. "l'raining is everything. The peach was once a bitter allnond. Cauliflower is imthing but cabbage with a colh:ge education. " i'he autocrat of Russia pc,sses,,e: more power than any other nian on the earth; but he cannot st,,p u 8ieeze. "Habit is hahit, and not to be fllng out (f the win low by a"x mau, hut eoaxed downstairs a ate/ at ;t time. "One of the 1nest triking differ- ences Itween a c'tt and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives. "xVhen [ reflect ,)il the the nun)- bur of disagrecahle pe,.p]e wha ] know have gone t,* a better worht, I un to lead a different life. "Few things are har,ler to put np with than the atmt)yauceofa go:,l exam pie. "It were not best that we should all thinka!ike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races. "Even the clearest and nlo.t per- fect ch'eunlstantial evideuce is like. ly to t at Llult, ;,l'terall, and ther,.f, ue ,,ught to be re.eived with great c, uti,ul. Take ill. case of a l'eil'ii shal'liel,vd by a woman; if y,al llave witne+.-e+, you will find she ,lid it with a knifi.; but if you t,ke siml,lv the aspect of the psi- the scales herself, so it is easy to the Bible: Blessed are the meek season. Mr" Near will remain]make her think she is wasting away." " " c, I --New York Press. for tiled "sh'tll' iuherit the earth, m town to aid Mt .En,le n tile __ ___ "Adaln and Eve had inane ad- work and instruct hlUl j)l'OUl'l.v W rd "Slave" | e rill (I " in all tile processes, rne ivl tl TK o venture., mt th p " cipal lie was i roe has a ='nod re--utalion oil all An Interesting Instance In history of ....  "P ' the twisted applleatlon of the names ttmy escaped teething, its products and it is beleivedlo f a people Is afforded by the ease of "1 here is this trouble about spe- that if the Monroe brand is the word "'slave." Now. the Slavl. i,at nr,vi,tpnoo n,,4al,- th,.  taken off the market for a Veal. I tribes dwelling on the banks of the e... t" ............. -- ........ t, .....  "" J J " Duelper derived their appellation from It would be hard to le establish , v . o s la meanhtg noble or 11 u trl u so often a doul)t as to which party I .... " " : "" "'" " "" ,it. The cannery plat, ]1 S [n the days of the later Roman em- was inteud, d ,J l e the l*nefi,.iary, made nioney steadily f(,r Mr. " l'here is no character howsoever Z,)od au,i flue that it can not be de- stroyed by ridicule, however poor md witless. Observe the ass, fi>l'! iastanee; he is the choicest l)irit :uncmg all the humbler aninlals, yet see what ridicule has brought him t1). Instead of feeling conlpti- lnented when we are called all ass, we are left in doubt. "Consider well the proportions of things. It is better to be a young Jauebug thau an old bird of t)aradise. "Why is it that we rejoice at a birth and grieve at a l'uueral? It is because we are not the person in- terested. "A!l say. 'ttow hard it is that w,, lave to die'--a strauge colnplaint to come froln the lnouths of people who have to live. "It is easy to fiud fault, if one has that tisposition. There was ouce a 1nan wh, J, not being able to find any other fau|l: with his coal, complained that there weru too many prehistoric toads in it. "When angry, oaunt four; when very angry, swear. "1'he Italy passion of friendship, is of so sweet and steady and loyal Near and is an institution tbal the town is proud of. It is the only eannerpin theeounty thatl has made a success and it is not the intention of the citizens of Monroe or the farmes adjacent to permit it to no put out of bast heSS Every,hin cannable that is raised in this vicinity will be canned this year and as the ca- pacity of the plant is bigger than ever before, the output' will be largely increased. How'a This? We offer One Hundred Dohars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh (]tire. F.J. CHENEY & Co, Toleao, O. We, the un- dersigned, have known F. J. Cileney for the hlst 15 years, and belitve him |,erfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out an), obligations made by his firni. Welding, Kinnan & Marvin. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O. Hall's (ata-t'h Cure is taken internally, acting dire,'tly upon tile blood and lnucous surP',ces of the systln. Testimonlal sent free. Price 75 cents per bottle. Sold by all Drugglst. Take Hall's l',tnlily Pills for eonslipa- tion. ptre vast numbers of these Slavs were taken over by the Romans in the con- dlth)n of captive servants, and In this way the name of the tribes came In thne to carry with it the Idea of a low state of servitude, the exact antithe- sis of its original meaning and one that has survived to this time. Boys Will be Boys and are always getting scratches cuts, sprains bruises, bumps. burns or scalds. Don't neglect such things--they may result serious if you do. Apply Bal- !ard's Snow Linilnent according t directions right away and it will relieve the pain and heal the trouble. Priee 25c, 50c and I 00. Sold by W. E. Mansfield. Sealed Proposals Sealed proposals for the construction of a three story br,ck High school building to be erected by Union tIigh School District No. 03, Soholnish County, Washington, upon the l.mds behmglng to the Distrit t located in Mon- roe, Washington, wUl be received up to twelve o'clock, noon, June l, 1910. a lhe office of C.F. [ EIweU. Monroe, Wash. Proposals must be ac- l eo'n*anied by certltlcd cheeks in the sum of ll,cpercent of thc amount ot the proposal. Plans nd specifications for all portions of t ,e work ill be n file at the President's el?ace a " r v, ay lbth. Copies may then be obtained fom t:ze architects. Messrs. H,,rl n Thomas a..u  ssell & Rice. Johnston buUdmg. Seatth. A payment of $.'5.00 will be required for the general plans and specilieations and $2.50 tot tee Heating, Plumbing and Electric plans and specifications. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. UNION" HIGH SCHOOL BOARD, DISTRICT No. I03, Snohomish County, Wash. C. F. ELWELL, President. I. E. TAYLOR, Secretary. No. Notice to Creditors IN TIlE SUPERIOR COURT OFTHE STATE OP WASHINGTON, in and tot the county of Suohomish. In the matter of the Estate of Henry D. Walter, Deceased, ss. ITEMS OF INTEREST Notieeis hereby glyen by the undersigned executllx Of the estate of Henry D. Walter. duress, d. to the creditors of and all persons h ving claims against the sMd deceased, to ex- h:bit them with th necessary vouchers within one year ttvr the first publication of this no Lice. to.wit, withln one year after the ".>2nd day of April. 1910. to the said executrix at her resi- le,,c0., Monroe, Wash., or at the law office of I I II -- For Saturday Only G. F. Cook, the attorney for said executriX, in the Ferguson building. Monroe, Washington, the shale being the places for the transaction of the business of said estate. CHRISTINE WALTER Dated April 20. 1910. Executr:X. Date of first publication April 2'2, 1910. We give you here a couple of items for which must excite the interest of the ladies. we want you to look at these two specials. i I Saturday selling. They are values Good values are always recognized so Embroidery Assortments A big assortment of embroideries ranging in width to 10 inches. The narrowest is worth 10c and the widest 2c. Saturday they go at one price lOc H. $. Blackwood Howard Watklns Blackwood & Watkins The City Shoeing Shop On Fremont Street at the corner of Lewis, ih rear of Plumbing Shop General Blacksmiths Expert Horeshoeing Another line--a barred 0c per yard will go Saharday for just one-half UI I I I I "IIiII . I I II I IIII I Swiss Corset Cover Embroidery that is worth  Moire Underskirts for 90c I I II + + s" We have a big 10t of fine black Moire Underskirts, Too many for our ordinary needs so we put them out for Saturday at a specizi price. You are 90 sme to like them. Each .......... . Illi i L I I ....... Mc00GOWAN'S "THE LADIES STORE." Give us a call II B. B. 5RISW0LD Successor to J. H. g0ff[[ General Line 0f New & Second-hand Goods A nice line of new rugs just coming in. Also new and second- hand furniture, store and ranges. X0u can find just what you are looking for. JUST RECEIVED a new llne of leery handsome decorated China. Just right for the holiday table. Call and see us. We aim to please our patrons in every way. ...... aARil'N Dr. C. H. So11 PHYSIC[AN 6. SUR(;EON W.P. Office:t,d residence Staple a,d [ancy 5r0ceries , >,I.L(,H' ++... I Mot;roe. Wa,h. Now located in the new I gasc0m-naitan BI0'k i You will find the new store I a thoroughly modern and up-to-date place at which to buy your groceries and will have all 3"our wants I prooerly taken care of. You are invited to call and inspect the store. The best in the City for your money Awning Co. t C.A. COLE, I>roprietor ** Manufacturers (>f Tents and  Awnings. { Horse and W'ig(m Covers. { Flags of All Kinds. i Canvas Goods of Every Deseriplion. I)nck of All ,VidLhs and Weights. ,** 1501 Hewitt Ave, Everett, Wash ' t Cor. Hoyt. oppoMte P. O. : i'hone tO:L ReS 8131. t Hyatt-Fowells School 5e.attl E. %V. Cox, M. D. t'[fVSI(:IAN  St'l{(;I.:(>N Office in residence on Lewis street, opposite M(,nr('e Livery J,ztru. .Men roe, Wash. Dr. L. offitt Pt[YSIt'[AN k UILt;EI)N Office: over lt .National ]lank Residence: tt('l'OSS Stlo(!l W.'I of (_'om- lU tl','i;t I t[ol,q Dr. :R. S. Stryker D 1,: N T I S T OIE,.e: ])OI.G()FF t'UILi)INC Monrt)e Vrast'. i t]Kton E. T. Bascom ATTOI.NEY AT [.A\\;V I/:tscorn-Hall:tn .,tnld]nffD MOll roe, \\;V a sh. @. F. Cook Attorney :it L:tw l'eal lqst;t',e and !nsurance ]tl l,'cl+ffuson ttt,i!dillg. MONROE. WA.<I1. :M:. J. McGrtinness AT'rOI'NI< AT IAW Office, ()tm I)()(,v [';,.-st l'(mobs(.ot Ilotel SNOtlOM1Sn, WASII. Bargains in Real Estate Five-iLoom Cottage and two line East front fobs $1.20(I Five room cottage and one hit $I,100 Good six-room house, t we hue corner R. Mumm, Jr., Pres. lots on B!akeley $1,200 F. Friday, Vice-Pres. 0. A. Fraitey. Sec'y-lreas. E. P. Wa]ker A 'l"l'()lt N F.Y- A T- ] ,A W h]stwan,.o and Heal lqstate OPP(Sl'L'E |('NIIoE A'I"I, ]AIK I ON1()1, \\;\'ASH. COAST EN(I[NI,]Iqi{[N(. (70. (]enel';tl I,]ngint-tq'ink, :tlld (.'oll!r'ctinK Snrveying, Estimating,..'guperintending Maps, P1;'tis, Npecilica.tiotls ;tlid 1lira. Printinff ilOLb PhOllCS 7(.)l 810 ('olby Ave. Evel'ett 1:'. J. BARTELS Eiaht-rnon] house, two and <me-half lots eighty-eight feet, fronb tm Main st. $2200 Business property on Main street and Lewis street for sale Fine I{ .sidenee lots Five-acre tracts G. F. COOK Office in Feruon 13uildin. UNI)ERTAKER aM ' ' EMLALMER (LICENSE NO. 76) Res. Sunset 404 Office 64 i A, STRANDBERG Does First-C!ss Shoe lepairing at Mode- rate Prices and at Specified Time. Located at Monroe Shoe Store ! The New Grocers Next to Town Hall A complete stock of Fresh Good Goods. Everything nev and First-class. BOTH PHONES Ind. 52 Sunset 471 COME Cards, Billheads, Circulars, Aue- tion and Show Bills, Pamphlets, Law Blanks, Briefs. Blank Books, Labels at Reasonable Prices ,#It Castle Hall Monroe t0d00e No. 138 K, 0f P. Meets every Tuesday evening" In Pythian Lial], All visiting Knights cordiaUv invited I,o attend. IL b]. MC[INNIE, C. C. }. H. STAPLETON, K. Of R, & S, Monroe Lodge 160 A. F. and A. M. IVIeets the First and Third Wednesdays I. J.,:R, \\;V. M. L. ,I. ANI)ERS, .qec'y ii ir n Musical Instruments Complete New Stock of VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, GUITAt'S, ACCORDEONS These instruments are all good makes and will save you the troub- le of going out of town to buy. Come and try them. S. POWN[LL Monroe Transfer Co E. F. JOIINSTON, Prop. ransferring Moving, and Expressing Ready at all Times Orders may be left at W.A. Patterson s store. For Sale by T. W. 'RANGER