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May 19, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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May 19, 1960

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PAGE TEN Monroe Monitor, Monroe. Wash., May 19. 1960 tttSIClNGION STATE BAR ASSOCI,eJ'JOM TREES ON BOUNDARY LINE Walter and John were neighbors and Walter had a large locust tree growing on his lot close to the boundary line of John's lot. The tree was partially split apart in a windstorm and the part of he tree which hung over John'; lot looked as if it might fall and damage John's house. John asked Walter to please cut the part of the tree which hung over the line before it caused some damage. Walter said "Cut it your- self if you want to. I understand you can cut any part of the tree that is over your yard, and I'm not responsible for any damage it night do if you don't cut if off yourself." Two weeks later the weakened part of the tree fell, injuring two children playing below the tree and damaging John's house. Who do you think is liable for the injuries of the children and for the dam- age to the house? The answer is that Walter. as owner of the tree, is liable for the injuries suffered by the children and for the damage to John's house. The fact that John could have cut off the part of the tree protruding over his lot does not make him liable for falling to do so. John had no duty to cut off the protruding limbs, but Walter did have a duty to do so when it ,became apparent that the tree was in a dangerous condition. Walter will have to pay for the damage caused by the falling tree limbs. (This column is written to inform ot advise. Facts may ch,ange the application of the law.) JURY DUTY Today as yesterday, our jury system is under fire. Critics say that juries waste time, that .people don't want to serve, :that jurors make stupid mistakes. Let the experts admin- ister justice, some critics say. These criticisms hold true only if citizens forsake their right to serve, or if they do not do their level best to reach just verdicts. We'd like to do our duty of course, but it is hard to break up our routine of pleasant living. As citizens some of us shirk voting ad some try to get out of jury AVALON MONROE Phone PY 4-4517 Thurs., FrL, Sat., Sun. May 19-20-21-22 preheated by WARNER BROS. TECHNICOLOR ,.,,,., LYLE BEI-[GER'NOAH BEERY 'RNA FELTON.ALANA LADD.REGIS TOOMFY 1 ,rHnplay by JOSEPH PETICA and .ON SPELLING Fr Ihe tcveZ by LOULS L'AMOUR A Jeglr Pro4uction Prod by AARON SPELLING" Directed by RORT O W[88 PLUS-.. Z| METR0-GOL0WYN-MAYR I! 4  /DENNY MILLER ,. TAeZA/ rl mm Mw . m meS ll j -- .emu /H SCHEDULE  ] THURSDAY & SUND,%Y I "Tarram" 7:15 Only l "Guns" 8:50 Only I | FRIDAY & SATURDAY | "Guns" 7:00 and 10:08 | Kiddies Matinee [ (Kids 6 to 60) I I New and m Color i TARZAN [ The APE MAN" 2-3 STOOGE Comedies ! 4 COLOR CARTOONS ALL SEATS 35c I | Hunt Seasons To Be Set Mon. .tContined om Page I) All interested persons are invited to attend the meeting Monday morning and express their views on proposed 1960 hunting season regulations. After the public hearings, and consideration of the recommenda- tions of the Department of Game, the commission will establish the various game seasons, length of hunting periods and bag limits. service. Perhaps we don't value our free- dams enough. We inherited them and didn't earn them the hard way. Only a free people can enjoy the privilege of jury duty. An ancient philosopher once said that the mark of a citizen, as opposed to an alien, is his right to take part in the due administration of jus- tice. When jury duty calls, think of yourself as a juror seeking truth, hearing all the evidence, and heed- ing the court's instructions. Follow the lawvers' arguments and lay aside prejudice and fol'iow your in- telligence and ot your emotions. Respect your fellow jurors, as they must respect you. In tolerance try for agreement, but never a verdict which violates the court's instructions or finds ,as a fact what you know is untrue. When they call you to jury duty make a liar out of the critics. Be a good juror and make our sys- tem of justice work. (This column is written to in- form, not advise. F.acts may change the :application of the law.) EXPENSIVE TIRE FAILURE Tom drove into a service station to buy two new ires before he be- gun a cross-country auto trip. The station attendant told Tom that he didn't have he specific brand of tire which Tom wared, but that he had two "recaps" whieh were jtst as good as new and had the same guaramty. Relying on this assurance Tom hetght the "recaps" and had them mounted on the rear wheels of his car. After eight hundred miles of tr.avel at a' moderate rate of speed one of the recaps came apart, throwing the car out of control and off the road. Torn sued the seller of the recaps for the damages re- sulting from the accident. The jury broug,ht in a verdict for Tom and judgment was eered. In affirming this judgment the state supreme court ,based its decision upon the Uniform Sales Act. That law provides that if a buyer makes Awards Given Sr. Hi Students This afternoon Monroe High School students received awards for the majority of activities and honors earned during the past school year. Awards were given in basketball, track, baseball, Girls Athletic Association, Future Home- makers of America, Future Farm- ers of America, Honor Society, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, Song and Cheer Leaders, Band, Chorus, and Business Education. Advisors and coaches of each or- ganization made the awards dur- ing the assembly. Added to the list of awards were letters given for the first time to members of the chorus. The familiar music lyre m the form of a cehnile letter went Armed Forces Day Due Sat. (Contirmed from Page i) Force ROTC Band will appear at 2:30. .Closing out the day at 4 o'clock will be the take-off of all the vis- iting aircraft. This will be a joint armed serv- ices exhibition and an excellent op- portunity for everyone to see the equipment that protects our homes from any would-be aggressor. to twenty in recognition of at least two years faithful service to the high school chorus. Over seventy pupils were recog- nized with an award for their par- ticipation in one activity or more. Did You Know... The Poppy Story "In Flanders Fields the poppies blow"--and so the flower that pre- , cipitated one war became the sym bol of another and, with Memorial Day, of all those who have died in war. The poppy was first associated with war in l40---in the form of opium. World Book Encyclopedia explains that the fireworks started when the Chinese Clamped down on Great Britain's smuggling of opium to China. Britain took the opium issue as an excuse for declaring war. But when the Opium War ended in 1842, the issue was left unsettled while Britain concentrated on exacting trading privileges--and economic power--from the Chinese. Three-quarters of a century lgter, the poppy became a symbol of World War I. In 1918, when a YMCA staff worker named Moina Michael read the poem about Fanders Field, a U.S. military cemetery in Europe, she conceived the idea of wearing a poppy in memory of those sol- diers Who had died in World War I. Miss Michael persuaded the Amer- ican Legion to adopt the poppy as its Memorial Flower, and the na- tional convention approved the reso- lution in 1920. The Veterans of Foreign Wars adopted the poppy.., and conduct- ed the first nationwide poppy sale for the benefit of war veter&as... in 1922. Local communities now choose one day from the week before Me- morial Day as Poppy Day, when volunteers sell the artificial flowers in order to provide medical and educational services for disabled and needy veterans of both World Wars and the Korean War. The immediate goal of the Amer- ican Cancer Society is the annual saving of 250,000 lives, or half of those who develop cancer. This, could "be achieved through earlier diagnosis and prompt treatment. The American Cancer Society urges all adults to 'bare an annual health checkup. ) i I ! ! ! ! ! . ! ! ! ! , 1 Mayonnaise i Pork&Beans I NALLEY'S. Ideal i HUNTS. Special for salads. : low price. I I QUART JAR i NO. CAN ! REAL GOLD BASE 6 Orange or Tropical Puncli STRAWBERRIES Darigold Butter Ib 59 known to the seller the particular purpose for which the article is re- quired, and if the buyer relies upon the skill or judgment of the seller, there is an implied warranty that the goods shall 'be reasonably fit for such purpose. The evidence was clear that the seller knew what the tires would be used for, and that Tom had relied upon the seller's guaranty that the recaps were ,as good as new. Under these circumstances, when the tire tailed and caused Luscious, red-ripe" fully flavored berrles--every box guaranfeed. Ice Cream Gallon $135 I ' Hormels Spam he 'aecide, the seller was liable to Tomforthedamages. Cuoumbers 2'or19C 10 49 (This column is written to in- [bs. form, not .advise. Facts m a y charge the application,of he law.) Hlf *' Col{on 12-oz. ' Can :Instant Coffee Lucerne Whip. Cream "' 33 MAXWELL 6oz. " " '"* HOUSE Jar FLORIDA NO. 1 ig 2 2[ Oranges Lge. sizezucchini 10,00, 89' POTATOES Dar old Milk Tall . : Cans Squash Servebuked 2 Ibs. 19C Whife Ocean Spray ONE LAW CHANGES Sam the junkman owned a va- cant lot in an unzoned area of his town and used the lot to stor vld wrecked cars for use in his wreck- ing yard business. The town council passed a zon- ing ordinance which provided nat "any non-conforming use of prem- ises which is not in a building shall be discontinued within one year" from the date the zoning ordinance was passed. The area including Sam's vacant lot was zoned as residential, and the operation of wrecking yards in residential zones was prohibited. Sam continued to operate his wrecking yard in the vacant lot, saying he could use the lot for a wrecking yard as long as he want- ed to, since he was doing it before the zoning ordinance was passed. A year later the town officials came to him and told him his wrecking yard was no longer legal and he would have to close it. "You can't make me stop using that vacant lot," Sam said. Do you think the ,town can force Sam to stop using the lot for a wrecking yard? The answer is that Sam can ,be compelled by law to stop using the wrecking yard for a "non-conform- ing use," or, in other words, for 'a business not permitted under the new ordinance. He was arrested and convicted of violating the zon- ing ordinance, ,and his conviction was approved by the supreme court. The result might have ,been en- tirely different, however, if Sam had had a substantial investment in" buildings on the property in- stead of merely having a vacant lot from which he could have easily moved in one year. (This column, is written to in- form, not advise. Facts may change the application of the law.) ooo = ,' FR, iSH RY :RS ZEST. Mild and sweet Beauty Bar All-purpose soap Ivory Snow Jusf right for dainties Ivory Flakes 4 Bath 71' Bars Pkg. ,Whole. Ideal for broiling or frying. C Ideal for dishwashing "I/'Z" 74' Calf Shoulder Roasts Cheer Detergent Removes sfains safely Comet Cleanser 2 43' oo,,00 Dishwashlng Detergent 20-OZ, 49' Casade Oompound ekg U.S.D.A. Choice Blade Cut U.S.D.A ..... -,). 69 Calf Rump Roast Calf T-Bone Steaks Calf Round Steaks Calf Sirloin Steaks Calf Rib Steaks U.S.D.A. 98 Choice Lb. - U.S.D.A. 79 Choice Lb. U.S.D.A. Choice Lb. 69 U.S.D.A. Choice Lb. 79 FRESH RED SNAPPER Fillets Lb. Sale starts 9 A.M., Thursday, May 19the through Satuay, May 21st in Monroe. We reserve the right to limzt. No sales to dealers. Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. weekdays. Located in Monroe Shopping Center. S&W Cream Corn Creamslyls 2 |6-aT.cans 39' S&W Green Beans FanCYcut 5 ,6-aT.cons '1 o S&W Baked Beans 4 28-OZ.cans $1' Heinz Soups Mushroom' Vegefoble Beef. 6 ,,.aT el Chicken Noodle or Chill Cans Orange " " MINUTE"00'0 ,, ,.oz. 89' Juice Frozen  Cons Sunshine Hydrox Cookies ,6.o.. Kellogg's Cereal Cr*F"k'--"* 4 100 Sugar Smacks I 0-oz. $ |l t! I Special K 6/z-oz. Raisin Bran--9 'h -oz. Pkgs. Facial Tissue CHIFFON. Keep. some on hend. 2.,s 4: of 400