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May 6, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 6, 1910

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, i ,r .... , Town and Country News I H.H. Waller, Clothing, Shoes I Bascom & Austin sells land A D. S. Liniment for Rheu- matic pains. At Drug stores. Bring your watch rep:ti r work to us. We do it right. Ritchie's. Buy a Kodak and get thee taking ways, A full line at Camp Bros. Drug Co, Order the Post Intelligencer through this office and get it and the Monitor Transcript one velar for $600 S. E. Tallman has some good residence property for sale in Monroe. See him if you think (.f buying. Terms easy. Thos Cahill, who ha, roomed at the home of Mrs. Regan for about a year, suffered a paralytic stroke and has been very low. Spring is here and your garden needsaltelJtion. Drop in at the Stephens Haldwave Co. and pick out what imp hn:enls 3ou Leed The officers of tile First Na- tional Bank have incorporated a building corot)any to handle the building of the bank building on the Suhl corner. The Monroe Mercantile Co. hscommenced building its new warehouse. It will give aout 15.000 feet of floor space. Ce- ment foundations are m. Pownall's Music Store hasojust puin a complete new stock of musical instruments including violins, mandolins, guitars and accordeons. Come in and look the stock over. Prof. H, G. Byers, of the de- partment of chemis:ry, will lec tt'e before the Men's club at their next marling, Thursday, May 12, at the Congregational churh, on the subject of water supply. Following the decision of the deprtmevt to hold off settlement of the postoflice location a ra monst,'tuce ws c,rcul;,ed by those fvoring th B_sco[n I-lal lau block loa:tiou and was very largely signed. All of the grade teachers in the local school h'sve been offer ed new contracts for next year. The of high school teach ers and prhmipal for the high school will be handled by the high school board. The princi- palship of the Monroe grade sell:)ol will likely be open {or ap- pointment by the local b )ard. GuN Dnhoff inforu|s the editor of this paper that h has found asafe way in which to getrid of mustard among his garden crops He plants rutabagas in rows with a few oat seeds about every five or ten feet. The oats row up in a few d ysand mark the rows so that it is possible to cul- tivate right from the start and when the begascome up it has been been possible to have all the mustard killed The Lady of the House is generally a .oo judge of her 'roc- cries and their quality. Especially if she happens t be her own cook. All the ladies we serve are fond of prtis- ing both our Groceries and our prompt service. We buy only the 'oods th,t we know to be pure--L"h)ur, Butter, Sugar, 'Fet Coffee, el('., and we can consequently, guarantee every article tha we offer to our eu tomers. And no one has yet had oecasi()n to find fault with our prices, Monroe Mercantile Co. INCORPORATED) Fishing Tackle at Thedinga's. See Bascom & Austin for the best fire insurance. Lawn Mowers and Garden Tools. Thedinga sells them. Place your order for any print- ing needed soon with this office now. Mrs. C,,ok who has been seri ously ill is reported as impro ing. Don't forget that every pro- gram you miss at the Monroe theatre is a good one. Mrs. J. Carlson of Sultan was shot accidentally in the back by a boy with a rifle Thursday. When in Everett meet your friends at the Senate, 1505 Hew- itt. Good rooms in connection. See us for optical goods and repair work. We save you 5C i)er cent. Fit guaranteed. Ritch ie's. Deputy Suporintendent of pub- instruction Na]ber will address the reformatory inmates Sunday! at the request of the governor" Interested litigants in the Ore gon railroad land cases have learned that the government has delayed for netrly a year in fil- ling its briefs. Hufford's mecream parlor wil be open for business on Sunday. The room has been remodeled and efitted and you will find it a most comfortable place to visit. Mr. ,. A. Buck says that he intends retiring from business this summer. He plans to step out of retire work in the mill and water plant and take time with Mrs, Buck to travel about to see something of tim world, J. E. Lettier is planning 1o start a canvas gh)ve factory in a building on his home property in the near future. He expects to put in about a dozen machines and give employment to quires number of ladies from the starl. A. letter to C. J. Stuart from Secretary Cook of the C. M & P, S. states that time will be given for the operation of the cannery this year. Thism mosl welcome news as Monroe does not want the .cannery closed and before another year arrange ments can be made to have the plant moved. Big State Valuation The State Board of Tax Com missioners, the State Auditor and the State Land Commission- er, working as the State Board of Equalization, hate published a slatement showing the total taxable property in the state of Washingt n and the rate of tax- ation Lhereon, and the resulls'in- dicate that the tax levies of the various counties, while seeming- iv fairly "high. are really quite low when based on actual valu- ation. The actutl value of all taxable property in Washington is $1,838,733.888, while the as- sessed valuation is only $790,- 431.15, or less than half as much" Thus while the ave,.'age LaX levy is 31 62 mills, the levy tf ba.ed on the actual valuation would be only 13.59 mills. Prop erty is aNSi.seed at only about 40 per c nt of its value. Snohomish county will be entitled to 37 delegates in the Republican state convention to be held August 3 in Toc0ma, according to the vote for Cosgrove in the state election. The Cherry Valley Logging and Railway company has been made the defendant in a suit for damages in- stituted against it yesterday by Jos eph Servant. The amount asked is $15,000 for injuries received on De- camber 31 by plaintiff, while in the defendant company's employ at its camp. Plaintiff was riding upon the frre-board of a crowded locomotive, and was crashed in a collision with a carload of piles.--Everett Tribune. Monroe Theater Tonight. Garden tools of all kinds at Stehpens Hardware Co. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs, Fred Mentzel of Woods creek. Roesevelt in Africa, tonight and Saturday night at theMon- roe theatre. After being closed down for a short time the mills started up again Monday morning. WANTED--Work by the day; practical or maternity nursing Mrs. Christmn, phone 278. H. A Shepard of Parkp]ace has a few cows for sale; one fresh, others soon to be. Winter sore throats are cured by A. D. S. Sore Throat Reme- dy or saleby leading druggists. Our 17 jewel Waltham watch in dust proof case for men at $10 is a snap. Call and see it. Ritch ie's, Stephens Hardware Co. have everything you need in the way of garden tools. CI[ and gel the new rake or spade. The Milwaukee has been try i'ng to buy a strip of land from the creamery and offered to pul m a spur for a warehouse. FOR SALE--Two yeas" old colt. bred from a 2100 pound horse. This colt is a cheap buy at $130. G. Danho, on Tester road. If you read this won't the oth er fellow read what you say here? These little line locals help to keep business moving. The Sultan Star says that Carl err has sold his confectionery tore to A. H. Lemon. and thal Law Lemon was to be in charge A band leader was up from Se- attle this week who is willing it) take charge for $50 a month. The members are considerin ways and means. Mrs. Victor Ekman, who's life was hanging on a thread from peritonitis, was reporled a little better this morning and it is hop ed that she may pull through. Rev. Youngberg from Everell will hold services at the Swed ish church Suvday. 8th inst., al 3 and 8 p. m, Rex'. Samuelson will preach next Wednesday, the llth rest. at 8 p. m. The Commercial club has tak en up the matter of gel.ling a brickyard site on tile Agnew ranch west of town wth Mr. Ag- new, and hopes to close a deal that will make it possible to have aplant started here in the near future. A meeting of the base ball club members washe]d Wednes day evening and B. C. Camp wa elected manager for the team this year, Suits were ordered purchased. Sky will play here Sunday, the record breaking Snohomish team the Suqday al- ter, and the Everett Brodecks the Sunday following. It is not often that the Monroe hotels tave rooms to spare a d of late, especially, they have a 1 been continually crowned. The large number of men who ave employed in and about towt make lodgings scarce, and visit ors in town for a day have h.d difficulty in getting rooms. ' h opening of the Savoy has helped greatly to take care of the tran sients. Eyesight Specialists The Drs. Curry, Wad: ha e been coming here regularly f(,r I a number of yeztrs, are now lo ] rated in the Arcade building in Sea', tle. WANTED FARMERS to raise Cucumbers We buy Berries For partialars address 5[ATTL[ PIJfiET SOUND PACKINfi CO. F. O. Box S[ATTL[ Jl II I ' Two choice east front lots on Sam's street, $250 each. See Fred Thedinga. Figures are being obtained to show how much it would cost to put oil on the business streets. Lafe Stephens ic going about in a new Red, making still and- the car in the Monroe auto pro cession, We have several e'ood buys in close in houses, $750 to $2700. Easy terms. See Monroe Real Estate and Loan Co. The Kodak way makes picture making a pleasure and can be done easily at home. Trade sup plied by Camp Bros. Drug Co. Rev. Robert Cooper. el Bel- hngdam, preached at the Con- gregational church Sunday and was heard most favorably. He may be called. Simply a Man Hunt. "I declare!" shoaled a bellboy In one of the big downtown hotels as he dashed into the lobby. "'1 declare!" he shrieked again, or at least it sounded like that. An irascible old gentleman whose eardrums were Jarred by the shrill screech wheeled about and glared at the boy. "'I declare!" he piped louder than before. "Well. what's the answer?" demand- ed the old man gruffly. "I declare!" came the shrill reply.   'Oh. yon do, eh?" snorted the old fellow. "'Well, why the deuce don't you ?" The bellboy cast a withering glance at him, gazed searchingly about the room and emitted a shrill "Declare!" "Say," exclaimed the old chap. col- laring the boy, "'what the dickens is wrong with you, anyway? Are you going crazy ?" "Naw, l ain't goin' crazy." replied the brass buttoned one. "'1 got a tele- gram far "era; that's all. Aw. look far yerself!'" exclaimed the boy disgusted- ly as he shoved the yellow envelope under the old fellow's nose. It was addressed "'1. D. Clair." "'Well. I declare!" gasped the old man weakly as he sank into his seat.- Plttsburg Gazette. Show Windows In Austria. The Austrian shopkeeper takes great pride In having his window dressed 1|| an attractive manner and the glass perfectly clean at all times, no matter how small the shop or how small the city. Frequently the greater part of the stock of merchandise is displayed in the windows of the smaller shops. It is much less difficult to make at- tractive displays than in American stores, as-windows open outward on hinges. Even heavy plate glass win- dows ten to fifteen feet square are so nrrauged and dressed from the street iustead of from the inside, as in Amer ice. The large windows are usually arranged in the morning before many pedestrians are on the street The wall space between shops is frequently rented by owners of adjoining stores and arranged to appear like windows. giving the appearance of being a large shop. When one wishes to examitre an article displayed in a window the proprietor or clerk goes to the street with a key, unlocks the window and takes out the article, then locks his window again. The Only Difference. Clorinda was as black as.night nd of heroic proportions, but in every pos- s|ble way she copied her slender young mistress, for whom she had a great ad- miration. "I like to look Jes' as much like you as I can," she often said. ""cause you looks Jes"like a lady drier look, Mis' Hend'sou." Clorinda intrusted all her shopping {o Mrs. Henderson and scorned the bright colors and pronounced styles af- fected by her own friends. One day she asked her mistress to buy her a pair of low shoes. As she made the re- quest she glanced with admiration at the slim little foot showing beneath the edge of a dainty skirt. "An' I want 'era Jes' exactly like yours. Mls' Hend'son." said Clorlnda. "no diff'ence 'ceptln' day's getter be wide nines, so maybe de buckle might 'pear better If 'twas a teenty mite larger'u yours."--Youth's Companion. Father's Method. During a recent slight Illness the five-year-old Teddy, usually so amia hie. flatly and obstinately refused to takehis medicine. After a somewhat prolonged and ineffectual argumem with him his mother at last set the glass of medicine down, leaned he head on her hands and "'played" [hal she was crying. A moment passed. and the tender hearted Teddy. unable longer to bear the sight of his mother's stricken attitude, inquired, "'What's !he matter, mother, dear?" With- out removing her hands from her eyes she replied. "'I'm grieved that my sou Won't take his castor oil for me" Whereupon Teddy sat up in bed and offered consolingly: "Oh. i wouldn't teal bad If I were you. mother, dear Father will be home soon. and he'll make me take it."--Dellneator. Hrediary. " Hoax--Poor old Henpeeke has to" ! mind the baby. Joax--Yes. it's won- lerful how thai baby take after its i mother.-- Philadelphia Record. : :I1 affectation is the attem'pt ofpov-: vty to appear:rich. .... :: SPECIAL We have two dozen solid gold chased band rings, regular price $2.50 to $3.50. All to,go at just one-half price to close out next week: C. E. RITCHIE WHY WAIT Ill We Just Received until your house is full of Flies before buying Screen DOORS and WINDOW S our SPRIN G STOCK which is COMPLETE and N E W Call on US THEDINGA HARDWARE CO,, Inc, Monroe Washin ton ! We are now Located in i ! OUR NEW BAKERY i i Two Doors West of 014 Sta.d i And will still continue to furnish our i patrons the same quality of goods as !ever. i i smrr's BAKtI00Y AND i CANDY KIICII[N i .-....._-.:e.e_-e=_-_- a,a._-.-__-..:=:-_8  e$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ ;;;;; ;; $ $ $ $ i | Mr. and Mrs. Housekeeper i You who are just starting housekeeping or who want ! ::/tin:O:d::;:?iture or change the old carpets, i 00ome to If you have not lately looked over our stock you know i t nothing of the splendid new goods we are showing and 1 you must look if you want to know what are really the ; i new and ap-to-date things. Call today, i i Mnre Furniture C" i $ } } Now is the time to select your SUMMgR SUITS We have the 24 Karat Kind in all the lar shades of the season. We guarantee a no pay; You take no chances. popu- fit or The Racket Store J. A. KINDLE, Prop. Monroe Waft.