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May 6, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 6, 1910

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El :.. i . I I I 0 II I I I | I I Monroe Monitor00Transcript 00EPUBL00CAN IN PO Philosophy PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE. WASHINGTON  .......  H. D. MAT_. THEWS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER Eutwed at he Postoffice at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter .... : ........  ............  --y-e I BEFORE AND AFTER. Sabscripuon Price in Snohomish County .......................... $ ..... ,, " " $1 50 a Yes &apos;ou can't in every instance tell '" Outside of the ........................ 1 Just how a gentleman will act --  Before he takes his office on DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES ON APPLICATION And is elected for a fact. Hia prormses lool fine and fair Locals, per line. per-issue. 5c : minimum charge ........................... 25c Cards of thanks, up ten lines 50c Obituaries and resolutious of condolence, per line ...................... 5c NOTICE to ADVERTISERS cortes shouht be so policed flat any All chanes of copy for advertisin woman or girl or ehild is perfectly" shauld be in this office not. la er thtn - - ' . ! sate to go where she pleases without Wednesday afternoon of each week o re..eive pt.per attention d,lger of affront or insult and the ' 'prolnpt arrest and conviction of Hand Writing on the Wall Theannouncelnent of the pros- pective retirelnent of Sena-r Hale of Maine t'rtml the senate, fullowing - so oh,s, ly on a stroller ,mnounce- meet regrading enat-r A1 lrich of Rhode Island, seemed tt) have a slunning effect tm the senate. That theohlest of the senators in l)t,int t)f service should wllun- t,rily decide to retire ires that b dv w:ls S.ltreely less of a surprise than lhat tile reettgr, ized leader should have &sided upon a siuilar st,.p. M,,st of the senators declin- t:) make any C(,llllnent. ", ho will t)e leader of the sen- ate" was asked of Senator D,lliver. , . "! Slll)p(!ffe the mantle of tl e leadership will he deposited in the Sudths(mia,tinstitte, along xi h tire other relics," replied the Iowa senator. Speaker Caned,1 was ak,.d if l};e r,-tirement of Senators Aldrich and Hale would ha,',, a;ly iufluence on him or other lnelbt'rs of the honse. He declare I th:tl the senators had been i; fiueilced a hotly by con- sitlerati,,ns ,f heal,I!, l (ditics, he believed, did uot pntPr ilt,) tl,eir det,rulination. As fro" himself, the speaker, after taki tua fling at "nluck takers," dtclared he was g-ing to live Iweut3-five years h,nger and have a good tin,e while he wa, s ,I,,ing it. It is elaime I h!tt the':r al:relsnl, for Senahr Hale's retireuteut was th,, republican party-faeeti certain tide at i, Mitine if he stood for re- elect i ,n.--l.e.t veil wori h Eeho. thes culprits tends to the belief that iL is the intenti,n to keep tits city dean and safe and decent." For a Decent City The Anac.rtes AInPrieau very pr.perly tl its w)iee t(leheeking a grt).illg spirit ,d" r.wdvis:n i, ti,at grmvi,g Skagi t.ounty con). tnulfiiv i1! the f.lloving: "Last week 8ix youlg nlen wer, arrested ill this city eharged with tie ,,ffeuse of being drul,k and dis o:derly a,d ()f having aec.stett vo- meu and girls tn the streets. 'rh, t,ta] anlonut of fi.,es i:np,se, I b., the ptliee judge was $118.20. The whole alnollnt has been pai. I. Th,- arrests were a g.o,t htliness deal f.r the sit.v, but the result which will pl',ve 1nest sahltarv to the city, hweer, is not the intriusil. value t)f the fillS, l)ut will lie il, the fi)rce of the exal,lple which the -episode will aff.d for othe, fresh Monroe is now the only tow1 e cept Everett in the county that has more than otto newspaper. Two papers have at various times been published at Snohonlish, Ethnonds, Arlington, Index anti Monroe; and in each case one of the estab. iishnlents was compelled to go out of'business.--Granite Falls Post. And now following the h)ng list of young ,n,,n who ,night be tempted t,) c, nlulit a in,ilar offense. "These young men very proba- bly in/ended no serious harm when they ad,lressed snlart remarks to ui,proteeted young girl who  ere pile, sing dov,, the streets rain,liltS t{,eiro,v,, .,flhir. But they were iving a llose sway to a spirit (if r,wdyism and license wllich, un- c}leeked leads to preposterous con- clusio,,s. Y "Nothing so stampsa communi- ty as tt tough, Iow-livel l.laee as to p rnlit ronghs C'ongregated on cor- ners to address rude re,harks to la- dies, or to give audible expression toprdanity or vulgarities. Ana- I II III Aa presents on the Christmas tree, But practice when he gets the power With promises may not agree. When he is running for the place His hand is like a garden pump. His words of honey have a taint When he is talking from the stump, And everything seems on the square When be is spouting in a hall, But when he lands the easy lob Quite likely he forgets It all. He wants to turn the rascals out And give the honest men a chance-- That is. If you can take his word. The burden of his song and dance. Then when he sits In places high And hails the speaker from the floor In very many cases he Out-rascals those who went before. The voter has an awful time In governing his native land, In picking winners from the list Who for tee right will always stand. So many men are candidates Who for the places are not fit, No wonder that tho map who votes Be often make a mess of it. 8heft Cut. A large, po,,tly person, starting to Penis down fl long flight of stone steps In fro,it of his residence, steppl on a banana peel and made connection with the sidewalk below in less tinle than it takes to tell it. As he ph'ked himself ap. suppressing a groan, a kind heart- ed neighi,r canle running to get the first rep, q't o,I tile killed ahd wounded. itewspaper eonsolidations in the I "'Are you hurt ,nueh':" he asked, with some solh.ltnde s,naller town {n  ashtngton . , " . . . { "uurt. Why snou{(i I be nnrt?" comes the [lew8 that the Tilne8 and I "'I)itln't you |ust lumhledownstatrs?" dctirllal ........ at " " ... ,{ '"runilile nothhlg'. Thai is the way 1 lLZVl|le nave unit.eft. {always... ,ou.-  down- hen" I am in a Newspaper men who wa,lt to n, k Ihurry. And he stamped off down the more thau a mere scant liviug, aliil who have the ability to dr1 so, find opportu,&ies in uther liras t al pay them better than struggling with a litde cheap newsp: pe plant in a sniall cn,nunities. Secretary A. A. Slnith of tht Washington State Press Associatio has split out frt)ln Port Angeles , neaL little b-oklet eontai,ing the pl'oceedings of the association tit the A.-Y.-P. exposition gr,)unds last summer, and calling attention to the gathering this year. which will be hehl in Wenatchee on dates to be nnnouncd htter. President F. A. Hazeltille and the committee in charge are arranging f,r a big gathering in the apple town, The orgatlizatiou of state editors L- roring in liutnbers, strengtll slid prtlsperi U every year, altd the unity of spirit created aulong the tlevspapernlen by the gatherings ,)f the as>tciatiou has done n lush to make the state press a powerful iufluence iu Washington. Money spent in g,)od, live adver- tisilig is a sate investmeut. The tdvertiselnent strengthens the hohl upon the oht customers. The ad- vetise,nent, with quality of goods and good service, leads to success. rhese three are ncees.ary t s:ential. i i,i the up-buihting of business. riley are dl-, endant on eacli other. One without the t)ther two ohly hrings a c(,rrespondint!lv sinall ;tlliOtlilt of trade. In coutbination ,hey lead to pre-einilien0e hi the business world.--Seattle" Trade :register. street. Overlooked Nothing. *'l can't d- business with him." 'qIVhy not ".*" '"I'() gra sldng.'" "Tries to hog li all?" "lVorse lhan that When ! asked hlni to lend hie his ear he wanted me to pay rent for it." Evening Up Things. A heart that ls light And a wad that is light Can seldom get ou together, For tile light neart, pervert, Shakes up the old purse Until it can slip its tether. Couldn't Help It. "I notice you wrote a testlmonfal for St.raggs" SUre Shot Pills teliln[ of a realarkabie cure" "'Sure. They paid ins $2 for that." "But nothing ailed you" "'That was why the cure was so easy." Lost the Combination. "'How malty stops are OH that or- gan'?" "'Not any. 1 think." "There must be." "Then the girl doesn't know how to w/)rk them. for she never stops:'" MIking Him UNful. "Vt'hereSare you going, my pretty maid?' He asked It of a lady plump "'1 am going a-milking, sir," she said. "'OU may slay at home and worst the pump." U fleympathizing. "I met a iloldup man last night." said Alwaze Hardup to a friend who had sttd for many a touch. 'Poor fellow'." ejaculated the friend. "Oh. he didn't hurt me!" "Oh. 1 wasn't thinking of yoU," re- turned the friend. PERT PARAGRAPHS. It does seem that two heads can $)metiules be nlueh emptier than one. The weather Is one thing that is always laying Itself open to remark. I : l'rolal)ly the ream)n seine men do No. Notice to Creditors IN TIE SUPEbtIOR COURT OFTHE STATE Or WASHINGTON, in sna foe the county of :nohomtsh. In the matter of the Estate of Henry D. Walter, Dectased, as. Notice is hereby given by the underagne0 not carry |nsuranee Is |it'ause they executrix Ot 1he estate ot Henry D. Wait(r, know that they are too busy to die. dcceas, d. to the creditors of and all i'rons, h wing t:laflms gainst the enid deoeased, to ex- ] hbit them with the nec(ss,ry vouch, re within [" The men who drown trouble harvest one ywar ft,'r the Iirst publication of this no .......... tie, tn wit. w,thln one yeer after the .2nd day new crop ai tap oosequtes or the olu. of April. 1910. tu the enid eXetutrix at h, r rest- i de|lc*. Mot roe. Wash,, Qr at the law oe of I A WaY tu, la a clever man wbo G. F. Co.k, the attorney for sai,l executrix, |n [ ny . . ne Perguson building. MOnroe Washington, gets pleasure our of the money be the same being the places fur the transaction _  , . of tee business of said estate.  nastl I go[. CHRZS 'IN'I WALTER Dated April '20. 1910. Exect]triX. Date of arst publication A,ril 2, 1910. CIRCULATE -:- -:- THAT GOOD OLD g]7 The things that walt around the cor- .er for you are most apt to be the things that you are fondly yearning to pass up. Money is a good tiling to have. and if you haven't It It Is a good thing to get. Bashfulness that Is never tn evldenc AtHome. Don't Send It Away to the Mail I SEE KNEW THE GAME, A Nice Old Chioago Lady Who Wga s Baseball "Fan," I remember being nn a Chicago street car. says Ellis Parker Butler in Suc- cess Magazine, sitting beside a nice old lady in mourning a year or so ago. She was [lervous and kept ghmcing at me and then glancing away again. It made InS uncomfortable I thought she took me for a pickpocket or some other bad nlan. Finally she could cun- tain herself no longer. She leaned i, ver. "'Excuse me." she said. "'but have you heard yet how the Cubs' , anle came ()Ut'. p' I hadn't, and her fat's felL but In a moment she saw a possible opportunity for ('onso{a t Ion. "Well." she asked. "'can you tell me who they are putting in the box to- day ?" How was that for a gray haired grandma ? la Chicago they all talk baseball from the cradle Io the grave. Up to 3 o'(.lock in the afternoon during the baseball season no one talks about any- thing but the game of the day before. l,'rom 3 o'clock on the only subJ_.t is the genie thai is being played. The school child who canno! add two ap- ples plus three apples and make it five apples with any certainty of cor- rectness can figure out the standing nf the Chicago nines with one hand and a pencil that will make a mark only when it Is held straight up add down. ART CRITICISE A tory a Painter Told About the Artist Constable, A well known New York i)alnter told at a luneheon a story about art crlti- cIsnl "'All art crltk'lsm Is tolerable," he saldl "except lha! which Is hlslncere. The great Constable at a varnishing day al the Royal academy paused be- fore A's Id'ture and said: "' "Very good. especially the sky. The sky is superb' "'Then he passed on to B and said: "'A's picture is very bad. Go look at it. The sky Is like putty.' "'So B went and looked and then ex- claimed *is if to himself: ""Why. I like the sky!' " 'Well,' cried A. the painter of the picture. 'why shouldn't you llke my sky ?' ""But Constable said it was like putty,' B explained confusedly. "'So A in a furious rage strode up to Constable and shouted: ""Constable. you're a humbug. I never asked for your opinion about my picture, yet you came to me and )raised it. You said that especially you liked my sky. Then at once you go off and tell some one else that my sky is like putty.' "Constable listened, with a smile. He was not at all confused. " 'My dear fellow, you don't under- stand.' he said; '1 like putty? "--Los Angeles Times. A FPuh StaPt. A girl came in and sat in front of them at the play, she and her escort. "What a lovely profile!" said he. "'Beautiful! Delicate little upturned nose. small mouth, deep. pretty eyes! Isn't she beautifui--beautifuIT" "'Beautiful." said she, "'but not half so much so as the man she is with. Isn't he the handsomest chap you ever saw? Look at his color, his mus- tache, his lovely head of hair. So many men are bald or beginning to be bald. I do love to see a fine head of halr on a man." "'You know." he whimpered. "It al- ways makes me sore to speak of peo- ple beginning to be bald. and you know why." "Will you let up on the pretty profile if 1 cut out the bald head?" she asked. "'Yes.'" said he. "'All right." said she.--New York Press. Born to Starve. Many years ago an American natu- ralist, Dana. dlseovered on the surface of the sea a little animal of so singu- lar a character that he named It 'monstHIla." It is a small crustacean akin to the cyclops so common in ponds. But, while the latter are fur- nisbed wllh all that is necessary to capture and digest their food. the mon- strllla has neither apparatus for seiz- ing prey nor any digestive tube. It Is richly provided with muscles, nervous system and organs of sense; It lacks only what Is ncsary to prolong life by alimentatlon. The monstrilla Is doomed, therefore, to natural death.-- Exchange. An Odd Wish. A student al a techical sehooi In Boston who had tee frequently asked leave of absence offered on one ooca- slon as a reason the necessity of at- tending the funeral of a cousin. "Well." aid the doubting instructor. "I suppose 1 must let you go, but I do wish It wer a narer relative."--Lip- lncott's. Joyful. "I should Itke some rather Joyful I)oslery.'" said the slangy young man. "'Yes. sir. How about a check?" said the brisk haberdasher, thinking of what always brought most Joy to him- eel f.--Buffalo Express. His Clossnesl. Vtsltor-I saw your husband In the ernwd downtown today. In fact. he Was so close that I could have touched him. Hostess--That's strange. At home be Is so close that nobody can I araple an_._____d I=ancy 6r0ceries I Now located in the new I Basc0m-ilallan BI0'k You will find the new store I a thoroughly modern and up-to-date place at which to buy your groceries and will have all your wants pr0Derly taken care of. You are invited to call I and inspect the store. The best in the City I for your money Everett. Tent & ! Awnmg Co. C.A. COLE, Proprietor V Manufacturers of Tents and : Awnings. ( Horse and g aj)u Covers. i Flags of All Kintls. Canvas Goods of Every Description. i Dnck of All Widths and Weights. l501 Hewitt Ave., Everett, Wash. ,, Cot. Hoyt, opposite P.O. Phone 8103. Res 8131. Hyatt-Fowdls 00chool 5cate_. Bargains in Real Estate Five-Room Cottage and two fine East front lots - $1.200 Five room cottage and one lot $1,100 qood six-room house,  wo large corner Dr. C. H. $oll PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office and residence DOLLOFF BLDG Monroe. Wash. E. W. Cox, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SUIGEON Office in residence on Lewis street, opposite Monroe Livery Barn. Monroe, Wash. Dr. L. Mofi2tt PtIYSICIAN & SURGEON Office: over 1st National Bank Residence: across street west of Com- mercial Hotel Dr. . S. Stryker DENTIST Office: DOLLOFF BUILDING Monroe Ws hington E. T. Bascom ATTORNEY AT LAW Ferguson - - - Block. Monroe, - Wash. G. F. Cook Attorney at Law Real Estate and Insurance In Pergnson Building. MONROE. WASH. M. J. McGuinness ATTORNEY AT LAW Office, One Door EasL Penobscot Hotel SNOHOMISH, WASH E. P. Walker a- TTORNEY-AT-],A W Insur.mee and Real Estate OPPOSITE MONROE NAT'L BANK MONROE, WASH. Ih Mumm, Jr.. Pres. l,ts on Blakeley $1,200 [. Friday, Vlce-Pres 0. A. I:ralley. Sec'y-Tre.o Eight-room house, two and one-half COAST ENGINEERING CO. hits eighty-eight feet front on Main st. General Engineering and Contracting Surveying, Estimating, Superintending $220o Maps, Plans, Speciiications and Blue Printing Business property on Ylain stteet and toth Phones 791 2810 Colby Ave Everett. Lewis street for sale Fine Residence lots Fs J. BARTELS Five-acre tracts UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER G. F. COOK (L,<,EN No ) Office in Feruson Buitdinff. Pes. Sunset 404 Office 64 A, STRANDBERG Does First-C1ss Shoe Repairing at Mode- rate Prices and at Specified Time. .ocated at Monroe Shoe Store The New Orocers Next to Town Hall A complete stock of Fresh Good Goods. Everything new and First-class. B07H PHONES Ind. 52 Sunset 471 COHE 0N! We san do your JOB PRINTING of every ecription necessarily means to pardon our an- touch hlm.--Puck. Order Man. llet in its existence, i Cards, Billheads, Circulars, Auco i ITn ipt $100 - t Many women regard a husban as n Experience Joined with common tion and Show Bills, Psmphlet, ueful article to have about the house, sense to mortalg Is a providence.-- Law Bhnks, Briefs, Blank Books, rascr " i i Green" . . Labels at Reasonable Prices Castle Hall Monroe Lodge No. 138 K, of P. Meets every Tuesday evenln m Yythian" itall. All visiting Knights cordially invited to attend. R.E. MCKINN[E, C. C. R. H. STAPLETON. K. of R. & S. Monroe Lodge 160 A. F. and A. NI. Meets the First and Third Wednesdays I. J. OLIVER, W. M. L. M. SANDERS, Sec'y Musical Instruments Complete New Stoc, k of VIOLINS, MANDOLINS, GUITARS, ACCORDEONS These instruments are all good makes and will save you the troub- le of going out of town to buy. Come and try them. S. POWN[// Me,roe Tra,sfer go E. F. JOHNSTON, Prop. TransferrinE MovinE and Expressi0000 Ready at all Times Orders may be left at W.A. Patterson s store. For Sale by I'. W. SI'RANGER