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May 6, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 6, 1910

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Politics by oa00oo00ooom0000o, Orange Notes on o++ O+eo+on,0000 issues on which the people are divided. We would get an expression of the pop- the State Orange Lecturer ular will. The present systemis a handicap to the popular or progressive party of the country. It gives the ......................... conservative party, which is always 00:iiii00itep+wea+++Yt+ t=ect legislation in their own interests through hired machine manipulators, and it must he admitted that for intel- lectual sleight-of-hand and clever word jugglery the American politician has excelled anything that has ever - --- been produced in the halls of Bagdad Are always to be had at te world, the statement is altogether men without knowing for what they or thecourtsof Machiavella. The time this store--that is good things au erroneou one or a misleading one. stood. It is not enough that we stand is ripe for this change. The republic , , In tile United States as in all other for a "good man." Many a "good resents appeals to loyalty to the "grand to eat. We cater to the fan- countries we have, in the main, two man" fought on the side of King old party." He loses votes today who cy and always have the sea- great parties--what are usually term- Charles and the cavaliers against the boasts of party loyalty, and talks ed the Liberals and the Conservatives. parliamentarians and the patriots. We about his devotion to the principles of sonable fruits and vegetables The former represents the cause of the are not to suppose that all the tortes his party when the public wonders and dainty extras that tempt democracy, and the reforms demanded at the time of the revolution were ras- what those principles are. The old the appetite and make you by themasses. The other represents cals. Men fought for slavery in the fashioned appeal, "Now is the time what are usually termed the privileged south with conscientious but mistaken for all good men to come to the aid of enloy a meal. classes, advocating the strictest possi- motives It is not enough to saythey our party"--machine--causes nothing  ,,gCveryP-:n' that a good Ere- hle adherence to the "good old ways" thought they were right. The fact re- further than a broad smile on the faces and backed up by precedent and prej- mains that they were wrong; it is all of the average audience.--Ernest M. cer should have is to be found udice against change. These may be in a man's vie'point. A man may be Smith, State Grange Lecturer. in this store. We invite your termed the two main bodies of the peG- brought up in an atmosphere of con- pie with many varying groups, from servative prejudice nd special privi- Poison Oak Poisoning tlade, the extreme radicala led hy Debs, to lege, looking out upon a world of di the ultra reactionaries such as Chan- vinely ordered favoritism, where "God Ballard' Snow Liniment cures m" Lundstam o. States in his wise providence," has giventhe it. Mr. O. H. P. Cornelius, Tar we have no party organizations for natural resources of the country to nor, Ore. writes--My wife has Groceries Flour and Feed mesc two great parties above mention- "Christian gentlemen," so that it ed. It is true that we have political shapes all his moral judgment. We discovered that Snow Liniment organizations in the sense of that term might as well say that a church in cures "Poison Oak Poisoning," a :is used m other countries. In the calling a minister should pay no at- very painful trouble. She not J. A. VANASDLEN, Notary Public. J.C. FALCONEI Notary Public !Monroe Real Eslale &, Loan Co, 00ber ]['arm and Lands, We have good buys in city lots, Houses and Lots. i One Acre Tracts. i Ten Acre Tracts. Some fine Residence property in City and i Farm Property. Office: Corner Main and:.l:erry Streets 000UNE. ILL.I a ,Deere ir$ B B fiRISWOLD United State: the party organization tention to the clergymen'sbelief--ast onlycureda case of it on her- is in itself the end of the organization, whether he was Protestant or Catho- self, but ou two of her friends Successor to J. It. II01:l=[[ The whole machinery is not devised to lic, Christian Scientist or Unitarian, who were poisoned by this same bring about the triumph of any fixed or anything else, in fact, other than to )rinciples of government, hut the tri- the question "Is he a good man!" ivy. Price 25e, 50e and $1 00. Bemuse Its made right, by a force of _ enera] I[ge 0[ New umph of the organization, which means From the standpoint of the Progressive Sold by W. E. Manstieid skilled plow experts whose equal cannot be found in any other plow fac- & Sec0nd-hand O00ds the placing of a certain set of men in the question is "What are his princi- tory in the world. There are many different lower, ples?" which means "What is his makes of plows, each claiming to be the best. yet A nice line of new rugs just The party leaders it is true have a viewpoint in life?" which is of greater TOO MUCH DEVOTION, the fact remains that three John Deem plows are tn use to one of any other kind. The John Deere Fac. coming in. Also new and second- certain set of avowed principles which importance with him, the man or the The Average Gifild Is Killed With tory, the largest in the world, turns out every year more hand furniture, store and ranges, they call the platform, but the plat- dollar; human happiness or big bust- Kindness. plows than any five other factories combined. Xou can find just what you are form is confessedly a means of helping ness; society or the privilegcs of the in- Xo doubt ten children suffer front looking for. the organization, and is as changed- dividual, negle(.t in their upbringing where one Standard of the World JUST RECEIVED a new line of ble as the styles in millinery. Amer- Our tronble arises from two sources, suffers from too i|lu(.h aitenthm. A very handsome decorated China. ican ponticalparties have been known and the first is the spoils system great deal is said about the ten ned- For Over 60 Years Just right for the holiday table, iu the past to swap platforms. There With us public office is usually looked leered ones. There are institutions is nothing in this country to take the upon as a reward for faithful work for and hospitals and organized charities The Pioneer Plow Maker, JohnDecre. made his first steel plow by Call and see us. We aim to place of the terms Liberal party or the organization. Almost every little to care for them. But It never occurs hand from the blade of a saw in1837. The first slab of stcel rolled in please our patrons in every way. Conservative party, abused in England office is in "politics" and the prime to any one Io enter a protest on be- the United States was rolled for the John Deere plows by William Woods, of Pittaburg in 1846. And ever sincm those early days and other countries. When an Amer- importance of the organization is toget half of the vhild who is killed with Deere Plows have,hewn the way and maintained the lead in this scan says he is a conservative no one offices. So the machine motto is "Off- : kindness, though the killing process is great national i,dustry. Is it any wonder that the farmers of the would know from that whether he was ice on the platform if we can. but on just as fatal in one case as in the world express their verdict in the familiar phrase,--"|f lt's a POLK'$ GAZETTEER Business Directory of each City, [] a supporter of the Democratic or the whatever platform we can, let us get other and the victhn just as deserving Deere--lt's Right." wn and Village in Oregon an4 [] Republican party. In England Alton office." There is a healthy sentiment of commiseration. We make over l000 styles of plows, each as good as it ashlngton, giving a Descriptive [] One wouldnt eXl't mu(.h from a can be made,--the Ist that brains and perfect equip- etch of each place, Location. ll B. Parker and Senator Aldridge against this condition in this country, little plant that was pu|led up by the meat can produce. No matter what your needs may ipping Facilities and a Class|- [] ]Q, wo caa supple them from our line. d Directory of each :Business [] would be ranked as conservatives, and which must be evident to all. The in- roots every day to see how it was d Profession. / R. L. POLK & CO., Inc.  Senator LaFollette and Win. Jennings creasing demand for the commission growing, and yet that is pretty much Seattle, Wash.  Bryan would be classed as Liberals. form of government in the cities is but the way some women watch and tend , " ........................ It is quite true that the two great a single evidence of this. There is a their children. They are never out of strong and growing feeling also in fa- the range of the watchful mother eye '. parties of the United States, without vor of the long tenure of office. The and never out of hearing of that ad. ", any acknowledged organization, are monfshlng voice which says, "'Now, ", public is not so much concerned in -- AUIOMOBIL[S at altgether withut the meansf passingthe fficesarundsthathll do becarefo|." Mercantile Co ,,+ asertingthemselves. We have vari- It is pretty well for a mother to i I.. ous clubs and reform associations thai "the boys" may have a chance at the know about a child's play as well as pie counter as they are in getting corn- his eating and sleeping, what his eom- I I carry on an agitation and endeavor by petent officials and keeping them in panioas are like and what kind of pressure of public sentiment to commit office. The long tenure of office with games he plays; but, aside from that, the two great organizations to plat- the right of recall would seem to ap- there is such a thing aa an overdose form pledges. Thus in the south tern- peal to everybody except the machine of watchfulvess. perance societies have convinced the politician. It probably never occurs to such a Democratic leaders that it would help The other source of our present sys- mother that she is actually harming their organization to declare for state!te m of machine government is our hess.her ehildbut thebY truthher eontinuedis that sheWatchfUl-ls mak- Molmy Never Sleeps prohibition. In some of the northern election laws, which give legal status lng him self eons,.ious and lacking in states the Republican machine cons|d- to political parties at election. Many assurance and developing in him a 8upm0hile Re0 and Mitchell ered that it would be good politics to people erroneously suppose that xe sort of reptession and timidity which do the same thing, have the privilege of the Australian are positively harmful to him. both No man ever accumulated riches solely by the work of It is in place here to note that really ballot. The Australian ballot does )hysieally and mentally, his hands. And most men who live by their hands need a Immediate deliveries on the 1910 vital questions are seldom ever taken not permit the name of any party on The devotion of modern mothers up by either of the two great political :he ticket. In our system we patent comes in for a word of critl('ism in a Savings Account to help them get a competence. Hupmobile and Reos. It would be parties until they cannot help it. They the name so that the organization may recent issue of Harper's Bazar. The a pleasure to send literature or are both as much afraid ofsuch ques- A Savings Account tiGriS as prohibition, direct legislation, zse it for any set of principles-- berne- lnfilwingpoint: dialogue illustrates the case crat may be used for the most undemo- "Reggle, where are you?" demonstrate and afford you every tax reform and many other popular cratic things. A Britisher on his arri- "'Just here." possible opportunity for invest|ca- demands aa though they were live val in the United States is at a loss to "What are you doing?" keeps right on growing--working 365 days in the year--add- tion. I carry in stock a complete ires. " It is also true that much more know which party corresponds to the "Nothing." ing interest to principal, allowing the depositor to feel lade- effective use is made of the party ms- two great parties in British politics. "New. Reggie. don't try to deceive line of supplies for the auto. chines by the conservative forces than He has equal difficulty in getting a me. Tell me this minute what are you pendent and providing a safe resource for a rainy day. by the liberals or progressives. The satisfactory answer to the question doing'f' Talk the matter over with this bank Mr. Worker. You can reactionaries are much better organ- "\\;%hat is a Democrat?" or "What is "Nothing, mother; just playing with Write, call or telephone to ized and much more successful in get- a Repub!ican?" An American on be- my blocks." start an account with any sum. ring complete control of the dominant ing admitted to citizenship in almost "Well. be careful." J C Garner , Model Oaraqe party machinery in both state and na- any other country, finds that there are And it seems that this boy was frail. tion. no patent labels on collections of can Suppose you had to live through days Paid-up Capital . $,000 Both Phones EVERETT I doubt whether it is possible under ! didates but that he must acquaint him of that sort of thing, wouldn't you be Sharvholders' Liability , - $25,000 our present system of elections to make self with the professed principles , f rather frail? Surplus - , $10,000 our party organizations synonymous each candidate. Every candidate The verdict of the doctor who was with party principles. A party may name app_ears with equal privilege on called in to prescribe for this trail Tot'M $60000 .4 Free Trip to Seattl and Return. be organized today headed in a certain the ballot whether he has received the boy was "too much watt.hiug.'" Let'sBust the State Dental Trust. direction. In a short time it may be endorsement of any machine organize- "Let him alone," he said. "'There is headed abu in theveryPpsitedi-tinrnt" If we had the Australian asortfpsyeh|gicalinflueneewhieh First National Bank Take a trip to Seattle and let IS hard to explain t.hat works on the mesaveyou the price ofyour rection, ballot coupled with a long term of off- child who is always watched and ash. trip on your dentalwork. You The Democratic " party starts out save a dollar. I make a dollar " tee, especially for all clerical offices, whi(.h takes the life out of him." And andtbeStateDentalMonopoly with the famous declaration of its great and for the recall, there is no doubt the doctor is quoted as saying further: will lose two dollars when I do your dental work. Have your founder, that all men arecreated equal, that our present party machines would 'l'he care you take of the child Is Ii[1$'4 dental work dme now while and have inalienable right to life, lib- be completely broken up. nine parts welflsh. You are really less the dental war is on. My offices have been established at 73 crty and the pursuit of happiness; and = :  = : : "-,  --  : : : *" : : : : : : : : : First Ave.. in the Union Block. The Australian ballot is objected to concerned about him than you are --,-o - : : : : : : for l8 years. Idonoteompeta in the name of the Democratic party about yourself. You don't want to wtth ehea" dentists' but with the high'elas dent" andunder th banner f Demcracy by the rganizatin leaders inthat"it have t wrry abut smethiug that D F STEPHENS & CO fats for half their price. Openevenings untU 8 and Sundaya until 4 for people who work. men are found in a few years fighting would destroy party solidity and par- may happen to him. That is what is EDWIN J. BROWN, D.D.S. the battle for the divine right of sla- ty discipline." Undoubtedly it would frightening you." (Successors to LEMON & STEPHENS) --in the present use of the word "par- The doctors analysis of the mother's 713 First &venue Seattle, Wash. very. The Republican party, too, has ty " No one considers that it w,uld concern seems a little harsh, but it Office and Warehouse North end of Ferr/St. Phone Sunset 401 Read myartieleinSunday'aP.-I, andMonday'a often departed from the principles of " Tim and Star. doaway with parties until we all be- does suggest that a more truly unseif- lsh spirit would be one whleh wouid Transferring: and Teaming: i risk a few tumbles and brulses and THE BANK LiqUOR STORE A Happy Father even abrokenboneortworatherthan to worry and harass her small sot, into Prompt service guaranteed and all work given careful is soon turned to a sad one if he state of semi-in,alldlsm. Attention. Fred E. Ferguson, Prop. has to walk the fleer every night , Different Now. with a crying baby. McGee s "'They., his w,fe wa. the ,n.ra- WOOD AND COAL YARD t The P01 lar Place on the C0rn0r Baby EliXir will make the child thm ofsomeofhlsbeatplays." 't]L8'O'Ul* . well,--soothe its nerves, induce "Yes: he produced them before he General Oon healthy nortnal slumber. Best was married."--Chleago Record-Her- Highest Quality in Wines, for disordered bowels and sou,' Significant. Liq Cig stomach -- all teething babies Tom--Do you think your father dis- uors and ars need it. Plea ant lo take. sure. ,iea me? Tess--Welt. he gave the Subscribe for the and safe, contains no harmful dad's chain and muzzle away yester- Good Accommodations adjacent drugs. Price 25 and 50 cents day. in the Monroe Hotel. per bottle, tt were endlees to dispute upon ev- MONITOi00-TI00ANSCRI PT ====..==-..'..',.'..'..'-'-'-."-'-0 Sold by W. E Mansfield. erything that is disputable.--Penn.