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May 6, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 6, 1910

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F ma i I | ,, The End of the World should it come tom')rrow wolll'di find fully one-third of the people suffering with rheumatis,n of either slight or semous nature. Nob,dy need suffer with rheu realism f,)r Bdlard's Snow Lini- ment drives away the trouble, relieves tile pain lasts,fly and leaves tile user as well ann sup- ple as a two year old. Sold by W. E. Man,field 7__ Our Horses Lack Nothing that will improve their condition an(] appearance. They are as eareh]ly looked afi@r a3 those of any private stable. Our Livery Sgrvice is at ynur command for any kind (ff rig y0urequire. Say t:m word ar.d the buggy, phaeton, coach or any other carriage will be at your dispos- al ct and for any time you wish. Monroe Livery Stable J. P. JOOS, Prop Points on Raising, StronE Young Chicks A Missouri poultryman was sending his lawn. He noticed that his little chicks persisted in staying on the pile of waiting sods. TILe chicks were repeat- edly driven away when the sods were needed for use, but as often returned. The poultryman be- came iulerested. "'Put some cool black earth in their brood- ors. if it pleases the chicks so much," he told his assistants. Phe result was gratifying as the chmks scratched for their buried grain. Their legs grew strong md reliable, while bowel troubl disappeared, and the experimeu ter raied l,o mMurity half again as tnany chicks as ever before. Ae believes the hardwood floors el bJ ooJers cause weak muscles, relaxed kidneys and bowe',s. Now he secures many loads of dry black earth in the autumn This is screened until clear of in- jurious substances, then put four or live inches on brooder bet l,oms. Clover shatlerings and screened sand were iny combina- tion tel brooder bottoms and alo worked well. Nothing equals a gras run when chick are old enough for freedom. The grass or clover is rich m mineral matter" It has ,,(-id to dissolve other foods, and chicks dke to scratch its roots .... III n II I New Acre Tracts I am going to plat 15 acres of the finest land in Park Place, all of it facing the roads, and will offer it at prices that are an inducement to buy. , If You Want a Fine Acre Tract apart, which exercise gives them amusement and strength. There are bugs in those depths, while the ground itself moistens ;,nd softens their feet. Chicks eat considerable soil aside from the gravel; it acts like charcoal as a purifier and sweetener of the bowels. The Missouri chicks, as psychologists would say, had the vale of living near the ground, impressed preternaturally by a long line of digging ancestors. Good green food for chickens and hens should constitute one of the main parts of their diet all summer. Fowl like greens cut up ,,nd provided in the shade on hot days, but ordinarily pre- fer to pick their supplies fresh and crisp. A successful poultrvwoman is thought, by I,ILOSO who tiave studied her methods, to attain through |Let" many little yards own to elover, rye. lettuce, ets., in which she keep " different ages separate, so none are tyr- ranized by older birds and all have natural exercise" Young clover not over two or three ihches tall is best for all young chickens, Older fowl can forage on even headed It is s[me compensation for the drouth and short grass which fl cks of all kinds of birds are doing unusually well. They are not tangled, wet, lost nor wor- ried in ft. FLORIVAL--NOTICE Tie registered Perchero:a slal- lion Florival, owned by the Cner- ry Valley Stock Ranch, wdl stand for the season or 1910 as [olh}ws: Mondays--In Monroe at JoGs' stable. 'ruesdays -In S,-homtsh. Thur.days and Sundays--At stock ranch. Saturday--at T,)l t. I'Puliman Car Rates [I T00Be Lwered You w.:ll want to investigate this offering as the tracts will go quickly and the early comers will have the best It ^ short time a,o the press of EIthecuntry recorded thecutt|ng choice. Acre tracts in Parkplace are desirable property |lot another melon by the Pullman and are steadily increasing in value. | Car Company, a very hlci,,us 1 melon; but not an unusually large BIIYONE NW--Easy Terms,.,-and yOU ione. as romp ared with other reel" I wilt make a good profit. These tracts are close in and I ous cut by in a mst desirable lcatin" i Busted !! Unfortunately we busted one-half dozen of the famous Nyal's Stone Root Co., one of the : most reliabl kidney medicines on the market. l Not a patent medicines but a family remedy, Fortunately we have plenty more in stock, t For sale by i the same COal)any. Twent7 milli, m. dollars, draw ing dividends of 8 per cent per annum, was divided among the stockholders. This in additi:m to the distribution of a dividend of 8 per cent The stock of Ihe company is worth $200 a share, though the par value is but $100. During a period of 11 years $51,- 000,000 in special cash and sleek dividends, have been paid in tad- dittos to the regular annual die idends. Decisions given out on the 10th b, the Interstate Com- merce Commission may serious- ly affect the size of future divi- dends. The commission found ,hat the company was earning excessive profits by charging ex- orbitant tales and ordered sub- stantial reducti(ms in every ease brouy_hL before it, By the deci- sions the price elarged for up- per berths is hereafter Io be only about three-fot.rths of that de- manded for the lower ones. Typical of the reductions is tile new rae ordered by the com- mission to be in effect betueen SL Paul and Seattle. The com. Jan has heretofore charged $14 ftr either berth, but the commis- sion has decided that $;0 for the upper and $1"d for the lower Camp Bros. Drug Co. Grad. Prescription Druggists lul --e--"----'-ge-'lt- bertn ensures a fair return for t t the e.mpany. The Pullman Co. . Come and see the New Stock of  will probably fight the decision, _ the contention being that the t  oommiaaio has juridieutm onn) . SHOES And DRY GOODS t i,sWillht}nl " I --. --- ., - "  outs, sprains bruises, bumps. t Best Ouahtv and : burns or scales. Don'tnegleet t . -__ J " : such thing*- they may i'esuit Lowest F rices  ,erious if you do. ApI'IY Bal , lards Snow Liniment aceurdin,_, .  t* directions right away and it l' l l/IA'llllldl _ ___. Klwill relieve the pain aul h,al 1. Jl. IT|/-k][ ]--,Vl .- IION [the trouble. Price, 25,', 5 ana | il,,..oo. #illJ Sold by W. E. Mansfield. --'&--- :--'- & : ..--_ .%.,-,,,] ,,l,,.,lO..,,,  ,.alla,.  . Just A Moment With 000u!! t When the census was taken 10 years ago the entire hour:PPU [ laiono'00oo00oewa0000ounte00an00 in a'ew, There were but a handful of people--a box car served for a de- [ g pot--there were but a few scattered buildings on the townsite and the average man if asked to invest or locate viewed the sit- ..[ uation as a joke. I" Today the corporate limits and immediate vicinity has a population of 3,000 souls--quite a neat, tidy little city isn't it? { It A number of people invested a few dollars in Monroe property when the T tgwnsite was put on the market and today these people are independent. | Had you their opportunity would you have utilized it? If you had their opportunity today, would it interest you? N! L heSchaT of your life will be offered to you In a few weeks--This is goiag to be a lively summer but the busiest and best spot in the valley will be the new townsite 12 miles up the Snoqualmie. " Have you been up that way. lately? It is a beautiful ride through a beautiful country--better run up there and look it over. We believe this new town to be the most inviting proposition to be found on Puget Sound. Hundreds of others have the same opinion. We would be pleased to have you look it over for yourself. , Yours very truly, / I, CHERRY VALLEY MILL ! i" AND TOWNSITE CO. ! i ................. over transportation and not man "1 t I I I ufacturing at)mDanies, such as the Pallman Co. ehtims itself to be. The decision marks the end of a hard fought cse. Nearly one voar ago Gee. S. Loftus of the i Minnesota Strippers and Receiv- ers association entered cam plaln t involving the Pullman rates, and the sweeping order of the com- mission completely sustains Mr. L fftus and his attorney. James Manahan --La Follette's. TOLT M;ss Win Smith was the guest , of Miss Esther L'u'son this week. I Mr. Berry of M:mroe has per chased the old crea.mery and in- !tend. remodeling the building Ire," a hotel. I Mr. Bjestoos was in Seattle Tuesday on business. W. Gabrath and Mr. Cooley did business in SeattLe Friday 'and Saturday. The Ford & Tablet mill ex pects to start next week sod run I smadily during the summer. A number of young Old Fel lows attended Fall City lodge on Saturday night,. Tee Milwaukee nfilroad has installed its grading camp and commissary between North Bend a,d Moneton and have begun gradiLg. The Homeseeker Bred Calves For $10 oath--no more than 'the price of veal Y,u can g't graded Jersey cows in me herd, sir,d by Vz)r)ltbra I 2 )'- old Holstein Prusiau 0red, Sit" Astrea Winntfred (twin) bred by W. A, Lyon of Mabton, Wash. Sired by Winnifred Sir Paseh 39.569: dam Petrel Astrea 51,452. PETER A. BOCE, R.F. D 2, Stmhomish" Automobile Baragins @200 and up List mailed free--Send for it. Automobile Exchange 715 E Pine St. Seattle Wanted An Idea ,h,.  ..,, of some Iltmp IProtetyour |d; they may brlnEygou o&itlL [ Write JOHM WEDD]tBURN & CO., Patent At n Ilet.wuMulltqta, D. C.. for their $1.0  OffM l   two a ,vuuoua w-,, Doesn't have to go far to get a nice home all ready to step into--in Monroe. We have 8 or 10 BUNGALOWS completed and nearing completion that are for sale on easy terms. Modern home-like cottages well built and neatly appointed, and just what will suit you for a comtortable hence. The prices are reasonable, for good close-in property and the terms easy. For a Home or Investment You should consult us before buying in order to get the best the market affords. What you want in residence or business property we can show you. We are here ready to serve. DONOVAN & PATTISON PRATT & LAMBERT 61" t SPRIN5 ELi=AMISS TIM[ Is here and you will want to paint the house or fix up some of your rooms. furniture over =o00U:i T,[ r00n00rs I eraarenkltl 7 J(H are all here. Everything , It's H y0uwant in paints, oils and water- H $ varnishes and of the highest tP::,t II quality. Make up your list t -J/00t oo,,,f00o, to,a, i k