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May 6, 1910     Monroe Historical Society
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May 6, 1910

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M 0 NR 0 E .M 0 NIT 0 R-TR AN S C RiPT TWELFTH YEAR. NO. 19 MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASH.. FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1910. . .. " $1.00 PERYEAR Four to One Score A00,ainsl Skykomish Monroe sent a team up to Sky- komish last Sunday and brougtlt back a bunch of scMps after a splendil game which resulted. Monroe 4; Skykomish 1. There werea greasmany errors in the game, due partly to clew grounds. but it was a good contest and proved again that Monroe has splendid material at home for a team this summer. The return game will be played here next Sunday. The lin}-up for Monroe was: Catcher, Martin; pitcimr, Far- mer; ft,'st base, Powna[l; second b:e, Thos. Bird; third base, B. C. Camp; shortstop, J. M Hun- ter; right field, Saindon;cener, Pease, left, Allen Farmer struck out fifteen men. and passed five, giving no hits. show timir willingness to help the team. Census Territory Here is very Large E. P. Walker is having his hands fu'l trying to get over the census districts of Monroe and Milton precincts in the time al- lowed for taking the census and it will be a I|ard race to complete the work in time. Thirty da3s is allowed him on accountof hay ingacountry district and while he has practically completed Monroe he is holding the town books op,n to catch those missed while he is taking the county precinct On account of the smallness of the town plat of although Hunter managed to touch one fast fly hit through will not prove very far away short whmh should have been a from tile actual population. Mr. clean hat. ttacrim:m t)itched for Walker has been trying to get Sky and only all,)wed six hits'] iu al! the raih'oad laborers who are now workmg here but the He held the locals down in good Italians and other foreigners are shape, hard to get at a tlmy are scared Po'anall ed in the batting with three hits to his credit, lird hit heavy, and M:rtin, Hunter and Allen handled their bats in good shape. Camp showed up well at, thtrd Quite a few local fans ztc compan;ed the team who were j,fined by some Sultan sports, who rooted well for the local bunch. Tbe trip to Skykomish and he return game promised here re suited in awakening new base bll inter;st in tits town, and means that Monroe will haven team this summer aher all. A subscription paper was circu- lated this eek, and about $150 secured to coyer expenses, A much larger sum ,')enid have been secured earlier in the sensor., but as no grounds can I:e had stead ily and regular men hired mr the season, local business men gen- erally subscribed merely enough to covet" iucidental expenses ahd Valley. The Milwaukee right-oLway buyers have been through the valley buying up the land. Mr. Eugene Finlay and Miss Gertrude Morkin attended the dance at Mt. Forest Saturday evemng. The grand opening was held at the Cherry Valley restaurant Saturday evening and was enjoy ed by all present. Mrs, D, P, Funk Goes to Her Resl Practically the whole commun- ity grieved when it became kr.own early in the week thal Mrs. D P. Funk had passed Monroe proper the census re away at the hospital in Tacoma, turns for the community will ] where she had been striously ill likely be asurprise to those who for the past two m:ntlis. The think Monroe is a big place']members of the family are all Probably a guess of about 1.50 Iwell known and highly regarded that they are being listed for taxation. The territory to be !covered embrace; thirty square miles. Mr. gonnie who is tak tag the census for Sultan and Tualco has about 65 square miles to cover and us yet has not got into Sultan at all. ' CHERRY VALLEY As our minister intends to go to keeping house in the near fu lure a kitchen rush was fur- nished him by the people of the neighborhood. Tuesday evening they all gathered together and went in on him in a rush and he was rendered speechless for once Cam s were played and luncheon served. Miss Ethel Funk is again at the Valley visiting her sister, Mrs. Gibson. The census taker and th , us sessor have again visited the I throughout the Monroe district. and the loss of the wife &nd mothe|'is a matter of tim deep est regret tea host of friends In her life she had been a bright, ac tier, loving parent and wife and her loss is a terrible blow to the family circle. In herhfein this vicinity see had endeared herself to a large number of acqnain tance by her cherry disposition, her earnest sympitthy and active inlerest iu the affairs of her neighbors and all will miss hel much in the years to come. Funeral services were held al the tame in the valley Wednes- day and the remai"s were t ake to their finM resting place in the cemetery at Snohomish. A num. her of people from town ald the, surrounding countr were pre sent and many t)eautiful flowers testified to the regard o[" friends and lodge acquaintances The deceased was born in Pike county, Illinois, in 1854 and wa.- married toMr. Funk in August. 1876. They mov(d to Washing- ton, settling in Tualco seven years ago. Seven survive the loss of the mother and all liveit @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @ O O The Business Man O @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O Who fails to have his properly worded o announcement in this paper each week 0 * misses his best opportunity to talk to 0 0 0 . Prospective patrons regularly. * 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 : The Monitor Transcript o 0 " 0 0 0 0 Is received and read in a large proportion of the homes of this section O O O --more than 85 per cent--and offers the VERY BEST means for   O O O O reaching them. The subscription list is a paid-in-advance one, by O O O O people who want the paper and buy it and pay for it. The kind of O O O O people you want for customers. O o .** 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Advertising Brings Results..00 0 0 0 It pays others and will pay you. See the Point? o See that your ad is in the next issue. this eternity with the exception of Henry who ]s back in Nebras- ka. The children are Henry, Clyde, Marion. Leo, Nellie, Ms. bet Maude O,e daughter, Mrs. Nellie Scott, is married. Scientific Theory on what is a Comet? ''r Garritt P. Serviss 'n the Spo kane Inland Herald gives a good scientific explautiou of  ht a comet really is, as follows: It is probable that co:nts have originatel form tile sun. but not ou the form of projectiles shol out of it. The trend of recent. investgation is to show that comets, hke tile planets, were originally formed from the prim eval mass of matter theft gave birth to the sun and the -system of attendant bodies. Comets, according to this view. are not Simple interlopers from outer space, as was formerly .upposed, but they have us muct right to claim nationality m tim solar system as have the planets. 'Phey differ from the planets ill being less massive and in hi, ring orbits much more eccentric. They are the sun's scous, and their excursions carry them to enortnous distances Into the wastes of exta planetary space. but sooner or later they come oack te report at headquarters. The mucleus of a comet is pro bably solid, but not a single solid tody. It is likely that tim head ofacomet consists of a multi- rude of solid particles, like a close packed mass *f meteors. Llm fact float many comets ar' uown to l, ave tucned into meteo:i swarms strengthens ths proba bility. The gaseous portion of a come does not condense into crysal.- b,cause there s practically at, pressure exerted upon it in op- en space. The cold there would no doubt be suflicien[ to ]iquefs or solidify tt into gas, butexperi ments show that cold alone can not produce thm transformation; there must be great pressure al so. If the tail of a comet were nothing but an illusion produced by the sunlight thrown intoth form of a beam, like the rays caused by open pigeonholes in a haymow, there would have to be all about the sun and throaghout the sAar system some kind,el The Evolution of Booster B/II l.--He Was Once Bill Blue Bill Blue was once s knocker, and He knocked us all to best the band. His long suit was in running down The stores and people of this town, One day a stranger heard his clack And said: "Your liver's out of whack. The thing you need to make you smile Is to turn in and BOOST AWHILE." That made Bill think. To Our amaze He started singing this town's praise. O It soon improved his looks and health, O Hie trade, his prospects and hit wealth. The town began to boom, and we O1 Elected Bill our mayor. He O Keeps up the sunshine habit s;[I O AND NOW WE CALL HIM "BOOST- ER BiLl-." _ dusty medmm or atmosphere to reflect the light. There is no evidence of the existence of any- thing of the kind, and if it did exist it would produce a general misty illumination of tim sky. In order that the head of a comet should act like a lens it would ]ave to be transparent to the ordinary rays of light, which is contrary to all that we know of the nature of such bodies. Than, 'oo. the shape and the changes undergone by tile tails of comets are inconsistent with the hypothesis that they are simply condensed bodies of sun- light, The spectroscope also gives positive evidence that the ema nations from comets consist of ffases, mingled perhaps with minute solid particles- They al o contain hydrocarbon gases. The wonderful tail of the recent Comet "A" showed the presence of sodium, the base element of common salt. In short, the e is no getting :way from the fact that comets re very real things, and it will be no illusion that we shall have to deal with this mouth if Hal ley's come stretches it; tail over the earth, however innocuous the reality may be. Dispatch G, N, Traits by Phone The Great Northern railway has just ordered telephone train dispatching apparatus to be m- stalled on six more divisions of its road. The road is already using the telephone on approx- imately 2100 miles of line, and the new extension, which in- cludes the Fergus Fahs, Breck- inridge, Cascade, Northern, Da- kota, and St. Cloud divisions, reaches in th2 neighborhood,of 1000 miles. When the proposed equipment has been installed the telephone train dispatching system of the Great Northern railwa wilt ex tend over the entire system from M,nneapolis and Superior to Se- attle and Vancouver, and it is believed, will cover the longes! continuous stretch of any rail road in the country. County RecordL Contract--Hoquiam Ekmm et ux to Herman Dahlgren etux, March 10, 1910, lots 3, 4, 13, 14, blk 2, Tyree HILDA THE HELPER ==================================================== L--The Town Can't Do Without Her Kilda the Helper is a girl who luu a way about her that makes he: precious as a pearl. THE TOWN CAN'T DO WITHOUT She's always ready on the ot where anything it doing, with all the energy she's got her thare of work pursuing. Hilda the Helper KEI TH TOWN in many lines of action, (No wonder young ]Philander Brown admits she's kia attmo- tion.) City, $2200. W. D.--Sarah P. Day to A. J. Brenner et ux, April 18, 1910, lots 0, 10, blk 2, Brounsall's 1st add. to Monroe, $300. W. D.--C. M. Bounsall et ux to Wm. Stockton, April 19, 1910, lots 1, 2. blk 2, Brounsall's 1st add to Mon- roe, $100. Mtg.  Donovan-Pattison Realty Co. to Mrs. Matilda Dennis, April 18, 1910, lots 23, 24, blk 2, Wagner 1st add to Monroe, $600. W. D.--Donovan-Pattison Realty Cc. to Jas. Bradley, April 14, 1910, property in Monroe, $1. Mtg.--Agnes J. Miller et al to Wm Winch, April 21 1910 nw sw se and n half sw sw se sec 22-28-6 $500. W D--Annie Fauscett to Archie Frascett et ux April 18 1910 lot 29 blk 19 Monroe $10. Sat of Mtg--G A Douglas to Mrs Mary Smith April 19 1910 lot 15 blk 2 Johnson 1st add to Monroe $850. W D--Mrs Mary Smith to Seen A Swanson April 12 1910 lot 15 blk 2 Joh:son lat add to Monroe $850. Contract--Jas Bradley to Perry E E Wagar April 14 1910 strip of land 4 ft wide off s side lot 18 ext entire length e to w and all lots 19 and 20 blk 1 Sam's 1st add to Monroe $1100. W D--Frank Wagner et ux to the Donovan-Pattison Realty Co March 5 1910 lots 23 and 24 blk 2 Wagner's 1st add to Monroe $10. W D--Frank Wagner et ux to the Donovan-.)attison Realty Co March 5 1910 lots 21 and 22 blk 2 Wagner's 1st add to Monroe $10. W D--Allan McDougall et via to S .k Buck ot al lot 11 blk 41 lonroo .10oo. Chat Mtg--R F Johnson to Monroe Matl hank April 23 horses and har- ness $I22. ]W t--Mrs Jenn!e Sawyer to Hemy Keeeeh et ux April 22 property in Monroe $265. W D--lda M Lewis et vir to Thee O'Donnell et vir troperty in Monroe $2OO. Bill Sale--(eo Hoffman to R J Mayem & Son April 12 dry goods and shoe sleek in onaoe $1600. W D--Donovan-Pattison Realty Co toRJMayen et ux March 265 acaes in sec 2-27 6 $25. Mtg--Donovan-Pattison Realty Co to Mrs Jennie M Sawyer April 19 l)ts 21-22 blk 2 Wagner's 1st add to Monroe $700. Mtg--Donovan-Pattison Realty Co to Jno Jno Stafford lots 4 5 blk 19 Monroe $725 Execution--Wagner & Wilson vs Ino Johnson and S E Tailman lots 1 2 elk 2 Sam's 1st add to Monroe lot 6 blk 1 Johnson lt add to Monroe lots 14 15 16 blk 42 Monroe $79.50. W D--Carl M T Cedergren to Em- erson property in Monroe $600. W D--August Johnson et ux to Donovan-Pattison Realty Co. April 20 lots 13 14 blk 2 Wagner 1st add to Monroe $100. W D--August Johnson et ux tO Donovan-Pattison Realty Co. May 2 lots 15 16 blk 2 Wagner 1st add to Monaoe $100. W D-Allan McDougall et ux to Donovan-Pattison Realty Co April 30 lot 9 McDongall add to Monroe $10. Bill Sale--Bart H ealy to C A Van Hemert Nov 22 t909 tract in s half of nen half of se sec 35-26-6. Mtg- Donovan-Pattison Realty Co to Sarah P Day April 30 lot 9 Me- Dougall add to Monroe $500. Visit Hufford's icecream parlor Sunday and spend a pleasant time. All newly fitted up and m nice shape. See Monroe Real Estate and Loan Co. for farms, small tracts, city lot..,, residence property and fire insurance. See the Steel King Ball Bear- ing Washer at Stephens Hard- ware. It is something new and will interest every woman. It works on the same principle as a vacuum cleaner and cleanses the clothes by sucking and drawing them. Does not injure the goods