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May 3, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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May 3, 1907

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 7r W TOWN AND cOUNTRy NeWS Play [!even Innings  ...... Eleven innings-were necessary to eller, Ciothing' Sho6h, Furnishings Shaving at Barnhart's shop, 10c. Phone 274 for wood. Lemon. The school term closes June 21st, UP-T0-DATE Millinery .goods at J.. aking a ten months term. Scarlet fever developed this week in two families, Carl Steffen's and James hompson's. I have put in a nice line of Baby Carriages and Bird Cages. Come in and see them. J.H. HOFFEE, near tepot. tf E. DOLLOFF & CO. lhotogmph gallery open Sundays .only for the next few w?ejs. A brush heap fire Tuesday evenint est of the hospital ga,ve the depart- ment a run. H. E. Pearsall has l.e drawn on The regular monthly meeting of the in LCommercial Club takes )!ace next )_Tuesday evening at the city hall at o'clock. The club is doing a great ork, and should have the encourage- ment of everybody. TAKE A CHOP the Federal jury which commences Seattle May 7th. Isaac Dubuque has asted the supe, :rior court to appoint  receiver for the logging firm of Dubuque & Sin, hetty:, ;. J:fW. 'Near :is building' an addition on the cannery, 26x50, [ora box fac- torYabo:blow and a storerap.m for cans E. J. Altizer, H. E, Pearsall and ,John A. Vanasdlen have been appoint, i ed appraisers of the Gge W. Mack. estate. Severe frosts SaturdaY, Sunday and Mond ar nights have .riously injured the cherry and plum blossoms in thL, neighborhood. The M. E. Ladies Aid will serve ice cream, cake and coffee in Austin',, for your breakfast, lunch or dinner, hall tomorrow (Saturcl_v), from 3 to 9 and, if you get it, you will find in the evening. 15c, nothing nicer or more nutritious. It yields you pleasant eating while giving great strength t6 your sys- tem. The powder houses 9f the Monro Hardware Company and J. ). Dollof & Co. are both to be moved to a new location on the Woods creek road. - The Edmonds Tribune is a new pub- lication announced for ,vext week i the ambitious little metropolis on the Sound. Taylor & Beale are the pub lishers. Scandinavian Bar. We are sole dealers in Imported Scandinavian L i, quors, Best quality. Also the cele- brated Carnegie's Porter. GARDE:bL & BLOOM. The dance by the Catholic ladle, : alvertised for Saturday night of this week, has been postpored i ndefiniteJy, on account of the many otter attmc, tions at this time. The house of Jack Bhns on  poor frm road burned Tuesday aftr- noon while he was awa,7. Nearly everything was consumed only a f.ew household articles being gotten out, J. P. Joos's new Reo mtomobile r- rived last Monday. It will be kept for general use for the preot, Mr. J0os not yet having decided f)o put it oa the regular Monroe-Cherry Valley run, The famous Red School House shoe are for sale by the Monr Shoe Store, Mrs. Cedergren. There a,le no shoes made that will take the place of the Red School House for children's wear You make no mistake when you ge the Red School House. Mrs. Pratt, who has ben teaching in Tualco, received word Tuesday of the death of her mother it, Minnesota, and left that night for her former home, accompanied by her husband, As a consequence the school term has f ........................................ ) , ,., ...... '> .......................  ................................................. own hook, too, but I was most cod- 4" ......  : : : -- ''-*-*- ) eerned about the lady in scarlet with decide Sunday's flame between :,,on- y and by I took my lady into the ' '!',T tiI, iI[ I j )  dimly lighted conservatory dud pressed I ro and Everett, which was won by ) her scat'let gloved hand. After a long Everet, the score standing 4 to 3. It  By In Wright Hanson. time she shyly returned the pressure. 4 was a snappy game, barring errors on ' 'l "Iiave you a cold?" she asked con- - = = : : : ..... : : : strainedly. "Your voice doesn't sound both sides in one inning, and kep a  Copyright, 19o6, by i M Cunningham. natural tonight." MayorB. L. Monek. crowd of 300 paid admissions limbered , "Perhaps. I hadn't thought about it. Counciln]en -- J. C. Falconer Little girl, are you very, very happy?"  :. P. iIeiutz, John A. Van'sdlen, up all the time. Everett made om "It's so difficult, this being the third "Yes," she admitted. run in the first and two in the seventh Delight," she sighed. "Of course you are, and you are do- R. J. Stretch and P. Sjostrom. and Monroe got three men across the "'What is it, Delight Darling?" I ask- ing right to be happy. But this is only CierkE. C. Bls:ell." ed, using her family name for an ad- the froth. The real substance is a , plate in the fourth. Everett got the Jective, a method which pleased me home and an honest man's love. It is Ireasurer--\\;. E. Waddell. winning score in the last half of the greatly, and longing to comfqrt her as natural for you to love as for these City Attorney--G. F. Cook. eleventh. Both batteries did efficient downcast sapphire eyes with kisses, orchids to bloom. Delight Darling, am Marshal--S. B. Moore. work, and it was a pitcher's battle "As you know, Dick ourtenay, my I the man you love?" Deputy Marshal--Gee. W. Hettd. thruout. Quite a number of enthus- great-aunt Delight was a wonderful l Her head sank to in3" shouhler. From wonmn. As a little girl sho' made I her dark hair came perfume of violets. Police Judge--William Sawyer. lasts came up from Everett and Sno- samplers. Later she spun and wove] "If you must know it, Richard Cour- - and was never known to get angry or I tenay, I think you are a king among Monroe is an incorporated town homish in automobiles, speak ill of any one, or to be vain, or men, and, renouncing all I have held of 2,000 inh'dit.tnt Mtuated ill J. T. Walthers, the umpire, was one covetous, or worldly, or anything shel to be most worthy, I will do your i  .  ' -,  ' " of the fairest ever seen here, his de- shouldn't have been " will." i nohonlsh county. Washin,,ton il, ciSions thruout the game being saris- "I don't wonder she never married,"[ It didn't sound like Delight's spon-, the vMley of the "SkvkomisT rier * I remarked. . I tanelty of expression, but the senti-l on t.. '  .... " . .. . ' factory to both players and onlookers. You are quite impertinent, Diok,' ment was so satisfactory that I was t "  " ,, r , liw ll]e oI Lne Die tl; 2oitD(rn :NextSundaytheMcDougall&South- said Delight reproachfully. "She was/about to lift the scarlet mask to prove iralhvay, fifteen miles inland front a perfect woman and beautiful." to her that her lips were made for Just Everett. the eolmtv e't .nd p,o.' * wick team plays here. This team has "And your second aunt I)elight is a ] what I had said when two ghosts and ' , , . .... .   , ......... c. played here for three years, and is beautifnl woman, and you are her the Queen of Hearts entered and obvl- ' ouno. It IS pleturesque]v sur- well known as a first class bunch of fresh cheeked replica. She Is also a ously hindered the demonstration. 'rounded with mount:dn/.bi},criver s ball tossers. It will be a good game. foolish woman to have renounced the The fall of the masks was the coup and valleys It has a wMcr .ys- de theatre of the evening, for four tern and an electric iighti,sg t)at, Following is the score of last Sun- people at least. It happened that we " day's game: 00 ) stood close to the Quaker and the other :t. state b:uk, and all the n:er'ct, rt } Everet ..... AB R H P0 A E I / lady in scarlet--my father and--my lines and l)roibssions are well rep- ' own little rosy. girlish Delight I look, resented. Jansa, 3b.. 4 2 3 0 0 ] I ! ed in amazement at the little lady on Mackey, 2b. 3 1 2 1 4 0 ,tdl my arm. Then I know my face grew CLIAT t'. purple. The elima.te is mild ,,d does not Roberts,Willdns' C..lf. 53 00 01 153 00 "or"Let'I'll explodeget out[,, of here," I chortled, go to extremes of either heat or Into the conservatory, where my suc- cold. The ocean currents teml,r Wilson,' 34 00 01 10 11 00 rtc cessful love making had been executed, the prevailing winds, and at the I hurried my indignant companion, the same time brin the moisture that Hebert, Davies, ss... 2 0 0 0 0 2 small and decidedly fascinating aunt of Giddings, lb.. 4 0 1 8 1 0 my little Delight. makes all vegetation the most lux- "Now, Dick Courtenay, explain your- urient. The heat of sumneris no Mead, rf ..... 4 0 0 1 0 0 selfF' the little lady commanded, her Higginbotham 4 I 2 0 2 0 eyes daugerously dark, her cheeks oppressive, and there is notenongh matching herdress, ice or snow ia winter to be of :my Totals ..... 36 4 10 29 9 3 "Oh, the joke is too rich to explain," consequence. There are no bliz- I I wheezed, wiping my eyes. "Sit down I  cyclones. Good water is here, Miss Delight, till I bring my fa- zarus or . thcr." found everywhere, at an average She sprang to grasp my arm, but I depth of 20 feet. fled. I met my father just darting in. Monroe ..... AB R H PO A E Hyatt, lb .... 5 0 2 17 1 0 McCurley, c.. 4 0 0 9 ,1 0 Allen, rf ..... 4 1 0 0 0 0 Farmer, cf... 3 1 1 0 1 0 Garmire, lf... 4 1 0 1 0 0 Ball, ss ...... 4 0 0 1 1 4 Hurst, p ..... 4 0 2 1 8 0 Merrifield,2b. 4 0 1 0 4 1 Skillman, 3b.. 3 0 0 1 2 1 Totals ..... 35 3 6 30 18 6 Our Chops & Steaks are really our chief boast, but we also pride ourselves upon the fine flavor and excellent eating qualities of all our joints. Fresh Beef, Mut- ton, Pork, Lamb and Veal every day, with all kilids of Poultry in season. Monroe Mercantil00 Go, lnc, SuM[ARYEarned runs, Everett 1. - Two base hits, Mackey, Merrifield, Jan- [ B"I]EIt [Ol[I 1 sa" First onballs, offHigginbotham 1, Hurst 1. Struck out, by Higgin- botham 13, Hurst 6. Left on bases, Everett 8, Monroe 4. Double plays, Wilson to Giddings, Hyatt unassisted. Stolen bases, Mackey, Hyatt, Farmer SAMS BLOCK E0R SALE. T. S. :2. Wild pitch, Hurst 1. Passed balls, Fausett, Monroe,"Wash, ' "McCurley 1, Wilkins 1. Sacrifice hits, Jansa, Mackey, Wilkins, Wilson. First on errors, Everett 4, Monroe 3. Hit by pitched ball, Wilkins, Wilson, Skill- man. Time of game, 1 hour, 48 minutes. Umpire, Walthers. Scorer, A. Leduc. Pensioners and '01d soldiers of the , The record for packing the most civil war will her of something to their advantage by Calling upon S. E. shingles in a day by one man was Tallman, hlonroe, Wash. broken by O. H. Holmes, a shingle packer at the mill of the Puget Sound :For Sale I Mills & Timber Company, Bellingham, /one day last week, when he packed A good 350 pound per hour Dea-/78 000 shin le in nin .... val Separator, almost new. Call or]. ' g s e hours and o write. R. E. McKINNIE, 1 miles!minutes. This pack beats the next northeast of Monroe. Terms. !highest record by 3,000 shingles. When it is considered that a packer Cow for Sale is doing a good day's work when he A good family cow for sale, giving packs 40,000 in ten hours, the great about two gallons of milk a day. Must task accomplished by Mr. Holmes will be sold at once. Apply to be understood. W. J. WILLIAMS.  .... L grippe I La grippe! For social, medicinal or household uses I. W. HARPER whisky is the best and the safest. The most popu- lar high grade whisky on the market. Sold by Henry & Osier. HEn HEAD S&NK TO  SH01D. pleasures of the world and to disparage the holy state of matrimony. My poor father"-- I paused. I had no right to give away dad's secret, albeit an open but Delight was nodding her pretty head savagely. "I should llke your nice father to be my uncle, but auntie must know and I must try to be like her." "Delight Darling," I said fervently, "your blue eyes were made for behold- ing love's visions, your little pink ears for hearing love's messages and your lips for kisses. Your feet were made for dancing and"-- "I believe I could learn as easilyP' she exclaimed. "Of course you could," I answered, smiling at her flushed cheeks. "And if you will let me teach you I will you to the charity masquerade week." Delight gasped, but her eyes wen full of longing. "I am going to reason with your aunt," I declared. "She sits in the garden making trou- "Oh, boy, what a fool I've made of myself!" he groaned. "I've proposed to the wrong woman, and she's accepted me! Confound masquerades anyhow!" I pushed him into the conserwttory. "The right woman is in there, dad. If you'll fix it up with her, I'll attend to the other one." "Oh, Dick," caroled my own Delight as I led her to the shadowy veranda "I'm going to be your mamma!" "And I'm to be your uncle," 1 an- swered, "but don't tell me you knew it was my dad all the time." "Of course I did." Iter eyes were dancing with mischief. "And I knew he thought he was talking to auntie, though 1 didn't know she was here. And, o.1L Di( Courteuay, 1 have just i begun to live in this beautiful, moon swept, rose colored world!" And with the surety that matters were being "fixed up" in the conserva- tory and the yielding of the third De- light to my arm's embrace I realized that I, too, had just begun to live. sers for the widow Jones' little boy," said Delight. "She ought to be making trousers for her own little boy," I muttered as strode out t interview her. Only Two Continents. An Englishman, smoking a pipe, sat in a club car on a western train. There were several traveling men near by. They were discussing themselves and telling how good they were. "I suppose," said one, "that I have about as long a trip as any one in the business. I go from Boston to San Francisco twice a year." "Oh," said another, "I can beat that. I cross the continent twice every year, and I take in Canada." The Englishman listened intently. I He was interested. "By the way," said one of the drummers to him, To my surprise I found the Miss Delight quite susceptible to my arguments. She closed the interview by saying; "But don't let the child know I said so. She will enjoy the pleasure more if she deems it stolen." A strong sentiment indeed for the pretty but austere Miss Delight Dar- ling to hold. As I was dressing for the masquer- "what is your business?" "Oh," the Englishman replied, "my name is Douglass, and I come from London. I am a trayellug man my- self." "What is your llneP' "Carpets." "Have you got much teitory?" "Oh, not much," the Englishman re- modestly. "Only North America and Africa." AGRICULTURE. The soil is very productive, and crops of all kinds do well. Pota- toes, hay and oats are the principal crops raised for shipment. Fruit and vegetables yield abundant[,, The Alaska market keeps price:'-, everything high. DAIRYING AND STOCK RAISING. Puget Sound is the naturM home of cattle, as grass is plentiful nine months or more, and feeding is of short duration. The number of cattle is steadily increasing. TIMBER AND HLI.S. The country is all heavily tim- bered, yieldig three to eigh'[ rail. lion feet to the quarter section, of fir, cedar and hemlock. Numerous logging camps in the vicinity en. ploy several hundred nlen all the year round. The natural lay of the country brings everything out by Monroe from miles around. Four aw tnills and five shingle mills are operated all the time. SOCIAL ADVANTAGES. Monroe has good schools, graded from primary to high school, with ten months school each year. The religious denominations represented are the Methodist, Congregational, Swedish Ewmgelieal, Catholic, and New Testament 3ii_sion church. The fraternal and secret orders are the Independent Order of Odd Fel- t lows, Rebekahs, Foresters of Amer- j iea, Modern Woodmen of America /Ryal Ne'ighbors of America, closed. ..... , ii, ', " A verr'ila'snt'tie was h'ad at the basket social at 8tocker's chool house last Friday evening. The library fund netted $13.75. Miss Add B. Camp- bell, the teacher, wishes to thank those who attended for their kindness and liberality. ! ':: : :.,. A new shipment of Men's, Youth's and Children's SUITS. Prices to suit all. J. E. DOLLOFF & CO. James Powell was arrested Tuesday on a complaint sworn out by Mts. W: It. Moore of st0cker's:il!l , "of crimi= hal conduct with her young daughter. Deputy Sheriff Brown took him down to Everett. He will have a hearing Saturday before Justice Babcock. , Magnus Floyd Lundstam, the three- year-old son : of ili:/ and:'Mrs' Manne Lundstam, died Sunday afternoon from spinal meningitis, having been taken sick only the previous Saturday. The ' ...... funeralwas held Tuesday afternoon at the residence, rs. Cobb, Spiritualist, of Seattle, conducting the cercm.ony , which was attended by a large num- ber of townspeople, who gathered to extend their symp@tb th6 bereaved parents. Let me sell your :TIMBER CL&IM for you. Write me what you have and what you want for it. CLARENCE LUCAS, 206 National Bank of Commerce Bldg 6-28 Tacoma, Wash. For Sale 8-room house, lot 60x135, on Madi- son street, cheap. Also, 1 lot on Ferry street, 35x135, paralleling G. N. Ry., suitable for warehouse. A. H. LEMON. PLANTS CABBAGE TOMATO CELERY CAULIFLOWER FLOWERS Parties will do well to get their orders in early. Leave orders at fish market or residence, Kelsey st. CItAS. M. BOUNsALL. A Mighty Ballder As au invigorator and builder up of broken down tissues, Wilbur's Puget Sound Blood Purifier cannot be excel- led. If you have pimples or sores of anv kind on your body, by takina few bottles of this medicin e they will soon disappear. For rheumatism the medi- cine=nver fai!s. $1.00 per bottle. For sale by E. A. Roberts and W. E. E. Mansfield. For la grippe, coughs, colds and con adea tap came at my door, followed sumption Wilbur's Puget Sound Couoh I by a rather portly "Quaker grandpa." Cure has no equal. Nice and i)leasim I My eyes followed the Qutlines of his figure and fell upon a peculiar seal to the taste and can be taken by the I ring. which I recognized, rnost delicate female or child. Prie I "If you don't want to be known, 50c. For sale by E. A. Roberts and ] dad," I suggested, "better let me wear your ring." W. E. Mansfield. I I He complied so qulc!ly that I divin, CHURCH DIRECTORY CONGREGATIONAL Rev. W, L. RICHARDSON, Pastor. Suuday school at 10:00 a.m. Mrs. Williams, superintendent; Mrs. Stry- ker, assistaut. Morning service at 11:00 o'clock. Young People's Christain Endaavor, 6:30 p.m. Miss Bessie Lloyd, presi- dent. Evening service at 7:30 o'clock. METHODIST EPISCOPAL V. J. RULE, PASTOR. Sunday school 10 a. m., B. Sykes Sr, Supt. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Prayer services Thursday 7:30 p. m. Choir practice Friday 7:30 p. m. Stewards amt trustees meet first Monday of the month at the League room 7:30 p. m. CHERRY VALLEY Sunday school 1:30 p. m., Robert Main, Supt. Preaching, alterlaate Sundays at 2:30 p. In. CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE JOHN S. PARKINS, Pastor. Sunday School at 10 a. m.. Joe Glass- meyer, Supt. " " " " Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Cordial iniaion to all ed that he didn't want to be known tie Wasn't very talkative, and, as I had troubles of my own, I wasn't inclined t entice him into eonvm'sation. I was glad, though, to see that he was going into society again. Dtad loved good women in an age of chivalry sort of way, and I hated to see him waste his time on perverse Miss Delight Darling. Later Delight and I, masked and robed, stole down back streets to the charity ball, she turning my father's ring round and round oa my finge, for she held my hand as if It alone could save her from destruction. I whiatled carelessly under my breath to give., her nerves a chance to be quiet. She begged not to dance, though she had proved an apt pupil, so we, a lady in scarlet and a Roman senator, sat In a corner and watched the merrymak- ers. "Why, there's another lady in sca- let!" she exclaimed. "The costume said she had sold another like this. t wonder if she feels as reckless and as- as happy as I do." "Probably tills isn't her first glimpse into fairyland." I answered. "She doesn't dance like au old timer, though. Do you notice the Quaker with her?" "Ito looks familiar," she said curi- ously. 'q wonder who he is." I was, doing some wonderlng on my Dense, Indeed, Curate--! hear your husband has signed the Pledge. Has he kept it to the letter parishionerIt wasn't a letter, sir; it wer0 a card. Curate--I mean ha h0 kept his pledge inviolate? Parishioner--No, sir; i've kept it in lavender in  drawer. Curate -- I'm afraid yol don't lnderatan4 me. What ! mean is--has he broken the pledge since he took it2. Parishioner- He hasn't touched it, sir. I've kept it rapped up in paper, and it's as good a2 new. Then th6 eurate gavo it up as hope. les.--Loldon Express. Why They Cried. "I say, mamm." said littl Flossie, "why did Mrs. Browz cry at the wed- ding today T' "Oh, becanse her dear dauglter was getting married and leaving her." "And hy did Mrs. Jones cry?" ':Oh, because her dar son has left her." "I see. And why did Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Simpson cry?" "Oh, because they have ever so many daughters to get married and no sign of any of them going off."--Pearsou's Weekly. English Sunday Laws. The most absurd of Rritish laws Is undoubtedly tlmt forbidding a man pursuing his trade on Sunday. Apart from the moral aspect of the case, this law is constantly broken; and the cases betng reported form an excellent adver- tisement for the lawbreaker.--London . Telegraph, Knights of the Maccabees, Ladies of the Maccabees, and the Tribe of Ben Hur. OPPORTUNITIES. The opportunities for both capi- tal and labor are numerous and of substantial nature. The location on the main line of the Great Northern railway insures a market for all manufactured wood products and the fine quality of timber and its cheapness furnish the material. In agriculture the scope is wide and promising. Fruit growingaid handling will yield a large return. Small fruit on a few acres offer op- portunities to people with limited means. Potatoes are very profita- ble. Truck gardening is in de- mand. Butter and eggs always bring good prices. Tbe demand for men in the mills and logging camps is continually increasing. LOOKING AHEAD. For young men the opportuni- ties offered in "Western .Washington are greater than anywhere in the United States. The climate, the soft, the location and the rapid growth of populathm and wealth, wiIlassuredly make this one of tka' greatest countries on earth, p.,