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May 3, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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May 3, 1907

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THE MONROE MONITOI:00 AN INDEPENDENT "WEEKLY PAPER PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROE, WASHINGTON E. C. BIS&apos;SELL, IDITOR Entered at the Postofliee at Monroe, YVashington, as second class matter SUBSCIT!PTION, IN ADVANCE ................. IONE DOLLAR A YEAR ADVERTISING RATES Display advertising, per inch, single column, per month .................. 50c Locals, per line per issue, 5c ; minimum charge ........................... 25e Cards of thanks, each .................................................... 50c Obituaries and resolutiohs of condolence, per line ...................... 5c THE AIiERICAN PEACE CONGRESS This body met in New York City during the second week in April and continued in session four days. In size of attendance and interest shown it is said to have more than equaled any great national political convention ever held in this coun- try, and in brains to have far sur- passed any of them. There were present two defeated candidates for the presidency, eight cabinet offi- cers, ten United States senators, nineteen congressmen, four supreme court justices, twelve state chief justices, nine governors, twenty- seven multi-millionaires, thirty ta- bor leaders, eighteen college presi- dents, forty bishops, twenty super- intendents of state public schools and twenty-six noted women. It seems settled that the world peace movement has passed the senti- mental and initiatory stage, and is now one of practical politics. The United States, England and France will recolnmend the nex Hague conference to consider the disarma- ment of the nations. It is said that Emperor William of Germany is opposed to the discussion, but will look rather lonesome. A world's supreme court now exists; the next step, close at hand, is a world's par- liament or congress. Both at first will be'advisory, but well nigh om- nipotent. It will be a bold nation that will defy the decision of a world's congress. With a world's parliament meeting periodically, and not by special call, as now, a world's arbitration court to settle disputes, it will be difficult for a belligerent nation to disturb the peace, especially if an agreement to disarm is reached. It is conceded that Mr. Bryan filled a very large part in this congress. The feature he introduced and discussed was the wisdom of making money con- traband in time of war among neu- tral nations. It is as much a viola- tion of the peace principle for citi- zens of a neutral power to lend a nation at war with another nation money to carry on the struggle as to sell it arms and supplies which are now contraband. Disarmament was championed by Secretary Root, the world's congress by Baron d'Es- tournelles, a world's police system by Mr. Carnegie, and the preven- tion of loans for war by Mr. Bryan. All these ideals are likely to mate- riatize in stone form. Mr. Gompers was one of the foremost labor lead- ers. Labor protested against put- ting up laboring men to be shot by semi-barbarians in order to conquer a market for mills. lhe Northwestern Associa- tion This district association, consisting of sixty-eight churches, will hold its spring session in Monroe, May 7th and 8th. The state association is made up of five district associations, of which the Northwestern is proba- bly the largest. It Will be composed of a class of people whose acquaint- ance will be worth something to the town. It is doubtful if any one oppor- "sleep" a delegate or preacher Tues- day night, who have not yet been ap- proached on that subject, will do Mr. Richardson a kindness also. It is hoped that Monroe will do her- self proud by attending Tuesday's and Wednesday's sessions of the associa- tion at the Congregational church, and especially to the good things Tuesday evening. The program fol- lows: GENERAL THEME,PRACTICAL WORK" Tuesday, May 7th. 1:30 p.m. Call to order; organi- zation; business; nominations; re- ports. 2:30 p.m. "The Church at Work." Reports from the churches. Discus- sion, Rev. C. E. Newberry, Roy. C. W. Hawksworth. 4:30 p.m. "A Living Church." "A Living Pulpit," Roy. S. Williams. "A Living Pew," Roy. W. C. Ken]nor. 7:30 p.m. Praise service, Rev. W. Worthington. Address of welcome, Rev. W. L. Richardson. Address, "The Spirit for the Day," Rev. H. M. Carson. Address, "The Master of the Church," Roy. F. J. VanHorn. WASHINGTON LETTER I I [Special Correspondence.] Despite the present opposition 02 Speaker Cannon tl m friends of the bill providing a new building for the de- partments of state, justice and com- nmrce and labor hope to meet with success at the present session of con- gross. They still believe they can con- vince the speaker that the building should be erected at this time and will endeavor to have it reported favorably by the house public buildings and Facts Stronger Than Fiction All pains arisiug from rheunlatism, gout, metrim, toothache, neuralKi-t , headache, liter pains, neuralgie pains, sciatica, lumbago, stiff' neck, ctilblains, contused mucles, enlar,'ed veins and all pains of the bones or nerves quick- ly relieved by using \\;Vilburs Oil of Gladness, 50c pet" bottle. For sale by E. A. ioberts and \\;V. E. Manslield. No. 1453 NOTICE TO CREDITORS ,: J. A. VANASDLEN $ NOTARY PUBLIC i Real Estate and I,sorance I have some good bargains in t , t h " d grounds committee. INTFIESUIERIORCOURTOFTHESTATE * ouses and lots, nmprov_._ and. V'ould Save Rentals. ' of Washington. in and for the eouuty of San- I  Iis.aaTx, qe, m .m,.,A,,B 41'.,,.,, -m'W'ht,,,eh mm, m The bill provides that the bnild-i honllsh. I ...uo.,,, uvt;u .,..... .,, o.o ing shall be erected on ground on Penn- In the matter of the estate of Geor,.e .V. 4)' 9 Mack. deceased.  If) 160 acres good,]bottom ]land $30 per I A few ood residence lots in the 4> sylvania avenue between Fourteenth 5p:Oti{?io s t]rcl.e W iven, by ].he um!ersined, . acre, 4. miles[ from Monroe on Morri Johnson add. to Monrbe. ' "y a .,IL('X. Ear aOnllnlsuraLrlX oi 1;he t o" s - * ' and Fifteenth streets, estate of George ,V. Mack. deceased, to the  .ood connty road. Terms. House and two lots at Park Place; T eret!itors of. and uU persons having" claims 1, 160 acres good bottom land, ] A ShaD ']ast be sold ' 1 ag'amstsaldde(('.sed, to exhihit them withtfie db imnl,nvrl With +..1. .--- ,,)n *;,". . , . " ,. , V - " v, ,.** u,, a,m [ l-u actes oi tllnner lane Well Inca, 4) necessary Vodchers. Vlthln one year after tile  f,  re'st pul;iication or this notiee. {o the said ad- , .... arm ln,}pletnents. Terms. $8,00,0 . . ted. Wlll se!l cheap. . i ministratrix, at the law olIice of G F. Cool<, in  lOU acres el lttnO nnlmproveu, r l nave a lal--e 1185 oi nt"onerlv town tim l#erguson Building, in the town of f)'Ionroe, @1, N0 no*.oa ,)'nn,q h,tt,,m a. -- I , . ,. ',   K  ' ' , q Snohomish Couuty, Washinvton. tlae same be- & to cli2r " %'aY2nc; .... ;t '.ay I tos, mrm 1ann an. tlmoer land, , ii::ho, place re*" the traasactiou of the busi-   " ":.,. " go0 rim- [._ not mentioned. : X e,, sam estate. uer. neap. terms, i 10 acres choice bottom land $ 850.00 >ZRS. MARY VIO[An[C;[h.i x House and 2 lots on Lewis st. 1 5001 2 acres of land on Main st. ,: : * Dated April ,"r. ,907. : ' " g " I in Monroe, wellimploved 1,500.t)0 :  DateoflltstplbhcatlonM  190  N ! - ext Boor to Monroe Slate Bank No. 1:235. NOTICE OF HEARING ()P I'FTITION FOR It is'-contended by the cabinet menl- bets interested that their quarters are Wednesday, May 8th. Accompanying the report was a let- 9:00 a.m. Bible study, Roy. J.V. ter from M. Jusserand exainlng the Rosewarne. exact lispositlon made of tlle medal by France. A large case in the center of 9:30 a.m. "The Problem of Be- the Hall of Honor of the Mi]seum of nevolence," Roy. Sidney Strong. Dis- Medals at Paris has been given over to cussion, Rev. C. R. Gale, Rev. F. H. the Franklin medal, which is surround- Adams. ed by Washington and Lafayette med- als and other emblems suggesting the 11:00 a.m. "The Great Day for Amerlcanrevolution. Home Missions," Roy. W. W. Seudder. n Sultan's Letter. Discussion, Rev. C. F. Clarke. President Roosevelt has received a letter from the sultan of Morocco ex- 2:00 p.m. "Methods for Evangel- pressing his gratitude for the appoint- isic Meetings," Rev. C. E. Clapp. Dis- ment of Samuel R. Gmnmere as Amer- cussion, Rev. J. E. Smith, Rev. A.D. Ican minister to Morocco. The letter is written in Arabic. The sultan address- Kinzer. "The Evangelism of Chil- es the president as "the beloved, the dren," Rev. J. M. Dick. most cherished, the exalted, the most 3:30 p. m. "A Study from the gracious friend, most honored and ex- ,eellent president of the republic of the Year Book," Rev. D. S. Sears. Dis- United States of America. who is the cussion, Roy. G. N. Edwards, Rev. E. pillar of its great influence and the di- S. Ireland. rector of its most Important affairs, the inadequate to accommodate their grow- ing departments. The government now pays $370,000 annual rental for private- ly owned offices outside the regular buildings, and it is urged that this mon- ey might be used for the erection of permanent buildings. Congressional Luxuries. The sergeant at arms" of the senate has among his stores:'a number of things which bespeak comfort if not absolute luxury. IIe carries quantities of violet and, white rose and Jockey Club soap, hair tonics, bottles of co- lethe, oil for massaging, chamois skins, bay rum, witch hazel, sea salt, silver nail polishing brushes, large lemon squeezers, .,snuff, two and three grain qninine pills, bath sponges and, most curious entry of all, "twenty-four i)ot- tles pond lily." No les than twenty- one. different sorts of soap are on the list for the use of senators. French Honor of Frnnklin. President Roosevelt submitted a mes- sage to congress a few days ago con- cerning the gold medal presented to France by the United States April 20, 1906, in commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of Benjamin Franklin. The presentation was made by Secretary Root to hi. Jusserand, the French ambassador, at a celebration in Philadelphia. tendance "is not compulsory, but any- where from thirty to fifty delegates and visitors may be expected. It is thought to be a good thing to have a dignified street meeting TUeMay even- ing just preceding the evening ser- DISTRIBUTION IN TtIE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE of Washington, in and for the couuty of Sno- homislL In the matter of the estate of Dominiek Neali, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of V. %V, %Val:h. the administrator of the estate of l.)onlinick Nealls. deeca!ed, for a final dist, ri- but!on of said estate, l='as been filed, and that tile 25th day of May, 191)7, at ten (10) o'clock A. M.. at the court room of said court, has been duly appointed by said court for hearing said petition, at %g]lie,Vl ]line any person interested in said petitiou may appe r and file his excep- tionb; tO said petition and eontesi: the same. [SEALJ JOtlN R. DALLY, Clerk of said Court. Date of first publication, May 3, 1907. No. . NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN TtIE SUPERIOR COURT OF TIIE STATE of Washington, in aud for the County of Sno- homish. In the Matter of the Estate of S. L. C. Low- rey, Deceased. Notice is hereby ziven by the undersigned, John F. Jerread. the administrator of the es- tate of S. L. C. Lowrey. deceased, to the cred- itors of and all persons baying claims agains said deceased, to exhibit them with the nebes- sary vouchers, within one year after the first publication of this notice, to the said admin- istrator at the office of Coleman & Poverty. in the tiewitt Building. in the City of Everett. Snohomish County, Washimzton. the same be- ing the place tor the transaction of the busi- ness of said estate. JOHN F. JERREAD. Administrator. Dated April 13th 1907. Date of first publication April 19. t907. Relief (rein Rheumatic Pains "I suffered with rheumatism for over two years," says Mr. Rolland Curry, a patrolman of Key \\;Vest. I,'la. " Some- times it settled in my knees and lamed me so I could hardly walk, ag other times it would be in my feet and hands so I was incapacitated for duty. One night when I was in severe pain and lame from it my wife wen to the drug store here and came back with a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I was rubbed with it and found the pain had most celebrated preserver of the ties 4:30 p.m. Business. of true friendship, the faithful, Thee- nearly gone during the night. I kept 7:30 p.m. Praise service, Rev. W. dore Roosevelt." on using i for a little more than two G. 0linger. Associational sermon, President's V'estern Trip. weeks and found that it drove the rheu- President Roosevelt will probably go tnatism away. I have not had any Roy. E. D. Weage. Communion ser- to Indianapolis. Ind., on Memorial day trouble from hat disease for over three vice, Roy. S. C. Garrison, nov. T. n. this year to deliver an address on the months." For sale by E. A. Roberts, Elwell. occasion of the unveiling of a menu- druggist. = = = ment to General Henry W. Lawton, who was killed In the Philippines The laor's tapper Toed Boot. shortly after the United States took ,3 rths of.k * A traveling salesman for a boot and charge of the islands. General Law]on  o. shoe house carries with him as amas- was a Fort Wayne man. and the presl- C ndepende.ce No. 67 cot a boys' boot. with red leathertop denthad always regarded him as one 1.ffdff'D Regular meetings every "gff.7)" Thursday night in/foresters and a copper toe. of the great and faithful soldiers of the  ttalI at 7:30. "I found it in Fort Dodge, Kau," he country. When at Santiago in corn-  NAaK II. FEILERS, C. R. sald. "It was among the stock of a mand of the rough riders the president "-  " J.E. COVNTnV.aN.F.S. shoe dealer there, and I asked him for was immediately under General Law- Dm L. L. STEPHENS. Court Physician. it. It IS a grat curiosity now, but in ton and only a few days ago promised MONROE LODGE No. 138, K. OF P. my early day upon the road I sold the general's widow to send her son to thousandsof them." West Point as a cadet. Meets every Wednesday evein at 8 " o'clock at I. O. O. F. Hail. The red tOpped, copper toed boys' Indianapolis will probably-e theflrst C.E. t'JTCll[E. C. C. boot has dropped out of existence.:. No stop in a rather important trip the ROBT. H. STAPLET(gN. I_. of . ,5 S. store in Kansas City sells them. The presidefit will make to the west early salesman said they were not manufae- In Jun. He has.ccepted see'era] in- EARL %V. HUSTED ROBT. A. tIULBERT tured.--Kansas City Star. vitations to talk t5 colleges a their commencement seaon if he Is able to Paper Made From Grass. do so. One of thes is [n Missouri and Among the materials that have been the other In Michigan. tie has a score substituted for rags in the making of or more of invitations to other places, paper is espart0 grass, which was for- hut some time ago he was disinclined merly obtained for this purpose from to accept them. Spain, but is now largely Imported by British and American manufacturers Age of the District. from the north of Africa. It has been 118 years since the legis- It Is a very hardy plant, "flonrishing latnre of the state of Maryland, sitting in deserts where other vegetable life is at Annapolis, passed an act ceding to naable to exist, and the suggestion has the United States government a terri- recei]tly been made that by cultivating tory ten miles square, anywhere with- esparto grass In the Sahara that great In the state that the federal officials region of deserts might be partially, re- and commissioners might select. The claimed and turned into a source of bill thus passed on Dec. 23, 1788, was profit for mankind, immediately signed by Governor John Eager Howard, fifth American gov- . Kindly Trait In a King. ernor of Maryland. It thus became a Ktng Edward starts many fashions, law. He has been doing it all his life. Usual- Virginia's Gift. ly his ideas are sartorial Occasionally, On Dec. 3, 1789, Virginia, following the lead of Marylaiul passed an act do- though, King Edward strikes out an Idea which all the world, fashionable HULBERT & HUSTED LAWYERS Rooms 401-402-403-404. American Nat- ions1 Bank Building, Both Phones Main 7. Everett, Wash. E. T. BASCOM ATTORNEY AT LAW MONROE, VASHINGTON Collections Promptly Looked After Insurance Written G. F. COOK ATTORNEY AND NOTARY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Ferguson Blk. Monroe tunity of so favorably advertising the oe commonplace, can approve, ttls lat- est is one of great humanity. No .horse town will be ours in the year 1907. Is ever sold from the royal stables after Some of them are very able men. At- it has outlived its usefulness. It Is put hating a tract ten miles square to the gowrnmenf, but' it was not until July 16, 17./)0, that President Washington si'gned the bill establishing the seat of government of the United States on the banks of 'the Potomac between the eastern branch and the Connogoche,ue, In accordance with the terms of the eighth section, article 1. of the constitu- tion of the United States, which sets vice in the Congregational church. Like the Presbyterians, the Congrega- tional church in a measure stands for  reserve dignity and sincerity, but yet will tke all legitimate methods to propgat the gospel Those who are , willing to aid the preact:ers in this :ng service on the street will please [ >': port to Roy. Mr. Richardson at once. Those who have a spare room and will to death painlesslY(. This Is a source of much financial loss to the ktng. al- ways hard up, for England is crowded with tuft hunters, who would pay ex- orbitant prices for his old horses Just to brag about them.Cleveland Leader. M. J. McGUINNESS ATTORNEY AT LAW Office, One Door East Penobscot Hotel NOHOMISH. WASIt. JOHN W. MILLER ATTORNEY AT LAW forth ]fiat: Room 7, Otten Building "Congress shall have power to exer- SNOItOMISIt, WAStIINGTON rise exclusive legislation, in all eases French Toy Sabers. " whatsoever, over such distrlct (not ex- The saber of 1896, which replaces i ] the French army the model saber or'  cording ten miles squarm ,-, may by JOS. COLEMAN JOHN1LFOGARTY F " ) t 1882. destroys the old adage of Gen- cession of partienlar states nnd the ae- COLEMAN & OGAkI'Y oral de Brack that "the saber is the eeptance of congress become the seat ATTORNEYS AT LAW arm in -hich you ought to have the of government of the United States." most confidence, because it is very This was the article that had in 1788 HewittBuilding Phone 634. EVERETT. WASH rarely that It refuses you service by inspired the Maryland legislatnre to donate a tract ten miles square, undm breaking in your hands." From m'[which the site of the capital was ac- tires of economy we are condemning eepted 1)y cx)ngress in 17!)0. The trac our unfortunate cavalry to hold intheir ceded by Virginia was afterwqrd (in hands an Instrnment of Ineffectualde- fense made like a simple bazaar knife. July. 18t6) ceded back to the stute el --L'Eclair of Paris, ' ] Virginia: CARL SCHOFIELD. A. D. AUSTIN IV. P. BELL BELL & AUSTIN, LA WYERS. Office in Realty Block, Everett, Wash. V. E. V*ADDELL Cashier. i  E. h'I. STEPHENS, Prest. A.J. AGNEW, Vice-Pros]. The N000rae 81ale Bank t.. Transac%s a 00eneral Banking Business $ i Intere paid time . on deposits. Savings bank books issued and interest paid on savings bank bal- ances -tt the rate of 4 per cent per annum. 41, O Any amount from $1 up will open a saving s bank account.. " i DRAFTS ISSUED ON AN POINT IN THE WORLD OLYMPIA BAR PETER SUHL, Propr. The Choicest of Wines, and i Liquors Cigars ,I RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION MEALS AT ALL HOURS llOOMS, 25c A NIGHT | I t t 4 " 1 : WASH|NGTON HOTEL t The, Best Rooms and Meals in the city. MRS. VAN HO1RN, Proprietor Ghicken Dinner on bunday Special Table for Traveling Men B U LL=t='- "T' | N G reatilN0rlhern R00ilway Through Tourist Car ON THE ORIENTAL LIMITED "The Only Way" Leaves Monroe at 11:17 a. m. daily. To Chicago ithout change. The Quickest Time The Best Service The Grandest Scenery A. L. LEE, Agent, Monroe, Wash. 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