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April 28, 1960     Monroe Historical Society
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April 28, 1960

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Hospital District Taxing Picture (Contirmed .from Page 1) School spec. levy ...... 17.72 17.72 TOTAL .. 56.72 55.73 State Equal levy 01.02 01.02 TOTAL .. 57.74 56.75 SULTAN AREA Sultan -- Town Rural Mills Mills School ....... 14.00 14.00 Town ........ 15.00 State ........ 02.00 02.00 County ...... 0.00 08.00 Road Dist ......... 10.00 County Library ..... 02.00 Fire District ...... 04.00 TOTAL .. 39.00 40.00 School Spec. G. S. Bonds 07.00 07.00 H. S. Bonds 04.00 04.00 TOTAL .. 56.00 51.00 State Equal. levy ..., .... 01.02 01.02 TOTAL .. 51.02 52.02 How to Figure 1W_dleage The question is often asked in levy matters of this type "how much money will a one mill levy raise in a certain situation," and "how much will it cost the individ- ual taxpayer." These two questions are not dif- ficult to answer. The first question is a matter of easy arithmetic. The wluation of the hospit district will be close to $8,000,000, and this would look like this: $8,000,000 X $.001 -- $8,000 How to Figure Your Cost The other question is not hard to answer, but to be accurate, each individual t a x p a y e r interested would have to have his most re- cent tax statement in hand, other- wise only "a gener01ization can be used. The tax statement for 1960 at hand says, "land value, $500, build- ing value, $1,090, with total value $1,590." This multiplied by one mill ($.001) will yield a 0ax of $1.59 and of course if this were added to the 1960-tax the total tax paid on this parcel of property would have been $93.40 instead of $91.81. The figure $1,590.00 is .a rather high valuation and would represent a property worth considerable since the ratio of real alue to assessed value is generally somewhat less than 20 per cent, so should the tax statement list total value at $800 the one mill assessment would be approximately 75 cents per year. Additional Milleage Would Have To Be Voted Present estimates wMch are made on a basis of the facts as we know them today would indi- cate that a one mill tax levy will be necessary, and perhaps after the hospital district is organized, the co--loners will zsk the voters to approve an additiunal mill so that general indebtedness bends could be sold t a low in- terest rate to finance e purchase and improvements. Sports Afield An unfortunate situation can't be cta-ed until/ts existence is acknowl- edged, so let's admit right out that trout fishing is now a very poor sport in many parts of the cotmtry where it once was excel'lent. Now, let's see wht put front fishing into such bad shape that it needs something drastic done to improve it. Anglers like to blame the poor mse innoee infmlt trout fully ex- pecting practically all of them to be caught by nightfall. Such fish- ing isn't of the slightest st to the more experienced angler. It's too much like ng Aunt Jane's pet goldfish. Resictixtg some streams to fly- fishing is another very od meod. Probably rite chief tl'dng to be said in its favor is that almost invari- TELEVISION RADIO Repairs and Service WHEELER Radio and Television KEITH NEON Signs and Service Only Neon Manufa(:. turers in Snohomish Coun W 2516 Wetmore Everett, Washington April 28, 1960 Monroe Monitor, Monroe, Wash PAGE SEVEN Lathe Work Truck Body Building Farm Machinery Repairs Heavy Equipment Repairs Welding and Portable Welding CARLSON'S MACHINE SHOP fishing nowadays on everything ex- ably a fly hooks a front only in PYramid 4-3852 Munro( Phone BAview 67.63 PYramid 4-4793 NORTH LEWIS STREET cept the plin and obvious fact a lip, so that when be's returned  -- m--m species except sunfish can be at- "m han dlLg him, he stands bout tributed ..ahnost entirely to remowal a 98 per cent chance of surviving. of too many fish, stat SportsJaSn baitBut one lmoked deep on natural =is ahnost certainto die if re- 1 B R R IIW  = - leased. It is puvely for this reason : I Ill II I/ t' LARGE t ; L1 that in same places it is manda. ' ., tory to keep all" treat landed, no back a little one if he s to die. L, Recently, Pennsylvania has tried ' asa rather Strange experiment" It esome streams on which you W= rll I I I I / W CNF.X dozen .... = may fish to your heart's content, NO S I.F-A--- TO DEAI.RS Lucas, Angling Editor Afield Magazine. This is in sp of the currely popular but ah- staM theory that almost unrestriCt- ed fishing can't hmt f.'zshing-,flfis holds true only where it's so bad that no,tin." g can make it notice- 'ly worse. Pollution? Omstrotien of vari- otis vovts, chiefly dams where they safldn't be? Both are bad, But, cak all the trot you wish, but you must return ALL of them un- nhred; your tirt L--NONE: h after all, they are of consequence PY 4-2461 (Parking h REar) Mour in only a cowtparatively small n of the trout streams of the sbert, you must fish purely for Campbells Natural Fancy Juice Lge. 46-oz. coultryd in a  tinier rim- spo, 'as you'd bowl or lay pool; Tomato Juice 4/Sl $ bet of trout and bass lakes, the manager won't .let you take V can be done to make a han the pins or balls you get. A really noticeable improvement in Pretty much to everybody's s- 6 Unsweetened  Natural  Health Lge. 44]-oz. trout g as a sport? prise, such purely-soor streams In some of the wilder, rougher lmve turned out to be n .great suc- : Pineapple Juice 4/s1 L / spots left, some distance from pop- eess and very popular. Pertmpe it utlation centers, restflts of stocking would be well to make the same tmre been qmte good, when it's .restrictions on many Streams else-  -d Gold -- Fancy  SHces -- Halves 303 .ro00 Freestone Peaches 5/Sl " 'long enough before opening day so However, 'it is doub4fful if all the hat they can gain at least some fish biologists and sportsnmnlike wild chavaeteristitxs--4hose of them anglers in the world can raise Enriched -- In Cubes -- Buy 10For$l.95 t that are softies die promptly under trout fishing in many places to a nattmalcenditions. But in more muehhigherphnethancatching H0iidayMargarige 5/$1 oo Re69 # " ee" haxd4shed areas, which means in pet gldfish except by one method: much of the country, stocking can See to it at plenty of wild trout only mean "pnt-and-ake" fishing, are relased tminjured, to grow and Sudsst  Fine Quality  Mix'era where soraebedy pus in some of spawn. ,." Shrnmp, Clams- Oysters 3/q [IpRESENTEDASibIUBtICSEIWICEJ NEWS ITEMS GIANT /  ev e I The Park Place Community Club i -IUi m :  will meet at the home of Mrs.  -.. Ernest Timpani with Pauline Law [ ] ' POWER TO CONDEMN as Co-hostess on May 3. The club  UIT$ , VEGElrABL Often we read in the papers meets at 1:30 p.m. and all Park  about property being acquired for Place ,ladies are cordially invited. AVOCADO SPECIAL ........ ........ ........ _ s, N0-00:00EGIAN e e' a highway, Or improvement of a to attend. -.. ec [ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dennis en- _ barber' r fr ther gvermnental tertained with a birthday dinner " TENDER ASPAPGUSnotedpurpses'that'andthe usuallYacquisitionit willis ac-be honoring their son Larry on Mon-. ................ ................ pound 15o $ 0'0 cemplished under the power of day, April 25. Those present were  GREEN CELERY ............................ salk 19 eminent domain, also called "con- Mr. and Mrs. David Whitfield and . X-TRA GOOD LETTUCE 2for 33(: IMPORTED demnation." daughters Debbie and Judy, Mrs. I Hattie Dennis, Mr. andMrs. I.ra,rrYat - - Rp. SARDINES o. .00vo Oenn0000 an00.00e for placed in our oonstitution two re-and family. . tty , In O,I strictions on the power of the state The S. O. S. Club  meet" ---- rocker and its municipal subdivisions to the hne of Mrs. E. J. Bloor on acquire private property by con- Friday aftor.eon, May 6 at 1 p.m. detonation. Without these two ,re- Mr. and Mrs. Claud Worrall of  "FAVORITE" CAgE MIXES .... 3 for $1.00 strictions, the vereign power to Seattle were visitors Sunday at the r7 take private property would liter- hozne of his parents Mr. and Mrs. O NEW FROSTING MIXES ............ 3 for 89 @ ally be without limitation. One limitation is that just com- ponsation must first be paid to the owner, and the second limitation is that a court must determine whether the use for which the prop- erty is sought is really a "public" use. It is just as irrrportant that the proposed use of the property be limited to what the court de- cides to be a "really public" use John Worrall. or from any receiver, or creditors, trustee or other officer of the court charged with the custody or con- trol of the property in any bank- ruptcy proceeding. It is also an of- fense under this same law for a person to make a false oath or account in relation to any bank- ruptcy proceeding. These offenses ANGEL FOOD MIX .................... pkg. 49: irving's Market KRAFT VELVEETA CHEESE Pound .......................... ! A large sum for operating eapi- as it is that the ,roe- ........ , are punished by fine or imprison- L ' tat would be unnecessary smce " " tom n  i ment, or both.  THERE IS N .... wen 3us e s t on. -- O SUBSTITUTE FOR UALITY district can msue warrants 'gamst g ...... pe ..... It has been held by the courts 1 Q FERGS CLAM NOWDER 4 for $1.00 n it is me uuty ot me courts o  SALE its current income or the payme t ........ . . that the crime of concealment of _ STARTS THURSDAY NOON " " -- O ts upon me rights oi private prop- n e of salaries and operating cos , . ' assets can be do e befor , as well  5c Sr.e : leaving the remaining credit of the eny. owners against the !nroads.of as after, bankruptcy. And it has A ......... ALL CANDY RA 1 cA.. Ao,. i district for the financing of pur- public 'bodies who seek to acquire also been held that the crime is  Rath Black Hawk-- Sklnle-- 1 lkl /%Jl^ - ............... - myra -n chase and nnprovements, it for private purposes, a continuing one until' the debtor  PRuPIIPA i IIIml . Thus the property owner is as- shall have been finally discharged   IPiHriLIIIPIII/INI IIMkqY zaPi CAL,-_,, IA/A'I'In nl|uAampR . sured that he may continue to own, or the discharge denied. W -'lnnnlklVli/kliV n ma | VS vwm=:i qwqulll.l/iq./Ne K ,$,$ possess, and use his property (for v B' Resear(:h Club Elects . ,. ". . . Not only is it an offense to con- I , - All________ 111. I..____J__.. any IaWIUL purpose) regardless ot ceal assets under this law, but it | .......... | tlhld'W ' cry '= ,w, Imeam , ulnrlcers AT zuucagy whether the state or any subdivi, is also a criminal offen- to Dan  | Iwommg Like A Good Swiss Steak I i vs,qs's #l-II lllllll qy(: Uh,n (l'il[m Iinwm sion thereof may devise a plan for s,qr .... i*h -m,o-- ,,  ,-;  i A n 1 A m  i I ';;=----: .... -- ...... ' ............... putting the property to a higher asses'" ;)ocan:t''b'a :aj'ra: A I II h m m n h Ikm@ A nm I Ill  I I _,:?-oz. ancy -- 39c Giant 42.oz. Eection of officers, a program ,or .better. economic, use than that with the" assets of a bankrupt v es-" " I IiIlili'M IuM lliJ1 I/.I Ir M.J.B. LONG GRAIN Rn._. .,.,.=" on wild flowers and dessert ..... ,.uneh- to wh,ch the owner is currently de- tate. nor can you be t e pack ratsh ' ,vttUh l|Olh Ih ili]l I I _- con highlighted the meeting of Re- voting it. Umess 'me st.ate or its helper  i IU = 'm ,[ 16-o-, search Club last Tuesday after- subdivision can prove to the satis- - " ..... ' i " Good And Choice Steer l I SNOW FLAKE C * e.,,=,,,, ..., " -- noon. The group met at the home faction of a court that it s,ee.ks to rme tte appiJseiio:ath e ]a ay | l i .,,,,,.,.o z,(: y of Mrs. Harry Bayly in lark Place. acquire the properly for a .really ' I   Newly elected officers are Mrs. public' use (and also pays just  Good And Choice Steer [ ........ O Roy Knowles, president; Mrs. Ruth compensation for. it), the owner SINCE LEXINGTON -- ..4. HWPPP aniAh a|hA un ,di P I IgtllTTlffB   _ ,,,, Smith, vice-president; Mrs. Flor- may not be deprived of it without  IiPP  _Hll@/ IlKi ill w i Oulr=    ence Streeter, secretary; and Mrs. his consent. Captain Jonas Parker was the a IkFkki vlnvnln iUgU iUn IV l -- ==== i ill L Bayly treasurer. (This column is written to in- commander of a company of Min-  " l MIIT i nil /r I The new officers will be installed form, not advise. Facts m a y ate Men. It was Captain Parker i .... 1 l][/ l  at the closing meetmg of the club change the application of the law.) who declaimed, "Stand y o u r  I Like Meat Loaf?  This Is Tops I l ,[l'lil  O year on May 24. ._ ground. Don't fire unless fired  I  n nnn ,, L l i IlliLL i i --i A "CRIMINAL" PACK RAT upon t But if they wan to have a Mrs. Margaret Bascom was in ".... , ;,, IllrnllnH Unnt qflel[ wrr,=,= / l/i _ , ,, war, le[ It I:)effln nere , . charge of the program on wild You dont have to be a Jack, " 111111111111 nl ,. _qlql/?.nk ... nn .,-- "  flowers of Washington slate, the Ripper" or "Raffles" type of And so it began on April 18, 1775,  I  lqJ  li U U U U I I h V ll I l " "" mmmn  i.O limit.    Others attending the meeting character to be a criminal nowa- the w.m" ,.for American Indelend- P  l., I/ tler da s Our Con r an ence a[lonal uuara oeseenoams were Mesdames George Bu , y. g ess d legisla- . :  . ... l Jean Tucker, Maude White, Charles tures have seen fit to bring eer- oz me. revolutlonary War rmliha , Lar,e BolD ,m,, l:c--:--- [ i .... carry me Dattle sreamers em   .--,  ,-- ,u u ,,=  -,- Woosley, Chester Bates, Rev. Ellen tin commercial transactions mto ........ " -- h AH AAIE I n= m. mm.a | t' _ W --"" I Bradley, Miss Florence Allyn and the criminal code. Consequently, a orolneren with me camgmgus ot  Kill Ill;roll Ih =lli{m/ I , . ,., [ w Miss Blanche Shannahan. business man should seek good ad- 1776-1780 -- Virginia... ,ong Is-  "" v=-vlln NUn @ l ,l'----F.l ]$r4FW --'":"WL"=.{ vice before he travels any tainted !and:.. Brandywine;.. German- W ' -- [ ('/'///]f/'//'J! - by-way.s town.. South .Carlina .. ara- _ / {,m:::/d/i'irff'?#"i fl] ' D_:__:__! 'I'..11_ For example, the Federal Bank- toga....Connecticut... Yorktown..  i Bake'em or Pan Fry'em i I O among them I[UIUIlBII IUll ruptcy law makes it a criminal of- ' " -- I  Z A 1 , " A... "" fense to knowingly and fraudu--  , unru I-rllinfl /le[|.. - - ' _ ..... || 14"AlllFnPo lenty conceal any property belong- of stone, gathered from the adja- I Ill I1 I mi mi I1. .. -,m   n nm, m Im g..m.-- l tlnn %a va zaLug,o mg to the estate of a bankru t from cent fields w vw " ' P " I -u''' u,,upu Ib.VO [innP nup uranngu O/I ourselves that ,,this was the thing eRIFT INN TAVERN { o From Young Eastern Porkers |Van" *"'fP" S/1 to do. We had been negligent and  O0 offer no.exes; the rulels clear " .pnn00 innu nnnev Va]ln les --we ,Droge It. i vn Beween Monroe and Snohomish" I O n LvIn| nv@z nu,  [i ...... . "gE,E H I100,0., $/19sl; - 6OLD HEDAL Too Late To Classi Dancln ve venln - . We e 00 0cker eats00 4 J MONDAY FRIDAY---Juke Box Mus, I -- _ -- . _ _ il / I _ HOME THRIIT SHOP wil cunts * o g[ 2S Pounds cU.esy:. TddTIl 1 erehMs; J SATURDAY EVENING..-.. Elmer on Elect,@ [, Custom Cutt,n s Our Busmess II ........................ 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