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April 3, 1925     Monroe Historical Society
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April 3, 1925

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THE MONROE MONITOR CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MONROE INDEPENDENT JANUARY 5, 1923 TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAI MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASHINGTON FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1925 NU•dld:, 3 BASEBALL TO HAVE BIG SEASON County Organization To Be Effected that May Bring 8 Teams Into Play. To be Call- ed Snohomish Co. League. According to the preliminaries to the baseball season it begins to look as if .we were ta have what will be known as the Snohomish County League, if plans come through• This organization to include com- munities outside of Everett, which is now in a league organization. The places contemplated to, be brought within the pale of such collaboration for a fine season&apos;s play are the cities af Arlington, EdmondS, Granite Falls, Marysville, Monroe, Mukilteo, Sno- homish and Sultan• A preliminary meeting was held at Snoh.omish Sund'ay afternoon and considerable encouragement seemed to be lent to the idea and Monroe and Snohomish were representd at this informal gatheri, ng. Another meeting is set for next Sunday in the same town and at wiich time au effort will be made to induce representative men of the Vowns named to be present• From all accounts this should be the best year in baseball Monroe has ever known, it begins to look so, and we hope things will mature so that the national summer pastime in the way of sport will be really worth while. Monroe has already raised a sum of money to finance the aggrega- tion at the start, provi,d for new uniforms and permit of procuring many other things needed. The park has been leased for another season, rental for which has been paid up so in that respect the club is well fore- handed; they own a good grand- stad that cost considerable to build. A meeting of the local club was had last Monday evening and the sea- son's operations discussed from many angles and which is a good thing, as it will mean a deliberate course of action preceding the command that will dome in due time---play ball! TREATING OF . SEED POTATOES I ------- Snohmni'h county farmers plan- ning on puttimg in either a few pota- toes or a field for commercial pur- poses, should be sure to take all necessary care in planting seed as free from disease as possible. There are several diseases to be avoided,: scab, mosaic, blight, rhizoctonia and others• Mosaic and allied' diseases ca best be handled from securing seed from tick, s which were known to have been free from the disease last year• Scab can be avoided, to some extent, by planting the crop n ground which has not been in pota- toes too often before. Scab is a dis- ease. the germs of which live in the soil, thus if the same ground is planted to potatoes three or four years in succession, oae is very apt to be bothered very much with this disease• One should also be very careful not to plant scabby seed. Rhizoctonia and scab may be cn- trolled by seed treatment with cor- rosive sublimate. In preparing the seed• (1) wash the tubers as free from dirt as possible and (2) keep damp by covering with heavy quilts or sacks fog 24 to 48 hours. This starts the growth o disease germs, making the treatment more effective. In treating small lots of potatoes, dissolve 4 ounces of corrosive sub- limate in 1 quart of very ho water, in a glass jar, earthenware, crock or wooden pail. Pour this into the treat- ing vat or barrel and add enough cold water to make 30 gallons of solution. Immerse the potatoes in the solution either loose or in wooden crates. (Do not use burlap sacks) Soak the first lot 1½ hours; the second lot 1 hours; the third lot 2 hours; the fxmrth lot 2½ hours, then discard the solution. It is often convenient to MONROE MOOSE LODGE GROWING The Moose herd in Monroe has been enhanced at a meeting of the order held in their temple in the Grange hall, Monroe, last Tuesday evening when 23 new members were initiated into the mystics .of that order and' which was folio,wed by a dance and supper, all of which was very finely carried out. Incidental to this somewhat un- usual meetilng was a report of the district meeting held in Seattle on March 30th at which big gathering, 'and which includoc Moose all the way d'own the line from Vancouver, B. C., to Portland, Monroe was re- presented by R. I. Case and N. C. Larson. secrtary and dictator respec- tively. These gentlemen made a fine report upon this great gather- ing, clne of the most notabIe in, the history of Moosedom on this coast, heI, in the Moose temple and follow- ed by a banquet at the Olympic hotel• Longvew--Longview, Portland & Northern railroad runs first train over Ryderwood line. Bellngham -- Steamer "Susan Maersk" takes cargo of box shooks for Mexico. AUTO CLUB OF WASHINGTON Making Awards to Persons Who Aid in the Arrest And Conviction of Hit-and- Run Driver. o Seattle, March 31.--Martin Nor- gaurd, Seattle, was the first recipi- ent of the $50 reward offered; by the Automobile Club of Washington to any person givhg testimony re'suit- ing in the arrest and conviction of a hit-and-run driver. Norgaurd saw one A. E. Scott run dorn a crippledt newsboy, secured his number after a chase, and reportec the d'etalls to the police, who auprehended the of- fender shortly after. Scott was later convicted on Nor- gaurd's testimony on the double charge o£ driving while dunk and hitting and running, and is "mw serv, ing a jail sentence. The presentation of the reward was made by Mayor Edwr J. Brown', of Seattle. Others present at this brief ceremony were Mrs. .'Henry Landes, president of the Seattle city council, J. W. Maxwell, presi, ent of the Automobile Club of Washington, and Worth McClure, as- sistant superintendent of Seattle schools. The Automobile Club reward offer still stands and applies to any hit- and-rim driver conviction anywhere in the territory in which it operates. "We wish we might be called on to pay the reward in every hit-and- run case," President Maxwell de'- clared at the time the first reward was paid. "There have been many since the reward was first offered, but only two er three actual cases are pending. I want to urge again that pdestrians and motorists alike keep their eyes open for hit-and-run drivers and report them immediately to the authorities. We shall be mighty glad to pay the reward when the case is decided." CARRIERS OF DISEASES Careful Habits will Prevent It in Great Part if Always Observed. Personal Hygiene Important Factor. tioner L..E• Knutson'. and Monroe for such. purposes, and within •easy  Francis Jellioua ........ 39 37 - 76 residents interested in the case. The reaching distance from the business ]Joe Aoril 42 42 defend'ant, the state alleges, gave center• Following is the score: E A "Brow .............. 47 37 84 liquor to three Monroe grade school Laizure ........................................ 24 23 Vv;eston ............ 42 26 68 boys, two ef whom were ten years I Startup ...................................... 23 14]Chris Viers" ........... 30 30 old and the third thirteen. The act Hedrick ............................ 20 19tA J Broughton ....... 40 .... 4b • . - • .  ............ was said to have taken lace on I Ulmch 22 19 T Vana.dlan 2R _ p .......................................... o • __ .......................   March 15. IByr°n .......................................... 17 19 On March 16, the boys, accordinglZook ......... : ................................ 17 14 tlt ttmWVTT 6$ttlva, to Roscoe, returned to the McNaly Broughten .................................. 15 17 W|||| M|[]'- ||||t['" place and took four gallons' of liquor Stephens .................................... 12 13 ||]] [I|l][l| I||]l which they are said to have found'Liles ............................................ 14 18 ............... near the house• They secured the -- _D ]I r]rl]]T aid. of two other boys with a car. Chane in Auto Firm FI|R 11111 /rKl/lll to take the alleged liquor into Men-i mh Xluei r ..........  L-tk fllJLkl'lJll r,oe. One boy is said to have sold  ". "'.  .... --,:,v-,,z -* I ooom .f- the li-uor. about the cit• , pveret nas purcnaseo me Stave • The two older boys with the car Chevrolet companr and hereafter this W]|.. ......... qvn _._..r..l f-d'__. were arrested. One of them was firm will, be known as the Nugent ....... fined $25 and the other, a high .hevrolet Co Mr Nun i on -f OI agles ecremry a no- school boy, given a suspended sen-I - " "  ..... CHARGED WITH SHARP SHOOTING o. • TO PETITION THE GIVING LIQUOR AT THE TRAPS members of the Mo.m:oe Rifle p fi hPPA P'1T club have been busy on the local rifle 1, U. I)llllil l'llail 1 range for some time on their Sunday morning shos and some very good To Grade School Lads 10 Laizure Again Captures High marksmanship is already the result Elongation of Mail Route No. l with promises for much better seer-   ..... c ..... -,. z>.;^ and 13 Years of Age. In Record. Entire Array Make,. . . , , -,,u, ,L. ,. • rag, which wall undoubtedly come/ Meshes of Law. Monrovians Good Scores; Crowd Not so with the greater practice. It from Second to First The score sheet herewdth shows up ....  .... Interested in Case Large as Usual. lpretty well0 rnd to have a correct I ulass; tvloorlzlng £. understanding of the qualification I But nine gun's were in action last lo f the riflemen as such is explained InformatioI charging Mrs. Sherley Sun'day, smashing the bluerocks, but lby statign that each distance pro- Saturday afternoon a number of what was lacking in the way of en-lv; for a ten round a and a no i m v • - o .... --- McNaly of Monroe with contributing tr es was ode up cry finely m[sible five for each of these ten shots ranchers met at the postoffice to to the delinquency of minor children the quality of the shooting, with or for th ewnt iftv wa, ln h,  consi&er ways and means to secure through the sale of alleged liquor Paul Laizure leading s.7.^- ".:-.;,-- ....... • ,t x  u. truy s score: a number of extensiom to route 1, was flied in superior court Wednes- While E. M. Stephens shows the 500 vds 600 vdsTotal which have been desired for some day moning by C. T. Roscoe, prose- lowest score on the list, it will be lc. A. Carlson .......... .. 41 34 75 time. At least one cf these exten- well to remember that he shot a ILester Br .... h ÷- ua a sions would probably have been cuter. Bail bond has been placed at 20-guage gun. The mankgement, we[w j Raboin 37 37 $800 by the court• . . --s ..-...::::  :::: oo granted several months ago but for Charges against Mrs. McNaly, it understand, contemplates remcing[H. H. Morgan ............ 24 34 58 a peculiarity in the law as it stands. W. Jellison 44 49 93[This particular extension would have was stated, fellow inquiry into the to other grounds if such suitable can I R ............ case conducted by Roscoe, Proba- be secured reasonably well located i. J. Broughton ............ 26 26 made the route a little ..)vr 40 mies tence. Another was committed to[ the state training school and es- caped Monday evening from the pro- bation office while awaiting the ar- rival of a guard. The other boys hae been released pending good be- havior. Monroe school officials, Mayor E. T. Bascom, Police Judge Gustin and other prominent residents of Monroe are aiding the county officials in the case. Eight wiVnesses are endorsed on the state's information• ! We quote from the Everett Herald of April 1st this deplorable instance of well nigh total depravity, is a se- quel to the several instances of petty t-'hieving and housebreaking that has! been going on in Monroe latterly. TUBERCULOSIS And How to Eradicate It From Our Dairy Herds. Campgain Started in This the very successful automobile men o the county, having the distribu- tion of the Chevrolet car for Sno- homish and Island counties. The lo- cal management will continue under the direction of J. I. Hopper, who has spent the past ten years in the automobile business. This new con- necti.on of the local Nugent Chevro- let will make it very convenient in many ways for the firm, and for the public, in the way of service. On page seven of this issue you will fine an announcement from this new firra. A GOOD TI00E Troop One of Monroe Meets For Business and Pleasure. and Find Plenty of Both to homish Disappears denly From Home. Sud- Temporarily deranged by the al- leged prolonged use of moonshine liquor, Herb Halterman, secretary of the Eagle lodge and former mere- long. But the law recognizes two classes of rural routes and ,no others. A "hvrse drawn vehicle route" may be any length from 6 to 36 miles, but not more than 36 miles. A "mo- tor vehicle rout" may be any length from 5 to 75 miles, but not less than 50 nor more than 75 miles• A 40- mile route has no recognition in law at all. But our route 1, although i fact serve,c by a motor vehicle, is, so far as the department is concern- ed, a "horse drown vehicle route ' and so cannot exceed 36 miles• For some time I have been trying to see where we could get a 50-mile route, so that we could apply for a "motor vehicle route," and I believe that we have at last a route a litle over 50 miles in length which will meet the approval of the department. How- ever, in order to secure it, we must go to work as though it was an en tirely new route, and presen't a peti- tion siguaed by a majority of all the heads of families concerned, and so, at the meeting last Saturday, the territory was divided up among the ranchers present to secure the signa- tures for the petition. Hence a large number of the patrons on route 1 ,ber of the city council, disappeared wilt shortly be asked to sign a peti- Tuesday of last week and has ,not tion, which will be of no possible dis- b ........ is advantage to them a.nd will help a een neara o since• l-riot o n . . . .. - . . _ " - " .... - "-- t lo oI oner rancners wno wan rurva ueparuve, ne is sal(1 o nave nrea - f eliv,, ened the city marshal and members  Let'me sa this Th new rou'e of his family with a revolver. [as nroosed Ynclude h .... '* On complaint of Mrs. Halterman, I rout xactl as it  is'at resent . he was arrested by Marshal Merse .............  ..... v ' . . . .. ,, , _every IooI oz I, ann a<is some new onuay mgn nairman was a t .___•. . .. ..... • . "- .. . . territory lg WUl nog neoesslmze that time in the luv caxe, anu the mow of a si le box nor ........ " " " I" ; rrg .... ng , any threatened Morse wath his pinto, a ,',hnao b', ha n,',mK,,- ,-,€ *,,-,xr hnv 45 calibre automatic. Morse led him i exce'ti'-a' " ......... Z" -"'. .... • " " I p n iew cases wnere patrons outside the bmldmg and there Hal .... ..... wlll wash to change their boxes to terman turnet over ms gun. rte __, ._ _.._ _ • , . -. • ..... . . _ . ,g ze oever service orrere. ne was placea m Jail :I or saleKeelng [n|v dlfCm-no ;ll ha *!t .o ^* and released the following mormng .-u ....... ; ..... - t, tr ]yo Wlll De servea a lib;toe laver in after a consultation oeween viayor eh d,, ,,,, ,a o.; ..^, Lincoln and Marshal Morse That ...... ' . .... Y ........... • ........ .... • ]cover 50 miles in the same time as afterncon he msappearetl / • he can cover 30, but your mail will Members of the Eagle lodge are reach the office in plenty of time now conducting an audit of the books to catch the same dispatch that it of the order preparatory to holding has always ha& County. Cooperate. The campaign to eraddeate loviae tuberculosis from the dairy herds of Snohomish county started last Mon- day morning in earnest. Two testers are at wrk in the county. Dr. Walter Fergerson. of the state department of agriculture, is working in the northern part, specifically in the north fork, above Arlington. Dr. R. A. Parsons, of the U. S. bureau of animal industry, is working in the southern part around Sultan, Monroe districts. Applications for the test have been mailed to every dairyman whose name the county agent's office could get. Approximately 1500 have Keep an Evening Aglow. Last Wednesday evening the Boy Scouts of troop one had a very inter- an election for the office of secretary. It will ao,t be completed for several days yet, according to A. W. Redick. It was rumored that Percy Trubshaw and William Mere are among those who are running for the office. Mrs. Halterman and the four esting meeting with a surprise con- children are at the home of her par- " " T " was I ents on loute four--Snohomish Trib- neeted with t• ..he meeting .tune conducted under the usual method l " until the time arrived that the bosl ....   -T-'-'- • DelLlngnam--iwo szeamers eacn usually play some kind of games, "ltake 4,000 Vons of box shocks to then instead' of starting a game, [ Aobo , ....  ....... . Bob Hayes took a piece of chalk and' ............................. " began making little crosses in one Castle Rock--County will spen& place and another on the floor. $6,000 an Washburn Hill road ix> Then he told the boys that there I serve coal mines. was to be a kn'ot tying and equip- ment race and that any fellow who STATE BOARD had completed his tenderfoot "work was eligible to enter. been mailed out. A large number Well, the contest was put on with of these have been returned, or the _ ^€ o,. €÷ €, h o- nerct has aeen tested recently• row- chamuionshiu (It was too bad, but ever, a few have failed to return i the rest ofhe-bo.ys were not sure their application There are a few • " " • "Iof one er two of the knots, so could possibly, who have not received' a]no enter.) I blank• If so, they .shoutd .wr,te to I Things went quite hot and lively, I me counzy agen at once m,firs t one was ahead and then he l to take advantage of the testmg lwould forget how to tie a knot and! when the tester s in the community t • " ' " someone would pasts him up amid ARNOLD Z. SMITH, the cheers of the onlookers. i Count Agent. The result of the final contest was Emery Johnson first champion and rogram in Tualco Hall Richard Trembly, .second champion OF HEALTH Says the Best Guarantee Against Smallpox is to be Vaccinated About Every Four Years. This letter is published' so that you will understand the situation mad will n)t neefl to waste time fer a lot of oxplanations when you are asked for your signatures. ARTHUR BAILEY, Postmaster. Ole From Minnesota Ole from Minnesota• the famous come&inn and his company of enter- tainers who made such a remarkable hit at Snohmnish where they appear- ed Wednesday, March 25th at Brown's theatre, have made arrange- ments to entertain with the regular show, followed with a dance, at the Community hall, Monroe, Thursday, April 9th. under the auspices of the American Legion. This will be an opportunlty for those who could, not see this unusual performance when in Snohomish. In introducing Ole, AI Lindjord, his mwnager, states tha he was born in the land of the midnight sun, and is a direct descendant of Magnus Barfer, king of Norway and Dalsland, years 1093 to 1103 A. D. Although Ole is of rcya! birth he lays no claim to the crown o£ Nor- way. The comedian, when asked hc.w . does he know where he was bern, This (Friday) evening, April 3rd, knot tyer of troop one. The boys answers without hesitating: "Ay use 2 barrels (40-50 gallons) ad place them on a platform about 1 foot from the grotmd. Bore holes at the bottom of the barrels and cork them up. When the potatoes in the first barrel have soaked the required time draw off the solution and pour it over the potatoes in the scond barrel. Dry the treated tubers at once in dffused light, but never in direct sunlight. Different equipment' may be arranged for treating larger lots. Cortxmive sublimate is a deadly poison when ,taken ternally but it does not injure the skin. Do not use treated tubers for food. For further information regarding ...... o^_,,, A-ril 2 While there is ta*nk ay know, ay beer, dere when it Seattle, April 2.--What is a car- "II be 'iven in the Tualco are looking lorwara o a series oz , P "-- hntr. " a rogram wa . . ---.----• rier? This question is frequently Grange hall bytlepupils of the meets with troop two in varmus con- comparatively little smallpox m, Ole keeps you on the "yump" con- teszs oI scoulng, and are saying, asked by. people who have been in TuaIco school .which. promises to be ,, . , ,, Washington, the disease is prevalent [ stantlv from one lauho to the next.. Bring em o  , , contact with inhtheria or tvnhoid a very entertaining and social treat.  .- "- ........ in the United States with some iand A1 says, ff you don t laugh when -" " " " " e 1o tne parents anc irtenos ox zne   .... There will be ro admission charg ............... , .............. :-- * rr a"l  you see Ole you had better o a :<t xever patients. n rnai hin, raised bv th aid ooys, we exena a neary Invitation vzruzut, c%., acuu,;,,  . .- I s your doctor • • - ...... "" ........  .... " - - visi he tree meetin s d look A. Turner, mrectov el tne state ue- - ........ . . A carrier m a person m whom the of the fish pond an4 the other fen- to . t t • p -g ....... ,,., ,€ ho,lh A=  ..... ohi J Ole has appeared, in all the prm- erms causing certain mfectmus dis- tures of the carmval, and whmh Wall ...... . ..... , o,da.t n, m,, , cpal citxes ofl Amerma. He has play- ........ and hsten m on me WOTK OI me noys. , v------,, ............... , ......  .... senses nersist- long after the illness be used to purchase playground'[ T.ney oeserve your neay suppor, u_Ty?y_._:2.2....,,:.. LZ*ff_Y-ZT.: ed twelve engagements in Seattle this • •  • " 1 aa ix you Wall nly ry vo nna ou everyn u sz  wuu u ,, . . 1€  -ver according- ÷o Dr Paul equmment and to help the schoo  ............................. i season, and s stud to be the only ':.'  , . o.: . ",  .t - .  I jus¢ wna l is na[ interests me veen vacclnae recenuy m  vac-lna;..  ..... a4 ... ....... • :e- llDr r lun<t . • • ,, a,.,,v,,,, ,, ,-,, w,, c,:,, ,:,,.- Turner uxrecor oz me sate u a y • , ..... " bos in the Scout work, you will created or revaccmated as. a precau- , ..... 2_ . * -* oan however it is  t ., __ . . . .. leraln an emerlcan auolence. v ........  ....... , , doubtless find yourself inverese. mnary measure, P arl " • i " not always necessary t have had ]MONROE GETS ] . ....................... I As *here i  a mild form of small I aul C sn, premle accord ernst, • • has been a great favorite in Seattle the symptoms of a disease to become I NEW ATTORNEY I  ,pox in Vancouver, B C., the surgeon i ........ a carrier of it. If exposed to cer-J  J  :___ m__ [general of the Unit'e@ States public[wnere, ne nas pzayeo several tames tain diseases, persons who have a [ qh,,,,A,a P Wdnl  ,qnl -c [ 2]k illVOI' 1 I __, ..... " h ..... a +--t no I over ne rattle as welt as a ne new natural lmmumty to that disease m..ay ] credited member of the King county l The silver tea given at the M. E. I one can enter the United States un- I Olmrmnh:teLasterful resentation picl uy and. naror me germs wm-bar ' has come to Monroe to reside I church hall Wednesday afternoon, lless they have been vaccinated with- of Paderewski's Min-et,  : o out truing (slcz ann. so necome car- I and to engage n the practice of his [ was a very well attended and charm- I in one year. As a result of this Poet ann Peasont "nw-+';r ] a': riers, lamOraOrYnsteScSoan aaVtYmS I profession. He has purchased the J ing affair• , The program ven oy I order and vaccination requirements chal:m lovers of music an'dhs og =- made f pe . . g J property, 305 south Madiso street, I Mrs. Sprau s expresskm c ass was' in Vancouver, it is expected that the inal reed'lee of ,o-ular Americ diphtheria or typhoid .... m order to ] wherein he and Mrs. Randal are oet- decidedly well rendered, each number nid'emic will be controlled within . . .. .... v v prevent the possibility of releasing I toUSle (lellgnl;s all ring settled Mr Randal and Mr E being imteresing. The lunch was the next two or three weeks i from quaramtine those who might tT" Bascom will cupy the same suite very nicely served and very appe,- Vaccination is the only preventa-J ..- :- - of offices, will practice in association, tizing. Mesdames Shipp, DeFeyter tire for smallpox. Whenever the I va88 U,I.UD meeting this subject write to the county agent's office for extension bulletin No. 112. ARNOLD Z. SMITH, County Agent. Funds for School Districts Recent apportionments of state funds brought to district No. 103, Monroe, $1041.02, and to district No. 311, $1645.24. To the Tualco school, district No. 7, $118.19, to the Ben Howard school, district No, 104, $37.96 and to the Wagner school, district No. 40, $289.42. Seattle  Steamer Port Angeles 'floated from Sandy shoal at Jeffer- son Head. ........................... be carriers. While it is possible to become a though the business of each will be and Sprau are to be congratulated number of cases and daths from The regular meeting of the Vasa carrier of other dseases than typhoid wholly separate and independ'ent, no for its success as well as the society smallpox appreciably increase, it in- club "Siljan" took place at the home fever and diphtheria, it does nz)t oc- eo-partmership, yet in mu/mal co-op- under which auspices it was planned dicates that vaccnlation and revac- of Mrs. O. Olson, n Wednesday, cur frequently. To guard against eration. The Monitor welcomes Mr. and carriexl out. cination have been neglected, Dr. iarch 1st with a large number of becoming infected in this way or and Mrs. Randai to Monroe. --- I Turner points out. It is not suffi- members present. There were also against spreading disease to others, Quite a radical chage in the time cient that a person have one suc- the following visitors pesemt: Mes- careful habits of personal hygiene The noonday luncheon of the busi- af the Skykomizh local o the G. N..  cessful vaccination. To be assured dames P. Johnson and C. Hartquist, should be always observed, ness men of loroe will be held eastward becomes effective next protection from the disease, a person Mrs. Jhnson an Miss Johnson. After next Tuesday. April 7th, at theMonday, April 6th. See the official should be vaccinated about every meeting, a delicious lucheo was Ferndale--$16,000 bond issue voted Savoy cafe. The city cou, ncil will announcement of these time. changes five years. If a person is immune served by the hostess,! Th'e nxt for construction of water filtration hold a regular session Wednesday, elsewhere in this issue of tl&e Mni- because of a previous vaccination, meeting will be at the home of Mrs. phn April 8eh at eight o'clock. , to. later vaccination will not "take." E. Holmback of Wagner mill district,