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March 1, 1912     Monroe Historical Society
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March 1, 1912

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L la !  rr -- Iords, they have uncovered various Monroe --------- -- -- ------------lvlorl l[or=lransrlD [ practices that are not calculated to pro- mote the best interests of the several TABLISHED 1898 - REPUBLICAN IN POLITICS communities. Where shortages have PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT MONROEJWASIINGTON H. D. MATTHEWS, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER Entered at the Postoffice at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter Sulcription Price in Snohomish County .......................... $1.00 a Year " " Outside of the . " .......... ::. ............ $!.50 a Year i Subscribers will take notice that the date to which their subscriptions are paid are printed with the addresses. If any mistake is made in the dates kindly call the attention of the paper to it so that proper correction can be made. ADVERTISING RATES ON APPLICATION The Progressive Situation Is the wave of progressivism that is now sweeping the country to rise still higher and tear away the political rub: bish that litters the shore of politics, or is it soon to recede like the Populist movement, like the Greenback wave, like the reform movements that pre- ceded the War of '61? The answer must be found in the at- titude of its leaders. If they value per- sonal and present success in-the get- Ling of offices rather than the abiding results that come from a battle for principle; if they hedge, and trim, and compromise; if they doubt their vision and select candidates who will give the shadow of reform where the people de- mand the substance, then this wave of reform will recede, and those who rode upon its crest to popularity and near- success will be forgotten. If, on the other hand, the leaders of the move- ment know and interpret the will of the people; if they hew a clean" line of division between their principles on the one hand and the specious doctrine of compromise on the other, so that no reactionary will dare to straddle the gap, they will succeed. And not un- 1 they do this. To paraphrase the words of a pro- gressive of another day "No party can exist half progressive and half reac- tionary; it will soon become all one thing or all the other," The line of cleavage between the progressive and reactionary camps in the two old par- ties is absolute, clean down thru the foundation structure. The Republican prty must throw out its place seek- e'. s and job-holders, its revenue states: man and its politicians for pie, it must oemm to live in its past, or it will cease to live at all. The Democratic party, with a chance for national victory be- fore it, its feet wallowing in the trough of the national treasury, has before it the same chance for life in the future, or the same destruction. Meanwhile the politicians straddle and: balance, like acrobats in the edge of a crater. The people themselves are sound-- their political sense is not corrupt. They are tired of delay. They will have reform! Shall it be given them by these self-appointed -leaders. of the Iwogresaive movement, or. must they take the initiative, march out of the okl parties, write a new platform that "God meant the Nation for the peo- ple," and so win? .- Progressivism that is tied to party must fail. Those who believe in prog- are today in a large majority, but party faction serves to divide their strength and delay their victory. Either the leaders within the two old parties must destroy the reactionary machines that now control, or else they must submit and be beaten, or, as the 6hal and apparantly the only i,a!terna- Cimmberlain's Cough Remedy the Most Popular Because it is the Best "I have sold Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for the past eight years and find it to be one of the best selling med- icines on the market. For babies and young children: there is nothing better in the line of cough syrups," says Paul Allen. Plain Dealing, La. This remedy not only cures the coughs, colds an4 croup so common among young children, but is pleasant and safe for them to take. For saleby all dealers. THIS COUPON is good for $1.00 Worth of S,&H Green Trading Stamps Free If you use it with a purchase of 50c or over with the following merchants: R. W. Thompson, H. H. Weller, w. E. Mansfield, McGowan, Milwaukee Bakery or Monroe Shoe Repairing Company. tive they n u3t get together for the cause that is larger than parties, and appeal to the people--who will answer. The time for decision has come.--F. S. 8r H. Don't Do It The man who wants to belittle him- self in the estimation of his friends and fellow townsmen (and of himself as well) can surely do so by seeking re- venge for any and all real or fancied wrongs and slights. In Short, to "get even" with his neighbor. To every public question there are two sides-- one right, one wrong. To every mis- understanding the rule holds good. You may honestly think that someone has really wronged you, yet nine times out of ten, when all the facts are known, the "other fellow" is also sure that you have not treated him just right. In the courts of the land are daily started legal proceedings that will for all times embitter the lives of those who are the parties thereto. In a great majority of these cases a cool head, wise counsel, a littlo yielding and a lit- tle "taklin' it over" would have saved all these heartaches. This done, many times it would be found that no wrong or harm was ever intended. Sometimes the close friends of many years have been driven apart simply because some thoughtless person or malicious meddler has let his tongue wag. The wrong done, and the busybody is too cowardly or too proud to go around and mend the serious wrong he has done. Too often these separations come from matters plitical. Too often we believe the "campaign lie," when told about a friend and neighbor. Let us not con- demn before going to the "other fel- low!' and calmly and dispassionately iearn first hand the real facts. Life is too shortto spemt it:in hate, quarrels and pett3 bickeHngs. No man can af- ford to warp and shrivel his own soul simply to "get even/'--Ritzville Jour- nal-Times. The State Board of Accountancy is having a helpful influefice to correct minor mistakes, in all parts of the state. By checking over public rec- A GREAT DISCOVERY, Ceel. i,g.dt*.ts vhat"a*a.y P- mote Hair Growth When Prop- , " erly Combined. Resorcln is one f;the most effective germ destroyers ever discovered by cience, and :in connection with Beta Napthol, which isfloth germicidal and antiseptic, a combination " is formed which destroys the germs which rob the hair of lf natural nourishment, and als() creates a clean, healthy condi- tion of the scalp, which prevents the development of new germs. Pitocarptn, although not a coloring matter or dye, is a well-known ingre- dient for restorfng the hair to its nat- ural color, when the loss of hair has been caused by a disease of the scalp. Thes ingredients In proper comblna- ti0n, with alcohol added as a stimulant and for its well-defined mourishing properties, perfect perhaps the most ef- fective remedy_ that is known {or scalp and hair troubles. We "have a remedy which is chiefly composed o these ingredients, in com- bination with other extremely inval- uable medicinal agents. We guarantee It to positively Cure dandruff and to grow hair, even though the scalp In spots is bare of hair. If there is any vtallty" left in the roots, it will positive Lj, cure baldness, or we will refund ,our money. If the scalp has a glazed, shiny appearance, it's an indication that baldness Is permanent, but in oth- er instances .we believe baldness la cur- able. We want every one troubled with 9calp disease or loss of hair to try Rexall "93" Hair Tonic. If if: does not cure dandruff and grow hair to the sat- Isfaction of the user, we will without question or quibble return every cent paid US for it. We print this guarantee on every bottle. It has effected a posi- tive cure in 93% 0 cases where put to a practical test. Rexall "93" Hair Tonic is entirely unUke, and We think, in every particu- lar, better than anything else we know of for the purpose for which it t prescribed. We urge you to try this preparation at our entire risk. Certainly we know of no better guarantee to give you. Renhem- beT, you can obtain Rexall Remedies only at our store--The Rexall Store. CAKP BROS. Dau Co. been discovered, these are not often due to bad motives, but rather grow out of un-business like methods. The Board is doing all that it can to stan- dardize municipal and county book- keeping, so that adequate comparisons can be made and one county or city can learn from the experiences of another. The Yakima Republic remarks: "The voice of the people should be heard. The people should rule. The question naturally arises, however, were the people of Seattle right when they spoke against Hi Gill a year ago or when they spoke for him Tuesday and, in any event, do they ever expect to get any- where by such erratic conduct?" Redemption fund with U. RJddJllg lh8 Lawlls s Treasurer (5 per cent. of circulation) of Dandelion Paoli ToA /I]0| LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in - Experiment Station Gives Best Methods of Doing it Professor R. Kent Beattie, botanist at the State College and Experiment Station has prepared the following statement as an answer to many re- quests for information as how to combat dandelions in lawns: The common dandelion is on the in- crease as a pest in the lawns of Eastern Washington. It is a very hard plant to eradicate. It perpetuates itself by a large, feshy root which is difficult to kill and this must be removed before one can get rid of the plant. A very common method is to dig out as much of the root as possible with a long, heavy knife, or with a tool called a spud, and then put a few drops of coal oil on the cut surface of the roots. In many cases the coal oil kills that part of the root which remains. It is, how- ever, not perfectly successful. Some persons have tried sulphuric acid on the roots. This is a difficult thing to handle for it is very injurious to the hands and to the person. It usually kills the dan- delion roots, but in some cases they es- cape. Recently a good many people have tried spraying for dandelions, and this is recommended by some. The method used is to make a solution of iron sul- phate, two pounds to one gallon of water. Apply this to the lawn with a spray pump so that it will make a fine mist. Some people put half an ounce of sulphuric acid in each gallon of the spray. In any event, all this spray can do is to kill the tops. If, however, one should begin in the spring and kill the tops with the spray and then repeat the process as often as new ones appear, one ought in time to get rid of the roots by starving them out. The spray does little or no injury to lawn grass and clover. It sometimes blackens the ed- ges of the leaves a little, but the dam- age is never serious. From the stand- point of cheapness and ease of applica- tion at least, this is probably the best method in fighting the dandelion. JOSEPH V. BIRD LAWYER Notary Public 406 American Bank Bldg. Everett, Wn. C. H. Graves LAWYER Practice in All Courts. Abstracts Ex- amined and Legal Papers Care- fully Drawn. Office over Monroe National Bank MONROE, - WASH. Bascom & Paulson ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Bascom-Hallan Building Monroe, - Wash. E. P. Walker ATTORNEY-AT-LAw Insurance and Real Estate OPPOSITE MONROE NAT'L BANK VONROE, WASH. G. :F. Cook Attorney at Law Real Estate and Insurance In Ferguson Building. MONROE. WASH E. W. Cox, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office in residence on Lewis street, opposite Monroe Livery Barn. Monroe, Wash. Stryker & Badgley DENTISTS Office: 1)OLLOFF BUILDING Monroe Washington Dr. John Moulton DENTIST Offices; DOLLOFF BLDG. Monroe Washington (No. 9372) Report of the Condition of The first National Bank at Monroe, in the state of Washington, at the close of business, February 20th, 1912. RESOURCES Loans and discounts - $117,234.23 Overdrafts, secured and un- secured 280.43 U. S. Bonds to secure cir- culation - 7,000.00 Other Bonds to Secure U: S. Postal Savings - 1,000.00 Bonds, Securities, etc. 46,786.47 Banking house Furniture and Fixtures 2,000.00 Due from National Banks, (not reserve agents) 35,743.73 Due from approved Re- serve Agents 39.508.34 Checks and other Cash Items - - 102.76 Exchange for Clearing House 226.18 Fractional Paper Curren- cy, Nickles and Cents - 56.40 Lawful Money Reserve in Bank, viz: Specie $13,441.50 Legal-tender notes 25.00 13.466.50 Surplus fund - Undivided Profits, less Ex- penses and Taxes paid National Bank Notes out- standing Individual deposits subject to check Demand certificates of de- posit - - Time certificates of deposit rtified chocks Postal Say rigs Deposits, 350.00 $263,755.04 $25,000.00 20,000.00 3,938.46 7,000.00 170,340.91 9,337,90 27,994.17 45.00 98.60 TOTAL $263,755.04 State of Washington, County of Sno- homish, ss: I, W. E. Waddell, cashier of the above named bank. do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. W. E. WADDELL, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 27th day of February, 1912. Z. A. VANASDLEN, Notary Public. CORRECT--Attest: E. M. STEPHENS, S. A. BUCK, J. C. FALCONER, Directors. t . J. BARTELS UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER (LIcENsE NO. 76) Sunset 1173 Ind. 479 Castle flail :: " Monroe todoe -:f  V.':- .. Meets every Tuesday evening In Pythian ttall. All visiting Knights cordially invited to attend. U.S. BUCK, C. C. J. W COEAN. K. of R. & S. S00anson Co. : GROCERY Live Dealers in Food Supplies for the Home Full Weight and Fair Treatment. This Store Has a Repu- tation for Clean Business Watch for Special Bargain Days i ============================== ::::v.=;:.=:::=$ F[fllltlZ[fl F[flTILIl[R F[RTILI/[fl Farm Chemistry teaches the fact that Nitrogen is the element most largely needed in the young growing period of vege- table life. Nitrate of Soda carries its nitrogen in a form immediately available to plants. 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