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February 27, 1975     Monroe Historical Society
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February 27, 1975

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~iii t MONROE, SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WASH.- THURS., Vehicular traffic on U.S. 2 is booming. A recent State Department of Highways traf- u "7' 7- fic survey on U.S. 2 near Skykomish shows that I " u n I the1974volumecount, has increased 7.3 per cent over the The count was the average for a day in the month of last January. The average volume marl per a January day was 1,143 vehicles ~ '74 as compared to 1,277 for an average day this past January. Second reading of an ordinance to govern Elsewhere, the Department of Highways found gambling and levying a tax thereon was givenby that the January, 1975, traffic volumes on the the Monroe City Council when they met here entire state highway system were 1.7 percent last evening. The proposed statute, designed to higher than in January, 1973, the last normal control undesirable gambling here rather than as Thieves, apparently traffic volume year. a revenue producing measure, will be up for hungry, ripped off the The January report showed that traffic eel- final council consideration and possible pass-food locker at the Malt- umes were 8.2 percent higher than volumes in age March 12, the council's next regular sesston, by Elementary School January, 1974. It is important to remember According to Mayor Grace Kirwan, thepropos- last Monday night, that January, February, and March, 1974 were ed gambling law would have little effect on com- According to Principal the months when traffic volumes were much munitygambltng activittes, however it will serve Roy Harding, the cul- below 1973 traffic volumes because the fuel to control and contain undesirable gambling, prits made five forced shortage restricted travel. Monitor's Nellie Flying F Ranch ramrod , Ire Allen "We have consulted, and taken the recom- entries, ransackingfac-In spite of the increase in actual traffic vol- mendations tendered, by various members ofthe ulty desks and his of- umes this January, the Department is project- rice, apparently in ing no growth in gasoline consumption based on community currently involved in such games as search for money, some form of federal gasoline use control bingo and raffles. There has been clot of corn- "They entered all (controlled distribution or price increases) munity input, and as a consequence, the instru- ment being considered should be viable enough three buildings in whatcoming soon. to meet community needs, Mayor Kirwansaid. the sheriff's deputy said During January, 1975, rural traffic increased Here is a detailed excerpt from the proposed was a professional man-more than traffic in urban regions. 1975 rural twelve page ordinance spelling out the tax set- ner," Harding said. traffic in January increased by 17.7 percent, He went on to say that while urban traffic increased 6.6 percent over UPla) Bingo, in the amount of the gross re- inasmuch as they had the 1974 fuel crisis levels at the 24 monitoring cetpts therefrom, less the amount of money patd stolen only meat and locations. in cash, and paid for merchandise, actually foods the thieves were awarded as prizes during the taxable period, probably unemployed as multiplied by the rate of five percent (5%) after well as hungry. the first One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00)per Investigating the inci- SO S yS Cole: dent for Snohomish month. (b) Raffles, in the amount of the gross re- County Sheriff J.J.Har- ceipts therefrom, less the amount of money paid WhitmanVey is .Deputy Bruce L in cash, and paid for merchandise, actually awarded as prizes during the taxable period, Harding said the multiplied by the rate of five percent (5%) after breakins must have oc- the first One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00)per cured after llp.m. Mon- month, day as the custodian was (c) Amusement games, in the amount of the on duty until that time. gross receipts therefrom, less the amount of "Sawmill and plywood mill owners are again money paid in cash, an paid for merchandise, 4-H'e[s Will circulating a bill in the legislature to subst- actually awarded as prizes during the taxable dize their operations at the expense of schools. period, multiplied by the rate of five percent This repeated, brazen attempt to ban log exports Up, Up and Away goes frightened Nellie and competent Ire (5%) after the first One Thousand Dollars 'RentAKid' from state-owned lands should be summarily ($1,000.00) per month. i (d) Fishing derbys, in theamountofthe gross Members of the Hy- dismissed by the legislature," stated Bert Cole, Commissioner of Public Lands. ili , ThFIIi$ Gf0WS receipts therefrom, less the amount of money Rok 4-H Club decided Mill operators have contended that the export paid in cash, and paid for merchandise, actually to try a "Rent-A-Kid" of round logs has caused a shortage of raw By 320 awarded as prize d,, Lag the taxable pe i d, PrJoct At a general material local fores*, products industries, A V I[ Fli mUiplied by the rate of ftve percent (5%)afterat the P.U.D. auditor-meeting held recently sing operations.resulting in major curtailment of some proces- a t the first One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) perium. month. "My response to that contention," Cole said, (e) Any punchboards or pull tabs, tnthe amount The money making "is that it is just not true. There are plenty East County Senior of five percent (5%) of the gross receipts dt- project will begin the (Continued on pg. 3) (Nellie Robertson, the gal who is writing Center Building fund rectly from the operation of the punchboards or (Continued on pg. 3) our social news, was the recipient of a has grown to $4,626 pull tabs themselves. of the $20,000 needed if) Card playing, in the amount often percent feature assignment last Friday, a beauti- to remodel the former (10%) of the gross receipts received as fees ful day in the Northwest. Knowing that she Vasa Hall as a new charged persons for the privilege of playing in had not had the thrills and pleasures of senior center, card games, i Donations this past small craft flight, wethoughtafirstperson week total $320. account would be well worth the reading, Contributors were of COS| especially since she would be in the hands Emma Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Riddle, Mr. // of Irv Allen, one of the best and most and Mrs. Hugh Dan- experienced pilots we've ever known and iels, Chester Banta, operator of the Monroe Flying Service at Aletha Dohlaman and La Verna Raben, the Flying F Ranch out by the Fairgrounds Monroe Education Here'sNellie'scolorful account of her ex- Association, Monroe perienceo i ditor) Hardware, Kempel Dry Goods, Glen I took off with fear and trepedatton and land- and Bessie Neal, Tom By Frank Woody ed with exhilaration and awe on a flight with the and Martha Blair and 39th District Senator owner of the Flying F Ranch, Ire Allen. It was the Past MadamPres- a first for me. idents of CascadeAux- State employees are demanding a 31 percent It took courage to say "yes" when the boss iltary#2327, F.O.E. pay increase during the next two years, or, they asked me if I would like to go flying with Ire say they will strike. The headline of the State Employees Report up the valley on a clear day and then write my of February 19 said "Executive Board To Meet impressions of the flight. March 1st For Consideration of Strike Vote". It had always been my belief that the bigger The first part of the pay raise, insistthe state the plane was, the safer it was, therefor when employees must begin March 1st 1975. we approached the little Cessna 150 with Just Aw w. enough cockpit room for two people, my heart, The report noted that at a union meeting "a ....... .... after clogging my throat, dropped all the way to Harry M. Miller, long member was applauded loudly when he said state my shoelaces, time Monroe resident employees would favor a tax increase if it were Irv, whoseflytngcredenttals cover threepages passed away last Feb- necessary to bring wages up". with single spaced typing and include over 6,700 ruary 11. However, does a majority of the citizens in hours in the air, started the experience for me Mr. Miller, who was this state want to give a 31 percent pay raise if by going through the pro-flight check list, ex- 82 at the time of his it means an increase in taxes. plaining as he went. death, was a retired With all of the safety features checked and Monroe P.U.D. mana- the announcement Of our imminent departure ger and lineman for If the governor's budget is approved roughly on the radio, the throttle was pushed forward,Pugest Sound Power in the amount of total dollars as requested, the motor roared and we were rolling poll molland Light. and inflation continues as predicted, then it down the strip of concrete behind the hangars Born February 3/ would require percent added to the existing near the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. 1893 in Iowa, Mr. Mi sales tax. As we leR the ground, I waved a courageous ler was an avid sports- good-bye to my boss who had his camera train- man enjoying both If an increase in the business and occupation ed on the plane as it flashed by. hunting and fishing, tax were used instead, the tax on retailers, I hung onto the hand-hold for dear life as we the former at Heckman wholesalers and manufacturers would increase rose in a climbing turn and the ground fell away Gun Club at Round from .44 percent to .715percent and for services from the plane at an alarming rate. Irv explained Lake in the Snoqual- from .1 percent to 1.62 percent. to me that if I had kept my eyes on the gauges and mie Valley. Overall, however, the state should pay a FAIR dials on the instrument panel rather than watch- He was a member of salary to its employees. Lug the receding ground, I would not have felt the the Monroe Rod and tilt of the plane, aprocedure I subsequently tried Gun Club, past pros- and found to be true. ident of Heckman Gun What is fair as to each Job needs close exam- We circled the Reformatory and a remarkable Club and active in inatton. house that was high on a hill Just west of town community affairs un- Attempts by the State Personnel Bo trd to do then headed up the valley toward Stevens Pass.ttl ill health in recent this, was inadequate and in certain Job areas in- RESTORATION WORK at the W olfkill Feed and Fertilizer Com- Irv's explanations tnunhurriedandmatter-of- years curtailed his accurate, pany has moved rapidly since the early January blaze which fact tones along with my insatiable curtousttymovements. b an to alleviate my terror. He leaves his wife, More complete and thorough studies must be caused something like $200,000 damages. Destroyed in the fire climbed slowly into t, he mountains and I Helen, at the family made as to state jobs. was a sack warehouse, about half of the bulk bins, mixing unit had the feeling we were floating along even home on North Blak- Particular care must be taken that employees and the pellet mill. This picture, shot a week ago, illustrates though the speed indicator registered 90 m.p.h, ely Street, and one son, earning less than $12,000 per year receive most The old ditty about "the other side of the moun- Roy Miller. of the monies toward a pay raise, someof the heavy equipment needed to restore the plant which tain" came to my mind as I saw the back of the Cremation followed The Legislature needs answers to these ques- has a payroll of 22 local people, with a high of 35 during peak (Continued on pg. 3) his death, ttons, and soon. production.