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February 25, 1927     Monroe Historical Society
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February 25, 1927

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* Friday, Febtmm&apos;y 25, 1.927 1 i i j D i ONROE HIGH NEWS i EDITORS -- Paul Aekerman, Nettle Williams, Harry Hillis. FACULTY ADVISOR--Helen F. Olson. w.tmmmtmmmltmmm.mmmmtmmmtt:mmm. Help Given In Clums':ng a Vocation A few days ago all the girls were sent irectly to class, the first period, while the boys were asked to remain in the assembly. "What have we done now?" seem- ed to be the general question among the boys. Their minds were soon re- lieved, however. Mr. Rhode came is, almost immediately, and asked all the boys to gather i'n the front right- hand cornet' of the assembly. Mr. Rhode explained the difficul- ties of choosing a vocation, and told us how hard it had been for him to choose what he wante4 to be. In or- der to help us in choosing our voca- tions, Mr. Rhode and Mr. Wertz have secured some blanks from the Y. M. C. A. for us to fill out. These blanks have some hundred questions listed, concerning interests and abili- ti, es along vocational lines. After a student has conscientiously filled out one of these, it is possible to ad- ise him, at least to a certain ex- tent, concerning the vocation for which he is best fitted. The test is helpful not only to up- per classmen, but is of inestimable value i'n aiding freshmen and.. sopho- mores in their choice. Judge Wm.F[ Coats Tune in on KOMO THE MONROE MONITOR -- Monroe, Washington I Monroe Loses To Lake Team some will be on vocations for women, Lake Stevens ended the Monroe and not all for men. < H[:]W'S THE l[:]An 7> l Es 0N > basketball season by winning from --1927--  OT the bearcat machine, 16-9. The vic- Chemistry Class Studies Heating tory gave Lake Stevens a clear title System < HIBHWAY [:0N[IITI0}t > In the past week Mr. Rhodel has I I to second place, and a chance to meet explained the heating system to the FOM THE + ALEI]MI3ILE Snohomish, while Monroe is now tied students. He not only ex- for third p_lace, but also took the class to I&tT1N 0F The game was thrilling from start th e fan room and boiler room to 0fTHE WASb6T to finish, but a great many fouls show them the different pieces of were made by both teams. A six- machinery. IIe explained every- poi,nt spurt in the last quarter thing--from the delicate thermome- Road conditions change fve- cinched the game for the isitors, ters to the interior of the boiler. although up until that time the game This was not only interesting, but quently and on very short no- was fairly even, with the score at also beneficial, as many of thee lrin- rice. The notes here given were one time being tied at five all. Ruth- ciples studied may be applied to the correct when written, but the ford, the tall Lake center, was easily home. motorist will do well to check up the outstanding star of the game Any time Mr. Jones becomes ill, up on all road conditions at the ,eing a thorn to Monroe, both in of- there will be an eager chemistry nearest branch of the Automo- ense and defense. Cromwell, with loss +o look after the heating of the bile Club of Wasldngt, before ,,," -oints, was high poi'nt man for building. larting on a trip. Monroe. --1927-- The Navy Yard Iighway from u une-up was: E. Carlson and Jellison, forwards; Stage Force Visits Lincoln High Bremerton to Kitsap county line is Cromwell, center; Walker and R. Program. being resurfaced and will not he flu- Carlson, guards. Substitutions: Me- The stage force took a very inter- !sheil until the latter part of March. Gins for Jellison; Jellison for Carl- esting rip to Lincoln high school f this section only about four miles son. Friday night, to learn what they on the west end is in poor condition. --1927-- could about the managing and chang- ing of scenery on the Lincoln High The Sunset Highway between We- Dean of Fisheries Speaks at High s:'hcol stage, natchee and Spokane }s still blocked. School The Lincoln stage force was very The North Central is in fairly good Mr. Cobb, dean of fisheries, from courteous, and explained to us the condition. the University of Washington, was a type of scenery used, the construe- speaker at the high school on Friday, .ion of scenery the electric lighting The Umatilla-Plymouth. Irrigon- Patterson, Boulder-Alderdale anct February 18. His talk was very m- system, and many other useful poin.s terestig and the studlents gained that will greatly improve our stage. much from his stories of the fish de- Several of the boys were privileged partment at the University. to go. up in the loft, while others By these men, representing dif- were allowed i the electrical de- relent kinds of work, coming to the )artmenL high school to speak, the students The ;'irls, "Miss Olson, and Mr. get a better idea of work they can Rhode, sat in the audience and} an- do, and would like to do. There are joyed the very fine vaudeville pro- many speakers expected tq come anti gram from the viewpoint of the talk to .us in the future, and we hope spectator. ' Those who made the trin wo,'e: Miss Olson, Mr. Rhode, Geraldine Streeter, Marion McKenzie, Gertrude Shcrag, ttarry Hillis, Dana Cowel!, Morton .Augustine, Richard TreE- It is not the Amount o{ Feed Your Chicks Eat that Counts-- Arlington-Roosevelt ferries are all iv ' operation. The Plymouth-Kennewick road is reported good; the Patterson- Presser road passable; the Aiderdale- Mabton rough and muddy; and the Roosevelt-Bickleton not advisable. The Pacific Highway is blocked south of Grant's Pass, Oregon, due to rain. A viaduct on the Pacific Highway a mile south of Castle Rock is being replanked, and there will be one-way traffi at this point for about two weeks. The road around the north end of Lake Stevens is closed for bridge re- pairs and will remain closed until about April 15th. Motorists are a&ed to drive care- fully between Ellensburg and Yaki- ma as small slides may occur after rains, and at the present time the road is muddy and rough. The Ellensburg-Vantage road which has been closed is again open but is quite slippery. The Vantage ferry is in operation from dayligbt until 8 p. m. On the National Park Highway the road is in good condition to Long- mire, but chains are advisable. There is about 2 feet of snow at Longmire can turn out for all three and do well [ in each, while still doing his lessons, U l It is not the amount of feed your chicks eat that t has been mentioned by the faculty count.., it's what they actually digest and assimilate, that each person should turn out fdr;  at most, only two of the events, and Fishez's Chick Starter Milk Mash, which includes pew- some, possibly only one. This" has J tiered buttermilk, pure Norwegian cod liver oil and not yet come up before the Board of Control, and so nothing definite is  !known about the matter. J minerals, has a very benefi'cial effect on the digestion of the chicks as well as providing them with the neces- sary protein in a very digeetible form. Fisher's Chick Starter Milk Mash, in my judgment i the best feed broug'ht forth in the history of poultry feeds. And right along side of it is Fisherts Developing Mash, which should take the place of Fisher's Chick Starter Mash after the chicks are three weeks old and be fed to them until they are six months of age. Fisher's Chick Feed containing pure wholesome grains in scientifically balanced form, should be fed the chicks untilthey are four or five weeks old, the gradvally changed (depending upon the development of the chicks) to Fisher's Growing Feed. Page Thre md 15 feet of snow at Paraffise. The National Park Inn at Longmire am| :amp service buildings at Paradi vill be open all winter. The Columbia River Highway ia )pen from Portland east. The NorUa q,nk Highway is closed at Washes- gal. DIVORCE CASE DISMISSED The divorce action of William Pontbrient against Nina Pontbrient, both of Monroe, was dismissed wit prejudice by Judge Alston in the superior court on Monday. POSTAL RATES The Senate recently voted a gen- eral revision of the postal rates i adkiing a series of amendments to th House bill proposing a reductio from 2 cents to 1 cent in the rate on postal cards. In the amendments several reductions were made on second, third and fourth class mail matter. The measure passed wi'thout a record vote and now goes to con- ference. It was estimated by Chair- man Moses of the postal committ that these reduetiens would mean loss of about $30,000,000 annually i revenue. Arlington--School distrct nayg $9,688 for 9-acre site for new school. J bly and Paul Ackerman. II -+- ," Service" Class asketball To Start Soon The Difference in" As soon as the present basketball season ends, the various classes will organize teams, and an interclass tournament will be held, Last yeac, as in most preceding years, the sen- ] ior teams have been victori.ous 5El [ There is a noticeable difference between the service the seniors of this year plan to re- peat the preceding triumphs rendered by the Safeway Man and the manner in which strongest opposition from the junior I] the r, rdinary grocery .clerk "waits on" you. The reason and sophomore quintets, for the,'+ difference lies in the mental "attitude" of each The girls will also have class bas- toward his work. The Safeway Man is iq the foes ketball, and they will likewise hold distributing business because he LIKES it. It is his a tournament. The senior girls have deliberately chosen vocation and the service he renders shown theiT pep by challenging the is based upon a feeling of actual interest in and con- faculty. "  sideratinn for his patrons. His is the artisan's "pride These tournaments are very inter- ,, esting, and help to increase class of craftsmanship and he has. willingly undergone a loyalty and spirit among the stu- long priod of intensive training in order that the ser- vice he renders may measure up to the ideals of the in- dents.   stitution of which he is a part. Contrast the courte- --192-- L  ous helpfulness of the Safeway Man with the careless Athletes Must Choose Between indi.fference of the man who is merely "clerking" be- Events  } cause circumstances force him to follow+such work. Springtime always brings with it The immeasurable advantage of dealing with the Safe- hree outstanding sports--track, way Man will be readily apparent. Also, you will tennis and baseball. Since no one more readily understand why our stores are so popular with discriminating housewives. RADIOED FROM USDA Most poultrymen test incubating :ggs on the 7th and 14th days. The first tet is for the purpose of get- ting out the infertile eggs and thce that have dead embryos i.n them. The second test is made to take out all eggs with embryos that have died from the 7th day up to the 14th. The amount of heat that will raise ,the temperature of one pc.und of water one degree will raise the tern- perature of one pound of dry soil Poultry five degrees. Drained soil has less Most dealers handle l:isher's Feeds. If water':to heat and will warm up " for any reason your daler cannot spply yu faster titan wet soil. wte  , FISHER FLOURING MILLS COMPANY, " "on extremely poor land cowpeas wi'll 'make a better growth than soy- HOME OFFICE, SEATTLE beans. Soybeans have a wider use ASK FOR r ' : . '  than cowpeas, are a richer feed, more easi,ly cured for hay or harvested for seed, andl yield decidedly more seed than cowp.eas. + 'It, Feeding of silage will not give to manure any unusual degree of acidity. The kind pf feed consqmed does ef- fect the composition o the manure. If an animal were fed timothy hay D S only the manure would be of poor ' " " " i. l." .... quality compared withthat produced ' al. .a L when the animal is fed.alfalfa, bran, a and cottonseed meal._ ' Crops gTown on soils very rich in D I ' " ' "'' ' 'L nitrogen tend to ripen slowly. There ,. FRETCH an overgrowth of leaes and stem. The grain or seed is usually of poor Monroe General Hospital quality. There is increase danger of plant disease. In the case of grain crops there is danger of lodg- ing. Spring flowering shrubs should be pruned in the summer immediately after they are through flowering. To pruhe them now would/be to cut off thi, s year's flowers. Cream irtended for whipping pur- poees should contain at: least 30 per ccitt butterfat" Either raw or pa'- turized cream will whil satisfactor- ily. The whipping quality of cream i, improved by age. Aging for 24 hours i tlsually about right for cream.with a 30 per qent butterfat content. GUATAMELA WITHDRAWS EN- VOYS Guatambla has withdrawn her en- voys from Nicaragua, signifying that she no longer recognizes the regime of Diaz, This i !0eked  upon as a step to sid with President Calles of Mexico in his recognitivn of Dr. Sacaha and the Liberals. It also Phone 1061 Store No. 273 Monroe, Wash. Saturday and Monday Features --FOR=- ...... Medical, Surgical and " Confingment Cases ' makes it possible for forces to avoid the cordon of U. S. ships and be sent to the aid of the Liberals by an overland route through Honduras. Ham5 Morrell's Pride EASTERN CURED 330 PER POUND . . . Flour--Big K guaranteed all hard wheat 49-POUND SACK. $1.79 2/ cans ,,,n+ ....................... :.89e Po00K Campbell's No. 2  cans; 3 cans ............... 00 SHRIMP American Beauty; regu- lar 5-oz. cans; each: ......... : ........ : ......... 10 SALMON Red Sbdkeye; No. 2 tall cans; ............................. 390 PANCAKE FLOUR 3/ pound packages; each ............................ 3Sc 00o-tb .................. 69C SYRUP Skaggs Can6 Maple;. 2+-]bcan + 53C 9Tc t0-m. can .' .......... $I,89 24-oz. package; . each. ..................... . ...... ,,, ORANGES Large Sweet ones; ,lit per dozen ...................  LEMONS Large Yellow Fruit;  per dozen .............. : .... /9 GRAPE FRUIT Large size; 2 for ...... 29C Sman sic.e; 3 for ...... ll tJ,, ,Jt+lliTr*,,,+l''l|v"*'l Inside the City Limits. A$50iler Delivered Free. Under $5 a + ., I0e Delivery Charge. We will fill your Mail Orders. Mail them in and get the benefit of these very good prices. ;We are olden until 9 P. M. Saturday. ":i' ,!, ' ' ::. ,:: ", : , . .,: Monroe, Washington A PRIVATE HOSPITAL FOR PATIENTS OF- ....... MINARD ALLISON, M. D. X-Ray 'Equipment OUR REGULAR PRICES PEACHES m BEANS  , POTATOES All Gold Brand, large No. Califmmia Small White; l,arly Rose Seed Potatoes 2/ cans;  very best quality; ,, 10 ^ , @ .. 2 cans ......................... 000 10 pounds .................. i U pounas ........... I;,IO " PEAS RICE Locals--100-rbs... $|.75 Our Choice Sugar Peas; Blue Rose, fancy  ^. ... very fine quality; m. quahty; i0 pounds...+0 Re uta+::: ,.au" 3 cans ................. : ....... II0 SUOAR 3 pekages ....P...i.g.:: ..... 70 SOUP Pure Cane;  A e-m,boll'. Tomato. re,n- 14 pounds .............. |'00 CREAM OF WHEAT la; s[ze cas; '-Brown Sugar; dr pre:ck:as:ereal; J_ 3 cans ......................... 10 3 pounds ................... / P g .-. .............. i@ PINEAPPLE COFFEE POST WHEAT MEAL Broken Slices; large No. Wrap;Skaggs3-1btBlue $1.29 Cooks in  minutes; [