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February 22, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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February 22, 1907

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# c( '' , ) 'f i[' t ,, ;. .. !;, '"2 -i"  T  HOTEL ARRIVALS 1 "n0n000r00 worn lF--0000c00ETY AND PERSONAt " PmARSAL00 HOTEL [ather,"li ova at least not in the night-patrol line. Ifs: as easy as falling off a log to get be baby to sleep without doing "sen- try-go" on the bedroom carpet. Cae to us and we will whisper the :;e- cret aloud to you. It is a soother f0r! the restless; teething bab?', arid en- sures i'est for you also. Not: a parti- cle of danger in it. All our drugs and medicines are guar.nteed pure and fresh. Prices are popular. W. E. an,00FIELD TIIE MONITOR will be glad to publish fl'ee all notes of receptions, parties, weddings, out-of-town guests, social events in lodge circles, personals, etc., in these columns. Either send in by mail, telephone, or hand in to the oilier as early iD the week as possible. Misses Bertha and Nellie Shrum, who are attending St. Dominic acad- emy, .Everett, spent the week end va- cation visiting their parents and friends in Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Swett and Messrs. (lu Harris and Albert Hesche of Snohomish attended the Calico ball given by tle Lady Maccabees at I. 0. 0: F. hall Saturday night. Mrs. Mansfield will entertain the Royal Neighbors and their friends at heir next regular afternoon coffee, Tuesday, February 26th. S. A. Buck left Tuesday for Oregon, For Evening Costumes CREPE DE CHENE Per yard, 500. , JAr SILKS / /lain and Figured, 500. *J Monroe, Wash., Feb. 17, 1907. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Crippen of The following letters are uncalled Seattle are Monroe visitors for a few for at this office : to be away two or three weeks. THE DU@GIST -V Hen. G. W. Pddycord, representa- ,ao4, tire in the state legislature from Pa- I 'Jr Tk $* louse, was up from. 01vmpia. from Fri- ORKEDA AND SEDO ................ J. @ day to Sunday, visiting his parents, . eta,e an ............ "-,, . - . SILKS, 500. are what you want in plant-  Mr. and 51rs. L. H. Peddycord. in,, an orchard. You get  . : -- them from the @ * $. . J. A. Vanasdlen returned Monday / -- :: ghArrv Vzlleu t00urser00  from several days spent in British ...... a -  * ,1 Columbia, looking over the country. , 12 i,-1VI"ISE AND ALBA-  Hardy Shrubs, Roses .and *l *2 TRUSS, 50o. t Plants our Specie:try O .  . P(IS 0WS Tem ?I Mr. Dell Friend of Manistee, Mich., THOS, R. HO $./was the guest of the Misses Leduc c M. 00ou00s00u. :. Or telephone (Sunset)and talk "!,' d. E DOLLOFF  CO with, us over what you need. | W.B. Stevens Sr. of Snohomish was #######/a Monroe visitor Tuesday. l ! l ##/ ..... h ;uteri of Everetl: is Mrs. A.h. I o WOOD FOR: SALE w lg friends in the city today. $ ./Seatti , If you want your money's. ;1 days. worth in wood, telephone / Hblmquist's Mill for a load , / At $ of Cedar Spalts. A load ]  , delivered at your house for :| ::" ' . . l Mona[  =, Mr. C AUG. HOLrlQUI $= aule, ST  Jimict *** Mr - ..... : ........ " ......... Nelso: Monroe '* { ...... , * At the residence of the groom's sis- ter, Mrs. L. J. Hyde, at Tualco, on Monday, February 18th, at 3 p. m., Mr. Caspar ttarriman and Miss May [imicum were married, Rev. W. J. hle officiating. Mrs. John Hallan was visiting Mrs. elson Dubuque in Snohomish this T. J. Faussett was in Snohomish on business Tuesday. [ Harness t and Wor00a E. H. N15IS, Proprietor Miss Lena Anderson Peter Burnstead Miss Mary Bratton Mrs. Blanche Cooper Frank Flatt E. Hay (4) C. H. Herr Chester W. KRupp Wik Kronquist 0wen Little (2) Stef iiaresyk (Slav) L. 0. McLane Peter Madsen Mrs. Fred McAllister Lakeis Persson When calling for the above, please She8 ========================== ]00onroe Livery, :Feed mad Sale S00,able 5,. P: JOOS, Prof. Rigs of atl kinds at reasonable rates. Syoecial attention to commercial men. BoTH PHONES VICTOR EKHAN CARPENTER, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOg C{binet Work of all kir, ds at lowest prices. Furniture renaircd: New Fur- niture hand made 'rices to suit the customers Shop o!z Lewis Street WALL PAPER Dr. Stephens, wife and baby are ex- pected to return from California Mon- day morning. Mrs. A. H. Lemon entertained the say advertised. ROBT. H. STAPLETON. P. M. Notice to Log Owners The .following logs with brands are ladies of the Congregational church on my place, and owners are hereby last Friday afternoon. Over fifty la- notified to remove same within thirty dies were present, days and pay all damage for removing *** same: 2 logs branded "P. F."; 2 "J. The dance given by the Ladies of I.E."; 1 "U. K." 6 "F. K.B." Z.G. the Maccabees Saturday night was GILLILAND, R. F. D. No. 1, Monroe, well attended and netted a good Wash. February 12, 1907. 3-8 amount of coin. Charles Huddle of Granite Falls is in the city looking for a business loca- tion. A lIighty Builder As an invigorator and builder up Of broken down tissues, Wilbur's Puget A Thought. Wisdom has a bowling alley Into which the Thinkers sally. One ear with a single Thought Make Opinions nine be--naught: --New York Life. No Installments. Creditor--Von't you pay me on the Sound Blood Purifier cannot be excel- tnstallmentplan? led. If you have pimples or sores of Debtor (haughtily)--No. I alwaysowe any kind on you,' body, by taki'ng a few :ask--New York 'rimes. bottles of this medicine they will soon disappear. For rheumatism the medi- cine never fails. $1.(10 per bottle. For sale by E. A. Roberts and yr. E. E. Mansfield. For Rheumatic Sufferers Especially at This Time. Villie--Say, pa, if "eta" is short for Tbe quick relief from pain afforded "cents," what's short for "dollars?" by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm Pa--AII married men, my son.--Phil- makes it a favorite with sufferers from adelphia Press. rheumatism, sciatica, lame back, lum- Fortunes of Famou Men. bago, and deep seated and muscular This is the programme of success-- pains. For sale by E. A. Roberts, the It should be otherwise: A. Soulful Yearning. I'd like to be a chestnut bur. Great comfort I would have, no doubt, For then I'd have a chance to wear :My winter flannels inside out. --Puck. druggist. Pal.ts, Oils, Var.Zshe00/T-,[N WA R E Brushes and Glass Picbure Frames,. t{o Mouldings CLOSING OUT SALE N, T, BRADLEY Contracting Painter and Paper Hanger ' Notice You are making a rdstake when 'ou think you can't get wood. P',one 15. _._ :2_,cT.O?,g. Here are just a few of the bargains we offer this week: Milk Strainers at 13c ........... 08 Cake 'fins at 13c ............... 09 .... 15c ............... 11 .... 18c ............... 12 Milk Strainers at 40c ........... 28 Chopping Knives at 5c ......... .03 " 10c .......... 05 " " 25c ......... 13c You win your millions more or less And then apologize. --Washington Star. Still a Mystery. "And what is your new little broth- er's name ?" "They haven't found out get."--D- hth Tribune. e Reality. Castles in the air you may Construct mid scenes of mirth, But all the same you'll have to pay Your rent while here on earth. --Chicago News. His Lesson. "She bosses him sadly, doesn't she?" "Not since he learned to anticipate a!l of her wishes."--Cleveland Plala Dealer. What fo Avoid, In building castles in the air Be np to all the tricks And most of all. pray, have  cars And do not buy gold brtcks. --IAppincott's Mgazt|l. I!OTI';L I'EAgSALL M G Barnes [l It t.inff, Seattle Gco Bettes, San Francisco Robt Innes O ,1 Underdahl and wife F E Ferguson, Seattle J Harisberger, " Ded Enrich J M Wilder, Startup J tI Riehards, San Fraueisco M Welch 5I Garrnire Claude Stretch, Snohomish E T Gustan, " hl TIde, " Geo Bakeman, " Mrs \\;Vm Foye \\;V E Crost)y and wife Mr,. F. C. Center, Sultan Mrs Gorley, " A C Moe, Stanwood R R Coster Cy Wilson W C Blake, Snohomish Percy Gardiner, Everett Roy Fenster, " Ada Campbell, " \\;V H Eassley, " Gee B Swett and wife, Snohomish Mrs /V E Hickman Seth Ci,wke C A \\;Varden M J Boyee C T Sevens, Seattle D A L'Amie, " J M Dick, " W ]] Smith, Snohomish Robt E Philipp, Everett G C Chit.tended, " Ed C Warner, " Mr.:Downey, " C A DonoFhu, Seattle R E Forbes, " C M Furay, " H A Griftith, " E F Drake, " \\;V A Sheldon, " A J Wilson, D M Burden, Everett L Crane, " \\;Vm Manson, St Ignore, Mich. A.Sjodin, " "" M S Sutton, Vinton, Iowa E E Sutton, " " Ray Williamson, " Mrs Stackpole E R Hall, Ballard R K Nixon, Arlington Benj Sanny Le Conic Stiles, Tacoma Peter Morn Peter Knudson Alex Thompson, Everet Ehner Lenfest, Snohomish H N Welch, Detroit Mr Archard C L Wilcox OII Lung, Spokane J C Whalley, Seattle R Shiebel, " J M Pollard, " hi D Hathaway, Eyerett A H Carson Louis Hamberg Chas Huddle, Granite Falls Mrs A L Thornton: Everet Mr and Mrs Chas Crippen, Seattle G A Skaglund WASHINGTON HOTEL U P Keener C Christensen Guy Ball Thos Brown Ii It Hardy ,Vm Sawyer H G bioore J fitehell Tom Bonnet R E Everett F Pearsall John Wikner T Halpeny C Swanson L H Fowler S Householder A Nordstrom J J Conrad Chas Hall Joe Younger, Lowell Sam Har J C blaher Chas Talhnan E W Roo E hi Richardson Ed Bray Victor Henderson B J Dougherty G Schlund J H Morrow C Sumner M R Hanson W B Stevens B Mink \\;V 3. Darling Lee \\;Vaddell Cole Everet Ed Spaulding E F Logan O John Gl.ndon Facts Stronger Than Fiction All pains arising from rheumatism gout, megrim, toothache, neuralgia, headache, liver pains, neuralgic pains, sciatica, lumbago, stiff neck, chilblains, contused mucles, enlarged veins and all pains of the bones or nerves quick- ly relieved by using Wilbur's Oil of IGladness' 50c per bottle. For sale by I E.A. Roberts and W'. E. hIansfield._ The Monitor is only one dallara I year. I TLa },Ionitor is only $1 a year. I /IONROE, WASH. R. J. STRETCH, Proprietor The Leading Hotel in the City. tIeadquarters br Travding Men. l'unner Meets All Trains. EUROPEAN OR AMERICAN PLAN [= MRS. VAN HORN WASHItGTON HOTE ti 'i ]FI00BT C00ASS DP, ESSLvAEn00TG The patronage of the ladies of Monroe and vicinity zs so-  licited and sa.tisfaction guaranteed-  FOLLIES AND FOIBLES. Gossip picked the leek for backbiting to go in and steal his neighbor's repu- tation. Negligence left his coat on the front steps to find' that slo,-enliness had wiped his feet on it. hnlertinence, finding'curiosity peep- ing through his neighbor's keyhole, promptly broke down the door. The marriage of h)quacity to preoe- cupaliou is ideally hal)PY. She is never interrupted, .'rod he never beat's. " Flirtation pointed a gun, which was a coquette model, at a youth attd pulled the trigger. "She didn't know it was loaded." Procrastination and sloth  once ran .a. race. Procrastination never started, and sloth never got there, so the race was declared a dead heat. Because insincerity tried to vote for all the candidates at mine he was ar- rested for stuffing the ballot box.--Cen- tury. PEN,, CHISEL AND BRUSH. Sir Laurence Alma-Tadema's first great picture was exhibited at Ant- werp rd was offered as one of the prizes in a lottery. The lucky winner was the king of the Belgians. An American sculptor, Thomas Ball, has recently completed a study of Christ chldll-g Martha, which possesses peculiar interest front the fact that the Work was begun fifty-three years ago. Not until tlm present time has the sculptor been able to satisfactorily work out his conception of this subject. Finland offers an annual fine art and liter'try prize of 5,000 nlarks. The Fin- land government has determined to support literary effort still more ef- fectually and has 1)estowed an annual pension of 3,000 marks on the novelist, .lohani Abe, while the senate also grants 'noiher pension of the same amomit to Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer. COLLEGE AND SCHOOL. The New York te,ehers have takes p the fight for higher salaries, the wo- men asking "equal pay for equal work." In many of the schools of He,and and Ge:many baths are now provided once a week or oftener for all school children. A "Carl Schurz memorial professor- ship" is to be established at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin as a result of the movement recentl$ started in Milwau- kee by a number of prominentGerman', Anlericans. By a vote of 206 to 169 the senate of Oxford university, England, has_ dis- continued the publication of the names af students in the mathematical tripes In the order of merit, and hereafter here wiU be no "senior wrangler." Cape Colony Foreslry. The institution of a forest depart- ment in Cape olony dates from 1881. Since that time three-qmtrters of a million pounds have been expended, and the staff: now numbers no less than table being unlucky originated In picture of the "Last Supper" by Leon- ardo da Vinci, in which Judas Iscariot is represented as overturning the salt. Parsley. In ancient Greece the parsley was a funeral plant, and there was a tradi- tion that it grew best in ceiaeteries. Real Estate 'Business. The first real estate trans'tction re- torded was the pro'chase of the field of hIachpelah by Abraham, in the cave cf which he buried Sarah, hts wife Abraham paid 400 shekels of silver for the field. Caviare. fish. Caviare is got from a Russian which ls caught by the natives on the coast of Astrakhan. It is the roe of the sterlet species of sturgeon, and it is put through a decomposing process before being shipped to civilized coun- tries to be eaten. Alexander's Epitaph. A most sug-;estive, epitaph is that on the tomb of Alexander the Great, "Suf- ficit hutc tumulus, cut non suificerat orbis" (This tomb suttices for him for whom the world did not suffice). I Iiistorle Cypress. There is a cypress in the vicinity of Padua which is looked upon as having been a contemporary of Julius Caesar, and, according to another and more.l plausible legend, it was against the t trunk of this tree that Frauds I, see- i ing "all lost save honor," endeavored I to break his sword. / Rubber Shoes. To make rubber shoes wear longer from the tops of old rubber shoes cut pieces the shape of a heel. Smear these pieces on the lining side with thick mucilage or any sticky substance and place in the heels of rubbers, pressing down firmly. These protect- ors prevent the rnbber from receiving the direct pressure of the boot heels and can be renewed when they show the least sigp.s of wear. Veighiz Names. Scaler are now constructed so deli- cately that a pencil signature written on a piece of paper can be weighed. CUDS and Saucers. Cups and saucers are now all molded by mechanical appliances. The glaze is laid on, the finer qualities are hand painted and tSe chc'tl)er are stamped with stencils ere the baking is done. Apples In Chile. In Chile they let nothing in the apple go to waste. There. after making cider and wine from their apples, they ex- tract from the refuse a.white and fiae- ly flavored spirit, and by another proc- ess they proc*re a sweet treacle, or, as they term it. honey. l#utiu zn. An ounce of radium contains power enough to lift ]0,000 tons a mile above the surface of the earth, it is asserted. Enlpress Theodora. The Empress Theodora, in spite of her disreputable antecedents, was un- doubtedly a great woman, and she married Justinian, one of the most em- inent of the Roman emperors. Ceylou's Fishing Season. Off the coast of Ceylon the fishing season Is imugurated by numerous ceremonies, and the fleet of boats then puts to sea. Fishing, when allowed, generally commences in the second week of March and lasts from four to six weeks, according to the sesame. SpiIling of Salt. It is a curious fact that*the popular superstition of overturning the salt at a 110 conservators and foresters. Lanra llrhlgenlan, Laura Bridgeman was the most re- markable example of the patience and tact requisite in the educ.ttiou of blind and deaf mutes. It is said that at the beginning of her mental training one lesson was given her over 500 times before she finally comprehended it. Oyster Epicures. The ancient Romans were great oys- ter epicures. They ate the bivalves in Immense immbers and were able to tell with eyes closed Just what coast they came from. Frog Leather. Tile lallx/nell. Of civilized peoples the Manxmen are The thinnest and, comparatively sald to be the mot superstitious. __   speaking, lhe toughest of all leathers i Cnrringes. I frogskin. Albany claims the honor of having I Russian Church Trensnres. made the first carriages manufactured The trea,*ures of the various Russia} entire in this country. Several were f built in the year 1814, and the event l churches are of fabulous value. St. was duly acted at the time as an evi-] Isaac's cathedral in St. Petersburg is said to have cost $50,000,000. Its cop- deuce of the spread of United States / per roof is overlaid with pure old. Ia enterprises, the Cathedral of I,:azan tie name of the Ahnighty blazes in diamonds from Directories. that a cloud of beaten gold, under which The earliest known directory Is are solid silver doors twenty feet hlgK of Loadon, publ!shed ia 1677: ........ , - /