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February 22, 1907     Monroe Historical Society
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February 22, 1907

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THE MONROE MONITOR ! .... ....... / &apos; The youngest member of the Maine GLEANINGS.  J A -T A T A - l -T legislature is S Cyr of Van Buren, The only farming implement In u,e I  A V    . t-. , .l   -- I AN IND00PEN,ENy WEEKLY PAPER PUBLISHED EVERY RIDA AT MONROE, WASHINGTON / not yet twenty-two; on te island of Guam is a hoe used ] > E C BISELL, EDITOR / Two of the greatest pedestrians in like our scuing hoe ]$ "Tfl L'm::P.'V "T''Y.T, Washington are Associate Justices ...... qmo ronnrt-. ....... af the work of the United ' -- a. j.a..--u, .d. . .n...,.--.,  f Entered at the Postoffice at Monroe, Washington, as second class matter Harlan and White They walk every day from the capitol to their homes SUBSCRIPTION, IN ADVANCE .................. ONE DOLLAR A YEAR in northwest Washington, a distance of nearly five miles ADVERTISING RATES Speaker Cannon was talking of the 50o roposal to increase salaries for mere- Display advertising, per inch, single column, per month .................. Locals, per line per issue, 5c; minimum charge ....................... :... 25c hers of congress. "I have spent twice Cards of thanks, each ............................................... ' .... 50c my salary of $8,000 a year," said he, Obituaries and resolutiohs of condolence, per line ....................... 5c "since I have held my present Job, but I am not anxious to give it up. The fact is I like it." MUNICIPAL OWNERSHIP except map, profile, plans and spec- A.A. Robinson, until recently presi- A Citizen Discusses the Pro- posal of the Town to Own, theWater System Since the question of water upply for.the town has been agitated to a considerable extent during the past few weeks, I, by permissisa of the editor, take occasion t tlate the views of one citizen ott this ques- tion. I will say by 'ay of preface that I have always been n advocate of municipal control of public utili- |ies, nd believ'e that whenever it is : practical the town shouId not only control, but should own, its own water as well as liglting plants, sewers, and possibly heating plants also. Having thins prefaced my state- meats, it becomes oy necessary for the purpose of thin article to orJsider the practicability of mu- nicipal ownership, and control in and for the town of Monroe; and right here I wish go call ttention the fact that Monroe does control its water supp],y to a large extent: ]y virtue of the restrictios placed apon the mnagemelt thereof by he ordinance that grante5 the fran- ebi'se by vitae of hicl he pres- ent system i run. It is u,mterstood that tle' Monroe Water & Light om,pany holds the ]p'esent franchise ad i now under contract to sell he samer with the ifications, and it is now conceded dent of the Mexican Central railroad ;hat the Bewer plan is a failure, will be made manager of all the rail- roads controlled by the Mexican gov- Wha do you think about such a ernment. He was close to President tan being pursued as to our water Dlaz in the ten years he was at the system? I, for one, say let the head of the Mex!canCentral. Lewis Stuyvesant Chanler, lieutenant company install it, and then, if we governor of New York, is descended /" Beal Estate anti iesurance States life savers during 1906 emphat-  houses ad IoCs, imFrov# and $ unimproved farms, cloe in. i e 160 acres good .{bottom [land, $30 per A few pced reidencc lots in the  ,- acre, 4. miles| from Monroe onl MorrisJo]m, on add. to Monroe. good,county vend. Terms. i ttouc and t,!, ]ot at, t/!u.k Place. 160 acres good bottom land, / 2k snap. 5tu be sore. improved, with stock and i l20 acres of t!ml,f !and, ,;-ell ioca- farm implements. Terms. $8,000 ted. V'h| Clt canal). 2",. 160 acres of land, unimproved, ' 1 have a ]a|(' list of l noi,erty, town 80 acres flood bottom easy los, farm land and timber land, , to clear, balance good tin> I I not herein mentioned. Next Door to 00'onrog Siaie'00ank" ' 1 E. M. STEPtIENS, Prest. A. J AGNE'W, Vice-1 rest. : $ V E VADDELL, Cashier. Transacts a General ]aning usiness $. Interest paid on tlme deposits i Savinos bank books issued and interest paid on savings bank bal- ances at the rate of 4 per cent per annum. Any amount from $1 up will open a savings bank account. Ically shows the really great value of their services No less than 811 lives were saved by the men at the various stations, while the total value of prop- rty saved was $12,26(;,100. Although more than 200,000 applica- tions "for pensions were received dur- ing the past year, Commissioner War- ner reduced the expense of the pen- sion office .by about $200,000. At the same time the number of pending claims was largely reduced. "Seeing that she was a woman" and that "he did not wish to be hard upon! her," a Rangoon magistrate recently! fined a Burmese prisoner for being in illicit possession of four balls of opi- um $160, with the alternative of six months' rigorous imprisonment. wish, we can buy later on when all from the Asters through his mother, Lepers at Noumea, New Caledonia is satisfactorily in running order; Margaret Ast Ward, whose great - have organized themselves into a party  NXt DOOr tO Moro Slt Blk and if for any reason it is a failure grandfather was the original John Ja- in order to secure at the elections to col) Astor He is a cousin of Colonel the council general the return of a @dH@p@HH@O@IOO*@@O**O@@@@*@O@ hen the investors have the risk! John Jacob Astor and of William Wal- candidate favoring their freedom of :and are the losers and not the town dorf Astor. movement The local newspapers, rec- The present income for water John A. McIlhenny, recently appoint- ognizing the danger of this step, are i H4@1'@4.@@'@@@@<>4@@@0@  ed a ctvll service commissioner, though eompl:dning of apathy on the part of rentals per annum amounts to only thirty-six years old, has put two the government. about $3,000. If the town owned girdles round about the earth, has the system it would have this reve- trilled big game in Africa and has Java's Thunder. fought in a real war. Besides being Java i's the region of the globe where nue, of course; but in turn, for the a former rough rider, he is one of the It thunders ofteuest, having thunder- town to own the system it will be richest men tn Louisiana. storms on the average ninety-seven necessary to bond for $20,000, and Simson Green of tIarvard, Mass., days of the year. the interest on that at six per cent has been a teacher of dancing for six- U-two years and at the age of eighty- Sugar. amounts to $1,200 per annum, and two is still giving lessons. In his Ju- The introduction of sugar into Eng- the necessary hired help to attend venile classes he has tots from five to land is often dated as late as the fir- .to the business and maintain the ten years old. In some of these cases eenth century, but it was really In use he also taught the llttle one's mother In that country in the thirteeuth een- isystem will not likely be less than grandmother and great-grandmother, tury. DRAFTS ISSUED ON ANY POINT tN TIlE VrOtILD : $150 per month, or a total of $1,800 Thomas H. Paynter, who will suc- The Etrucuns. $dHHb@@@@@l*@b@@dl@@@@@ @@dHHb@ per annum. Thus the entire reve- teed Senator Blackburn of Kentucky The Etrnscans were a civilized pro- next March, is a large, muscular man ple ages before the foundation of  ,  lpp..,...,...l $1 , nue would be consumed, and still and looks a good deal like Secretary Rome Herodotus states that no allowance for materials with Taft, though taller and not so ample the modernTuscany, was fouuded by OLYMPIA BAR which to keep the system in repair, tn circumference. He has been a a colony of Lydians. The Etruscan member of the Kentucky court of ap- vases and tombs show a high state of Tdke it all in all, owing to the )eals, the highest Judicial tribunnl in civilization and refinement, and it is fact that the new system will neces- the Blue Grass State, since leaving believed that-the Rein'ms borrowed DET:E= SUHL, Propr. sitate several miles of new pipe line, congress eight or ten years ago. many of their institutions and laws right-of-way and a new water right, from Etruria. I do not see a gold mine in it for CURRENT COMMENT. LAW POINTS. The Choicest of Wines, the town. A CITIZEN. In some states the time between elec- tions ts so short that the politicians The Jurisdiction of a committing Liquors al_d Cigars : : = have no good chance to trump up new magistrate to punish for contempt a CHURCH AND CLERGY, charges against each other.--Washtng- witness who refuses to obey a sub- RESTAURANT IN CONNECTION" MEALS AT ALL,,IOURS ton Post. peens daces tecum is denied in Farn- Th are having "apple dumpling The way for this nation is to push ham versus Colman (S. D.), 1 L R.h. t=OOMS, 25c A NIGHT sppers" in England now In eonnec- the work of the disarmament before (N. S), 1135.  -,@ tiOn with church work. The Hague tribunal and take the heel An exception to the general rule that Rv. Charles M. Sheldon of of war off of the heart of humanity.-- an appeal "does not lie from a decree Nell., who first came Into public no- Ohio StateJournal. for costs is applied in Mutter versus $HHIdp$4,<H>4 lil and mains, to J.E. tJee as the author of the book "What It ls not too much to say that more Brown (W'. Vs.), 1 L. R. A (N. S), h'd in turn is contemplating th Would Jesus Do?" is to visit England than half society is more or less devot-1083, in the case of a decree for costs next March on a three months' mission ed to necromancers, soothsayers and not in the discretion of the court. furmation of a stock company to be l behalf of temperance reform, fortune tellers and that never was there WASHINGTON HOTEL i[ Chickl;[ : ! i Special Table for Traveling Men The;Best Rooms and Meals in the city. composed of the busness men and citizens of, the town but by the erms of the fracM the town also eserves the right to buy the pipes nd mains at cost p[u'e ten per cent ad terminate the fvancbie when- aver it deems necessary, so at this me the new management is anx- ious to know wha the po}{ey of the tuwa is before goint to much ex- ens or trouble,, a- the town could tervene and buy at any time and The 2ev. Dr Henry A Cook. the old- est living retired Baptist clergyman in Boston, who has for so long been identical with the interests of Tre- monf temple, recently celebrated the eighty-first anniversary Of his birth. Union seminary, in New York city, will: hereafter make provision for lec- tures on Baptist polity for the benefit of the" group of Baptist students usual- ly enrolled in its classes. The lec- tures will be given by Dr. Edwarct J'Udson. THINGS THEATRICAL. t,has cause a halbr and for that rea- Otis Skinner's tour through the south ca. th,m,ter has:been brought to: tn "The Duel" was the largest he has . lhe attention oi he council and ever played in that territory.  will probably hearted upon in the William Collier has a big laughing i near future. By the terms oil the franchise the Sown  to hay6  pure ,nd plenty of water,, a reasonable rates, and with sufficient pressureV, thus the town protected and bhe company assumes the risk oi ma)plying, and success in "Caught In the Rain," the new farce written by himself and Grant Stewart. Ethel Barrymore has reappeared in 'aptaln Jinks," the delightful comedy by Clyde ]'itch, which was one of her eliest and greatest successes. Francis Wilson, in "The Mountaln Elimber," is on tour for one of his best seasons, his receipts In a great many meeting M1 of the requirements, places eclipsing those when he appear- -nd at fhe same time r,he town has ed in comic opera. he option to buy a any time plus Sam Bernard is in New York to stay. With his new musical play, "The Rich ten percent of the-actual cost. It Mr. ttoggenheimer," he has had for will thu be seen at, a glance that nearly three months an unbroken rec- he town, can si<nply stand by and ord of '*S01d out" at every perform- rook on, and, watch the workings of dace. : he water systemt,and: if aV any time ii the future'it think andl.sees that " Vhere really is'a', good. thin,in it, it ,! has the right and privilege' to buy ad. profi by Vhe" company'. expe- , ience; whereas,, on' t'lte other hand iif the toww sees- fi t institute the gravity system, assumes the isk, and wilt. tiav  be bonded, for some twent?: flmusand dollars, and if for any cause' the proposition should prove  fgilure, then the town would be out:.. Which dO you think, TRAIN AND TRACK. New York city elevated antl subway ear lines are now carrying the most in their history, the number recenfl'y reaching the high water mark of 1,486,7'ff/in one day. A tn pooJad note will purchase the most epenslve railway ticket Issued In, Great Brltalu. This Is the first clasS from London to Wick and return, which coats 9 68. 64. The double jour- ney is 1,510 miles. The novel railway rail of an engi- neer in India consists of two L or an- gle sections bolted,together with a tread section closed over the top of would be the:wibevplan?:" "There's the vertical plates, the wide base thus many a slip fi Vhe cup and the cv, n the complete rail and making seeoo unnecessary. Light metal tie ;ip/rand t,.foFone;.am, in. favor of rods are used to bold the rails to- going slove awdt ffotgeting'our fin- . ,gers burns& By'a miBtkes of this !!kidithat ca,bejsV as well avoid- ed by.using{ tac kind, og insurance above menttbnedL About a ye ag the" mayor of New ersey is the only state that slects a governor for three years. The governor of Missouri serves four and cannot be re-elected. He is nvoe advocated a system of sew- elected at the. same time' as the presi- crags fo be ihstalled, managed and dent of the United Itates, and his term 0ward by the town aud to that end of omee begins in the following Janu- ary. line town council has already spent The net profits of the convicts In Ten- some" $350 and till have not as nessee in the last twelve months foot much as a ibot0f right-of.way that up $257,848. Tennese owns coal lands, and she puts her convicts at R did not already have, and not a work in her own mines and sells the [troc1J, Cl' does. aovel of dirt turned, and no assets : product a a, e'.hcr a time when the charm was more cultl- TOWN TOPICS, vated--London Lady's Pictorial. It will have to be allowed that there Chicago is discussing a proposition to is point as well as pungency to Presi- give Its aldermen four year terms.' dent Ingalls' contention that the surest That might help some, but wouldn't and quickest way to distribute and dis- sipate big fortunes is to bequeath them to extravagant and silly heirs.--Boston Herald. NAVAL NOTES. The libraries on naval vessels last year were augmented by the addition of 31,500 books at an approximate cost of $50,000. War vessels during the last fiscal life sentences be better?--New Orleans Times-Democrat, Six per cent of St. Louis' trees have been killed by gnawing horses. It is a cheaper way of feeding than by spend- lag money in the stable so long as the trees last--St Louis Republic. Neglected Colds Threaten Life [From the Chicago Tribune.] " 'Don't trifle with a cold,' is good ad- year purchased 6,418,754 gallons of vice for prudent men and women It fresh water at a cost of $18,12t, or an may be vital in the case of a child. average of $2.82 per thousan gallons. Proper food, good ventilation, and dry, That there has been in the past year warm clothing are the proper safe- a reduction of $52 per ton in the cost against colds. If they are main- of armor plate is one of the encourag- ing statements in the report of the tained through the changeableweather chief of ordnance of the navy depart- of autumn, winter and spring, the ment chances of a surprise from ordinary The cost of food issued to sailors and colds will be Might. But the ordinary others entitled to rations tn the navy light cold will become severe if neglect- during the fiscal year was $3,145,250.32. ed, and a well established ripe cold is The cost of clothing and small stores to the germs of diphtheria what honey issued during the same period was $4,- is to the bee. The greatest menace to 036,035.43, on which the government child life at this season of the year is suffered a loss of $122,750.77.--Ridg- the neglected cold." Whether i is a way's, child or adult, the cold slight or severe the very best treatment that can be WOMAN'S REALM. adopted is to ive Chamberlain's Cough The Cleveland section of the Coun- Remedy. It is safe and sure. The ell of Jewish Women celebrated its great popularity and immense sale of twelfth anniversary recently and took this preparation has been attained by the first steps toward forming a state its remarkable cures of this ailment. A federation, cold never results in pneumonia when The franchise, says London Madam, it is given. For sale by E. A. Roberts was not given to Australian women un- druggist. tll they all wanted it, and if English- women stood shoulder to shoulder and worked quietly, unobtrusively and In a CHURCH DIRECTORY dignified way woman's suffrage would soon be an accomplished fact. In 1856 Miss Phelps, a philanthropic .Englishwoman, introduced embroidery among the women of Madeira as an eployment which does not conflict with domestic duties Today about 50,000 women are regularly employed In this work. Their wages vary from l0 to 50 cents a day. THE AIRSHIP. When man can fly through the air 'there will be an entire change in hts 'relations with animate and inanimate thlngs.--Watertown Times. Great as has been the constructive force of the ocean liner, the locomotive and other iuventlons of the age, the airship is likely to surpass them in its Influence upon the ltfe of the race.- Baltimore American. For scouting and for spyfg ou an enemy's movements a perfected flying machlne ts In demand In the slower arts of peace and commercial develop- ment the flying machlne will be hailed with no less approval.--Chicago Jonr. Ilal. CONGREGATIONAL Rev. W. L. RICHARDSON, Pastor. Sunday school a 10:00 a.m. Mrs. Williams, superintendent; Mrs. Stry- ker, assistant. Morning service at ll:00 o'clock. Young People's Christain Endaavor 6:30 p.m. Miss Bessie Lloyd, presi- dent. Evening service at 7;30 o'clock. METHODIST EPISCOPAL W. J. t,ULE. PASTOR. Sunday school 10 a. m., B. Sykes Sr., Supt. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Prayer services Thursday 7:30 p. m. Choir practice Friday 7:30 p. m. Stewards and trustees meet first Monday of the month at the League room 7:30 p. m. CtIERRY VALLEY Sunday school 1:30 p. m., Robert Main, Supt. Preaching, tlternato Sundays at 2:30 p. In. CHURCH OF TtIE NAZARENE Sunday School at 10a. m., Joe Glass- meyer, Supt. Ireaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Corclial invitation to all, of A. {:curt Independence No. 67 Regular meetings every Thursday uight in Foresters tIall at 7':30. ARK H. FELLHRS, C. R. J. E. COUN'F]YMAN, F. . DR. L. L. STEPtfENS, Court Physician. MONROE LODGE No. 138, K. OF P. Meets every Wednesday eyeing at 8 o'clock at I. O. O. F. Hall. C. E. I{ITCIIIE, C. C. ROBT. H. STAPLETON, K. of . & S. EARL ,V. HUSTED ROBT. A. ItULBERT HULBERT & HUSTED LAWYERS Rooms 401-402-403-404, American Nat- tonal Bank Building, Both Phones Main 7. Everett, \\;\Tash. E. T. BASCOM ATTORNEY AT LAW MONROE, .WASHING,TON Collections Promptly Looked After Insurance Written G. F. COOK ATTORNEY AND OTARY IEAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Ferguson Blk. Monroe M. J. McGUINNESS ATTORNEY AT LAW Office, One Door Easb Penobscot Hotel SNOIIOMIStI, WASII. JOHN W. MILLEg ATTORNEY AT LAW Room 7, Otten Building SNOItOMIStI, WASItINGTON JOS. COLEMAN JOHN ]3. FOGARTY COLEMAN & FOGARTY J_TTORNEYS AT LAW Hewttt Building Phone 634. EVERETT, WASH A, D. AUSTIN W.P. BELL BELL & AUSTIN, LAWYERS. l',Ofilcc in Realty Block, Everctt, Wash. SK '' KOMISIt LOCAL (ioing '.'t,|; Going East 6 00 a.m Lv.Sky'ish.Ar]0 20 p.m. 6 40 .... Index .... 9 45 7 00 ...Gold Bar .. 9 22 7 08 .... Startup... 9 14 7 18 .... Sultan .... 9 05 7 35 ..MONROE.. 8 45 7 55 . .Snohomish.. 8 35 8 2,1 .... Everett... 8 10 8 35 ...Mukilteo .. 7 50 9 03 ..Edmonds .... 7 25 9 10 Richmond Bch 7 16 9 40 .... Ballard.. 6 50 10 00 Ar.Seattle.Lv 6 30 5 31 pm Oriental Lt'd 11 17 a.m. .0verland.. 9 54 p.m. Sleeping ear reservations, tickets and i,a.ovmation from A. L. LEE, Agent, lOI I ]'oe Wa$]l. Or--S. G. YERtCES, "A. G. P. A., Scuttle. IgNINl0000 GARDELL & BLOOM, Proprs. I The Best of Wines, Liquors and Cigars always on hand The .00,ai00iar HENRY & OSIEI, Proprs. Choiee Line of IAqnors and the Best of Impo:,cd and Do- mest ic CivarS. -- 7= ' C. H. BAKEI00AN UNDERTAKER EI00BALIKING SN()II()hIISII J. A.Vanadlen i on roe r(,pr(,ela iOt ire i